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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event March 12th, 1988 Review

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Hello and welcome to another wonderous edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is gaining more momentum than AEW! Well, no that is not true at all but a man can dream can’t he? Anyways, it is time for another Saturday Night’s Main Event review, we are two weeks away from Wrestlemania IV, what are we looking at? Having stolen the WWF Championship from Hulk Hogan, Andre sold the championship to Ted Dibiase making The Million Dollar Man the new WWF Champion. This did not sit well with President of the WWF Jack Tunney who had something to say about the despicable acts of The Million Dollar Man. On tonight’s edition, we have Hulk Hogan vs King Harley Race and Ted Dibiase vs Randy Macho Man Savage, let’s get it on!

Brutus The Barber Beefcake vs Greg The Hammer Valentine W/ Jimmy Hart

Former tag team partners come to blows, the two men collectively known as The Dream Team fell apart as Beefcake became more flamboyant and started cutting his opponents’ hair, turning babyface in the process. Beefcake comes down the ramp and scares off Valentine, They come to blows as Beefcake wins the lock-up battle. Elbows and knees by Valentine, Irish whip. Beefcake ducks the clothesline and nails a high knee, scoop slam. Irish whip by Beefcake, put by The Barber. Struttin and cuttin from Beefcake, atomic drop by Beefcake. Running elbow by Beefcake, jacknife cover for two.

Valentine is all shook up, ten punches in the corner by Beefcake. Valentine falls to the mat, cheap shot from Valentine out of the corner. Valentine climbs high, axe handle to the head of Beefcake. Huge falling forearm for two, Valentine looks to work the leg. Beefcake reaches the ropes but Valentine does not release the hold until the count of four. Beefcake rolls out to the floor, here comes The Honky Tonk Man. Honky steals the microphone of Howard Finkel, Honky starts trash-talking Beefcake at ringside. Honky is brought to the backstage area after his verbal assault on Beefcake.

Valentine maintains control with a scoop slam, Valentine signals for the figure four. Headbutt to the groin, leg snap from Valentine. Make it two, Beefcake writhes around in pain. Beefcake stops a third leg snap with a roll-up, no pin. Figure four is blocked, elbow to the face. Both men trade blows, big right hands by Beefcake. Reverse elbow from Beefcake, Sleeper from Beefcake. Valentine reaches the ropes, both men tumble to the floor. Jimmy Hart wakes up Valentine, Hart attacks Beefcake behind the referee’s back. Beefcake chases Hart, Hart escapes as Valentine stomps on the head of Beefcake. Back suplex from Valentine but Beefcake had his shoulder up on the suplex, Valentine has been pinned.

Fun match to set up the big match between Beefcake and Honky Tonk Man, loved the arrogance of Honky to come out and cut a promo in the middle of the match. Honky was a heat-magnet, tremendous stuff. The finish was different but it worked for me, Valentine’s shoulders were down. Great opening match.

Winner: Brutus The Barber Beefcake over Greg Valentine Via Back Suplex!

Hulk Hogan vs King Harley Race W/ Bobby The Brain Heenan

Hogan chases off Heenan to begin the match, a smart move from Hogan who charges Race. Race elbows Hogan twice, no effect on Hogan. Headbutts by Race, Hogan begins to shake off the headbutts of Race. Hogan postures for the fans, massive lariat from Hogan. Another clothesline, clothesline onto the table at ringside. Hogan rams Race shoulder first into the ringpost, Hogan turns his focus to Heenan once more, Heenan is petrified. Hogan back drops Race on the floor, atomic drop on Race. Race is rammed head first off the ringpost, scoop slam on the floor.

Race is rolled into the ring, elbow to the top of the head. Massive chop from Hogan, make it two. Hogan rips off his wrist-tape to choke Race, axe bomber using the tape for two. Race is leaning against the ropes, Heenan grabs Hogan. Hogan chokes Heenan, Race makes the save. Falling headbutt and knee drop from Race, belly to belly suplex by Race. Knee across the throat, piledriver from Race. Stomp to the head, Hogan is tossed to the floor. Hogan is laid down on the table, Race climbs to the apron. Race tries a falling headbutt, landing hard on the table.

Left hands by Race, Race climbs to the top turnbuckle. Diving Headbutt connects from The King, one..two…. Hogan is Hulking Up. Hogan shakes off Race’s attacks, big right hands. Corner clothesline, massive clothesline and An Atomic Leg Drop for the ages as Hogan is able to put away The King Harley Race. Heenan attacks Hogan before diving over the top rope to escape Hogan’s wrath, Hogan celebrates his victory.

Another fun match, Hogan and Race go through their best spots, Hogan decimates Race to begin, the anger of The Hulkster tipping into his match as Hogan cannot deny how mad he is over losing his WWF Championship. Race was a tremendous wrestler in his day, that table spot would lead to the end of his WWF Career, the injury and surgery led to Race wrestling one more match against Haku in 1989 before stepping away from the WWF.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Harley Race Via Atomic Leg Drop!

