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WWE Vengeance 2003 Review

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Hello and welcome to another ball-busting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! It is time for another review and it is going to be WWE's Vengeance 2003, Kurt Angle returns to face Big Show & Brock Lesnar in a triple threat for The WWE Championship, Sable takes on Stephanie, Vince takes on Zach Gowan, a young John Cena faces The Undertaker & Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero to crown the first-ever WWE United States Champion. The show is filled with matches that made everyone love Smackdown during this time but will this show live up to the hype? Let's rock!

Opening Promo

Footage of babyfaces like Lesnar, Angle, Stephanie & Zach Gowan, they want to prove themselves, that they are the very best and they can justify all the hard work and sacrifices through the years. In comes Vince Mcmahon as the master puppeteer, Mcmahon calls himself the reaper of the souls and it is all about control tonight. That was awesome, Vince is such a crazy heel you canot help but love his performances. Michael Cole & Tazz welcome us to the action, they reference this as the first Smackdown pay per view which is not entirely true as Rebellion in 2002 was a Smackdown Exclusive pay per view.

(WWE United States Championship Match) Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit

A tournament was held and these two are the finalists, Eddie is the heel but loved while the fans while Benoit is Benoit, a badass babyface. An early candidate for match of the night, you have seen these two go out at it before, you know how good both are and this should be excellent. Referee Mike Chioda calls in both wrestlers for the rules, stare-down between the two, it is intense.

Lock-up and clean break from Benoit, hammerlock by Eddie. Elbows and shoulder block by Benoit, Eddie powders. Lock-up, Eddie takes the arm and Benoit takes the back looking for the crossface, Eddie floatovers and grabs a side headlock. Shoulder block by Eddie, test of strength with Eddie and Benoit trading advantages, Eddie kicks Benoit to break the hold and trip Benoit for a top wristlock. Chops by Eddie, hurricanrana by Eddie but Benoit rolls through for a roll-up, they trade pins before Benoit arm drags Eddie and Eddie arm drags Benoit. Lock-up, side headlock takedown by Eddie and a shoulder block into another side headlock.

Both men trade counters until Benoit scores with a shoulderbreaker, Crippler Crossface by Benoit but Eddie crawls to the ropes. Eddie is on the floor, suicide dive by Benoit. Eddie is tossed shoulder first into the turnbuckle, scoop slam by Benoit. Make it two, Benoit works the shoulder with a submission hold on the mat. Roll-up by Benoit, Eddie rolls through but Benoit chops Eddie, Irish whip into the corner and Eddie decks Benoit with a back elbow. Top rope hurricanrana by Eddie, two for Eddie. Back suplex for two by Eddie, Eddie kicks Benoit over and over. Chop war, eye poke by Eddie to gain control, back body drop and clotheslines by Benoit.

Chops by Benoit, Eddie blocks the German suplex, Benoit places Eddie on the top rope, Benoit scores with a back superplex. Benoit crawls into the cover for two, Benoit scores with two German suplexes, Eddie blocks the third but Benoit counters for a Crippler Crossface, Eddie reaches the ropes with his feet. Backbreaker by Benoit for two, Eddie avoids a backbreaker for The Three Amigos. Eddie places Benoit on the top rope, superplex by Eddie. Eddie is climbing to the top rope, Benoit evades The Frog Splash.

Powerbomb by Benoit for two, third Crippler Crossface. Eddie grabs the ropes, Benoit is not breaking the hold and the referee is in Benoit's face. Eddie shoves Benoit into the referee, Eddie grabs the championship. Benoit is waffled with the title, Frog Splash by Eddie. 1......2..... Benoit kicks out! Eddie grabs the championship again, Eddie wallops the referee and places the championship on Benoit, Eddie lays down hoping the referee will see Benoit attacked him.

The referee is not moving, Eddie shakes the referee over and over, Benoit applies The Crippler Crossface, Eddie taps and taps but there is no referee. Benoit wakes the referee, German suplex by Benoit on Eddie, Benoit calls for The Diving Headbutt. Eddie pulls the referee into Benoitn Rhyno sprints down to the ring and Rhyno Gores Benoit. Eddie scores with The Frog Splash and Eddie Guerrero wins The United States Championship.

