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WWE Vengeance 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that walks out on its audience like Neville! Yes, it has been quite a long time, too long in fact but somethings are best left unsaid so I will say simply that there were some issues but they have been ironed out and we hope to deliver more reviews than simply one per month. So here we are with WWE’s Vengeance of 2006, the reformation of DX had occurred much to Vince’s dismay, Shawn Michaels and Triple H do battle with The Spirit Squad while John Cena faces off against Sabu and RVD defends his WWE Championship against Edge, the card is quite stacked for a B level pay per view so let’s see if the Raw brand can deliver shall we?

Opening Promo

Every single big match from the card is hyped up in grand fashion, the focus is on DX of course because who else would be more focused on than a feud featuring The Mcmahons? The Spirit Squad though? Really? I mean these are the guys that Michaels and Triple H had been battering single handily unless the five of them used weapons, it is hardly a main event calibre match but I guess they wanted to save The Mcmahons vs DX for the bigger show in Summerslam.

Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton

One of the few Raw vs ECW matches featured on this card, Orton looks for revenge against Kurt Angle, the man who defeated him at ECW’s One Night Stand. This is a sad moment for me personally as it will be the last pay per view that Kurt Angle makes a wrestling appearance on for the WWE. Due to addictions and issues, Angle would be gone from WWE and off to TNA where he spent the majority of his career. Before the match begins, I would like to thank Angle for the years of entertainment while in the WWE.

Back to the match, Orton is avoiding Angle. Angle takes down Orton, riding him and making Orton look like a fish out of water. Cover by Angle for two, they lock-up with Angle shooting for the ankle. Orton escapes to the apron, Angle wants to German suplex Orton from the apron. Orton hangs on and elbows Angle to the floor, Orton misses a right hand though, Angle takes control with a huge German suplex on the floor. Orton is suplexed into the ring from the apron, Angle paintbrushes Orton over and over with Orton looking to cover up from the pain. Orton reaches the ropes with Angle waiting to destroy Orton. Eye poke and dropkick by Orton, Angle is tossed to the floor by The Legend Killer.

Angle is sent into the barricade, two for Orton. Forearms by Orton and a huge knee drop for two, sleeper from Orton. Angle powers up Orton and slams Orton to the mat, uppercut by Angle. Orton reverses an Irish whip for a back elbow for two, Orton sinks in another reverse chinlock. Angle battles out before a knee to the gut, knee drop by Orton for two. Another rest hold (Orton is determined to bore me on this night for my extended hiatus), Angle escapes but eats a clothesline. Orton ascends to the top turnbuckle, Angle springs up and nails a huge belly to belly suplex from the top rope. Orton lands awkwardly but all seems ok, Angle crawls over for an ankle lock attempt. Orton sees it coming so Angle switches it up for belly to belly suplexes.

Orton counters the angle slam for a backbreaker, two for Orton. Orton exposes the top turnbuckle, Angle nails a series of German suplexes. Eight German suplexes by Angle, Orton rolls out to the floor collapsing from the pain. Two for Angle, Angle tries for an ankle lock. Orton kicks off Angle, Orton goes to the exposed turnbuckle corner, Angle nails The Angle Slam. The straps are down, Ankle Lock with Orton writhing in pain. Orton crawls to the corner with the turnbuckle exposed, Angle bounces off the turnbuckle and one RKO later this match is over.

It was alright, it was a subdued performance in many ways from both men. It never seemed to go above second gear, it made for a fine match but felt like it was a nothing match when all was said and done. The finish was executed well, Orton sells the ankle after the match too after one Ankle Lock attempt which makes me happy. That’s it for Angle, Angle was a treat to watch in the company and Angle will be sorely missed going forward in the WWE in terms of entertainment and balls to the walls matches. Truly happy Angle was able to make his way back to the company but this was not a great way to end his WWE career.

Winner: Randy Orton over Kurt Angle via RKO!

