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WWF Tuesday In Texas 1991 Review

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Hello and welcome to another riveting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that doesn’t slip into wrestlers’ DMs looking for feet pictures! It’s WWF Tuesday In Texas which is built around Hulk Hogan’s challenge to the newly crowned WWF Champion The Undertaker and Randy Savage taking on Jake Roberts after being bitten by a snake held by Roberts. Shorter than a regular pay per view but will the quality be just as good? Let’s find out!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Bret Hart © vs Skinner

Bret won the championship from Mr. Perfect at Summerslam 1991 in a fantastic match, Bret finds himself defending against the wild Skinner. Arm-drag from Bret, arm-wringer too. Shoulder blocks takes down Skinner, atomic drop from Bret. Inverted atomic drop and clothesline from The Hitman, Skinner is on the floor. They lock-up, Bret has the arm and lands multiple blows to the arm. Arm-bar, Skinner tries escaping but Bret has the hold clamped on. Continued wrenching on the arm from Bret, knee drops and leg drops from Bret. Skinner reaches the ropes, Skinner recovers clutching his arm. Skinner backs up into the ropes, side headlock from Skinner. Hammerlock counter from Bret, Skinner counters back.

Elbow and headbutt from Bret, stomp to the ribs from Bret. Right back to the arm, Skinner grabs the hair. Headbutt and eye rake, Bret is rammed shoulder-first into the ring-post. Bret tries to enter the ring, Skinner stomps all over Bret. Choke from Skinner on the floor, abdominal stretch from Skinner who uses the ropes for leverage. Shoulder-breaker for two, elbow to the face. Bret is bounced off the buckle, hard whip to the opposite buckle. Bret kicks away Skinner, Skinner falls to the mat. Middle rope elbow drop misses for Bret, Skinner picks up something to distract the referee before stabbing Bret with his alligator claw.

Fans are letting Skinner have it for his cheating ways, right hand to the head. Middle rope choke from Skinner, Skinner steps on the throat of Bret, laughing maniacally at his work. Hard buckle whip with Bret hitting it sternum-first, stomps to the leg from Skinner. Skinner chokes Bret before slamming Bret’s head into the canvas, throat thrust from Skinner. Foot to the face, Skinner nails his falling reverse DDT with Bret managing to kick out, Skinner is in shock. Skinner climbs to the middle rope, Bret blocks the splash with a boot. Skinner is dazed, right hands by Bret. Whip off the ropes, elbow to the face.

Right hand staggers Skinner, Irish whip with a shot to the ribs. Russian leg-sweep for two, snap suplex from Bret for two. Back-breaker from The Hitman, Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop. Two for Bret again, O’Connor roll from Skinner for two. Bret pushes Skinner to the floor, the two trade right hands before Skinner rakes the eyes. Bret is on the apron, Skinner looks for a suplex but Bret counters. Skinner counters the O’Connor roll, Skinner climbs to the top rope but Bret yanks him down. Sharpshooter and Bret retains his championship!

Solid opening match between Bret and Skinner, love the way Skinner moves inside of that ring. The gimmick may be a bit outlandish but Skinner plays it to perfection, his mannerisms are perfect for his gimmick. Bret has been growing leaps and bounds, the Summerslam match with Perfect being a glimpse of the future of The Hitman. If Bret continues to wrestle like this, Bret’s run on top will be a joy to watch.

Winner: Bret Hart over Skinner via Sharpshooter!

Macho Man Randy Savage vs Jake The Snake Roberts

Roberts is sinister, darn right evil to the core. Roberts takes great pride and pleasure in seeing Elizabeth crying in fear at the sight of her husband Randy Savage being bitten by a snake. Savage promises to put down Roberts and ever since this began, I could not wait for these to go out it. The Wildman Savage looking to destroy Roberts, it starts on the ramp. Savage clotheslines Roberts from behind, eye rake and Roberts is bounced off the buckle. Savage tries to rip out the eyes of Roberts, whip to the buckle and elbow to the face. Diving axe handle from Savage, Roberts powders to the floor. Roberts tries leaving but Savage won’t allow that to happen.

Back in the ring, Roberts takes down Savage and tosses him to the floor, Savage is sent into the ring-post. Roberts goes after the forearm, the forearm where the snake was clamped onto of Savage. Savage is selling that forearm now, showing us that it may have been unwise for Savage to try and fight on this night, Savage may not be 100%. Savage rallies but Roberts lands an eye poke, inverted atomic drop from Roberts. Knees to the taped forearm from Roberts, Roberts tries to break the arm but Savage has enough fight in him to frustrate Roberts. Elbow from Savage, Roberts punches the forearm some more. Roberts lowers his head off an Irish whip, boot from Savage but it does not have that bite on it needed to take down Roberts. Elbow from Savage, whip to the buckle.

Roberts blocks with a knee, short-arm clothesline and you know what is on the mind of the sinister Roberts. Roberts says “that’s it”, DDT but Savage backs Roberts into the buckle, Roberts holds his ribs in pain. Diving Elbow Drop and Savage manages to pin Roberts!

