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WWF Royal Rumble 1992 Review

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Hello and welcome to Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that will risk everything for a chance to be on TV! It’s WWF Royal Rumble 1992, a fond favourite of those who grew up during The Golden Era. Due to Hulk Hogan winning the WWF Championship at Tuesday In Texas in controversial fashion (throwing the ashes of the urn in Taker’s face), the WWF Championship will be up for grabs in The Royal Rumble Match itself! All the big names like Sid Justice, Ric Flair, The Undertaker and Hogan to name just a few will by vying for that WWF Championship. We also have Rowdy Roddy Piper challenging for the WWF Intercontinental Championship against newly crowned champion The Mountie who defeated Bret Hart at a house show where he had a fever. Also, LOD defend their WWF Tag Team Championships against The Natural Disasters. Royal Rumbles are always fun, this is one of the most fondly remembered but nostalgia aside, will it live up to expectations? Its this a one match show? Or is it great as a whole? Let’s find out!

The Orient Express vs The New Foundation

Kato and Tanaka along with Fuji to take on The New Foundation consisting of Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart. Interesting attire worn by The New Foundation but at least Owen has a gimmick on WWF TV. They got this pointing thing going on, it’s tremendous and they are undefeated. Kato and Owen to start, Kato is not happy with the fans cheering Owen. Arm-wringer from Owen, Kato reverses but Owen is too quick. Owen wrenches the arm, hammerlock counter from Kato. Owen tries an O Connor roll, Kato shakes it off but eats an arm-drag. Owen knees the arm, test of strength between the two. Kato kicks down Owen, Kato tries pinning Owen to the mat using his raw strength but Owen bridges up, hop up to the top rope followed by an arm-drag and hurricanrana for two.

Chop to the chest and tag to Neidhart, arm-wrench from The Anvil. Kato is brought to the corner, huge biel from Neidhart. Whip to the buckle, shove off from Neidhart. Tanaka is tagged in by Kato, lock-up. Slam attempt does not work, Neidhart shoves down Tanaka. Tanaka tries a shoulder block, similar result for Tanaka. Tag to Owen, middle rope elbow after a spinebuster from Neidhart for two. Back-breaker from Owen for two, headbutt from Owen. Tanaka goes for the eyes, right hands from Tanaka. Owen leapfrogs Tanaka, back body drop and enzuigiri from Owen. Tag to Neidhart, corner spear from Neidhart.

Kato attacks Neidhart which leads to a noggin-knocker and diving crossbody from a now legal Owen for two. Northern lights suplex from Owen for two, Owen tries to take Kato’s mask. Kato rolls out to the floor, Owen has a side headlock when Tanaka cheap shots Owen from the apron. Fuji nails Owen with the cane in the throat as Neidhart was with the referee, Kato follows up with a choke. Tanaka enters the ring, chops to the head and throat of The Rocket. Tag to Kato, flying reverse elbow for two. Neidhart is getting infuriated by Fuji at ringside, Tanaka chokes Owen behind the referee’s back. Kato rips at the face of The Rocket, tag to Tanaka.

Headbutt in the corner, Owen hits the buckle sternum-first just like Bret for a close two. Owen runs right into a crescent kick from Tanaka after reversing an Irish whip to the corner, tag to Kato. Sleeper from Kato, Owen uses elbows to escape and lands a crucifix for two. Kato jumps back into control with clubbing blows, tag to Tanaka. Crescent kick from Tanaka, headbutt to the groin. Tanaka poses and antagonizes Neidhart some more, reverse chin-lock from Tanaka. Owen escapes but runs into a flying cross chop from Tanaka, two for Tanaka. Whip to the buckle, Owen blocks with his boot and bulldogs Tanaka down.

Neidhart is tagged in but the referee was distracted by Kato, Owen hits the ring-post hard. Owen places a foot on the ropes to survive, hammerlock scoop slam. Knee to the arm and tag to Tanaka, falling headbutt and a hammerlock from Tanaka. Owen eats a shoulder block before Owen counters with a belly to belly suplex. Kato makes the save for Tanaka, tag to Kato. Kato knocks Neidhart off the apron, Orient Express nail a clothesline on Owen for two. Owen is trapped in Tanaka’s corner, more headbutts and right hands follow for The Rocket.