Man, that was good. These two do not have bad matches, they work body parts, it is hard-hitting you could hear the chops in the cheap seats. The referee bumps and The Rhyno run-in were a bit much but it did help build drama and excitement. It was a long match but as the match went on, the fans could not help but get into the match. Tremendous effort from Eddie & Benoit with a little over-booking thrown into the match. Not their best but still very good and entertaining.


Winner: Eddie Guerrero over Chris Benoit via Frog Splash!

Vince/Stephanie Mcmahon

They talk about Linda, about the matches, Vince is not happy with Stephanie's attitude. Vince promises to go to Raw and confront Kane, Vince gives Stephanie flowers in preparation for her match, a big bunch of flowers for Sable and a shitty, tiny bunch for Stephanie. Ah Vince, father of the year.

Jamie Noble vs Billy Gunn W/ Torrie Wilson

If Jamie Noble wins, Torrie has to sleep with Jamie Noble. Billy Gunn had returned after his injury, Torrie said she would sleep with Noble if Billy Gunn loses, Torrie is confident in her man as Noble is a creepy little stalker so, there is no way Torrie would have to sleep with her stalker would she?

Noble has his own lovecase with sex toys and oils, Gunn runs to the ramp to kill Noble, Gunn boots Noble. Gunn opens the case, Noble was not lying. Tilt-a-whirl sideslam and right hands by Gunn, Gunn misses a Stinger splash, Noble dropkicks Gunn to the floor. Plancha by Noble, Gunn's knee buckles and Noble dropkicks Gunn against the steel steps. Nidia appears on the ramp, Noble works the knee with elbows over and over. Gunn wriggles free, Noble goes back to the knee, more kicks to the knee. Gunn dodges and scores with The One & Only.

Right hands by Gunn, neckbreaker for two. FameAsser is blocked, Diamond Cutter by Gunn for two. Gunn is on the top rope, Noble crotches Gunn. Top rope DDT by Noble, Nidia places Gunn's foor on the bottom rope, Noble sees this and Noble is not happy. Torrie is kissed by Noble, Nidia & Torrie slap Noble. Noble kicks Gunn's leg, Torrie grabs Noble, Gunn tries for The Gunn Stinger, Noble slips out and pushes Gunn into Torrie before rolling-up Gunn with a handful of tights.

That leg work went nowhere and since when does the heel get the girl? The stalker gets the girl, I suppose it is not the worst storyline in the world when it came to women in WWE, I still have to cover the great story of Kane raping Lita but then becoming her boyfriend and the babyface battling against Snitsky. Anyways, match was not much and the leg work went nowhere.


Winner: Jamie Noble over Billy Gunn via Handful of Tights!

APA Invitational Brawl

The Basham Brothers, Kanyon, Brookyln Brawler and Johnny Nitro are some of the rare sightings I see in this invitational. Spanky is dancing on the bar, the Easter Bunny is here. The FBI & Matt Hary & Shannon Moore help fill the ranks, Brother Love even makes an apperance. Doink, two mask guys and a Roddy Piperless Sean O Haire. Finally, The APA are here and this match is going to begin if you can call it a match.

Oh I see Matt from Tough Enough, the guy that Hardcore Holly roughed up, cannot believe he made it to pay per view. Brother Love cuts a promo before cracking someone with a stool. Stools goe flying, bodies are everywhere and there is beer all around the place. O Haire cracks The APA with pool cues, Moore dives onto O Haire. Brother Love puts Moore through a window, O Haire is cracked with a vase of flowers. Kanyon is on a table with one of The Bashams, Matt leg drops through the table. Funaki continues drinking until passing out, Brother Love is caught between The APA. Bottle to the head and The APA win the match or rather just Bradshaw.

It was fun filler from Smacdown, some of the spots were funny. Who knew Brother Love would do so well, Funaki was pretty funny too. It is much better than the Redneck Triathlon that Raw did at Bad Blood.


Winner: Bradshaw over Everyone Else!

Jamie Noble Segment

Jamie lusts over Torrie while telling a security guard how good things will be on Smackdown, the guard asks about Nidia to which Noble replies ah, she will get over it.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) The World's Greatest Tag Team (C) vs Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman has short hair and has bulked himself up quite a bit, Mysterio is the cruiserweight champion, that title is so mishandled much like the women's championship. Haas & Benjamin have distanced themselves from Kurt Angle, Benjamin takes down Mysterio early. Mysterio goes for the leg, boot to the head and forearms by Mysterio. Headscissors by Mysterio, tag to Kidman. Drop toehold and dropkick combination for two, headscissors by Kidman. Knee by Benjamin and Kidman is slammed hard, tag to Haas. Roll-up by Haas, shoulder block by Haas.

