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WWF Survivor Series 1991 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series with less friends in the business than Enzo Amore! It’s WWF Survivor Series 1991, with the big match being Hulk Hogan defending his WWF Championship against the seemingly unstoppable Undertaker. Of course we also have multi-man elimination tag matches galore as it is Survivor Series tradition. Survivor Series can be hit and miss, the multi-man matches have their formulas and they can play on your nerves but we have the championship match to break up the repetition so let’s see where things go!

Randy Savage Is Out Of The Survivor Series

Last week on WWF Superstars, Jake The Snake Roberts committed one of the most despicable acts in wrestling as his snake bit the forearm of one Macho Man Randy Savage. Savage was bleeding in a savage angle with results in WWF President Jack Tunney declaring that Savage and Roberts are out of The Survivor Series but they will face off at the next pay per view which is Tuesday in Texas!

Team Flair (Ted Dibiase/The Mountie/The Warlord/Ric Flair) W/ Sensational Sherri/Harvey Whippleman/Jimmy Hart/Mr.Perfect vs Team Piper (Bret Hart/Virgil/British Bulldog/Rowdy Roddy Piper)

What a match to kick us off, Ric Flair is here in the WWF. Flair had jumped ship from WCW due to Jim Herd being a twat and would parade his WCW World Heavyweight Championship in the WWF calling himself “The Real World’s Champion”. However, we do not only have Flair, we have Piper. Piper who I wanted to see kill Dibiase is here to kill Flair too. I love it, all men in this match are feuding.

Dibiase and Piper to start, this should be good. Like how Piper shows up for the big shows, such a popular wrestler. Flair attacks Piper, allowing Dibiase to take control before a clothesline from Piper. Dibiase is stuck on the top rope, Piper shakes the rope and destroys the manhood of Dibiase. Sherri is in the ring, she is on Piper’s back. Piper kisses Sherri and she is on the floor, rights and lefts on Dibiase. Arm-wringer from Piper, hammerlock takedown and a tag to Davey Boy. Knees to the spine before in comes Virgil who stomps the shit out of Dibiase. Tag to Bret, leg drop to the head while maintaining the hammerlock. Fist drop from Piper on the arm, hammerlock has been maintained throughout with now Davey Boy as the legal man. Some knees before a tag to Virgil, axe handle to the arm.

Tag to Bret, shot to the arm. Arm-drag, Dibiase is back to his feet and pushes Bret to the buckle. Knees and chops from Dibiase, Bret reverses an Irish whip but hits his sternum on the buckle. Dibiase tries for a spinning toe hold as the two trade pins but Bret is on top with a hammerlock. Dibiase eats a shoulder block before tagging out after a hip-toss. In comes Flair, Bret dodges an elbow and lands an inverted atomic drop on Flair. In comes Davey Boy, catapult to the corner. Flair flops down, Flair goes low with a chop. Whip off the ropes, military press slam from Davey Boy. Tag to Piper, Flair is backing up big time. Chops and strikes between Flair and Piper, Flair is losing the war. Flair ducks to the outside, Piper is in pursuit. Chop against the guardrail, Flair tags Warlord.

Warlord wants a test of strength, Piper tags in Davey Boy. Two big bastards bounce off one another before a dropkick from Davey Boy. Corner whip, Warlord blocks with his boot. Tag to Mountie, chops from Mountie. Flying reverse elbow, Davey Boy tags Bret. Mountie tags out, afraid of Bret. Dibiase and Bret lock-up, Bret lands rights in the corner. Beautiful back-breaker and Bret’s rope elbow drop for two. Dibiase and Bret bang heads after a drop-down from Dibiase, crowd comes alive for a tag as Davey Boy is in with Mountie. Clothesline, whip and elbow from Davey Boy. Another whip, military press slam. Flair is in the ring, the referee is with Piper as Davey Boy is punched by Flair.