Another crescent kick from Tanaka, Kato has Owen as Tanaka leapfrogs Kato to deliver a Bonsai manoeuvre. Owen manages to escape with a huge dropkick to bother members of The Express. Tag to Neidhart who nails a slingshot shoulder block, scoop slams galore. Back body drop for Tanaka, Neidhart rushes Kato to the floor. Owen lands a tope suicida on Kato, Neidhart slams down Tanaka for The Rocket Launcher and this match is over.

Solid kick-off to the show, Neidhart and Owen are the new team in town who should be rightfully going over, felt this match went on for a while though. They really teased out that Neidhart hot-tag, perhaps to the match’s detriment as it seemed to continue on and on, Owen was solid as a babyface in peril, selling everything that was thrown at him by Fuji and The Express. Also loved Owen’s shine in the beginning, some great athletic manoeuvres that are so different to everyone else on the roster.

Winners: The New Foundation over The Orient Express via The Rocket Launcher!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) The Mountie © W/ Jimmy Hart vs Rowdy Roddy Piper

Piper’s first attempt at gold, I would have loved to see Piper vs Dibiase considering their interactions with one another but poor Mountie has not a hope against The Hot Rod. So, this will be a beautiful moment provided Jimmy Hart does not weasel his way into this match. Why is this taking place? Bret Hart was defeated by The Mountie after defending his championship with a fever which led to his downfall. Piper checked on Bret which lead to Mountie assaulting Piper and thus, the match was signed.

The match starts with Piper attacking Mountie with his skirt, Piper reigns down with rights and lefts. Mountie bails, Piper is in hot pursuit. Mountie is on the defensive, Mountie hides behind Hart. Piper is blindsided by Mountie, choke against the ropes from Mountie. Leapfrog and drop down from Mountie, Piper was waiting with a right hand. Mountie is rammed off the buckles, Piper lands a huge running bulldog. Mountie is begging for mercy, eye poke from Hot Rod. Hart grabs the foot of Piper, Mountie assumes control with Piper missing a huge dropkick.

Two for Mountie, restraining hold from Mountie and Piper is rammed off the buckle repeatedly. Mountie bites the head of Piper, flying reverse elbow for two. Piper is on the apron, slingshot sunset flip for two. Mountie is back in control, Piper fires back with rights and lefts. Piper bites the head of Mountie, whip off the ropes. Huge right hand staggers Mountie, another whip. Back body drop, shot to the ribs that drops Mountie. Atomic drop and Mountie skins the cat, Hart is on the apron. Piper shoves Mountie into Hart, Sleeper from Piper. Mountie is fading and Hot Rod is your new Intercontinental Champion. Piper steals the cattle prod and sticks it in the body of The Mountie.

It’s a beautiful moment, Piper was so important to the WWF’s expansion and his popularity was tremendous so to see Piper finally win a championship was something we thought would never happen but it did, there is The Hot Rod as your champion. Mountie was fine, the gimmick was an odd one in terms of booking, Mountie had lost big matches prior to this but still captured the Intercontinental Championship only to lose it in quick fashion to Piper. What I am saying is Mountie was replaceable, any heel could have played this role on this night. A decent match but a wonderful moment, happy for Piper.

Winner: Rowdy Roddy Piper over The Mountie via Sleeper!

The Beverly Brothers W/ The Genius vs The Bushwhackers W/ Jamison

Well, I will imagine this will be somewhat entertaining at the least, lots of stalling to kick us off, good ole Bushwhackers. Luke kicks us off and gets battered by Beau, Blake attacks from the aprons. Luke dodges a clothesline and bites the ass of Beau, Beau and Blake are whipped into one another. Double clotheslines and Bushwhackers stand tall, Genius and Jamison are having words. After more stalling, Blake steamrolls Butch. Blake attacks are being shaken off, knee to the gut by Butch. Running bulldog by Butch, Beverly Brothers bang heads and are tripped over, clothesline to the floor once more.

More stalling, Beau and Blake are outsmarted by Luke, Blake powders to the floor. Butch pokes the eyes of Blake, Beau assaults Luke from behind. Double team axe handle to the back by Beau, elbow from Beau. Beau and Blake whip Luke to the corner, Blake maintaining control with a back-breaker, falling headbutt for two. Blake cheap shots Butch, Beau and Blake double team Luke with a leapfrog attack on the back. Knee drop from Beau, Luke kicks the head of Beau. Beau stops the tag though, dragging Luke to the middle of the ring. Luke tries crawling to Butch, Blake stops that nonsense.