Flying forearm by Kidman but Haas recovers with sheer brute force, Haas misses a leg across the back, crotching himself. Tag to Mysterio, Mysterio lands a guillotine leg drop for two, Haas counters a bulldog for a back suplex, hard Irish whip by Haas. Huge slam by Haas for two, tag to Benjamin. Flapjack by Benjamin for two, rear-naked choke by Benjamin. Mysterio counters the corner clothesline, hurricanrana by Mysterio but Benjamin rolls through, low dropkick by Mysterio. Tag to Kidman, right hands and dropkicks to both Haas & Benjamin. Spinebuster to Haas for two, Kidman tries a headscissors but Benjamin grabs Kidman.

Leapfrog combination is blocked as Mysterio pulls out Benjamin, Kidman drop toeholds Haas. Mysterio sets up for The 619 but Benjamin grabs Mysterio's foot. Mysterio kicks off Benjamin, springboard senton by Mysterio. Kidman lowbridges Hass to the floor, springboard shooting star press by Kidman to the floor. Haas is rolled into the ring for two, Benjamin drives Kidman into the ringpost while the referee was dealing with Mysterio. Tag to Benjamin, backbreaker by Benjamin. Bow & arrow hold by Benjamin, Kidman flips out for a cover, two for Kidman. Benjamin stops Kidman making the tag, tag to Haas.

Hard Irish whip by Haas, Kidman fires up and hurls Haas to the floor. Benjamin distracts the referee so Mysterio's tag is missed, double suplex by Haas & Benjamin for two. Tag to Benjamin, powerbomb and stomp to the gut by Benjamin. Two for Benjamin, Benjamins goes for another powerbomb and Kidman executes a facebuster. Tag to Mysterio, somersault attack by Mysterio. Shot to Haas, enzuigiri to Benjamin. Haas is sidestepped and sent to the floor, springboard sunset flip by Mysterio for two. Tornado DDT by Mysterio for two, Haas is legal. Scoop slam and Kidman is knocked to the floor.

619 by Mysterio to Haas, referee has his back turned as Mysterio covers Haas. Benjamin & Kidman tumble to the floor, Haas covers Mysterio but is two. Jawbreaker by Mysterio, Kidman & Benjamin are in the ring. Haas is on the top rope, Kidman & Mysterio combine for a leapfrog hurricanrana for two. Dragon Whip by Benjamin on Kidman, Mysterio eats a knee from Haas. Benjamin blind tags in as Mysterio looks for a hurricanrana on Haas, Mysterio does not see it coming as Benjamin drives Mysterio into the mat with a springboard bulldog.

That was really good, crowd came alive for this match and they never stopped as Kidman & Mysterio looked to steal the show, Mysterio is fantastic and Kidman more than held his own in this match. Haas & Benjamin were so good, they are such easy to hate heels, Mysterio & Kidman are great babyfaces. An awesome tag team match that makes me want to see these two continue to fight.


Winners: Haas & Benjamin over Kidman & Mysterio via Springboard Bulldog!

Stephanie Mcmahon vs Sable

Sable was Vince's new sex toy, Stephanie does not like Sable and they had been feuding on Smackdown. Not sure what happened between Sable & Torrie but it looks like things quickly shifted to Stephanie. Sable dances in front of Stephanie and Stephanie beats up Sable on the ramp and then in the crowd, clothesline by Stephanie. Sable is thrown into the ring and Stephanie eats a dropkick to the head, kicks in the corner by Sable. Stephanie is dragged from the corner to the middle of the ring for two, Stephanie fights back on her knees before Sable drills Stephanie in the back of the head. Sable dances over Stephanie, roll-up by Stephanie for two.

Slap by Sablen Stephanie is choked and slapped by Sable. Stephanie back elbows Sable, spear and punches by Stephanie, hair-pull by Stephanie by two. Stephanie has a chair and the referee pulls it away, slap and forearms by Stephanie. Kick is blocked by Stephanie, huge slap by Stephanie and more punches by Stephanie. Cover for two, snap-over neckbreaker by Stephanie, stomps by Stephanie. Stephanie chokes Sable, Stephanie begins stripping Sable, Sable kicks Stephanie and the referee covers up Sable but A-Train runs down and steam rolls Stephanie, Sable covers and the match is over.