Flair begs for mercy, chops in the corner. Dibiase and Flair eat a clothesline from Davey Boy, Warlord is smashed too. Running Powerslam on Mountie, the match breaks down with Flair nailing Davey Boy with a flying chop from the top rope, the night is over for Davey Boy. Piper comes flying in, attacking everyone in Team Flair’s corner before The Mountie trips and drags Piper out to the apron for some clubbing blows.

Davey Boy Has Been Eliminated By Ric Flair!

Snap-mare into a knee drop from Flair, Piper dodges the second knee drop. Figure-Four from Piper, Dibiase and Mountie intervene to help Flair. Dibiase is legal now, shin-breaker from Dibiase. Spinning toe-hold from Dibiase, Piper counters for a small package. Dibiase kicks out and tags Mountie, Boston crab from Mountie. Piper crawls and tags Virgil, Virgil breaks the hold. Whip to the buckle and clothesline, elbow from Virgil. Flair tags in off Mountie, Flair slaps and chops Virgil. Virgil jabs away at Flair, Flair goes low with a kick. Whip to the buckle, back body drop from Virgil. Flair begs off, tag to Dibiase.

Dibiase and Virgil, Dibiase meets the buckle multiple times. Whip reversal from Dibiase, beautiful powerslam from Dibiase. Tag to Warlord, Virgil is tossed to the floor. Flair chops and rams Virgil into the steel steps, Bret comes over to protect and help Virgil. Warlord rams Virgil into the buckle, clubbing blow to the back. Full-Nelson, everyone is in the ring but Bret lands a diving axe handle to the head of Warlord and Piper covers for the elimination, sweet revenge for Team Piper.

Warlord Has Been Eliminated By Roddy Piper!

Dibiase tries to take control of Piper but Piper suplexes Dibiase, tag to Virgil. Clothesline and Million Dollar Dream by Virgil, Dibiase counters by ramming Virgil into the top turnbuckle. Tag to Flair, chops and a massive punch. Back drop from Flair, tag to Mountie. Beautiful dropkick from Mountie, Mountie holds Virgil while Dibiase chops from the apron. Tag to Dibiase, suplex from Dibiase and tag to Flair. Double clothesline, Flair uses the ropes for leverage. Virgil kicks out at two, tag to Dibiase. Clothesline from Dibiase, Virgil counters the back body drop for a neck-breaker. Virgil tags Piper, Flair and Piper are legal. Eye poke from Piper, ten punches in the corner. Flair misses the inverted atomic drop, eye poke from Piper. Piper rams Flair into the buckle over and over, Piper takes down Mountie and Dibiase.

Everyone is brawling, Piper yanks Flair off the top rope. Flair flips to the floor, the next thing we know the bell has rung. What is the decision? Flair is the sole survivor as everyone who broke the rules was in the ring, Piper nails Flair for this but Flair is your winner.

Enjoyed a lot of the action in this match but as I saw the stars in this one, I thought myself what kind of finish are they going to do to get out of this booking nightmare and I got my answer and it’s befitting of the squirmy and rat-like Flair to steal a win like this, I suppose Flair vs Piper is on the house-shows but I would have liked a more definitive finish. Anyways, Piper is a treasure when he returns to the ring, I do love Bret Dibiase and Flair also. So, disappointing finish for sure but loved a lot of the elements of this match.

Winner: Ric Flair Is Your Survivor Via DQs!

Team Mustafa (The Berzerker/Skinner/Hercules/Colonel Mustafa) W/ General Adnan/Mr. Fuji vs Team Slaughter (Texas Tornado/Tito Santana/Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Sgt. Slaughter)

Well, a lot of new faces on pay per view here with Berzerker and Skinner having their pay per view debuts as well as a gimmick change for Tito Santana and Sgt. Slaughter as an American Patriot. Santana and Skinner to start, they lock-up. Slap from Skinner, Santana shoves down and clothesline Skinner. Side headlock from Santana, Skinner pulls the hair looking to escape. Shoulder block from Santana, Flying Forearm knocks Skinner to the floor. Slaughter hurls Skinner back into the ring, Skinner wisely rolls out once more. Mustafa checks on Skinner, we eventually will reset. Side headlock again, Skinner misses a right hand and elbow. Santana misses the forearm though, Skinner tags in The Berzerker who climbs to the middle rope and misses an elbow drop.

