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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Review

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Welcome one and all to my Extreme Rules review, the one night of the year that WWE goes extreme. The matches are set, the night is young so let us review WWE's night of extreme.

Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler(No Disqualification Match)

The feud continues for Corbin and Ziggler as their feud culminates in the rubber match. Match starts off with trash talk from Corbin who shoves Dolph. Dolph answers back with headbutts and right hands before flooring Corbin with a dropkick. Dolph splashes Corbin and goes to knock Corbin out but Ziggler is sent fling over the top rope. Both men brawl before Ziggler is sent head first into the ringpost. Corbin goes after Ziggler's arm one hard irish whip later and Ziggler is eating right hands from The Lone Wolf. Corbin locks in a submission before Ziggler reverses with a jawbreaker, Dolph hits his comeback which consists of Clotheslines, splashes and a neckbreaker. Corbin bails to the outside and nails a stungun on Ziggler, Dolph fires back with a dropkick. The showoff attempts a fameasser but Corbins counters for a powerbomb but it is reversed by Ziggler into a sunset flip for two. Deep Six by Corbin who annihilates Ziggler with the move. Dolph finds enough strenght to battle back with a ddt and a fameasser but it only gets two. Headbutts and elbos follow for Corbin and Ziggler sets up for the superkick. Ziggler meets his demise however as Corbin takes advantage of the no disqualification rule and low blows Ziggler. One end of days later and the match is over. A hard hitting match between these two which took clever advantage of their stipulation. So many others would use weapons that night so it was nice to see a different use of the no disqualifications rule. The right man won and hopefully, the future is looking bright for Corbin.

The Usos vs The Club(Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) 

The first match of the night is the Texas Tornado Tag Match between the two rival tag teams. In recent weeks, we have seen these two lock up over several times so I am hoping that this feud is well and truly over. They waste no time in brawling as The Club are attacked by The Usos in the aisle way, Usos take advantage with splashes and clotheslines. Lots of dives from The Usos but Jimmy is taken out with a Boot of Doom from the apron. Karl nails the fallen Uso with a knee to the face while Gallows hits a big boot. A second attempt at the boot of doom is foiled as Karl is pulled out of the ring, superkick by The Usos on Gallows. A whisper in the wind misses and Gallows nails The Gallows Pole(Nice finishing move name). Match breaks down as there is a flurry of samoan drops and spinebusters. Jey Uso hits a running hip attack on the outside as Karl lays against a barricade. Gallows clotheslines Jey and throws him over the barricade and into the crowd. Gallows grabs a ring bell but eats a superkick from Jimmy. Jimmy takes to the sky and goes for his splash but Gallows dodges and Jimmy lands ribs first on the bell. Magic Killer by Anderson and Gallows for the win. Good match very chaotic and a bit all over the place but The Club move forward.

(United States Championship Match) Rusev W/ Lana vs Kalisto (c)

The story of this match is that Kalisto has been injured by The Accolade by Rusev who bent him in ways that would make anybody wince in pain. Kalisto would have to use his speed to stay away from the larger Rusev and Kalisto starts off by kicking the legs of The Bulgarian Brute. Kalisto tries for a springboard corkscrew elbow but gets taken out by a polish hammer by Rusev. Hard Irish whips by Rusev and a nasty sidekick to the head. More stomps by Rusev and he locks in a bearhug wearing down Kalisto while also softening up Kalisto's ribs. Nasty knee to the spine by Rusev and a torture rack. Kalisto fires back with kicks and a sleeper hold. Rusev begins to fade before he drops all his weight on Kalisto who gets crushed, good psychology there as Rusev continues hurting Kalisto's ribs. Kalisto shows a glimmer of hope with a tornado ddt and a hurricanrana which sends Rusev into the steel steps. Kalisto nails a springboard frog splash for a two count as he attempts the Salida del Sol but its countered by Rusev but Kalisto still nails a moonsault in desperation. Kalisto ascends to the top rope but Rusev throws him to the apron and Kalisto lands hard. The doctor checks on Kalisto and the referee pulls Rusev away as Kalisto is in tremendous pain, the announcers play up that Kalisto's back must be severely injured by this point. Rusev ignores the referee and locks in The Accolade, Kalisto has no choice and must tap. I thought that the announcers could have played up one a plucky underdog Kalisto was for fighting with the injury to his back and put over his resiliency and his determination but no they just blew over the whole thing. Kalisto's run with the championship was bad so it is good to see the title on Rusev, I do not know about Kalisto and what is next for him, I hope he can turn it around and get some momentum going but that remains to be seen. As for Rusev, I love everything he is doing at the moment. From his ring work to his interviews, he is simply very entertaining.