It must be a Mcmahon trait as Stephanie pulls out an entertaining match without having any wrestling ability whatsoever. Sable was able to be an annoying heel too with it being close to her real-life persona if you believe everything you hear on the internet. Clever way to have a run-in too with Sable needing assistance with her outfit. Much like her match with Trish Stratus at No Way Out, Stephanie delivers when push comes to shove.

Winner: Sable over Stephanie via A-Train Clothesline!

The Undertaker vs John Cena

It is all about respect, Cena is brash, young and arrogant. Cena thinks he can wipe out Undertaker without any hassle, Undertaker plans on destroying John Cena. Another big test for Cena when you think about it, Cena worked Lesnar at Backlash and only several months later, he is facing The Deadman. Love how Undertaker stares Cena down from the ramp, slowly walking towards Cena.

Lock-up and Taker shoves back Cena, slap by Cena. Cena hammers Taker with right hands, Taker grabs Cena and pummels Cena. Huge body shot by Taker, kick to the head and Cena is on the floor, right hand decks Cena. Cena bounces off the guard rail and timekeeper's area. Cena takes a mouthful of water, Cena spits in Taker's face. Taker reverses and Irish whip and Cena tastes the barricade and the ringpost. Headbutt and rights hands by Taker, apron leg drop by Taker. More boots and punches to the head, cover for two.

Knees by Taker, Cena is flung to the floor. Old School by Taker, Chokeslam and Taker pulls up Cena. Taker motions for The Last Ride, Cena counters for a DDT. Cena exposes the top turnbuckle, kicks to the ribs of Taker. Choke by Cena, Taker decks Cena after recovering, elbows by Taker. Corner clothesline by Taker, Cena dodges the second clothesline, shoulder block by Cena. Cena bumps Taker off the apron to the floor, right hands by Cena. Kick to the ribs by Cena, Taker fires up but Cena goes to the ribs, shoulder thrusts by Cena. Clothesline by Taker floors Cena, cover for two.

Taker slips out of a scoop slam for a dragon sleeper, Cena makes it to the ropes. Spinebuster by Cena for two, knees to the ribs for two. Slugfest with Taker winning the war, clothesline by Taker. Cover for two, Taker cannot execute The Tombstone, Cena goes for The FU, Taker slips out for a big boot and leg drop, Cena kicks out at two. Right hands by Taker, choke by Taker. Cena grabs his chain, chain to the ribs by Cena. FU by Cena, 1......2.... Taker kicks out! Cena pummels Taker, Cena ten punches Taker before Taker counters for The Last Ride, Taker wins the match.

That was a great match, Taker did a great job making Cena look like a credible threat, Cena's star continues to rise. The heat sgement was not amazing from Cena but I love the execution from the exposed turnbuckle busting up Taker's ribs to Taker not being able to execute The Tombstone or his leaping clothesline due to his injuries, Taker sold everything for Cena, you could not ask for a better match between rising star and veteran, this was great.

Winner: Undertaker over John Cena via Last Ride!

Vince Mcmahon vs Zach Gowan

Zach Gowan had a great story, bone cancer led to his leg being amputated, Vince did believe Gowan belonged, Vince does not like freaks. Zach Gowan earned a WWE contract by beating The Big Show thanks to Brock Lesnar & Kurt Angle. Vince with the quote of a lifetime tells Gowan he may have beat cancer but he cannot beat Vince Mcmahon. Just tremendous from Vince, I do not see how he is not everyone's favourite heel.

Lock-up and Vince shoves back Gowan before posing, another lock-up and Vince shoves back Gowan for a second time. Takedown by Vince, slaps to the back of the head by Vince. Hiptoss by Vince and a scoop slam by Vince. Clothesline by Vince, kicks and shoulder thrusts by Vince. Knees and elbows by Vince, Gowan fires up with elbows. Vince is elevated to the floor, baseball slide and Asai moonsault by Gowan. Leg drops by Gowan, two for Gowan. Leg hold by Vince, Vince drives his knees into Gowan's leg. Vince kicks the knee of Gowan before posing for the fans.

