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WWE Judgment Day 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to stumble along more than Impact Wrestling! It’s WWE Judgment Day 2007 where a whole lot has changed in the space of a month. Edge is your World Heavyweight Champion after cashing in on Undertaker on an episode of Smackdown, Batista looks to regain the championship in a one on one match against Edge. John Cena faces his biggest challenge yet in the form of The Great Khali while Lashley continues his war with The Mcmahons. Another solid card from the three active brands so let us see how things turn out! This is Judgment Day 2007

Ric Flair vs Carlito

Poor Carlito had lost his way, Jeff Hardy stealing the babyface push intended for Carlito, Carlito floundered and turned heel leading us to this match. Carlito charges Flair, Flair chops the hell out of Carlito. Sunset flip by Carlito, Flair counters for right hands, more trading of blows before Flair wins the war. Back drop from Flair, Carlito powders. Carlito lures in Flair and yanks The Nature Boy’s arm off the ringpost, keylock from Carlito. Carlito stomps on the arm of Flair, Carlito works on the arm with a hammerlock. Flair tries to fight back but Carlito goes back to the arm, Carlito drops elbows onto the arm. Flair is sent shoulder first into the turnbuckle.

Knee drops on the arm by Carlito, Carlito smashes Flair’s arm off the ringpost. Carlito dropkicks the arm of Flair into the ringpost, hammerlock scoop slam. Flair fires back, Carlito wrenches the arm. Dropkick to the arm, keylock from Carlito. Flair chops back at Carlito, Carlito maintains control by going to the arm. Snapmare into a keylock, Flair breaks free but a reverse elbow from Carlito stops Flair in his tracks. Two for Carlito, another keylock, this match is going a bit long and becoming very repetitive by this point. Armdrag by Flair, Carlito answers with a dropkick for two. Flair meets the turnbuckle shoulder first, Flair answers with chops.

Carlito back drops Flair, two for Carlito. Armbar from Carlito, knees and stomps to the arm from Carlito. More keylocks, fuck me I am sick of this match. Arm-drag from Flair, more chops. Right from Flair, chops from Flair. Snapmare and stomp, more chops against the ropes. Reverse elbow and Woo, back drop. Chop block, more chops. Carlito misses The Backstabber as Flair holds on to the ropes, stomps from Flair, massive knee drop and it’s time to go to the school. Figure Four on Carlito and Carlito has to tap!

While the fans may have popped at the end of the match, I was certainly not into this match. Far too long and not enough action for my liking, Carlito works the arm, the bad arm of Flair. Would have been more effective to take out Flair’s good arm, a lot of rest holds and cut-offs that sucked me out of the match the more it went on and on and on, nowhere to really go for Carlito now in my eyes so we will see what future holds.

Winner: Ric Flair over Carlito via Figure Four!

HBK Promo

HBK has a concussion and Randy Orton knew that all too well by introducing us to an early version of the punt kick. Michaels tells us that The Heartbreak Kid is ready to kick ass before Orton hurls HBK into some metal bars by the interview area, HBK smashes his head as The Viper strikes!

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Bobby Lashley vs Shane Mcmahon & Vince Mcmahon © & Umaga

Lashley’s chance at revenge, The Mcmahons took what mattered most to Lashley, that being his ECW Championship. Odd to have a rematch when it’s a three on one handicap match but no surprise when The Mcmahons are stacking the odds against a babyface. I just hope this match suits Lashley a little better for I felt the previous match did no favours for the rising star who The Mcmahons wanted to be at the top of the company.

Lashley has no fear, staring down his three opponents. Lashley smacks Umaga to the floor, Lashley pummels Vince. Shane makes the save, Lashley fires back. Umaga cannot make it into the ring, Shane saves Vince for a second time. Rights and lefts from Shane, Lashley belly to belly suplexes Shane. Corner splash, Umaga splashes Shane by mistake. Spear to Umaga, Shane is picked up and a huge running powerslam that they call The Dominator for some reason? Weird but that’s all! Lashley pins Shane for the win. Well, it was hardly a match but it is everything I could have hoped for, I did not need to see a repeat of Backlash.

Winner: Lashley over The Mcmahons via Dominator!