Tornado is in, right hands to Berzerker before Berzerker rakes the eyes. Whip off the ropes, Tornado dodges the clothesline and dropkick and lands a big right hand. Tornado gets caught in Team Mustafa’s corner, Mustafa holds Tornado as Berzerker puts the boots to him. Hercules is in but Tornado tags in Duggan, lock-up. Side headlock by Hercules, Duggan and Hercules trade shots. Whip by Hercules, Berzerker grabs the hair of Duggan but Duggan batters Team Mustafa. Hercules lands the axe handle, Team Mustafa punch and kick Duggan in the corner. Tag to Berzerker, stomps and a whip. Duggan eats an elbow to the face, tag to Mustafa. Duggan meets that pointed boot, Mustafa poses for the world before applying a sleeper.

Duggan lands a shoulder block before a throat thrust takes down Duggan. Duggan shakes off the attacks of Mustafa, ten punches in the corner. Mustafa nails a boot to the face for two, Duggan blocks the suplex and lands his own on Mustafa. Duggan tags Slaughter, atomic drop from Slaughter. Clothesline and Mustafa is out of this match.

Colonel Mustafa Has Been Eliminated By Sgt. Slaughter!

Berzerker and Hercules rush Slaughter, Berzerker is in firm control with kicks to the ribs and a clothesline. Hard whip to the buckle, big boot floors Slaughter for two. Tag to Hercules, Slaughter is rammed off the ring-post. Two for Hercules, tag to Berzerker. Berzerker is dropped on the top rope, Slaughter has Berzerker straddling the ropes. Slaughter kicks the knee of Berzerker, tag to Duggan. Eye rake by Berzerker, whip but Berzerker lowers his head. Kick from Duggan, clothesline to the floor. Duggan back drops Berzerker over the top rope, punches to Hercules and Skinner before Berzerker re-enters the ring and headbutts Duggan low.

Tornado blind tags in, Berzerker eats a Discuss Punch but is still on his feet. Tornado is dragged to the corner, Skinner holds Tornado as Hercules batters Tornado. Irish whip, Tornado rolls over Hercules and tags Santana. Big gut shot from Santana, Flying Forearm on Hercules and Hercules is eliminated!

Hercules Has Been Eliminated By Tito Santana!

Berzerker is in with Santana, clothesline by Berzerker. Tag to Skinner, axe handles from Skinner. Scoop slam, Santana manages to tag Slaughter. Skinner is rolled up from behind and Slaughter manages to get the three.

Skinner Has Been Eliminated By Sgt. Slaughter!

4 on 1 yet Berzerker is still on the warpath. Slaughter manages to fain control with the help of Duggan, one Three-Point Stance Clothesline later and Team Duggan is victorious.

That went too long in my view, when I saw the teams I thought we were in trouble. Not even the love of the fans for Duggan would save this from going awkwardly long, clean sweep and perhaps it is the right call but yeah, my only thought watching it was I cannot wait for it to end.

Winners: Team Duggan over Team Mustafa via Three-Point-Stance Clothesline!

(WWF Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © vs The Undertaker W/ Paul Bearer

Undefeated and unstoppable, two words to describe The Man From The Dark Side. The Ultimate Warrior had no answer for the power of The Deadman, Hogan seemed lost against The Undertaker too. Undertaker has got the upper hand on everyone who has tried to take him down, could this be the end of Hulkamania. Paul Bearer is at ringside, the last time these two shared space with one another, Undertaker laid out Hogan with Piper and Savage powerless to stop The Phenom. Taker stares down Hogan, they lock-up. Taker shoves off Hogan, Taker misses a corner splash but it has no effect on Taker.