Savage fought through the pain, what an exciting match. It felt like a sprint though, I thought the beating of Savage could have gone on longer and the two could have brawled all over the place. Savage overcoming Roberts I have no problem with, Roberts could do something evil to gain his heat back in an instant and we could have another battle between the two but I did enjoy the match for what it was, Roberts was cold as ice in his promo. I was hanging on every word and it rightly ticked off Savage which made the match have a perfect start with the two killing one another, it was good but man it could have been awesome.

After the match, Roberts lays out Savage with two DDTs and damn, I want more. Oh God, Roberts is not done at all and it appears Roberts may have a snake after all of this, Elizabeth is here and Roberts is in her face and Roberts DDTs Savage again. Any heat Roberts lost has been given back tenfold, this is almost deafening in the arena. Elizabeth is in tears once more, where are the referees? Roberts wants Elizabeth to beg to save Savage’s life, Roberts is slapping Savage around and berating Elizabeth. Emotions are high, Roberts has Elizabeth by the hair. Disgraceful as Roberts slaps Elizabeth to the mat. This was intense, give me round two you cowards!

Winner: Randy Savage over Jake The Snake Roberts via Diving Elbow Drop!

The Warlord W/ Harvey Wippleman vs The British Bulldog

These two cannot stay away from one another, they are like lovers at this point as they have been involved with one another for several pay per views in a row. Lock-up, Warlord pushes back Bulldog. Another shove, Warlord believes that he is the strongest in the WWF. Test of strength between the two, boot by Warlord. Clubbing blows, Irish whip with a drop down and Bulldog blocks the boot. Shove down, Bulldog drops a headbutt to the lower regions. Warlord comes up with a punch, Bulldog meets the buckle. Whip, Warlord misses the clothesline and Bulldog clotheslines Warlord to the floor. Bulldog tries a plancha but Warlord catches Bulldog and rams him into the ring-post. Bulldog is on the apron, Warlord meets the buckle and eats a missile dropkick.

Warlord is caught up in the ropes, Bulldog prepares an attack before Wippleman frees his superstar. Big back body drop from Warlord and a nice bearhug, Bulldog breaks free before eating a belly to belly suplex. Bulldog is clubbed down to the mat, massive fist to the spine. Two for Warlord, Irish whip with Bulldog countering with a boot, piledriver attempt but sunset flip counter from Bulldog for two. Warlord regains control with a clothesline, Warlord calls for his Full-Nelson.

Warlord stalks Bulldog, it’s clamped on in the middle of the ring. Warlord applies pressure and Bulldog begins fading. Bulldog slips down to a knee, Wippleman is celebrating prematurely. Bulldog refuses to lose, it looks as if Bulldog will escape but they struggle for an awfully long time, crowd is starting to turn on them. Warlord throws down Bulldog, Bulldog is rammed off the buckle twice. Whip to the opposite buckle, Bulldog blocks with a boot, diving middle rope clothesline. Stalling vertical suplex by Bulldog for two, corner clothesline and Warlord manages to use the ropes to fall onto Bulldog to avoid the powerslam, two for Warlord. Whip off the ropes, Warlord wants the clothesline but Bulldog steals the win with a crucifix.

In the nicest way possible, I will say this ended mercifully. Went a little long for my tastes, 90% of my reasoning here is on that Full-Nelson spot. Who decided it should go on that long? Why would Bulldog not break free like a heroic babyface? Why would they tease breaking free only to have it end like that? Why would it go on for so long? Questions for days and they are all negative, hopefully that is the end for the two of them because after that, I do not want to see anymore.

Winner: British Bulldog over The Warlord via Crucifix Pin!

Ted Dibiase & Repo Man w/ Sensational Sherri vs Virgil & El Matador Tito Santana

Every time I watch Tito, I believe the man should have had more time at the top in the WWF. Virgil and Dibiase have been feuding for almost a year at this point with much of the interest in that feud being stolen by the idea of Dibiase vs Piper, Piper was of course mentoring Virgil during that time. Santana and Repo Man start this match, hammerlock from Santana. Elbow from Repo, shoulder block from Santana. Arm-drag from Santana, jabs and a right from Santana. Virgil gets a shot in from the apron, arm-wringer from Santana. Repo whips Santana, they trade reversals before Repo is hip-tossed to the floor. Repo sneaks back into the ring, clothesline from Santana.

Repo tags in Dibiase, Virgil wants Dibiase bad. Knee and clubbing blows from Dibiase, Irish whip but Virgil counters with a sunset flip for two. Dibiase is atomic dropped to the floor, Santana scares Dibiase back into the ring. Virgil clotheslines Dibiase to the floor, whip to the buckle but Dibiase blocks with an elbow. In comes Repo, scoop slam and shots to the throat. Virgil is rammed into the boot of Dibiase, Dibiase chokes Virgil with the tag rope behind the referee’s back. Clothesline from Dibiase, Santana is stuck with the referee. Double team throw by Repo & Dibiase, snap-mare and punches to the throat by Repo.