CM Punk vs Elijah Burke

What a nice surprise as we have a second match on the card from ECW, this features CM Punk, the man who fooled The New Breed and the constant thorn in the side of Elijah Burke doing battle. Punk has his ribs all taped up due to an assault on the hands of Burke, this should be a simple enough story to follow for the match.

Punk looks to create distance through kicks while Burke looks to attack the ribs, Punk takes the back. Burke breaks the lock and hammers the ribs, Punk forearms and kicks Burke in the ribs. Side headlock from Punk, shots to the ribs from Burke. Punk looks for leg kicks, Burke brings Punk to the corner. Punk dodges the attacks of Burke, shots to the ribs from Burke after cornering Punk. Stomps to the ribs, Punk is a wounded animal. Big kick from Punk, snapmare into a stiff kick to the spine. Scoop slam, two for Punk. Reverse chinlock from Punk, massive kicks to the ribs by Burke.

Punk answers with an exploder suplex, shots in the corner by Punk. Kick to the ribs, corner clothesline from Punk who hurts himself. Delayed vertical suplex from Punk, two for Punk. Reverse chinlock from Punk, rib shot from Burke. Burke smacks the ribs of Punk, the referee pulls away Burke. Punk whips Burke to the corner, forearm shots from Punk. Punk nails a middle rope crossbody for two, kick from Burke. Irish whip to the corner, corner spear from Burke. Make it two, Punk blocks the third with a kick to the head. Burke dumps Punk to the floor, Punk is left on the apron. Punk slides under the bottom rope for a sunset flip, two for Punk. Side headlock takedown from Punk, shoulder block from Punk. Burke tries a hiptoss, Punk counters but no GTS.

Springboard dropkick by Punk that leaves Burke on the floor, Punk decides to risk it all. Suicide dive from Punk, two for Punk. Punk tries another springboard but Punk is dragged off the turnbuckle, landing hard on his ribs. Forearms to the back, two for Burke. Bodyscissors from Burke, Punk fights back before a suplex and back suplex from Burke for two. Bodyscissors from Burke, Punk battles out. Small package from Burke for two, knee from Burke. Burke climbs to the top rope, Punk crotches Burke. Top rope superplex from Punk, both men break the count at nine.

Burke goes to the ribs, Punk shrugs it off for clotheslines. Enzuigiri from Punk for two, clinch knees from Punk. Bulldog in the corner is blocked, Elijah Express is dodged. GTS is countered, Elijah Experience for two! Burke wants a back superplex, super Elijah Express which leaves Punk in the tree of woe. Two for Burke as Punk reaches the ropes, Elijah Experience is countered for a GTS and Punk is your winner!

Given plenty of time but it did not hit the right spot for me, I thought Burke would make the most of Punk’s injured ribs with his offense but I was really let down. I loved the super Elijah Express, if it was used earlier to setup the heat it would have been fantastic but Burke’s methods of going after the ribs left a lot to be desired, nothing that looked devastating. It was choppy in parts too due to bad chemistry between the two, Punk has been a verbal critic of Burke in the past so there is that but yeah, this match was not that good.

Winner: CM Punk over Elijah Burke via GTS!

Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton

HBK has not been cleared for the match, HBK comes down to the ring and Orton goes to work on Michaels. Orton knocks Michaels down hard with a right hand, rope-hung DDT from Orton but Michaels somehow kicks out. Orton stomps on Michaels’ head, Orton continues to kick the head of The Heartbreak Kid. Michaels cannot stand, Orton does not hit The RKO. Michaels is placed on the top rope, Orton wants a super RKO. Michaels claws the eyes of Orton, Orton is shoved off the top rope. Michaels nails his elbow drop, Michaels attempts a Sweet Chin Music but comically falls over, this a bit much now. The referee calls off the match, Orton looks down at Michaels before delivering a massive RKO.

I felt robbed of a big money match at the time, it would have been great to see these two go at it again but what comes of this is something I asked for on the last pay per view. That being Orton is on the up ladies and gentlemen, the women can cheer him all they want, a despicable and ruthless Orton is on the horizon and I am looking forward to the rise of Orton.

Winner: Randy Orton over Shawn Michaels via TKO!