Lock-up, side headlock from Hogan. Taker grabs the hair, shoulder block from Undertaker. Hogan rolls to the floor, Hogan looks shaken up by these turn of events. Choke from Taker, Hogan is caught in the corner. Throat thrust, Taker rakes at the face of Hogan. Hogan is choked against the top rope, Paul Bearer taunting Hogan from ringside. Bearer chokes Hogan behind the referee’s back, another throat thrust from Taker. Scoop slam, Taker misses a giant elbow drop. Hogan rallies, right hands to The Deadman. Whip and axe bomber, Taker is still on his feet. Taker blocks the scoop slam, eye rakes from Hogan. Forearm to the head, Taker is still on his feet.

Taker is rammed off the buckle, clothesline to the floor but Taker lands on his feet. Hogan is dragged out to the floor, Hogan meets the steel steps. Taker chokes Hogan using the camera cable, more choking in the ring from Taker. Bearer joins in for more choking, Taker has a claw hold on Hogan. Hogan manages to break free of the hold, eye rake. Shoulder block, make it two. Taker answers with a massive flying clothesline, Hogan is down. Taker gazes at his prey, Taker slowly drags Hogan to his feet. Tombstone Piledriver but Hogan is on his feet, Taker cannot believe it. Right hands, Taker staggers but does not go down.

Taker is down to one knee, crowd erupts. Ric Flair is making his way to ringside, what is this about? Scoop slam by Hogan, Bearer grabs at the foot of Hogan. Flair is spotted by Hogan, Hogan lands a huge right on Flair. Whip, boot by Hogan. Bearer stops the leg drop, Taker lands a shot to the throat. Flair has a chair, Tombstone Piledriver on the chair. 1…2…3! We have a new champion, The Undertaker is the champion!

What really draws me into the work of Undertaker is the whole character and concept of Undertaker. An unstoppable force like Michael Myers in Halloween, nothing scarier than a man who simply will not die. Instead of flying around the ring, everything is deliberate and slow. The zombie-like walk, the shaking off of the attacks, the feeling of fear that Taker places in his opponents it is so thrilling and entertaining to see take place, Undertaker is in there with one of the best in Hulk Hogan but I could not take my eyes off of Undertaker in this one, fantastic stuff. Now, we have to see Hogan vs Flair because Flair has helped cost Hogan his championship.

Winner: The Undertaker over Hulk Hogan via Tombstone Piledriver!

Team Beverly Brothers (Beau/Blake/Jerry Sags/Brian Knobbs) W/ The Genius & Jimmy Hart vs Team Bushwhackers (Butch/Luke/Marty Jannetty/Shawn Michaels)

Beverly Brothers Beau and Blake are now while the other teams have been stables up the WWF for a while now. Knobbs and Butch to start, knee by Knobbs. Butch answers with right hands, rights and lefts before Knobbs lands big elbows to the face. Irish whip reversal and knee by Butch, massive knee lift. Tag to Luke, double clothesline. Nasty Boys bang heads, double clotheslines to both. In come The Beverly Brothers, they are whipped into one another before eating Battering Rams. Dropkicks from The Rockers to The Nasty Boys, Michaels and a Beverly Brother brawl before a back-breaker puts down Michaels. Tag to Knobbs, Michaels lands a high knee. Tag to Luke who eats a middle rope diving clothesline from Knobbs for the elimination.

Bushwhacker Luke Has Been Eliminated By Brian Knobbs!

Sags and Michaels go out, top rope diving crossbody from Michaels for two. Tag to Jannetty, splash finds the mark. Arm-wringer from Jannetty, Sags pulls the hair. Sags pulls the hair again, in comes Blake. Jannetty nails a superkick on Blake, drop toehold from Jannetty before Blake places Jannetty on the top rope. Jannetty leapfrogs Blake but hits the referee by mistake, allowing Blake to take control. Gutwrench suplex from Blake, both men bang heads off an Irish whip. Blake tags Beau, Jannetty tags Butch. Clothesline to both Beverlys, the referee is with Sags as The Beverlys nail their Spike Slam for the elimination.

Bushwhacker Butch Has Been Eliminated by The Beverly Brothers!