Gowan's knee is sent into the ringpost, single leg Boston crab by Vince. Gowan makes it to the ropes but Vince continues wrenching and yanking out Gowan's leg. Gowan dropkicks Vince, dropkick again by Gowan. Right hands by Gowan, Gowan sends Vince's balls into the ringpost. Vince's legs are sent into the ringpost, bulldog by Gowan. Middle rope missile dropkick by Gowan, moonsault by Gowan for two. Vince rolls to the floor for a chair, referee is shoved to the floor. Gowan dropkicks the chair into Vince's head, Vince is a bloody mess.

Corkscrew moonsault misses as Vince avoids the contact, Zach Gowan knocks himself out as Vince covers for the pin. Well, that sucked, way too long of a match. Vince is entertaining, that always is certain but long heat segments by Vince Mcmahon? No thank you, I have no interest in seeing that kind of match, finish makes Gowan look like a geek, I think Gowan should have went over but the fans do give him a standing ovation so they must have liked the match. However, I did not.

Winner: Vince Mcmahon over Zach Gowan!

(WWE Championship Match) Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar (C) vs The Big Show

Kurt Angle returned after his Wrestlemania match with Lesnar, Angle and Lesnar are both babyfaces and competing against one another in a friendly manner while The Big Show is Vince's chosen champion. Lesnar and Angle attack Show, Show clotheslines both. Angle is on the floor, Chokeslam by Show on Lesnar and Angle makes the save. Huge chest slap by Show, elbow by Angle. Show blocks the German suplex for a clothesline, headbutt by Show. Right hands by Angle, Show tries for a Final Cut, Angle shoots for The Ankle Lock, Show kicks off Angle. Lesnar is knocked to the floor, Show leg drops Angle and Lesnar makes the save.

Shoulder thrusts by Lesnar, middle rope forearm by Lesnar. F-5 attempt is blocked for The Final Cut, two count for Show. Angle has trash can lids, Show is waffled with the lids. Double suplex by Show, Show calls for The Double Chokeslam, Angle & Lesnar reverse and Double Chokeslam Show, Lesnar covers and Angle pulls Lesnar off. Angle and Lesnar fight, clothesline by Lesnar. F-5 by Lesnar to Angle, F-5 to Show. Cover and Angle pulls out the referee, right hands by Lesnar. Angle is sent into the steel steps and the ringpost. Show is up, hotshot by Lesnar. Clothesline by Lesnar, make it two but Show does not move, clothesline and leg drop by Show for two, Angle is bleeding.

Show and Lesnar are on the middle rope, Lesnar slides down and powerbombs Show, Angle has a chair, shot to the back of Lesnar. Huge smack to the head of Lesnar, Angle covers Show for two. On the floor, Show boots the chair into Angle's face. Show readies the announce table, Chokeslam is blocked and Angle Angle Slams Show through the announce table. Lesnar and Angle are in the ring, bleeding and staring one another down, right hands by Angle. Lesnar hammers back, F-5 is blocked as Angle uses the ropes, Lesnar tosses Angle to the floor. Lesnar is whipped into the steel steps, German suplex by Angle, make it two.

Angle Slam is avoided, spinebuster by Lesnar. Two for Lesnar, rear-naked choke by Lesnar. Show leg drops Lesnar, two for Show. Double Chokeslam, cover on Lesnar and Show gets two, Show covers Angle and Lesnar makes the save. Lesnar low blows Show, right hands by Angle to Lesnar. Lesnar spears the ringpost, Ankle Lock by Angle. Angle Slam to Show, Angle Slam to Lesnar and Kurt Angle wins The WWE Championship.

Good main event, it follows the traditional triple threat formula with one man staying down for large periods of time while the other two fight, I think they used Show well in this match. Allowing Show to be dominant, Angle and Lesnar's interactions were good, Lesnar and Show had some good stuff too with the powerbomb and The F-5. Bottom line: everyone had their moments in this match, it was not great but it was still a good, enjoyable and fun match with the added bonus of Angle winning the championship after returning from injury.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Big Show & Brock Lesnar via Angle Slam!

That was WWE's Vengeance 2003, a show that was above average in my eyes, you had a good tag team championship match, a good united states championship match, Sable vs Stephanie was entertaining a stand-out performance from Cena who held his own with The Undertaker and a triple threat main event that was a fun end to the show. Vince's match dragged on too long and The APA Brawl was filler but this show had a lot more good than bad, Smackdown was more entertaining at Raw during this time and it shows on this pay per view. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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