(Tag Team Championship Match) The New Day (c) vs The Vaudevillains

 First thing about this match was that Xavier was in the match instead of managing as Kofi was at ringside so that was nice to see for him. Xavier starts off hot as he clotheslines English and there is a hurricanrana and a hadouken to knock English off his feet. Xavier gets caught and Gotch comes in and messes up Xavier with knees and uppercuts. Knee drops from English and Gotch before Gotch puts Xavier to sleep. Xavier hits a kick to the head and makes the tag to Big E. Belly to belly suplexes for The Vaudevillains but Big E is caught with a knee to the face by English. English nails a ddt on Big E but in the chaos, Big E reverses English and is setting up for The Big Ending but Xavier is dragged out and The Vaudevillains assault Big E and Kofi leaving Xavier isolated in the ring. Whirling dervish on Xavier and he kicks out at two which the commentators claim that nobody has ever kicked out.(It is a nice touch but the move has not really been built up to be super credible as it has only beat 2 or 3 people). English holds Xavier in the air on the apron looking to hit a suplex to the outside. Xavier fights out and Big E nails his crazy spear through the ropes(looks so nasty I hope he stops doing that move before he is injured). Gotch tries a clothesline in the counter on Xavier but misses as Kofi appears on the apron and kicks Gotch in the head with Xavier hitting a shining wizard type move on Gotch for the win. The right team won the match as The New Day really have nobody to feud with as nobody is on their level. Hopefully, with Enzo's recovery we could have a great feud between the two with New Day reverting to being heels again as I think they are better as comedy heels. The Vaudevillains are in trouble as it is on the main roster but maybe just maybe they can find something that works for both men.

(Intercontinental Championship Match)  The Miz (c) vs Sami Zayn vs Cesaro vs Kevin Owens

Just to get it out of the way, the best match of the night. Without a doubt, this stole the show and was fantastic. The match starts with Zayn kicking Owens head off with a helluva kick and Cesaro uppercuts Miz so both heels are down as Zayn and Cesaro starts wrestling and it takes me back to their series on NXT. Zayn and Cesaro trade control with calf kicks and backbreakers. Miz comes in and gets sent to the outside with Zayn diving to the outside on Cesaro and Miz. Miz begs for mercy from Zayn and lures the NXT favorite in and nails him with his signature clothesline. Before Zayn can attack Miz and gain a measure of revenge, Owens comes in and a stiff clothesline is on the menu for Zayn. Stiff kicks and a senton splash for a two count. Miz and Zayn take turns at trying to superplex Owens before Cesaro lends a helping hand and powerbombs everyone into oblivion before getting a two count on everyone. Cesaro tries a suplex on Zayn but Zayn hits a blue thunder bomb before Miz kicks Zayn int he head and tries to steal the win but he only gets two. Miz has Zayn in a capture suplex hold before Cesaro grabs Miz with a german suplex which sends all three men flying. Uppercuts for every man by Cesaro and he nails everyone before Owens hits cannonballs on every man. Owens gets caught by a half nelson suplex from Zayn while Cesaro uppercuts Zayn into space and Miz sneaks in with Skull Crushing Finale on Cesaro but he only gets two! Miz gets cocky and starts slapping around Cesaro, big mistake and moments later Miz is eating a springboard uppercut from Cesaro. Cesaro nails the swing on Miz and locks in the sharpshooter, Maryse is on the apron and Miz taps out so Cesaro had the match won but the referee was distracted. Miz gets frogsplashed by Owens as Cesaro tries a sharpshooter again. Cesaro hits the neutralizer on Owens, Zayn breaks it up and goes for a rolling yoshi tonic. Two and a half for Zayn, Cesaro comes back with an uppercut and Zayn catches the Swiss Superman with exploder suplex in the corner. Helluva kick is coming but no superkick by Owens and pop up powerbomb on Cesaro, Miz drags out Owens and hits A Skull Crushing Finale on Owens on the outside. Helluva kick by Sami Zayn on Cesaro, Zayn has it won but Owens pulls Zayn out and Zayn loses his mind and goes into a rage on Owens and Miz sneaks in and pins Cesaro to retain the title. This is a great match, and there are so many reasons for this. I like that every contender had a visible win on the table in this match. Cesaro made Miz tap, Owens had Cesaro beat with powerbomb and Zayn had Cesaro beat with the helluva kick, I like the fact that every man had the visual win becsaue it is good booking, it made everyone look good. I like the fact that Miz retains, his character is great at the moment, not one person wanted that man to win the match and so many were disappointed when the Miz walked away with the win but that is great! Miz is doing his job he is making you hate him and when he loses the title to whoever it may be, it will be a big deal because we will have waited so long to see him get destroyed.

