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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 10: WWF Rock Bottom 1998 Review

Rock Bottom: In Your House - Wikipedia

  The final pay per view from the WWF in 1998, named after the new corporate champion The Rock and his finishing move The Rock Bottom. Mcmahon could not be happier as he had he crown jewel in The Rock but the annoying Mankind was like a fly that simply would not die and tonight, Mankind has his match for the WWf championship while Steve Austin has to battle The Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match with the stipulation that Austin had to win or he would not be in the 1999 Royal Rumble. A big night for the WWF will 1998 go out with a bang? Let's find out!!



Val Venis & Godfather vs D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry


Godfather's first appearance on pay per view with his Hos as he offers his ladies to Val tonight for free because this is The Attitude Era and women are objects! Out comes D'Lo and Mark Henry who are accompanied by Jacqueline and Terri Runnels. Val and D'Lo kick it off trading punches with Val hitting a clothesline and a shoulder block. Godfather comes in and plants D'Lo with a spinebuster and clothesline while setting up for The Ho Train. Godfather misses and D'Lo tags in Mark Henry, loud D'Lo sucks chants so glad to see he is still hated after all these months of reviewing 1998. Henry dominates with a scoop slam, Henry chokes and stomps Godfather. Godfather scoop slams Henry and makes a desperation tag to Val but this does not go to plan as Henry squashes Val.




D'Lo comes in and hits a Sky High on Val. It's time for the frog splash but D'Lo misses Val. Godfather comes in as Val and Godfather double suplex Henry. Jacqueline and Terri start fighting the Hos because CATFIGHT CATFIGHT CATFIGHT! This distracts Godfather while Jacqueline enters the ring, she reveals Val's thong and slaps him in the face. Henry clotheslines Val and splashes him for the win. An ok match with not much happening in the ring, there was more focus on the girls at ringside.


Winners: Henry & D'Lo over Venis & Godfather via Splash!




Headbangers(Mosh & Thrasher) vs The Oddities(Kurrgan & Golga)


The Headbangers had cut Luna's hair, the manager of the oddities so Kurrgan and Golga were out for revenge against the Marilyn Manson lovers. Mosh hits everything he can think of Kurrgan but it has no effect on the giant. Kurrgan sidewalk slams poor Mosh before Thrasher comes in and eats a sidewalk slam himself. Kurrgan chokes Thrasher with his boot and splashes Thrasher. Kurrgan hits a hiptoss and an elbow and leg drop before missing the finishing blow. The Headbangers hit a double suplex on Kurrgan but they only get one. Golga comes in and runs wild throwing dropkicks and splashes. Golga misses his splash and Mosh hits the stage dive for the win. This was a bad match really really bad.


Winners: Headbangers over Oddities via Stage Dive!


Owen Hart vs Steve Blackman

Owen Hart had "retired" after injuring Dan Severn, in his place the Blue Blazer had returned who attacked Blackman. Blackman is convinced Owen is the Blue Blazer so Blackman is trying his best to unmask the Blue Blazer. Blackman had Blue Blazer ready to unmask in the ring hoping to reveal Owen when Blackman was attacked by Owen which led to this match. Owen jumps Blackman while Blackman was walking to the ring, Owen hits a snap suplex and a legdrop. Chops to the chest in the corner by The Black Hart. Blackman battles back with a body drop a chop and a kick. Clothesline and snap suplex by Blackman who continues to dominate with backbreakers. Owen changes momentum as he snaps off an enzuigiri. Snap suplex by Hart as he also kicks Blackman in his face. Hart runs into a boot and eats chops and kicks.


 Hart is elbowed to the outside and is on the receiving end of a baseball slide. Blackman tries to get the ball rolling but he eats an inverted atomic drop and a spinning heel kick from Owen. Owen locks in the dragon sleeper he learned from Severn and it looks like it could be all over but Blackman battles back but he eats a knee lift from Owen and an enzuigiri for good measure. Owen had earlier removed a pad from one of the turnbuckles and it bites Owen in the ass as he is sent into the exposed turnbuckle.


 Blackman hits a dropkick and a couple of elbows. A dragon sleeper attempt by Owen is countered by Blackman as he hits a ddt on Hart. Blackman locks in the sharpshooter on Hart and gets huge boos from the crowd. Hart bails and Blackman wins by countout. Poor ending to the match, I guess the feud would continue.