Vince Mcmahon & Wheelchair Kid

Vince is on the phone when a child meets him, Vince believes that DX is behind this and this is surely a trick to throw Vince off his game. Vince grabs the wheelchair kid and wheels him into a wall. Vince receives a knock on his door, The Coach is here. It turns out that the wheelchair kid was a member of Coach’s family, Vince realizes what he has done and checks on the boy. It made me laugh, I miss that kind of stupid humour from the WWE.

Umaga W/ Armando Estrada vs Eugene

Jamal left the WWE, was successful as part of the top heel act in All Japan and returned to the WWE as Umaga, The Samoan Bulldozer. Thinking about it, Estrada was a big part of Umaga’s act with the crowd chanting along to his name and his catchphrases. Eugene had largely been doing nothing after his initial run against Triple H and Eric Bischoff. Eugene brings Jim Duggan, Doink and Kamala as backup for his match against Umaga.

Eugene is smashed by Umaga, big kicks and punches by Umaga. Rights and lefts by Eugene, throat thrust by Umaga. Huge kick by Umaga, running hip splash by Umaga with Estrada calling for the end. Samoan Spike by Umaga and that’s all she wrote. Afterwards, Umaga decimates the legends for more heat. A squash match that had no real business on pay per view but Vince had his monster in Umaga and in terms of building Umaga, WWE were doing all the right things.

Winner: Umaga over Eugene via Samoan Spike!

Mick Foley vs Ric Flair (Two Out Of Three Falls Match)

The feud that was born out of a real-life hatred, Flair had talked shit about Foley in his book calling Foley nothing more but a glorified stuntman. Foley believed that Flair was a master politician who put on the same match over and over. In reality, both men’s comments were true as you could make a case for both arguments but it did get heated with the two getting into a fight backstage at an episode of Raw. We are in Flair country, the reaction is great and Flair had been turning out the stellar performances in recent months.

Lock-up, side headlock into a hammerlock by Foley. Flair counters, Foley goes for the ropes. Lock-up with Flair outwrestling Foley, Foley reaches the ropes, frustration setting in for Foley. Flair schools Foley with wrestling, Foley reaches the ropes once more. Huge right by Foley, Foley follows up with huge rights on Flair. Knee to the face, Double Arm DDT by Foley. Foley pulls out Mr. Flairo, testicular claw by Flair. Chops by Flair, right hand decks Foley. Double axe handle by Flair, Flair appears to have blown out his knee, chop block by Foley. Foley works the leg with elbows to the knee, Flair reverses a figure four attempt with an inside cradle, Flair is up 1:0.

Second fall begins with a clothesline by Foley, Flair is tossed to the floor. Flair whips Foley into the steel steps, chops and right hands by Flair. Foley is on the floor, Foley is in the crowd. Eye rake by Foley, Flair is back dropped to ringside. Foley brings out a trash can, Foley stops the trash can with a Figure Four. Foley cracks Flair with the trash can, Flair wins by DQ.

That was super disappointing, the build had me ready for a contest full of heat and intensity. Not a thing about it gave me that impression, there was not enough time to give us anything resembling that type of war. The beginning was great with Foley trying to prove he could wrestle and Flair making Foley look like an amateur but believe me when I say this, this was an angle not a match. Foley brutalizes Flair with his barbed wire bat with Flair being a bloody mess, that is all you need to know about this match. The match meant nothing compared to the visual of the bloody Flair.

Winner: Ric Flair over Mick Foley via DQ!

Maria Interviews Carlito

Maria confuses Carlito, the newly turned babyface who is becoming increasing popular with the WWE fans. Carlito wants to be the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Torrie Wilson arrives in a bikini. Carlito holds Torrie’s puppies while Maria covers Torrie in oil, this is a bit of a weird segment that keeps going. Anyways, the point is Carlito is cool.

