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WWE Vengeance 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another bone-breaking edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that comes up on the losing end more than Curt Hawkins! WWE’s Vengeance 2007, Night of Champions based around the concept of every match being a title match. Batista’s last chance at becoming World Heavyweight Champion as The Animal battles Edge while John Cena finds himself in a five-way match for his WWE Championship. The card does not have me overly excited but let us see where things head, this is Vengeance 2007.

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch © vs The Hardy Boyz

Cade & Murdoch had reformed their evil ways or so we thought before the two stole the tag team championships from The Hardys, The Hardys look to win back the gold on this night. Cade and Matt start, some nice wrestling before Matt crossbodies Cade and lays down right hands. Tag to Jeff, Omega combination for two. Cade grabs a headlock, blind tag from Murdoch. Big neckbreaker for two, Jeff reverses a back drop with a kick. Corkscrew mule kick, tag to Matt. Middle rope axe handle, Matt tags in Jeff. Poetry in Motion, corner dropkick from Jeff. Matt clotheslines Cade to the floor as The Hardys rule the ring. Tag to Matt, the champions decide to regroup after their beating.

The challengers chase down the champions, Matt has Murdoch. Slap from Murdoch, Murdoch runs from Matt. Tag to Cade, Matt misses the tag. Chop block by Cade, Matt had his leg attacked on a match on Smackdown, it has been worked into this match. Murdoch works the leg before tagging Cade, another massive chop block. Matt’s leg is driven forcefully into the mat, tag to Murdoch. Matt tries fighting back, Murdoch attacks the leg. Single leg Boston crab, Matt escapes and tags Jeff. Slingshot dropkick, inverted atomic drop and low leg drop. Back drop for Murdoch, Cade gets caught for a neckbreaker.

Two for Jeff, Whisper in the Wind on Cade. Two for Jeff, sit-out front suplex. Jeff looks for the swanton, Murdoch eats a boot to the head. Matt is with the referee, Murdoch trips Jeff. Sit-out Spinebuster from Cade and the heels retain their championship.

Decent tag team match from these two, you cannot get a bad tag match from the Hardys, their reunion in 2006 and 2007 makes it appear to be 1999 all over again as there is not one young child or woman who does not love The Hardy Boyz. The two teams have fought for at least three pay per views this year, I am ready for something new but fearful for the future.

Winners: Cade & Murdoch over The Hardy Boyz via Sit-out Spinebuster!

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Chavo Guerrero © vs Jimmy Wang Yang

Oh, this championship is still around and the push that Chavo received from his feud with Mysterio is but a distant memory. Roll-up from Yang for two, lock-up. Side headlock takedown from Yang, Chavo lures in Yang and smashes Yang. Hard Irish whip, uppercut floors Yang. Yang answers with a suplex and a kimura hold, whip to the corner. Yang walks up Chavo but Chavo hurls Yang to the floor. Baseball slide from Chavo, Chavo climbs to the top. Yang dropkicks Chavo off the top rope, Yang climbs the top rope. Big crossbody attack by Yang, two for Yang in the ring.

Chavo begs for mercy, Irish whip to the corner. Chavo reverses Yang, hiptossing Yang into the turnbuckle. Chavo chokes Yang using the bottom rope, high-angle back suplex for two. Stretch from Chavo, Yang escapes and chops Chavo. Drop toehold and splash by Chavo, more kicks to the spine. Hard Irish whip to the corner, snapmare into a camel clutch like manoeuvre. Back suplex escape from Yang, Yang nails a middle rope dropkick. Spinning heel kick in the corner, crossbody for two. Chavo counters for two amigos, spinning heel kick from Yang. Two for Yang, Chavo rolls out of the way of the moonsault. Gory Special from Chavo, Yang rolls through for two and a half. Chavo pulls Yang into the corner and up to the top rope, Yang knocks off Chavo. Chavo crotches Yang, Yang tumbles to the mat, Frog Splash by Chavo and the champion retains.

The division was on its dying legs by this point, there was little heat or interest in this match from the crowd. The near-fall at the end was as close as the fans got to being into the match. However, the two men involved worked hard , it is a shame that the match mattered little to the fans.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero over Jimmy Wang Yang via Frog Splash!

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) CM Punk vs Johnny Nitro

So, we know that it was meant to be Benoit vs Punk which would have been very good but Benoit missed the show which would lead to Nitro filling in for Benoit. Nitro had dropped off the face of the earth as Jeff Hardy took his Intercontinental Championship and The Hardys beat the piss out of MNM in every match they had, the championship has been vacated by Bobby Lashley in the pursuit of the WWE Championship.

