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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 6: WWF Breakdown 1998 Review

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Welcome Weekend lovers to another edition of the journey through the attitude era. I as always will be your guide through the insanity, the good, the bad, and the ugly of arguably the greatest wrestling era of all time. Tonight, we tackle Breakdown with two major triple threat matches for this evening. The Rock takes on Mankind and Ken Shamrock inside a cage to decide who will be the number one contender for the WWF championship while Stone Cold Steve Austin defends his WWF Championship against the united force of Kane and The Undertaker.

Edge vs Owen Hart

Good reaction for Edge in Canada as he enters through the crowd (Ha take that Shield). Owen Hart enters to a good pop too as we are in Canada and both men are natives. Hart and Edge chain wrestle to begin with Edge getting the upper hand on the veteran before Owen Hart hits a powerslam on the outside of the ring. Backbreaker by Hart, wearing down the rookie. Hart nails a vicious spinning heel kick for two and a half, Hart climbs to the top rope but Edge cuts him off with an electric chair drop.

 Edge and Owen exchange a few pin attempts before Edge knocks down Owen with a spinning heel kick. The match comes to an end when Christian debuts at ringside, Edge is distracted asking what the hell are you doing here. Owen takes the advantage and rolls up Edge for the win. It was ok, they worked hard and both men were popular with the crowd.

Winner: Owen Hart over Edge following a roll-up!

Too Much vs Al Snow vs Too Cold Scorpio

So not much has changed since we left Al Snow almost 4 pay per views ago, Snow finally won a contract in the WWF after beating Sgt. Slaughter on Raw and it looks like Al held a grudge as he is taking on Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor who many would recognize as Too Cool. But this is when they were Too Much, much less entertaining and much more annoying. Al is really over in this match which must have been nice for him since his last pay per view match he was beaten in ridiculous circumstances.

 First off, Too Much have the worst attire I have ever seen, it is like they are wearing the type of curtains you would see at your grandmother's house with a pink trim(It is awful). Scorpio is walked over by Too Much before Al comes in and wrecks shop, Scorpio distracts the referee while Al smashes Too Much with Head repeatedly. Al drops Scott Taylor with the Snowplow for the victory. Decent match from these two teams. Scorpio never really had a shot in the WWF but he did well in Japan so I am happy for him. The best thing he did in this match was his botch attempt at using a chair like Sabu to kick Too Much, you have probably seen it in the Botchamania intro.

Winners: Al Snow & Too Cold Scorpio over Too Much due to a Snowplow!

Marc Mero W/ Jacqueline vs Droz

Sometimes it is hard to watch matches with wrestlers who are deceased, sometimes it is harder to watch those who are in serious pain or are known to have never been the same after wrestling. As the rookie Droz makes his way to the ring, I really find it hard to watch this match knowing what lay ahead for the poor guy. Mero beats the piss out of the rookie Droz as Jacqueline gets in a few shots at Droz. Mero hits a nasty somersault plancha onto Droz.

 Back in the ring Droz smacks Mero around before hitting a powerslam for two. Mero grabs the referee while Jacqueling goes to the top, she whacks Droz with a high heel as Mero slams Droz to the mat. Mero goes to the top rope for Marvelocity(A shooting star press) and he gets the win. Again, nothing special here it would be right at home on Raw.

Winner: Mero over Droz following a Marvelocity!

Vader vs Bradshaw(No Holds Barred Match)

One word to describe this match: Stiff and Stiff as hell. Vader was never one to hit soft he had been in Japan he had fought Stan Hansen he knew what it was like to throw bombs and Bradshaw is one tough Texan who loved to fight. From a match quality standpoint, they just beat the hell out of each other and there is nothing more I can really say.

 The brawl and brawl and brawl for 8 to 10 minutes. Bradshaw hits two of the stiffest lariats I have ever seen and then wins with a neckbreaker? Hmmm ok.. Yes, this was slow and plodding and bad. Let's move along!

Winner: Bradshaw over Vader following a neckbreaker!

D'Lo Brown vs Gangrel

D'Lo had just lost his European championship to X-Pac on the Raw prior and now he has to take on the recently debuting Gangrel. Great entrance and great theme for Gangrel, takes me back to when I was younger. D'Lo starts off the quicker by teaching Gangrel a lesson in respect as he says he better recognize who the man is because his name is D'Lo Brown. Brown hits a big running Ligerbomb, from his catchphrase to his moves D'Lo was really over in this match.

 D'Lo's mouth gets him in trouble as Gangrel smacks Brown around before Mark Henry comes to ringside. Gangrel gets attacked by Henry behind the referee's back as D Lo nails the Sky High for the win. Another short match which was nothing special and a weird ending as Gangrel has just debuted why would you beat him so quickly?

Winner: D Lo over Gangrel following a Sky High!

Ken Shamrock vs The Rock vs Mankind (Triple Threat Cage Match for Number One Contender to WWF Champion)

Big first match on this card as we will see who is the number one contender. Rock's popularity was picking up so much steam at this time, it was no surprise he would soon be champion. Crowd is big into The Rock as they could not care for the other two competitors. Mankind and Shamrock double team Rock, as every man tries escaping through the door. Double team moves by Mankind and Shamrock as the beat down The Rock before the people's champion hits a double people's elbow on his opponents.