Jannetty nails a monkey flip on Blake, hurricanrana for two. Front chancery from Jannetty, whip by Blake. Blake catches the boot of Jannetty, enzuigiri from Jannetty. Blake tags Beau, arm-wringer from Jannetty. Tag to Michaels, Beau rocks Michaels with right hands. Middle rope choke from Beau, Knobbs chokes Michaels behind the referee’s back. Blake lands on the back of Michaels off a tag, two for Blake. Blake hurls Michaels to the floor, Knobbs rams Michaels into the ring apron. Elbow from Blake, elbow drop to the spine. Whip to the buckle, back-breaker from Blake. Whip to the buckle, back-breaker is countered this time for a backslide pin and Blake is eliminated.

Blake Has Been Eliminated By Shawn Michaels!

Sags is in with Michaels, Michaels lands on the apron off an Irish whip. Sags is dropkicked to the floor, Michaels is on the apron. Diving clothesline, superkick to Knobbs. Michaels is on the top rope, right hand to the face from Sags. Tag to Beau, scoop slam and clothesline on the ropes. Beau takes a boot to the face ducking his head on an Irish whip, Michaels tags Jannetty. Elbow and snap-mare from Jannetty, Knobbs rakes the eyes. In comes Beau, clothesline misses for Beau. Sunset flip from Jannetty for two, Beau tags Knobbs. Hard Irish whip from Knobbs, powerslam for two.

Tag to Sags, stomps to the back from Sags. Pump-handle slam from Sags, Sags looks out to the crowd as if to say I am the man. Belly to back suplex from Sags, tag to Knobbs. Knobbs is on the middle rope, splash goes wrong as Jannetty blocks with his knees. Tag to Michaels, right hands. Clothesline, right hands to Sags and Beau, Nasty Boys sandwich Beau. Michaels nails Knobbs, Jannetty scoop slams Sags but Jannetty knocks over Michaels, Knobbs rolls-up Michaels for the elimination.

Shawn Michaels Has Been Eliminated By Brian Knobbs!

They look as if they are going to come to blows, it does not though as Jannetty fights on, 3 on 1. Sags tosses Jannetty to the floor, Beau is very happy with this development. Whip off the ropes, powerslam from Beau. Beau tags Knobbs, kick to the ribs. Arm-wringer, Jannetty escapes with a slide through the legs. Knobbs is brought to the floor, tasting the ring-post. Sags is kicked in the face, Jannetty dives onto both Nasty Boys. Beau is slammed to the mat by Jannetty, Nasty Boys miss a clothesline. Jannetty has a small package on Sags, Knobbs pushes over the hold and The Nastys steal the win.

Just realized I messed up Beau and Blake, I do not feel all that bad considering Gorilla did not have a clue either. Anyways, this served as a comedown from the previous match and boy, it surely did. Much like the Duggan match, this went too long for me. I believe it is much like the earlier Survivor Series matches that I watched, just far too long with the crowd not entertained with the matches. Most interesting thing about this match is the teased dissension between Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty, The Heartbreak Kid will be coming soon!

Winners: Team Nasty Boys over Team Rockers via Small-Package!

Team IRS (IRS/Earthquake/Typhoon) vs Team Big Bossman (Big Bossman/Animal/Hawk)

Bossman continues to be an immensely popular character in the WWF, coming up against two monsters should be good along with The Legion Of Doom. A lot of trash-talking and flexing going on to start this match, loud LOD chants. Bossman and IRS start us off, clean break in the corner before IRS goes low with a knee. Leapfrogs and counters before Bossman trips IRS, whip to the buckle and down goes IRS. Reversal from IRS, Bossman slips out and boots IRS. Uppercut downs IRS, in comes Earthquake who wants Animal. Bossman obliges, big staredown. Side headlock from Animal, shoulder block with neither man moving. Crossbody by Animal goes wrong as Earthquake nails a massive back-breaker. Splash misses though, flying shoulder block by Animal for two. In comes IRS, tag to Hawk.