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) The Hardy Boyz © vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Cade and Matt begin the match, this a rematch from Backlash. Lock-up, clean break. Side headlock takedown from Cade, headscissor counters from Matt. Armdrag from Matt, hammerlock from Matt. Cade reaches the ropes, side headlock takedown by Matt. Hiptoss from Cade, two for Cade. Tag to Murdoch, Murdoch drives his shoulders into Matt. Tag to Cade, right hand from Matt. Reverse elbow and elbow drop, tag to Jeff. Slingshot dropkick, Cade drives Jeff to the corner. Murdoch is in the ring, hammerlock from Murdoch. Armdrag from Jeff, more deep armdrags and a tag to Matt.

Clothesline from Matt after poetry in motion, middle rope elbow drop for two. Side headlock from Murdoch, blind tag to Cade who smashes Matt with a lariat for two. Dropkick for two, Cade and Murdoch throw Matt into the corner. Tag to Murdoch, Matt counters Murdoch and Jeff is legal. Flying forearm, ten punches in the corner followed by a seated dropkick for two. Whisper in the Wind, Cade saves Murdoch. Matt slams Cade, The Hardy Boyz clear the ring. Jeff grabs a side headlock on Murdoch, Murdoch shrugs off Jeff. Murdoch is kicked to the floor, Jeff misses a tope con hilo. Jeff smashes his back off the floor, driving the air out of his body.

Murdoch throws Jeff in, two for Murdoch. Cade works the spine with knees, assisted leg drop for two. Murdoch is legal, reverse chinlock. Murdoch boots Jeff in the face for two, Cade nails a massive forearm for two. Quick tags from the challengers, sunset flip powerbomb for two with Matt saving Jeff. Jawbreaker from Jeff, Cade can’t stop Jeff’s tag to Matt. Matt cleans house, clothesline and bulldog combination, two on Cade. Side Effect for two, Matt throws Murdoch to the floor, Sit-out Spinebuster from Cade for two. Twist of Fate on Cade, tag to Jeff. Swanton Bomb and The Hardys retain their championships.

Not much difference between this and their Backlash match, this match was tighter due to the time limit on this match. The heat sequence on Jeff was quite good too with Jeff having the wind knocked out of him off the flip to the floor, The Hardys continue to be the best tag team in the WWE.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz over Cade & Murdoch via Swanton Bomb!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)  Edge © vs Batista

So, Kennedy went and fucked things up for himself which led to the decision of giving Edge the money in the bank and cash-in on The Undertaker after a war with Batista. Edge sits atop the Smackdown mountain with The Animal coming for the gold, Edge looks petrified and I love it. Batista shoves down Edge, Edge covers up in the corner. Edge continues to fear for his life with Batista, lock-up. Batista picks up Edge placing him on the top rope, Batista stares down Edge who covers up once more, Edge is doing great so far. Side headlock by Edge, shoulder block from Batista. Elbows and right hands from Batista, reverse elbow for two.

Eye rake from Edge, Batista sidesteps the champion. Batista tries a powerslam, Edge slips out the back and sends Batista’s knee into the steel steps. Batista retaliates by sending Edge back first into the ring apron. In the ring, Edge low dropkicks the knee, chop block from Edge. Batista misses a corner spear, nailing his shoulder off the ringpost. The two trade blows as Edge smacks the arm of Batista, Fujiwara armbar from Edge. Transition into a hammerlock, Batista shakes off Edge. Batista spinebusters Edge into the corner, Batista attempts a superplex but Edge shakes off The Animal.

Edge attempts a double axe handle only to eat a clothesline from Batista, both men are down. They trade blows, back drop by The Animal. Corner clothesline, punches from Batista. Powerslam for two, spinning side slam by Batista for two. Edge counters, Edge wants the spear. Batista Spears Edge,1…2…Edge kicks out! Edge is caught for a running powerslam, Batista calls for the end. Edge avoids the powerbomb, spinebuster but Edge rolls up Batista as Batista hurt his leg off the spinebuster.

What was that finish, Edge no sold the spinebuster? Is that possible? Batista never showed that his leg was that weak in the match so it was a super shock for me, that was different but this match never felt like a top quality match or a championship match. I never got sucked into the match, the way Edge no-sells the spinebuster is very comical, not a fan of this match.

Winner: Edge over Batista via Roll-Up!