(Asylum Match) Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho

In my predictions, I stated that this match could potentially steal the show, I was very very very very very very wrong. This match was not bad, just very very wrong and it was clear that the crowd was sitting on their hands for a lot of it this match. The first battle occurs when Ambrose grabs a mop out of all the weapons available, Ambrose grabs a mop. He messes with Jericho and I don't know ho to feel about this already as they are turning this match which is meant to be extreme into a comedy match. Jericho fights back with a boot to the face and a dropkick to the face takes Ambrose off his feet. Jericho tries to escape from the cage from Ambrose but both men take a huge bump as it is a back suplex from the top rope. Ambrose grabs nunchucks and Jericho grabs a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire. Jericho insults Ambrose but pays for it as he is beaten with nunchucks by The Lunatic Fringe. Jericho gets crotched by Ambrose as Ambrose grabs a fire extinguisher and Jericho reaches for the straight jacket. Jericho throws the jacket on Ambrose's head and Jericho lands an enzuigiri. Jericho tosses Ambrose into the cage and Jericho goes vintage with a dropkick to Ambrose. Jericho tries to strap Ambrose in the jacket but Ambrose powers out. Ambrose hits right hands and forearms and his clothesline for two. Jericho catches Ambrose with a backbreaker but Ambrose blocks the lionsault and nails a bulldog on Jericho. Ambrose climbs to the top of the cage and lands an elbow from the top but it only gets a two count. Ambrose grabs a mop bucket and reveals that there are thumbtacks inside. Jericho's facial are priceless as he tries to escape the cage. They tease both men falling into the tacks but both men counter with Jericho locking in the Walls on Ambrose. Ambrose goes for an elbow from the top but Jericho uses the fire extinguisher and hits a Codebreaker. Just two for Jericho's finisher as he takes the barbwire bat, beating  Ambrose all around the ring. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker one too many times as he lands back first into the thumbtacks and Ambrose nails The Dirty Deeds for the win. Match was long but Ambrose has won back to back pay per view matches for the first time in a long time I believe, good to see Ambrose beating a future hall of famer in Jericho.

(WWE Women's Championship Match) Charlotte (c) vs Natalya

Just going to talk through the finish of this match, many felt(myself included) that Charlotte would get the job done by herself and the feud would be ended there in a definitive finish. We did not get that as Dana Brooke came to ringside and distracted Natalya as Natalya was cheated out of the title once more and makes her look like a complete fool in the process.I understand that Emma was injured an they brought up Dana so they could not just send her right back down but to choose to do this, makes Charlotte look weak as she could still not get the job done in the ring on her own and Natalya had been made to look so foolish in this feud, I just feel the whole situation was handled very badly and I do not know what the plan is going forward if Sasha is apparently injured.

(WWE Championship Match) Roman Reigns (c) vs Aj Styles

Reigns walks to the ring and moody arrogant Roman Reigns is really winning me over, I would love a full heel turn by The Guy but regardless, I just really like his whole attitude and his demeanor. Lockup by the two main eventers before Roman hits an elbow on Styles. Styles Kicks Roman but Roman powers out and hits a clothesline. Styles battles back with forearms but eats a knee from the champion. Styles grabs a chair from ringside but Roman blocks it and picks up the chair and swings for Styles' head. Styles is sent into the barricade at ringside before both men go into the crowd and brawl up to the kickoff panel area where Styles is planted on the table before being kicked in the head by Styles and a forearm is on the menu for Mr. Reigns. Styles brings Reigns back to ringside before Styles rips up the ring mat, Styles has evil intentions on his mind and is planning to go for Styles Clash. It is blocked as Reigns goes for a powerbomb on the announce table but it is countered by Styles. The two men fight one another before Styles is backdropped through the announce table by Reigns. Sitout powerbomb by Reigns in the ring for two while the fans are really laying into Reigns with the boos and the you suck chants. Reigns attempts the superman punch but Styles tackles Reigns knee and takes him out. Styles targets the knee of Reigns as they fight to the outside, Styles hits a knee to the face and goes for a hurricanrana but Reigns blocks and smashes Styles into the barricade and ringpost. Powerbomb through the announce table by Reigns as Styles is almost unable to continue before Reigns misses a spear and is knocked out. Reigns regains control with a superman punch on Styles and a spear. Here come The Club as they knock out Reigns before The Usos make the save. Double superkick and splash to Styles for a two count as Reigns knocks out Gallows and Anderson with superman punches before eating A Styles Clash.1...2.. kickout by Reigns! Second Styles Clash onto a steel chair, Reigns kicks out at two and a half, they really are making Reigns look like a beast some people may not like it but kicking out of multiple finishes at this stage is so common we should not be surprised. Styles destroys The Usos and Reigns with a steel chair. Styles takes off his elbow pad and signals for the phenomenal forearm but Reigns spears him mid air for the win. What a match between these two, yes there was a lot of interference and yes it was very overbooked with all the weapons and false finishes but it was one hell of a main event. Reigns is looking very good in the ring with Styles while being booked strongly and Styles is doing himself no harm by putting on quality match after quality match when given the opportunity. All is looking well for both men coming out of this pay per view. Reigns cannot celebrate for long as Seth Rollins make his triumphant return to the ring and everybody collectively wet their pants as The Man returned to win back his championship.

Overall, another really good show from WWE, the constant references to the "New Era" are annoying and the women's division is not looking too good after this pay per view but there were a lot of positives. The Club look to be moving on to bigger things, Styles has solidified himself as a main event player, the intercontinental title picture is looking amazing and we have Seth freaking Rollins returning. It will be every interesting moving forward but WWE has been great so far in 2016 and I hope this streak continues with Money In The Bank.

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