Punk and Nitro begin wrestling, Nitro wins and taunts Punk. Punk kicks the legs of Nitro, huge head kick with Nitro rolling to the floor. Nitro slaps Punk, Nitro runs from Punk. Punk nails a slingshot splash on Nitro, whip to the corner. Slap from Punk, Punk finds himself on the end of a huge kick from Nitro. Nasty forearms from Nitro for two, cobra clutch style choke from Nitro. Kick to the chest by Nitro, arm wrenches from Nitro. Backbreaker from Nitro and a single arm DDT for two. Another rest hold from Nitro, Punk escapes and nails a huge enzuigiri. Kicks and forearms from Punk, leaping leg lariat for two. Nitro blocks the knee in the corner, roll-up with feet on the ropes for two.

Massive lariat from Punk for two, GTS is blocked with elbows from Nitro. Nitro wants the sunset flip, Punk counters his own pin for two. Muay Thai knees from Punk, high running knee in the corner with a bulldog. Punk is feeling it now, Punk is on the apron. Punk rolls through off a springboard, Punk is on the apron. Punk tries a shoulder block, Nitro knees Punk in the head and nails a snapping neckbreaker for the win.

Similar to the last match, this match suffered from an intense lack of heat. Fans were not happy without Benoit being in the match, Punk and Nitro did not have plenty of time to put the match together either so this must be factored into any criticisms of this match but it just fell flat at the end of the day, Vengeance needs something big to get me back into this show.

Winner: Johnny Nitro over CM Punk via Neckbreaker!

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Santino Marella © vs Umaga

Santino had become champion thanks to the help of Bobby Lashley who decimated Umaga which led to Marella winning the championship. Marella tries to roll up Umaga, Umaga grabs Marella by the throat. Marella escapes, massive forearms from Marella, Umaga drops his weight back on Marella. Marella blocks a headbutt with his knees, superkick from Umaga. Shoulder claw from Umaga, Umaga throws Marella to the corner. Umaga gets disqualified for beating the crap out of Marella. More of an angle than a match, no rating for this.

Winner: Santino Marella over Umaga via DQ!

(WWE United States Championship Match) Ric Flair vs MVP ©

First championship defence for MVP on pay per view after besting The Rabid Wolverine, Flair is a good day at the office. The two lock-up, MVP clean breaks in the corner. Trash talk from MVP, Flair has none of it. Chops and right hands from Flair, MVP powders while Flair struts. Takedown from Flair, Flair wrenches the leg. MVP escapes and boots Flair to the floor hard, MVP rolls out to take control of the match. Two for MVP, clubbing forearms from MVP. Reverse chinlock from MVP, Flair is bleeding. Flair is battered in the corner, chops from Flair. MVP whips Flair to the corner, big back body drop.

Reverse chinlock from MVP, Flair escapes but eats a gorilla press slam from MVP. Knee to the head for two, forearms by MVP. Jawbreaker from Flair, big right hand. Chops galore, reverse elbow from Flair. Back drop, ten punches in the corner. Stungun from MVP to counter Flair, MVP misses the player’s boot. Chop block from MVP, Figure Four from Flair. MVP makes it to the ropes, rights and lefts from Flair. Eye poke from MVP behind the referee’s back, Playmaker from MVP and MVP retains the championship.

Another solid performance from MVP, Flair is always entertaining from the ring and guaranteed to make the most of the time that he has in the ring. The show just seems to be in one gear though, hoping that things pick up with the main event matches that are on their way but the pay per view is just moving along at a decent pace.

Winner: MVP over Ric Flair via Playmaker!

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) Deuce & Domino © W/ Cherry vs Sgt Slaughter & Jimmy Snuka

Why, just why? Snuka pummels Domino, tag to Slaughter. Slaughter kicks the crap out of Domino, snapmare for two. Shoulder thrusts from Slaughter, back drop for two. Cobra Clutch on Domino, Domino reaches the ropes. Reverse elbow from Slaughter, short-arm clothesline. Another Cobra Clutch, Deuce attacks from the apron. Domino takes control, tag to Deuce. Deuce tags in Domino, elbows and such for two. Deuce comes in, Deuce misses his Snuka splash, tag to Snuka. Right chops and headbutt, Domino gets nailed too. Flying forearm, two for Snuka. Backbreaker from Snuka, crossbody but Deuce rolls through for the win. Awful and unnecessary, no thanks! DUD!

Winners: Deuce & Domino over Snuka & Slaughter via Roll-Up!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Edge © vs Batista

Last chance for The Animal, Edge had slipped through the cracks against Batista on two previous occasions but for how much longer could Edge run? Well, this is Batista’s last chance, Batista has to beat Edge in this match. Batista goes right after Edge, shoulder thrusts in the corner. Shoulder block for two, keylock from The Animal. Edge escapes but eats a massive sidewalk slam for two, Edge holds onto the ropes from an Irish whip. Batista is lowbridged, Edge tries an apron splash but Batista catches the champion. Back first into the apron, Batista wants to lawn dart Edge into the ringpost. Edge shoves Batista into the ringpost, Batista eats blows to the back of the head. Batista is tossed shoulder first into the ringpost, Edge keeps the challenger on the floor with a baseball slide. Edge wears down the arm, hiptoss from Batista.