Winner: Steve Blackman over Owen Hart via Count-Out!


J.O.B Squad vs The Brood

Edge and Bob Holly kick it off with Holly gaining the advantage through a powerslam. Holly hits a falcon's arrow on Edge as he continues stomping Edge. Edge counters with a boot to the face and hits his electric chair drop. Christian comes in and eats a tigerbomb from Holly. Scorpio comes in and uses clotheslines and spinkicks to take out Christian. Al comes in and starts headbutting Christian and a clothesline. Suplex by Al before Christian grabs Al's hair and drags him to the mat. Dropkick by Christian before allowing Gangrel to come in and take a part Al Snow. Gangrel punches Al Snow all around the ring before eating a northern lights suplex from Snow. Gangrel comes back with a clothesline before Snow comes back with a wheelbarrow suplex.


 Two count for Al, Gangrel hits addt and in comes Edge he chokes Al and locks in a sleeper. Al fights back with an enzuigiri but he cannot make the tag as Gangrel comes in. Spinebuster as Al takes over and now he makes the tag to Scorpio. Chaos ensues as all 6 men brawl, the referee gets distracted as Al hits Christian with Head, Scorpio hits a twisting legdrop. Only two was surprise by that as Edge dives onto everyone else. Scorpio and Christian remain in the ring and Christian hits an unprettier for the win. Crowd was dead for this match poor guys worked hard and didn't really deserve that.


Winners: The Brood over JOB Squad by Unprettier!


Jeff Jarrett vs Goldust(Striptease Match)

If Goldust wins, Debra will strip and if Jarrett wins, Goldust will strip. They lock up and Goldust take over with a shoulder block, headlock takedown by The Bizarre One. Jarrett gets caught with a spinebuster, it is all Goldust so far. Jarrett is elbowed to the outside but gains control with a stungun. Goldust reverses a crossbody attempt from Jarrett but he eats a single arm ddt. High knee and a swinging neckbreaker from Jarrett. Goldust comes back with a suplex and a knee lift. Jarrett comes back with a dropkick and locks in a sleeper. Goldust counters with a backdrop, Jarrett does not stay down for long as he clotheslines Goldust.


 Debra comes in and distracts the referee, Goldust hits the Curtain Call on Jarrett and gets a visible pinfall. Jarrett clubs Goldust in the back and shoots Goldust into the ropes, right hand by Goldust and a bulldog. 2 count and a shattered dreams scores for Goldust. Jarrett rolls to the outside and the referee checks on him. Debra smashes the guitar over Goldust's head. Jarrett comes back in and hits The Stroke for the win. Commissioner Shawn Michaels reverses the decision and Debra must strip, she obliges and likes it and your inner horny teeneager comes to live as she strips(You should look away you filthy filthy person!).


Winner: You, The Fans!


(Tag Team Championship Match)  The New Age Outlaws (c) vs Shamrock & Big Bossman

Shamrock and Road Dogg start off the match as Shamrock hammers away on The Road Dogg. Right hands and clotheslines by The World's Most Dangerous Man. Bossman comes in and punches Road Dogg, rake to the eyes by Big Bossman. Bossman misses the splash and Billy comes into the ring. Gunn kicks and punches Bossman until Road Dogg comes into the ring. Bossman counters with an uppercut and Shamrock comes in to beat down Road Dogg. Shamrock misses a kick and Road Dogg hits his two moves so the punches to the face and his knee drop. Road Dogg gets caught in The Ankle Lock and now Shamrock goes to work. Billy comes in and tries to run wild but he tags in Road Dogg once more before taking a nasty belly to belly suplex from Shamrock.


 Bossman comes on and its knee lifts all around for Road Dogg, the splash connects this time and Bossman nails a leg drop for good measure. Dogg is isolated as Shamrock rolls out his spinning elbow and calf kicks. Road Dogg gets stomped and beaten before finding himself in a front facelock inches away from Billy's corner. Bossman hard irish whips Dogg into the corner Road Dogg makes the tag but the referee was distracted. Road Dogg takes a licking but keeps on ticking as Shamrock, Bossman and Shawn Michaels at ringside knock the crap out of Road Dogg. Billy finally gets in the ring put does not run wild as Shamrock calf kicks the larger Billy Gunn. Shawn Michaels hits Billy with a nightstick and it looks like the corporation will walk away with the titles before Billy Gunn surprises Shamrock with a roll up for the win. A lot of tag matches on this show and it is wearing me out but still, a good match from the most over tag team on the roster.