Hammerlock from Hawk, IRS is in the ropes. Eye rake, tag to Typhoon. IRS is dropped into Typhoon, Hawk dropkicks them down. Whip to the buckle, Animal and Bossman clobber Typhoon. Typhoon tags in Earthquake, Earthquake picks up Hawk bringing him to the heel corner. In comes IRS, Hawk lands a belly to back suplex and fist drop. Bossman comes in, right hands to IRS. Bossman drops all his weight on the back of IRS, Bossman has IRS by his tie. LOD and Earthquake are having words, Typhoon slides IRS his briefcase and IRS knocks out Bossman for the elimination.

Big Bossman Has Been Eliminated By IRS!

Typhoon jumps on Animal, The Natural Disasters club the life out of Animal. Belly to belly suplex from Earthquake for two, clubbing blows in the corner. Diving axe handle from IRS, kicks to the ribs from IRS. More Natural Disasters double teaming in the corner, bearhug from Typhoon. Animal blocks a corner splash with a boot, clothesline by Animal. Tag to Hawk, rights and stomps. Whip off the ropes, flying shoulder tackle. IRS interferes, IRS attacks Hawk from behind but IRS nails Typhoon by mistake with the briefcase.

Typhoon Has Been Eliminated By Hawk!

Earthquake is furious, Typhoon is checked on by his partner. The Natural Disasters are leaving, Earthquake says screw it for IRS. IRS is not worth it, Hawk goes on the attack. Dropkick by Hawk, whip off the ropes and beautiful powerslam. To the buckle, Hawk misses a spear and hits the ring-post shoulder-first. Elbow by IRS, make it two. IRS tosses Hawk to the floor, IRS rams Hawk into the steel steps. They brawl on the floor, IRS gains control. Elbow from IRS, sleeper from IRS.

Animal rallies the crowd for Hawk, Hawk fights his way out with both men hitting one another with a clothesline. Suplex attempt, Hawk lands a suplex of his own. Hawk tags Animal, flying shoulder tackle. Powerslam, double clothesline. IRS rolls out, running away from LOD. Bossman blocks the path of IRS, IRS is suplexed into the ring. Hawk nails a Diving Clothesline and this one is over.

Again, it was alright you have a walk-out leaving IRS to get decimated by LOD. We did not even get a Doomsday Device but that is your main event, feels like a let down to end the show. The whole show has been like this though so I do not know what else to say, I will collect my thoughts below.

Winners: Team LOD over Team IRS via Diving Clothesline!

That was WWF Survivor Series 1991, a below average pay per view from the WWF. It seems that the company is on a downslide at the current time, the match card reflects the company at the time. It starts off hot with Team Piper vs Team Flair, there is a lot of feuds in this one and a lot of action you want to see and then, it ends in a count-out. Ok, some people were going to be protected and not do the job but to have Flair win by having 3 members of the opposing team counted out seemed weak to me. I thought they could have done more to build up Flair and also showcase Piper vs Flair or even Bret vs Flair. There were lots of interesting pieces to the match but I did not get to truly enjoy them or see them play out.

Team Slaughter vs Team Mustafa was a tough one to sit through, fans did not care. The action in the ring did not make me excited or interested, I could not wait for it to be over and I am not sure anyone looked good when the final bell sounded. Similarly, Team Rockers vs Team Nasty and Team Bossman vs Team IRS felt the same, nothing was advanced or meaningful bar Michaels possibly breaking up with Jannetty. You had acts that could not generate that interest from the fans to make these matches exciting, you just had some tags followed by some offence until an elimination occurred. All of the elimination matches were one-sided which took away from the drama for sure, thought they could have been booked better.

Finally, Hogan vs Undertaker was great. Undertaker as this unstoppable force was great to watch, slow and menacing was The Deadman who destroyed Hogan throughout and just seemed to have an answer for everything Hogan tried to do to him. Hogan put over The Deadman great, showing fear and doubting himself as well as selling Taker’s attacks as damaging and devastating although he did no-sell a Tombstone. Regardless, this match felt important and was the highlight of the show, you had Flair adding fuel to the fire with his match with Hogan because of the interference and Savage vs Roberts should be fantastic based on their promos alone. All in all, I thought this was disappointing for a pay per view, I would suggest seeking out Undertaker vs Hogan if you are interested, not much else stands out. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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