Batista meets the ringpost once again, Batista fights back. Drop toehold from Edge and into a hammerlock, Batista counters for a Samoan drop. Edge holds on, crucifix hold from Edge. Batista fires back with forearms, Edge blocks the clothesline. Edge hangs up the arm of Batista, gigantic lariat from The Animal. Spinning sidewalk slam from Batista for two, Batista Bomb is countered for The Edgecution, two for Edge. Roll-up from Batista for two, roll-up by Edge for two. Running powerslam is countered for the Edge O Matic. Edge wants the spear, Batista Spears Edge. Low blow to stop the Batista bomb from Edge, Edge cannot win by DQ though as Theodore Long restarts the match.

Edge is not a happy boy, Edge marches back to the ring. Edge batters Batista, Spear by Edge for two. Batista kicks out! Edge grabs a chair, Edge throws down the chair. Small package for two by Batista, Edge wriggles free from the Batista Bomb. Clothesline to the floor, Edge pulls Batista into the steel steps. Batista blocks a spear for a Batista Bomb on the floor. Batista pushes Edge into the ring but Batista does not break the ten-count.

Sweet Jesus, that finish sucks. The way it was set up, I thought it was time for The Animal to be the champion but Batista looks like a chump again. Fair enough if both men cannot answer the count, I could live with that but Batista pushes Edge back in and does not make the count himself? You can powerbomb Edge after the match all you want to get your heat back but you look so dumb when you think of it, Batista could have broken the count and grabbed Edge again restarting the count. The building came alive for the match but that finish sucks!

Winner: Edge over Batista via Count-Out!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Melina © vs Candice Michelle

These two had a pudding bowl match last month, they are now battling for the championship. Candice looks amazing, Melina starts strong choking and kicking Candice. Two for Melina, headbutt by Melina. Running knees in the corner, headscissors choke from Melina. Roll-up from Candice for two, Candice is slammed into the mat. Bow & Arrow from Melina, Candice escapes for a two count. Melina misses a splash as Candice lowbridges the champion, slingshot from Candice. Powerslam from Candice, elbow drop for two. Whip to the corner, running bulldog from Candice for two. Eye rake from Melina, Melina looks for a neckbreaker. Candice kicks out at two, forearms by Melina, Candice nails a massive spinning heel kick for the win.

Lots of screaming and groaning, it is bizarre to me when the division was looking good with Melina as the head bitch and this push for Candice comes out of nowhere, truly a shock that nobody was expecting but I am an optimistic man so maybe Candice is going to do things with the championship that had no been done since the days of Trish and Lita.

Winner: Candice Michelle over Melina via Spinning Heel Kick!

(WWE Championship Match) John Cena © vs King Booker vs Mick Foley vs Randy Orton vs Bobby Lashley

Why is Foley here? Why did Lashley give up his ECW championship after fighting so hard to get it back from The Mcmahons? Why are we wasting the heel push of Orton with all the momentum he has built up? These are my questions, I do not understand this match. We start off hot with Lashley diving onto everyone, Lashley grabs King Booker. Lashley nails Booker with a massive backbreaker, Cena saves the match. Cena and Lashley face-off, the two slug it out. Spinebuster by Lashley, Cena rolls to the floor. Lashley starts ripping at the announce table, everyone begins brawling on the floor. Foley takes apart King Booker until Foley meets the steel steps.

 Orton tries an RKO on the floor, Lashley blocks but Cena FUs Lashley through the announce table. Booker goes after Cena, massive knees and an Irish whip to the corner. Scissors Kick by Booker, Orton saves the match. Shoulder blocks and spinning side slam by Cena, Cena tries for a five knuckle shuffle but Orton nails an RKO, Foley saves the match. Running knee to Orton, Double Arm DDT on Orton. Mr. Socko is here, Booker sidekicks Foley. Double knockdown between Orton and Booker, Foley has a chair. Foley cracks Lashley and Booker, Cena eats it too. Orton attacks Foley from behind, Orton punt kicks Foley. Lashley Spears Orton, Booker sidekicks Lashley. Cena hotshots Booker who falls to the floor, FU onto Foley by Cena and Cena wins the match.

Compared to everything else on this show, this match was pure bliss and a breeze, I did think it was a waste of some talent like the likes of Orton who was on the heel run of his life and Lashley who needed to be groomed slowly but hats off to all involved they delivered on a show that was mostly a waste of your time.

Winner: John Cena over Everyone Else via FU!

That was WWE’s Vengeance 2007, definitely one of the weaker shows of the year from the WWE. The rematches hurt this pay per view in my eyes, Cade & Murdoch vs The Hardys was very old by this point and Edge vs Batista had been done to death which made the matches hard to show anything new or interesting. The fresh feuds going into the show were disappointing too, Punk vs Nitro on short notice was a shame as neither man got to truly show what they could do while the Smackdown tag team match was a joke, MVP vs Flair was all Flair and the women’s match was in the slot of death which was deserved looking back, you have a fun main event but it’s not enough to save this show, best to avoid this one if you are looking back on the year. Thanks for the continued support, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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