Running clothesline from Blake, Blake marvels at his own work. Tag to Beau, Beau is almost rolled up as Luke gets a two. Beau tosses Luke to the floor, Butch checks on his partner as Genius confronts Jamison. Huge slap from Genius, Jamison cannot believe it. Beau whips Luke to the buckle, Beau is on the middle rope. Butch saves Luke, Blake lands a neck-breaker and a leg drop for two. Tag to Beau, kicks from Beau. Luke meets the buckle, Luke explodes out with a massive clothesline.

Butch is tagged in, rights and lefts. Running forearm and clothesline, Beau eats a clothesline too. Battering Ram for Beau, Blake is on wobbly legs. Clothesline, Beau saves Blake. Butch is tripped up by Beau, Blake lands an elbow drop. Luke makes the save, Beau lands a top rope diving axe handle for the win.

That was rough, lots of stalling and a crowd that felt deflated by experiencing this horrid ordeal. Best part is after the match where there are Battering Rams and Genius gets his ass handed to him for what he did to Jamison. Yeah, brutal at its worst and not overly offensive to the eyes at its best, get me out of here!

Winners: Beverly Brothers over Bushwhackers via Diving Axe Handle!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) LOD © vs The Natural Disasters W/ Jimmy Hart

Can you say big wrestlers throwing down? Because this is big men throwing down, I expect clotheslines that look like people should have been decapitated for sure. Big reaction for LOD upon entering the arena, I do love me some Earthquake too. Typhoon and Hawk to start, we have a stalemate. Neither man budging, Hawk grabs a headlock. Shoulder blocks do not move Typhoon, Hawk decides to go high, diving clothesline with Earthquake interrupting from the get-go, Earthquake establishing himself as a threat and in comes the man. Hawk does not back down, shoving contest with Hawk’s dropkick doing nothing to the big man. Hawk says bring it, Earthquake misses a dropkick with Hawk landing an elbow and outsmarting Earthquake.

Animal is seizing up Earthquake, the two exchange blows. Whip by Earthquake, both men nail clotheslines after Animal ducked two clothesline attempts from Earthquake. Animal almost slams Earthquake but Earthquake is too big, close two for Earthquake. Tag to Typhoon, corner splash from Typhoon. Another splash fails though as Animal blocks with the boot and lands a clothesline. Tag to Hawk, diving punch to the arm. Eye rake by Typhoon, another stand-off after clotheslines. Typhoon lands multiple back-breakers on Hawk, hard whip to the buckle from Typhoon. Elbow drop to the spine from Earthquake for two, Typhoon drops all his weight on the lower back of Hawk and applies a bearhug.

Hawk escapes, middle rope axe handle goes wrong for Hawk as Typhoon catches Hawk for a bearhug to the corner. Tag to Earthquake, Hawk is crushed in the corner. Massive stomp from Earthquake, Earthquake steps all over Hawk. Bearhug from Earthquake, Hawk escapes and lands a middle rope elbow to the head. Animal wants the tag, Hawk manages to get the tag. Whip off the ropes, Animal lands a massive flying shoulder block. Typhoon comes in, they want to sandwich Animal. Animal escapes the back drop attempt, double clothesline to The Natural Disasters. We have brawling on the floor, Typhoon is in the ring and we have winners by count-out.

Yeah, rather disappointing we had a count-out as the finish because I was digging where it was going, Hawk had been battered by the larger men but kept on coming back, Animal was in there and we could have had some great action but that’s another tag match on this show where it could have been better.

Winners: The Natural Disasters over LOD via Count-Out!

(WWF Championship Match) 30-Man Royal Rumble

For the first time ever, the WWF Championship will be defended in the Royal Rumble match itself due to the controversy surrounding recent championship matches that featured Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker. So, how does this work? Well two men enter with 28 other superstars entering at regularly timed intervals. The only way to be eliminated is throwing your opponent over the top rope with both their feet touching the floor, what a match this will be!

Entrants 1 to 5

I break this up into blocks of 5 for the superstars to make it easier to follow, I also include the eliminations and who eliminated said superstars. Number one is none other than The British Bulldog, number two is Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. This should be good, Dibiase has been an iron man when it comes to these matches, they start off slugging in the corner. Dibiase elbows Bulldog, chops from Dibiase. Clothesline from Dibiase, suplex from Dibiase. Gut-wrench suplex from Dibiase, fist drop from Dibiase. Another suplex from Dibiase, Bulldog is tossed to the apron but hangs on, Dibiase turns his back and is clotheslined out of the ring.

