Sunday 22 May 2016

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Predictions

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Welcome weekend lovers to my predictions for WWE Extreme Rules, the one night of the year where WWE goes to the extreme, the build ofr this pay per view has been good for the most part with a lot intrigue placed on the WWE Championship as AJ Styles gets another chance at toppling The Roman Empire. So let's go through the match card for tonight's event and predict who shall rise to the occasion and who shall meet their demise on this night of extreme!

Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler (No Disqualification Match)

It seems that the Lone Wolf is exclusive property of Ziggler as these two clash once again and hopefully, The Lone Wolf conquers Ziggler and moves on to bigger and better things. It was certainly a surprise to see Corbin lose his offical pay per view debut match(not counting the Wrestlemania Battle Royal) to Ziggler, it made sense as Corbin was the arrogant over confident heel and it led to his downfall but many assumed he would destroy Ziggler. Tonight, I have to go with Corbin decimating Ziggler as it is just the right move going forward, sorry Ziggler but maybe it is time to move to greener pastures?

Winner: Baron Corbin

The Usos vs The Club(Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

A match that we might have seen way too often over the past month, The Club should be the ones who get the win over The Usos, they are the hot new act and hopefully they can get some momentum going on their own instead of just being Aj's friends who keep getting killed. Expect a fun match from these two with The Club standing tall when the match is over.

Winners: The Club

(United States Championship Match) Rusev W/ Lana vs Kalisto (c)

Kalisto's reign with the United States Championship has been underwhelming to say the least, and it is not looking good as he steps into the ring with the Bulgarian Brute Rusev. Don't expect the little guy to overcome the bigger tougher bully this time around so I see Rusev reclaiming the championship he held so dear before losing it to Cena.

Winner: Rusev Crush!

(Asylum Match) Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho

A feud which was centered around 15,000 dollar jackets, potted plants called Mitch and the replacing of a talkshow but by God, they made it work and a lot of that has to go these two performers. Jericho as an arrogant snob is always the best Jericho, he is a great face but he is an even better heel and Ambrose is hanging in there on the microphone and in the ring with Y2J. My money is on Ambrose to beat the future hall of famer to add another impressive accomplishment to his resume. Should be a fun match including a lot of weapons and fun spots., could be the show stealer.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

(Women's Championship Match) Natalya vs Charlotte (c)

The odds are stacked against the champion as Ric Flair is banished from ringside so she has to get the job done on her own and the story here is will Charlotte be able to prove herself and is she capable of winning by herself? There is also the stipulation that this is a submission match which makes the match more fun as there will be a lot of emphasis on attacks to the legs as both women will be looking to apply the figure eight and the sharpshooter respectively. Natalya has been screwed out of the championship previously and this will be her final opportunity at the championship for the time being so there is the thought that Natalya could pull this off and become a transitional champion, probably dropping the title to Sasha Banks but it makes sense for Charlotte to prove that shes does deserve the championship and that she is the rightful champion. Hopefully, this match is more like the Roadblock match rather than the Payback match.

Winner: Charlotte

(Intercontinental Championship Match) Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro vs The Miz (c)

While the United States championship made be failing in credibility, the intercontinental title picture seems very much alive and full of interest as we have a fatal four way between four worthy champions and this match is going to be good, chaotic fun. As for choosing a winner, I expect Miz to weasel his way out of the match somehow, maybe Zayn will have Owens beat and Miz will throw Zayn out of the ring and make the cover and steal a victory. I do not have a problem with that, Miz has been very entertaining as of late and when he eventually does get destroyed and loses the championship, it will make a lot of people happy.

Winner: The Miz

(Tag Team Championship Match) The New Day (c) vs The Vaudevillains 

As fans of NXT, the one fear we have is that certain acts we love will fail to connect on the main roster when they are eventually called up, the Vaudevillains are looking very likely victims of this as the weeks continue, they just have not connected with the audience but as Enzo & Cass are obviously not teaming due to Enzo's injury, there might be an extended run for The Vaudevillains against the New Day and hopefully, they get the opportunity to show what they are really made of and their worth. It would a shock if The New Day lost the titles tonight and I do not expect it to happen.

Winners: The New Day

(WWE Championship Match) Aj Styles vs Roman Reigns (c)

A great little feud between these two, I have really enjoyed the little twists from these two over the past number of weeks, from the steel chairs to the brawl, this has been an entertaining feud. Aj Styles had looked like a star throughout and tonight, he will put over Roman Reigns in what I am sure will be a really good match. Despite your opinions on Reigns which are largely very negative, he is growing as a performer in the ring and he is capable of putting a good match on when he is in there with another good performer. Not sure where Styles goes from here as Orton and Cena will be back and Ambrose could be on to bigger things after Jericho so Styles could find himself a bit lower down the card but take nothing away from Styles, he has been phenomenal so far and I cannot see him out of the title picture for too long. Expect plenty interference from The Club and The Usos in this match but Roman will conquer all as he continues his reign as champion.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Extreme Rules has a lot of match I am looking forward, the outcomes seem straight forward tonight and I think I might get all match predictions right but you never know, Vince might see things as too predictable. Jericho could get his win back, Natalya could win the women's title and Styles could topple the Roman Empire. It is unlikely, highly unlikely but stranger things have happened. Wherever you are, I hope you have fun watching tonight and hope you will join me for my Extreme Rules Review. Until next time see you later space cowboy

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