Winners: The New Age Outlaws over The Corporation via small package!


(WWF Championship Match) The Rock (c) vs Mankind

Mankind had attacked Rock earlier in the night and The Rock had injured ribs going into the match. Promo before the match as Mankind wants an apology from Vince for Survivor Series, Mankind gets a half assed apology before Rock jumps Mankind. Mankind hits right hands on Rock, Rock tastes the steel steps and a clothesline on the floor. Mankind crushes Rock with the steel steps and throws him into the barricade. The Rock's ribs are preventing him from battling Foley. Vince starts talking on the microphone stating Mankind will be disqualified if he commits any questionable act. Rock takes advantage with a clothesline, Foley is knocked to the outside, Rock chokes Mankind with a camera cable. Rock makes Mankind eat right hands and a suplex on the outside.


 Rock starts commentating and pays for it as Mankind smashes his face into the announce table. Mankind hits a big boot and Rock is sent over the top rope, baseball slide by Mankind. Rock is laying on announce table and Mankind looks to dive off the top rope. Shane grabs Mankind and Rock throws Mankind to the floor. Foley tried to smash Rock with a chair but the referee pulls the chair away and Rock ddts Mankind on the chair. Two count so Rock scoop slams Mankind and it's time for The People's Elbow. Two count again as Mankind is tossed into the turnbuckle, Mankind comes back and hits a swinging neckbreaker. They exchange blows before Mankind hits a discuss clothesline. Vince tries to disqualify Mankind but Mankind takes out the referee and attacks the timekeeper. Rock grabs a chair and smashes Mankind before hitting The Rock Bottom.


 Shane grabs the WWF championship and plans to hit Mankind and smashes The Rock instead, a new referee comes to ringside 1...2.. kickout! Floatover ddt by Rock for two, Double arm ddt by Mankind for two, Mankind pulls out socko. Mandible Claw as Rock passes out, we have a new champion or so we thought as Vince says Rock did not get pinned nor did he submit so Rock did not lose the championship. Mankind beats the piss out of everyone and leaves. Bad finish to a good match but Foley would have his moment weeks later as he took part in one of the greatest raw main events of all time.


Winner: Mankind over The Rock via Mandible Claw!


(Buried Alive Match) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Undertaker

Austin must win to be in the 1999 Royal Rumble, Taker wants to destroy Austin. Simple story and to win the match, one competitor must be buried alive. Austin enters second and smashes Taker with a big clothesline. He chokes Taker with his jacket and a cable as he smashes him with his right hand. They fight alongside the crowd as Taker comes back with right hands of his own. Taker brought Austin back to the ring as Austin counters with the Lou Thesz press and an elbow to the face of The Deadman. Stungun from Austin and he sends Taker balls first into the ringpost. Austin delivers an axe handle from atop a barricade onto Undertaker. Taker is sent into the steel steps but he gains control with a big boot to Austin. Austin tried a piledriver but he could not get The Phenom up as Undertaker destroys Austin with right hands.




They battle to the grave as Austin is sent rolling around in the dirt. Taker chokes Austin as both men are now in the grave rolling around and punching one another. Austin gets hit in his heavily taped knee. Undertaker uses this as both men brawl around the ringside area before Taker smashes Austin with a chair to the head. They battle back to the grave as Austin is sent in and Taker begins to bury The Rattlesnake. Austin climbs out before he hits Undertaker with a gas can twice and a stunner, Taker falls into the grave and Austin starts burying Taker with a wheelbarrow full of dirt.

 However, Austin walks away, Undertaker crawls out of the grave and the grave explodes. From the grave comes Kane who hammers Taker with a tombstone. Undertaker falls back into the grave and Austin comes back with a bulldozer and awkwardly starts burying Taker to win the match. That was a decent match, seen these lock up a lot over the past year so I am looking forward to something fresh.


Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin over Undertaker via Burial!


Another good showing from the WWF as we move into 1999. Not the best pay per view and not the bang I was hoping for but still a solid show. No real standout match for me this time as I was not a fan of The Rock vs Mankind finish or The Buried Alive Match but that's fine, I guess it plays into the idea that everyone and everything was so over, it did not have to be great to be considered great. It was fun covering 1998, let us hope 1999 is just as fun as we look at The Royal Rumble. Until Next time see you later !

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