Ted Dibiase Has Been Eliminated By The British Bulldog!

Number three is Ric Flair, Heenan is livid on commentary. Flair struts before locking up, Bulldog shoves down Flair. Eye poke by Flair, Bulldog reverses an Irish whip and press slams Flair to the mat. Kick by Flair, whip to the buckle. Bulldog comes out with a clothesline, eye poke again by Flair. Whip off the ropes, Bulldog ducks the chop and lands a clothesline. Number four is Nasty Boy Jerry Sags, Sags takes his time walking to the ring while Bulldog pummels Flair in the corner. Sags aids Flair, clubbing blows to Davey Boy. Bulldog is whipped to the buckle and manages to clothesline Sags and Flair. Sags is almost tossed out before celebrating not being thrown out, Bulldog dropkicks Sags to the floor.

Jerry Sags Has Been Eliminated By The British Bulldog!

Number five is Haku, Haku attacks Bulldog from behind. Flair chops Bulldog as Haku has The Bulldog restrained. Haku goes after Flair, the two chop one another. Haku shakes off the attacks of Flair, Flair slides out to the floor away from Haku. Haku stomps all over Bulldog, Haku lands a sick piledriver on Bulldog before Flair attacks the face of Haku. Knee drop from Flair, Bulldog sends Flair into the buckle.

Entrants 6 to 10

Number is six is The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, Haku has been dumped out by Bulldog while waiting for Michaels to enter the ring.

Haku Has Been Eliminated By The British Bulldog!

Michaels jabs Flair, lands a massive back body-drop before nailing Flair with a Superkick. Superkick for Bulldog after he almost eliminates Michaels, Michaels survives Flair’s attacks with a rake to the eye. Bulldog crotches Michaels on the top rope, Michaels writhes around in pain. Flair stalks Bulldog, axe handle to the back. Number seven is El Matador Tito Santana, Santana lands huge rights on Flair. Flair is almost tossed out by Santana, Michaels saves Flair. Bulldog chokes Flair before a low-blow from The Nature Boy. Santana pairs off with Michaels, Flair almost dumps out Bulldog but Santana is there for the rescue. Flying Forearm on Flair from Santana!

Number eight is The Barbarian, Barbarian and Flair go after Bulldog but Bulldog manages to hang onto the ropes. Santana and Bulldog double team Barbarian, Santana almost back drops Michaels over the ropes but Michaels hangs on once again. Number nine is Kerry Von Erich, Flair has his eyes on Tornado. Tornado tees off on Flair, Flair is battered to the ground. Similar fate for Michaels, Bulldog catapults Michaels into the buckle. Flair inverted atomic drops Tornado, Michaels pokes the eyes of Bulldog to survive another elimination attempt. Number ten is The Repo Man, sneaking his way into the ring.

Entrants 11 to 15

Santana lands a crossbody on Barbarian, Repo Man sneaks his way over to Santana for an axe handle. Bulldog and Tornado pummel Michaels, everyone pairing off in corners now. Number eleven is Greg Valentine, Valentine elbows Repo Man. Flair chops up Valentine, Valentine chops back at Flair. Everyone is in corners, babyfaces and heels pounding on one another. Michaels is almost punched over by Tornado, Repo Man is low-blowed by Flair. Number twelve is Nikolai Volkoff, smiling for the fans.

Volkoff headbutts Repo Man over and over, the action dies down quickly with everyone pairing off in corners again. Valentine has the figure four on Flair, Repo Man manages to get an elimination as Volkoff goes tumbling over the top rope.

Nikolai Volkoff Has Been Eliminated By Repo Man!

Number thirteen is Bossman, Bossman reigns down on all the heels with rights and lefts, Michaels is almost uppercutted out of his boots. Repo Man sneaks up on Valentine and tosses him out before Bossman sneaks up on Repo Man and tosses him out of the ring. Flair manages to back drop over Bulldog and Tornado in quick succession while Santana & Michaels eliminate one another

Greg Valentine Has Been Eliminated By Repo Man!

Repo Man Has Been Eliminated By Big Bossman!

The British Bulldog & Texas Tornado Have Been Eliminated By Ric Flair!

