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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event February 8th, 1992 Edition

Saturday Night's Main Event XXV | Pro Wrestling | Fandom

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series that is more depressing than wrestling without a live crowd! It’s WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event, the second to last one that I will cover for quite some time, only one more after this but this edition will focus on the action before Wrestlemania VIII. We have Hogan and Sid Justice teaming up to do battle with Ric Flair and The Undertaker. Meanwhile, it’s rematch time as Savage takes on Jake The Snake Roberts. Colossal matches right there, cannot wait to see how it all turns out when it’s all said and done.

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Rowdy Roddy Piper © vs The Mountie W/ Jimmy Hart

Speaking of rematches, not one I wanted to see on this night. Piper vs Mountie was a beautiful moment at Royal Rumble but the performance could have been any heel in there with Piper because Piper is the god damn man. Mountie steals the championship, Mountie throws Piper to the floor. Mountie celebrates before Piper clotheslines both down. Piper bangs their heads together on the floor, massive right hand from Piper on The Mountie. Piper tries re-entering the ring, Mountie takes control as Hart holds onto the leg of Piper. Mountie has Piper in the tree of woe, flying reverse elbow by the challenger for two. Piper is pushed into the referee who is down, Mountie lands a piledriver.

Jimmy Hart steals a cup of water to revive the referee, Mountie pours it on Piper. Cattle-prod does not work on Piper even though he is covered in water, Piper throws Jimmy Hart to the floor and stabs Mountie with the cattle prod to retain his championship.

The match was as good as the one at Royal Rumble and by that, I mean it was equally average in every way. Piper reveals under his shirt a shock-proof shirt so that’s why the cattle prod was not effective. Yeah, thankfully this match was short and now we have Piper vs Bret Hart to look forward to do at Wrestlemania.

Winner: Rowdy Roddy Piper over The Mountie via Cattle Prod!

The Undertaker & Ric Flair W/ Mr. Perfect vs Hulk Hogan & Sid Justice

We see footage from the rumble where the commentary and crowd has been overdubbed as Gorilla and the crowd are booing and admonishing Sid for eliminating Hulk Hogan. It is comical due to how clearly doctored the footage is now, the crowd had erupted for Sid crying out for something new. We also have the return of Brutus Beefcake after his sailing accident which almost ended his career and the possibility of winning the Intercontinental Championship.

Justice and Flair to start, Flair is backing away as soon as the bell rings. Justice has his eyes raked, whip reversed to the buckle as Flair eats a back body-drop and a hip-toss. Flair powders and regroups, Justice tags in The Hulkster. Eye rake and whip by Hogan, same back body-drop and hip-toss but Taker eats a hip-toss too. Taker is rammed into the knee of Justice, tag to Justice. Knees by Justice, Taker fires back. Taker cannot slam Justice, Justice slams Taker. Into the knee of Hogan, Justice tags Hogan. Scoop slam for Taker, scoop slam for Flair. Clotheslines to Flair and Taker, Hogan is running wild brother. Hogan grabs a headlock on Taker, tag to Justice.

Taker goes to the throat, in comes Flair. Double clothesline, Hogan saves Justice. Double atomic drop from Taker & Flair, Taker gets a two. Double gut-buster is thwarted by Hogan, Justice & Hogan boot Flair and clothesline Taker. Justice stares down Hogan though who is hogging the spotlight, Taker sneaks up on Justice. Throat thrusts from The Deadman, tag to Flair. Chops from Flair, closed fists to the head. Taker chokes Justice in the corner, Taker is tagged in and lands a massive diving axe handle. Massive chop from Taker, Flair and Taker continue to double team Justice. Justice grabs the two though, noggin-knocker from Justice. Tag to Hogan, Hogan lands right hands on Flair & Taker, Paul Bearer is smacked too.

Perfect distracts Hogan, Flair chop blocks and drops his weight on the leg. Figure Four from Flair, Justice is turning his back to Hogan. What is this about? Hogan turns the hold to apply pressure to Flair, Hogan is reaching for the tag while Justice has this smirk on his face. Taker comes in for a flying clothesline, Flair is now the legal man. Flair is on the top rope, Hogan tosses Flair off the top rope. Beefcake is willing on Hogan, Justice is in the corner laughing at Hogan. Beefcake is confused, Taker chokes Hogan in the corner. Tag to Flair, chops in the corner have no effect on Hogan. Hogan shakes it off, stalking Flair before Taker lands an illegal headbutt.