Virgil blocks the right hands, knee by Repo to cut off that attack. Dibiase gut-wrench suplexes Virgil for a close two, Irish whip and Dibiase lowers his head. Counter neck-breaker from Virgil, tag to Santana. Right hands to Repo, elbow knocks him down. Dropkick, make it two. Santana lands The Flying Forearm, shot to Dibiase off the apron. Dibiase trips Santana from outside, Repo clotheslines Santana to the floor. Repo and Virgil have words, Santana is knocked into the steel steps. Knee to the ribs, Dibiase is tagged in and lands his middle rope axe handle.

Santana struggles for the tag, the referee is with Repo and misses the tag of Santana. More double-teaming, Repo is now legal. Double clothesline in the middle of the ring, Virgil gets the tag. Rights and clothesline to Dibiase, clothesline to Repo. Russian leg-sweep with Repo saving the match, all four men brawling in the ring now. Sherri has her high heel and nails Dibiase by mistake, Virgil is attacked in the back by Repo and Dibiase steals the win thanks to Repo’s attack.

Weak ending for sure, a kick to the back? You might as well have had Sherri nail Virgil with the high heel, it would have been more devastating than a knee to the spine. Match was fine apart from that finish, definitely the weakest match on the card but it was to serve as an appetizer to the main event which is next.

Winners: Ted Dibiase & Repo Man over El Matador & Virgil via Kick To The Spine!

(WWF World Championship Match) Hulk Hogan vs The Undertaker © W/ Paul Bearer

Rematch time, Hogan comes running into the ring and Taker puts the boots to Hogan along with Bearer. However, Hogan knocks their heads together. Hogan bites the head of Taker, ten punches in the corner. Taker seems unfazed, Jack Tunney is at ringside to stop controversy. Inverted atomic drop by Hogan, Taker sits up. Axe Bomber only staggers Taker, more boots and eye rakes. Taker blocks the slam, eye rake by Hogan. Scoop slam, Taker sits up. Bearer is knocked to the floor, Hogan clotheslines Taker to the floor. Taker lands on his feet, Bearer shows the urn, the source of The Deadman’s power.

Taker eats punches from Hogan, Taker pulls Hogan to the floor. Throat thrust from Taker, Taker chokes Hogan on the apron. More choking in the ring, Hogan is dropping to his knees. Taker is caught by Hogan, spinebuster into the buckle. Whip to the opposite buckle, Taker knees back Hogan. Old School from Taker with ease, shots to the head of Hogan and another choke from The Deadman. On the floor, Hogan is whipped into the ring-post. More choking from Taker, Hogan begins to shake off the attacks of Taker. Taker snaps his head off the ropes, we get back on course quickly with a massive boot. Flying clothesline from Taker, Taker stalks Hogan and covers for two.

Taker wants old school again, Hogan draws strength though and pulls Taker down to the mat. Bearer is freaking out at ringside, Ric Flair is coming down to ringside. Jack Tunney and Flair are having words while Hogan is Hulking Up! Right hands by Hogan, Hogan clotheslines Taker to the floor. Hogan spots Flair, Hogan has a chair and waffles Flair who falls into Tunney. Tunney is out! Forearm to the head from Hogan on Taker, eye rake from Taker. Boot and eye rake by Hogan, throat thrust by Taker. Flair is on the apron, Hogan sends Taker head first into the chair, Hogan clotheslines Flair down. Big boot on Taker, Bearer is on the apron. Bearer has his Urn, Bearer nails Taker by mistake. Hogan spills out the ashes of the urn and rolls up Taker for the win but Flair held up Tunney so Tunney could see Hogan cheating.

Not as memorable as their contest at Survivor Series, that was a tremendous moment but this match did not carry the same weight or drama. Perhaps the prolonged choking was what took me out of it but I feel it had less story-telling with Taker not stalking Hogan as much or Hogan seemingly being down and out throughout the match. What I do know is Hogan and Taker work well with one another and the two can still have a good match with their eyes closed, Hogan is back on top of the WWF but not without drama, what could happen next?

Winner: Hulk Hogan over The Undertaker via Roll-Up!

That was WWF’s Tuesday In Texas, a very good WWF pay per view. Much shorter pay per view with a focus on one or two big matches which was a refreshing change of pace. We start off with Skinner vs Bret Hart, solid WWF Intercontinental Championship where Skinner just kills it in the character work department, doing everything to be a big nasty disgusting piece of trash where even the most jaded fan would be cheering for Bret Hart to destroy this alligator claw collecting enthusiast. Speaking of disgusting trash, Jake The Snake Roberts is the most vile human being on the planet and it was a joy to watch. From the promo to his attacks on Savage and the final straw, slapping Elizabeth across the face. The match was short and I was originally disappointed but wow, that angle made up for it. Huge heat, huge outrage and I love it. The tag match and Warlord vs Bulldog are fine, they may have overstayed their welcome but it could have been much worse. The main event is good stuff for the drama that unfolds and the excitement but it just did not draw me in like Survivor Series. Overall, an action-filled smaller WWF pay per view that has few low points and at its best, has some awesome highs! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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