Macho Man Randy Savage W/ Miss Elizabeth vs The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase W/ Virgil

Dibiase has a surprise for Savage, it is Andre The Giant. Talk about a backup plan, Andre in the corner of Dibiase. Virgil talks to Elizabeth Savage gets distracted and in comes Dibiase. Lefts and rights from Dibiase, choke using the top rope by Dibiase. Reverse elbow and pose from Dibiase, stomp to the chest. Chops by Dibiase, shoulder thrusts in the corner. Middle rope axe handle by Dibiase, choke from The Million Dollar Man. Irish whip to the corner, Savage reverses it. Reverse elbow, kick to the head, knee to the back. Dibiase spills to the floor, Dibiase is thrown back in the ring. Diving axe handle from Savage, Dibiase begging for mercy.

Dibiase’s kick is caught, clothesline by Savage. Two for Savage, neck snap using the rope. Elbow and Dibiase falls out to the floor, Savage asks Dibiase to get back into the ring. Eye rake and clubbing blows from Dibiase, falling fist drops from Dibiase. Irish whip to the corner, elbow from Savage. Dibiase thrown to the corner, scoop slam but the knee drop misses. Dibiase applies a spinning toe hold, Savage kicks off Dibiase. Dibiase drags out Savage, Andre distracts Savage. Virgil smashes Savage in the back, the referee gets rid of Virgil. Dibiase nails a middle rope axe handle. Big elbow drop for two, sleeper from Dibiase.

Savage begins to fade, Andre insists that Savage tapped and passed out but no, Savage is alive and well. Savage breaks the hold, massive shoulder block and clothesline. Irish whip to the corner, elbow and back body drop. Dibiase grabs a headlock, the referee is bundled over with a shoulder block as Savage ducked, knees by Savage. Dibiase is thrown to the floor, Savage dives onto Dibiase with an axe handle. Here comes Andre, massive headbutt floors Savage. Savage meets the ringpost, Elizabeth is going backstage looking for assistance.

Andre chops Savage down to the floor, Dibiase shields the referee from seeing Andre’s attacks. The referee begins counting, Savage is unable to answer the count of the referee, we have a winner in Ted Dibiase. Andre and Virgil continue to destroy Savage, Dibiase is gloating. Slaps to the face, Hogan makes the save with a steel chair, the heels leave but the damage has been done.

Great little match from Dibiase and Savage, two great characters and while Dibiase is not fully fleshed out as a character just yet, Dibiase is a terrific wrestler and that shines through in this match. Savage knows exactly who he is and The Macho Man is tremendous inside of that ring and I cannot wait for the eventual showdown between Savage and Dibiase.

Winner: Ted Dibiase over Randy Savage Via Count -Out!

The Islanders W/ Bobby Heenan vs The Killer Bees

Killer Bees charge The Islanders, Brunzell takes down Haku. Tag to Blair, arm-wrench before a tag to Brunzell. Brunzell misses a dropkick off an Irish whip, Tama takes control with eye rakes and back rakes. Suplex, two for Tama. Haku comes in, brief assault before Tama comes back in, Brunzell nails an inverted atomic drop. Haku is tagged in, Brunzell and Haku take one another down. Tama receives the tag, Blair receives the tag from Brunzell. Atomic drop to Tama, apron shot to Haku. Pair of scoop slams, O Connor Roll for Blair. Referee gets distracted by Haku and Brunzell, Haku clotheslines Blair and Tama picks up the win. Not much to this match, it was over very quickly.

Winners: The Islanders over The Killer Bees Via Clothesline!

One Man Gang vs Ken Patera

Gang jumps Patera before Patera can take off his entrance gear, Patera is choked with the gear. Patera rallies, right hands to Gang. Irish whip to the corner, bearhug on Gang. Eye rake by Gang, Patera releases the grip. Gang misses an axe handle, full-nelson from Patera. Gang reaches the ropes, Patera continues to pummel and kick Gang. Gang turns the tide in the corner, shoulder thrusts from Gang. Irish whip to the corner by Patera, high knee in the corner. Ten punches by Patera, Patera Irish whips Gang. Massive clothesline by Gang who steals the win. Gang and Patera brawl after the match, Slick whacks Patera with his cane before the heels leave. Another quick nothing match so you are looking at another two match show in reality.

Winner: One Man Gang over Ken Patera Via Clothesline!

Although the two matches at the end of the show were shorter than a cup of coffee, this was a very action packed show from the WWF. Building towards Wrestlemania IV, we have a match featuring the big four names circling around the WWF Championship, we have some good work from Hogan and Harley Race while Macho Madness is reaching a fever pitch brother! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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