 Mankind climbs to the top of the cage as he does his best impression of Jimmy Superfly Snuka but eats the canvas as The Rock moves out of the way. Shamrock tries to escape the cage but is stopped by Mankind who is somehow still alive after falling 15 feet. Shamrock grabs a chair as he is dragged into the ring by Mankind. Shamrock tries to smash Mankind but Mankind blocks and nails Shamrock in the head. Mankind tries to climb for victory but The Rock covers the knocked out Shamrock for the win.

Winner: The Rock over Everyone Else!

Val Venis W/ Terri Runnels vs Dustin Runnels

Dustin Runnels had lost everything, he was no longer Goldust and he had lost his wife Terri/ Returning to the WWF as a preacher who derided anything that was deemed too offensive or sexual, Dustin found himself in constant battle with the pornstar turned wrestler Val Venis. To get back at Dustin for his continued assaults, Val slept with Dustin's wife at the time Terri and this was a step too far for Dustin who challenged Val to this match.

 The match is ok nothing major, Dustin and Val worked hard and well, I am becoming a fan of Val's selling in the last two matches I have seen him in, I really like the way he bumps for his opponent. The match comes to a climax (Ha Penis jokes because he is a pornstar) with Val hitting the money shot on Dustin for the victory. Awkward ending as Val looks to hit the money shot and I believe Dustin was out of position so Val awkwardly went over and dropped three elbows into Dustin's chest while he lay there for what seemed like forever as Val eventually won the match.

Winner: Val Venis over Goldust via The Money Shot!

Southern Justice & Jeff Jarrett vs X-Pac & The New Age Outlaws

No Triple H on this pay per view as he had been injured and forced to vacate the intercontinental championship after the incredible ladder match with The Rock. It makes you wonder what could have been in store for Triple H as it is a moment that never seems to be talked about in comparison with his injury in 2001 where we know that the plan was for Triple H to eventually turn face and defeat the evil Stone Cold Steve Austin. Anyways Summerslam also saw X-Pac defeat Jarrett in a hair vs hair match and those two are feuding so Southern Justice and The New Age Outlaws are backing up their respective friends.

 Road Dogg and X-Pac take beatings at the hands of Jarrett and Southern Justice before Billy Gunn comes in and wrecks everyone. jr even plays up Billy Gunn and you got to think they had big things in mind for Billy as he would later team with Austin in a main event on Raw, win King of The Ring and was also missing when Stone Cold was run down at Survivor Series 1999. It has been hinted that Austin didn't like Gunn but what we can be sure of is he was on fire when he went in that ring and had the potential to be a major star in the business.

 Billy picks up the victory for his team with a Fame Asser on Dennis Knight who later become Mideon while Jarrett took his revenge on X-Pac by cracking him with his guitar. Ok match the crowd loved DX and couldn't care less for the Chosen One Jeff Jarrett.

Winners: DX over Jarret & Co. following a Fame Asser!

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Undertaker vs Kane (WWF Championship Match)

The deck is stacked against the Texas Rattlesnake. Both Kane and Undertaker want the championship and they cannot pin one another for the win, they can only win by pinning Austin, it is essentially a handicap match and Austin's chances are slim to none. However, no point in telling Stone Cold the odds because he is going to fight with everything that he has got. Kane stands alone in the ring watching his brother the Undertaker emerge from the entrance way. Suddenly, Undertaker is down in a heap as Austin has brought a chair and gave Undertaker a welcome with the chair right to the back.

 Austin moves to Kane, right hands by Austin but Kane is back to his feet and he mauls Austin. Undertaker joins in on the beating of Austin and for the next fifteen minutes Austin is on the defensive as Kane and Undertaker manhandle the Texas Rattlesnake. They tease dissent between the brothers as Undertaker hits Kane by accident but the brothers come to agreement and continue the dissection of Austin. Austin is selling his ass off really hammering home the point that this could be the end of his title reign. Austin gets knocked down hard by Undertaker in the middle of the ring and Undertaker goes for the cover. Kane pulls his brother off and there is a lot of tension in the air.

 Moments later, Kane goes for the cover and Undertaker pulls Kane off from winning the title. All hell breaks loose as the brothers collide both wanting to be champion. They knock each other down as Austin seizes the moment, he has taken one hell of a beaten but now it is his turn to dish out the punishment. Austin starts hammering back Kane and Undertaker but he is cut off by Undertaker. Undertaker sends Austin into the ropes and Kane and the Undertaker grab Austin by the throat and deliver a double chokeslam. Both men pin Austin so we do not know who the champion is except for the fact that it is not Stone Cold.

Image result for wwf summerslam 1998 gif

 Good match with a good story as Austin is really overwhelmed and we get the sense that he is fighting for his life. The combined power of the brothers was too much for Austin and he was beaten but who is the champion? Guess we will have to tune into the next review to find out! See You There!


Winners: Kane & Undertaker over Austin following a Double Chokeslam!

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