Tito Santana & Shawn Michaels Have Eliminated One Another!

Number fourteen is Hercules, Hercules whips Bossman to the buckle hard. Barbarian has Flair, military press slam from Barbarian. Hercules dumps out Barbarian while Bossman dumps out Hercules, Bossman and Flair are the only two left in the ring as Bossman nails a huge clothesline.

Barbarian Has Been Eliminated By Hercules!

Hercules Has Been Eliminated By The Big Bossman!

Big Bossman Has Been Eliminated By Ric Flair!

Flair is happy that Bossman missed that crossbody and has been dumped out but Roddy Piper is number fifteen, Flair is battered by The Hot Rod. Back body-drop and knee-lift from Piper.

Entrants 16 to 20

Around the ring, Flair eats a clothesline. Piper lands an eye poke after dodging an inverted atomic drop, airplane spin from Piper. Sleeper from Piper, number sixteen is Jake The Snake Roberts. Roberts and Piper lock eyes, Roberts allows Piper to choke out Flair before Piper foolishly turns his back. Jabs from Roberts, Piper is rocked in the corner. Foot choke from Roberts, short-arm clothesline from Roberts to Flair. Roberts wants the DDT on Flair, Piper saves Flair inadvertently with a clothesline, Figure Four by Flair on Roberts. Piper is grabbed by Roberts, Flair lands a big right before all three men trade blows. Number seventeen is Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Duggan tees off on Flair.

Clothesline out of the corner, Piper and Roberts battle by the ropes. Piper and Flair are brawling, Duggan and Roberts are brawling too. Inverted atomic drop from Roberts, Roberts lands a big punch on Piper. Number eighteen is IRS, IRS slowly walks to the ring before attacking Flair. IRS gets smashed by Duggan before IRS turns the tide with a ram to the buckle. Roberts and Flair try eliminating Piper, Duggan makes the save. Piper almost tosses out Flair, Flair hangs on again. Number nineteen is Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Snuka headbutts Flair. The ring is starting to fill again, Duggan is looking to throw out Roberts. Number twenty is The Undertaker, shit just got real!

Entrants 21 to 25

Undertaker walks in and out goes Snuka instantly!

Jimmy Superfly Snuka Has Been Eliminated By The Undertaker!

Duggan goes after Undertaker, Taker tees off on Duggan. Piper and Roberts continue to brawl, eye poke from Piper. Flair, IRS and Duggan attempt taking out Taker, Taker chokes all of them. Number twenty-one is Randy Savage, Savage cannot see Roberts who rolled out to the floor, Taker is choking Savage. Savage and Roberts have one another, short-arm clothesline is dodged. Savage lands a clothesline, diving axe handle and knee to the back. Savage eliminated Roberts but jumps the top rope and eliminates himself.

Jake Roberts Has Been Eliminated By Randy Savage!

Piper is unloading on Flair, Duggan has IRS in another corner while Taker is choking at The Macho Man. Duggan tries slamming Taker, no good for Duggan. Piper is looking to catapult IRS over but it does not pay off. Savage is not eliminated though despite throwing himself over the top rope. Number twenty-two is The Berzerker, Savage is attacked by Flair and IRS. Number twenty-three is Virgil, Virgil goes after IRS. Berzerker and IRS batter Virgil while Flair continues to attempt to eliminate Duggan or Piper.

Taker chokes Flair in the corner, Berzerker and Virgil are battling in the middle of the ring. Taker almost dumps out Flair, Duggan and Berzerker are trading attacks. Flair hangs on again, Duggan is attempting to throw out Taker. Number twenty-four is Colonel Mustafa, General Adnan accompanies Mustafa. Piledriver by Berzerker on Virgil, Savage is going after Taker. Flair almost dumps out The Hot Rod, we get a cutaway sweeping shot of the crowd in the middle of the match which is a little odd but we return to Taker stalking Piper. Savage pairs off with Flair in the corner, number twenty-five is Rick The Model Martel.

Entrants 26 to 30

Martel and Flair are going to war, right hands by The Model. Duggan continues his battle with Taker, Taker shakes off the attacks though. Savage manages to throw over Mustafa off camera.

Colonel Mustafa Has Been Eliminated By Randy Savage!