Whip to the corner, Hogan manages to clothesline Taker & Flair. Hogan is reaching out for Justice, Justice is staring down Hogan. Justice is looking down on Hogan, Justice drops down from the apron and walks out on Hogan. Beefcake cannot believe this, the two have words. Flair & Taker batter Hogan in the ring, Beefcake is caught in two minds at what is happening. Flair throws down the referee, Beefcake risks everything to help Hogan as Hogan is back up and batters the duo. Taker & Flair are out of here but what will happen between Hogan & Sid Justice?

So, hot crowd like always for a Hogan match. Always a good time, the angle though how do we feel about it? Well I liked that Sid was getting infuriated by Hogan unintentionally stealing the spotlight from the two. Sid Justice explains his actions after the match where Sid was infuriated that Hogan was named number one contender. Justice cuts an awesome promo, intimidating and believable. What’s also interesting is we are close to Wrestlemania and the plans are Flair vs Hogan which is not going to happen, interesting to see how it all develops.

Winners: Hulk Hogan & Sid Justice over Ric Flair & The Undertaker via DQ!

Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter vs The Beverley Brothers.

Duggan and Blake kick us off, Duggan lands a clothesline on Blake. Side headlock from Duggan, Beau smacks Duggan from the apron with a weapon. I believe it was the scroll of The Genius, Beau lands on the back of Duggan. Whip off the ropes, Duggan kicks Beau who lowers his head off an Irish whip. Beau tags Blake, Duggan tags Slaughter. Right hands in the corner, whip to the buckle and back body-drop. Abdominal stretch from Slaughter, Beau interferes before Slaughter lands a back-breaker for two. All four men in the ring as it breaks down, the scroll is in the ring and Slaughter waffles Blake. Duggan lands his Three-Point Stance Clothesline for the win. Quick and solid!

Winners: Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter over The Beverly Brothers via Clothesline!

Macho Man Randy Savage vs Jake The Snake Roberts

This should be a meaty encounter considering what these two did to one another last time, Roberts slapped Elizabeth to get his heat back after losing to an irate Savage. This match starts on the floor, Roberts meets the ring-post hard. Eye rake by Roberts, Savage is in pursuit. Savage pulls Roberts into the ring-post, Savage rips at the eyes of Roberts. Savage throws a chair in the ring, the referee throws the chair out. Savage chokes Roberts using his boot, the referee is having trouble restraining The Macho Man. Elbow to the throat from Savage, Roberts is bleeding from his nose. Knee to the back, thumb to the eye from The Snake.

Savage is tossed to the floor as Roberts looks as his bloody hands. Savage is sent into the buckle, Savage is tossed to the floor again. Roberts sends Savage into the ring-post, Savage lies in a heap at ringside. Roberts is reversed, sent into the corner. Elbow by Savage, Savage tries a top rope diving axe handle. Savage misses as Roberts lands a gut-punch, DDT in the middle of the ring. Roberts sits in the corner, preferring to watch Savage struggle to his feet. Roberts lands his short-arm clothesline, the prelude to his finishing manoeuvre. Savage back-drops Roberts to the floor, Savage climbs to the top rope. Diving axe handle into the guardrail, Roberts clutches his throat. Diving Elbow Drop from Savage and Roberts has been beaten by The Macho Man.

I love the intensity and hatred that both men bring to this feud. When you talk of two individuals that hate one another, this feud is perfect for capturing this feeling. Roberts’ actions in this feud were despicable and Roberts played that role to the perfection. The saddest part to it all is Roberts is going to leave the company following Wrestlemania which is such a shame due to the potential of Roberts feuding with all the top babyfaces of the WWF. Easily could have been a WWF Champion, I salute you Roberts for the entertainment you have provided over the years and during this reviews.

Winner: Randy Savage over Jake Roberts via Diving Elbow Drop!

That was the second last WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event of its original run and what a way to finish strong. This had two major angles going on and both delivered, we have Hogan vs Sid Justice all but confirmed and we have the ending of Savage vs Roberts. While I would have wished to seen Roberts vs Savage go for one more with a street fight like match to end the series, wishfully thinking that Roberts would have won this encounter, I am satisfied with how much intensity and hatred these men brought to one another over the course of this feud. Roberts is without a doubt the best heel in the company at the time and money was left on the table with Roberts departing shortly. Sid Justice is so intense and so intimidating, I cannot wait to watch him through the next number of years come to dominate the sport as the ruler of the world. Thanks for reading, hope you are staying safe and remember: there’s always another night!

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