(WWE United States Championship Match) Chris Benoit © vs MVP (Two out of Three Falls Match)

MVP’ last crack at the championship, has MVP found the answer to Benoit’s craftiness? The two lock-up and roll to the floor, Benoit slaps MVP. Sharpshooter and Crossface attempts, MVP escapes. Arm-drags by Benoit, drop toehold into a crossface attempt. MVP makes it to the ropes, MVP goes for the legs of Benoit. Side headlock takedown by MVP, Benoit escapes with a back suplex. Benoit punches and chops MVP, MVP shoots for the takedown and connects with ease. Benoit has to use the ropes to escape, chops from Benoit.

MVP takes out the legs of Benoit for two, elbow to the knee by MVP. MVP wrenches at the knee of Benoit, Benoit makes it to his feet but MVP is on the knee like a vulture. Chops from Benoit, MVP takes a massive German suplex. Three by Benoit, Benoit’s knee is weak though. MVP recovers, Crossface from Benoit but MVP reaches the ropes with his foot. MVP kicks the leg of Benoit, repeated stomps from MVP. Player’s Boot misses, Sharpshooter by Benoit. MVP reaches the ropes, Benoit nails MVP with an enzuigiri. MVP is up first, chop block from the challenger.

Massive stomp from MVP, Benoit has MVP on his shoulders. MVP counters into The Playmaker and MVP manages to take the first fall in this match, a great counter from the challenger with Benoit not being able to hold the weight of MVP. We have the rest period, MVP shoots for the leg of Benoit. Benoit stops the takedown and knees MVP, right hands by Benoit. MVP slides under Benoit and elbows the champion’s knee, elbow drop to the knee form MVP. Two for MVP, MVP places Benoit in the tree of woe. Massive boot to the knee of Benoit, Benoit is in a bad, bad way.

Two for MVP, heel hook from MVP. Benoit fires back, crossface is countered as MVP ties up Benoit in a stretch muffler, beautiful counter from MVP. The knee has been worked on for the majority of the match, this would be a great finish for MVP. Benoit sells tremendously, Benoit crawls to the ropes. Cravate with knees, playmaker is countered for a crossface attempt. MVP elbows the knee to escape, small package for two. MVP kicks the knee of Benoit, small package from MVP and MVP is your champion.

The culmination of a three month feud and it was great, MVP has grown by leaps and bounds by working with Benoit, MVP continued to learn counters and battle Benoit to the very last, MVP was finally able to outsmart the veteran and it made for a satisfying conclusion to the feud, this would be the last feud for Benoit and it was certainly not a bad feud to end your career on, Benoit’s work inside of the ring will be missed while his legacy is forever tainted.

Winner: MVP over Chris Benoit via Inside Cradle!

(WWE Championship Match) John Cena © vs The Great Khali

Cena brawls with the monster, big mistake by Mr Cena. Khali is here to kill Cena, elbows by Khali. Headbutt by Khali, massive right hand with Cena rolling to the floor. Cena meets the steel steps, two for Khali. Scoop slam and leg drop by Khali, two for Khali. Hard Irish whip, make it two. Clothesline by Khali, Khali misses a leg drop. Throwback for one, spinkick by Khali. Khali applies his shoulder grip, Cena fights his way out of the hold. Shoulder block, Khali is tied up in the ropes. Right hands by Cena, boot by Khali. Cena blocks the chop, Cena is on the floor. Cena dropkicks the steel steps into Khali’s knee, Kobashi style leg drop to Khali, STFU on Khali. Khali taps! Cena wins the match!

Well, it was hardly a classic clocking in at eight minutes, basic Khali match with a little comeback from Cena at the end, tough way to end the show but the fans ate it up so it is not all bad, I just wanted something more after sitting through this pay per view.

Winner: John Cena over Great Khali via STFU!

That was WWE’s Judgement Day 2007, a rather disappointing pay per view, the three advertised major brand championship matches all felt rather flat to me, Lashley beating Shane within a minute, Edge no selling Batista’s spinebuster to roll him up made no sense and Cena beating Khali like a regular Raw main event did nothing for me, a bright spot on the card was MVP overcoming Benoit after growing as a performer and Punk and Burke managed to put together a decent match while Flair was entertaining as all hell in the opening match. But I would give this a miss, you are not missing much here. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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