Number twenty-six is Hulk Hogan, Hogan goes right for Taker and Flair. Eye rakes and right hands, Taker is behind Hogan though. IRS and Berzerker get wrapped up in the action as Hogan takes a pounding. Hogan clotheslines Taker out of the ring before back-dropping Berzerker over the top rope.

Undertaker & Berzerker Have Been Eliminated By Hulk Hogan!

Hogan chokes Martel with his t-shirt before Virgil attacks Duggan with a crossbody and both men are eliminated!

Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Virgil Have Eliminated One Another!

Skinner is number twenty-seven, IRS saves Flair from Hogan. Piper and Skinner are slugging it out, Hogan saves Piper from Skinner. Martel and Flair attempt throwing out Piper, Piper hangs on with everything he has got left. Flair eats a clothesline from Hogan, number twenty-eight is Sgt. Slaughter. Martel and Skinner look to work together against Piper but Martel double-crosses Skinner and dumps him out.

Skinner Has Been Eliminated By Rick Martel!

Everyone pairs off in corners, number twenty-nine is Sid Justice. Things have picked up, Sid is in and IRS gets smacked in the mouth. Sid goes after IRS, IRS hangs on for his life. IRS and Flair attack Hogan, lots of attempts at eliminations. Flair and Sid go to war, clothesline from Sid. Number thirty is The Warlord.

Out comes Warlord with Wippleman, Flair is hiding on the floor. Hogan and Flair do battle on the floor, suplex on the floor from Hogan. Martel nails Piper with a middle rope axe handle. Sid whips Slaughter into the ring-post and out of the ring for the elimination.

Sgt. Slaughter Has Been Eliminated By Sid Justice!

IRS tries dumping out Piper, Piper holds on and pulls down IRS through his tie!

IRS Has Been Eliminated By Roddy Piper!

Hogan and Sid Justice combine to attack Warlord, next thing you know Warlord is dumped out by the duo. Martel and Piper are near the ropes and Sid dumps them both out. Sid has Savage across the top rope, Flair comes flying across the ring with a knee and out goes Savage.

Warlord Has Been Eliminated By Hogan & Sid!

Roddy Piper & Rick Martel Have Been Eliminated By Sid Justice!

Randy Savage Has Been Eliminated By Ric Flair!

Down to three, Flair goes after Hogan. Hogan chops at Flair, whip to the buckle. Flair Flip and a right hand to the apron from Hogan, Sid grabs Hogan from behind and dumps out The Hulkster! Sid and Hogan have words at ringside, Hogan grabs Sid by the arm trying to eliminate him which allows Flair to dump out Sid.

It’s easy to see why this rumble is so interesting and memorable. The added value of becoming champion is tremendous, it adds weight to the match which was not there previously. It also had not really been concrete established that the winner of the Rumble would challenge for the championship at Wrestlemania, especially with Hogan winning the rumble on two previous occasions while being champion. So, to have the championship up for grabs makes this so important. The next great thing about this match is Bobby Heenan, Heenan cheering on Flair while berating anyone who goes after Flair is tremendous. The screaming of Yes at the end of the match is almost as iconic as the match itself. The star-studded roster comes firing on all cylinders with this one, you have Hogan, Flair, Savage, Sid, Roberts , Undertaker and Piper to name some of the superstars competing in this match. Flair’s performance is masterful, Savage going after Roberts and Sid and Hogan, the explosion of that duo. It might be the greatest Rumble for the line-up and the high-stakes prize of becoming WWF Champion, you have to see it if you have not before.

Winner: Ric Flair By Eliminating Sid Justice!

That was WWF’s Royal Rumble 1992, a pay per view which holds arguably the most memorable Royal Rumble match of all-time but the card of the entire pay per view does not live up to that main event. We start with New Foundation vs Orient Express, perhaps too long upon reflection but we have a nice fleshed out match with Owen and Neidhart gelling well with one another to have an exciting Rumble opening match. Piper vs Mountie was memorable for the feel-good moment of Piper capturing a championship in the WWF. An emotional moment for Piper and his fans but Mountie was interchangeable for any heel on the roster at the time, this was all about Piper. The next two tag matches were disappointing for sure, Bushwhackers vs Beverlys Brothers being an example of how to stall for lengthy period of times, it went on and on. The WWF tag team championship match fell flat for me because it felt important and I thought we would have something good but then, count-out finish and that’s it. The Rumble is tremendous fun, the best one to date and arguably, the best one of all-time. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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