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Carlito vs Johnny Nitro W/ Melina vs Shelton Benjamin ©

This match has a good chunk of rising stars in this match, WWE had seen money in Melina and Nitro which led to the split of MNM and the two moving to Raw while Carlito had been getting great reactions as a heel which led to a babyface turn following Wrestlemania and we have Shelton Benjamin who is another hot prospect reinventing himself as a heel. Sadly, Momma is nowhere in sight, she was fantastic. Carlito clotheslines Nitro to the floor to begin, Benjamin goes right after Carlito. Series of roll-ups with Benjamin pounding away on Carlito before another pin, more roll-ups with Nitro talking strategy. Nitro re-enters the ring for a backdrop, Benjamin boots Carlito. Huge knee by Nitro on Benjamin, Benjamin fights back with chops. Carlito clotheslines Benjamin to the floor, Nitro is catapulted to the floor. Carlito does not plancha as Melina saves Nitro, Nitro sends Carlito into the rignpost. Benjamin peppers Nitro, scoop slam on the floor. Melina distracts Benjamin, Nitro clubs Benjamin. Carlito nails Benjamin and Nitro with a double springboard hilo, looks beautiful all these years later.

Carlito gets a two on Nitro, tilt-a-whirl Russian legsweep by Nitro for two. Baseball slide by Nitro to knock down Benjamin, hurricanrana by Carlito who gets a huge ovation for his efforts. Middle rope choke by Carlito, Benjamin flapjacks Carlito out of nowhere for two. Nitro is dumped to the floor, Benjamin suplexes Carlito for two. Right hands by Benjamin, Samoan drop on Carlito before Nitro makes the save. Nitro pummels Benjamin, Benjamin is whipped to the corner. Benjamin alley oops Nitro into the top turnbuckle, Melina saves Nitro by placing the foot on the rope. Carlito victory rolls Benjamin for two, Irish whip to the corner. Carlito whips Nitro into Benjamin, Nitro monkey flips Benjamin who jumps into a dropkick from Carlito. Very nice sequence, Nitro saves the match.

Nitro has Carlito on the top rope, Benjamin crotches Nitro who lands in the tree of woe. Benjamin and Carlito are on the top rope, Nitro bridges up to German suplex both men to the mat, another nice sequence with the crowd going nuts. Nitro gets two, Carlito wipes out Benjamin and Nitro. Small package by Carlito, Nitro makes the save. Nitro & Benjamin double tea Carlito but Carlito nails a double springboard elbow, Carlito covers both men for two counts. Benjamin and Carlito are left alone in the ring, eye poke by Carlito. Benjamin gets caught for The BackStabber, Carlito is pulled out by Nitro. Nitro covers Benjamin and we have a new champion.

The first good match of the night, these rising stars went into the match to steal the show, they damn sure left an impression on me following the match. Carlito was super over, the right call was not to give him the championship just yet, I am sure the chase will be great to watch. They had some really nice spots, unique to a triple threat match, spots I have not seen replicated since. It was entertaining and balls to the wall, I wish we could have gotten a few more minutes from these three. Hats off to all three, it was great.

Winner: Johnny Nitro over Everyone Else via Shenanigans!

Vince Makes A Cock Out Of Himself

Vince pumps up The Spirit Squad before being left alone with a penis pump, Vince tries to use the pump and it backfires as it explodes in Vince’s face. DX had gotten the best of Vince once again.

(WWE Championship Match) Edge W/ Lita vs Rob Van Dam ©

RVD had done the impossible, becoming WWE champions despite all the criticism and thinkers believing that RVD was simply a nut from ECW. To be fair to RVD, Mr. Monday Night had been over since the first day he stepped into the company, RVD should have been champion since the early days of the brand split in 2002 but that’s not important now. RVD was champion and Edge helped RVD win because Edge believed that RVD would be easier to beat that John Cena. Edge has his opportunity tonight with RVD looking to prove Edge wrong.

Edge outwrestles and mocks RVD, lock-up with Edge pushing back RVD. Cheap shot by Edge, right hands by the challenger. RVD almost rolls-up Edge after Edge gets too cocky, Edge needs a break. Edge forces RVD to the corner, RVD ducks the cheap shot, RVD ducks a crossbody and nails a standing moonsault for two. Step-through spinning heel kick by RVD, Edge avoids rolling thunder by taking a breather, baseball slide by RVD. Moonsault off the barricade by the champion, Lita grabs the leg of RVD. Edge takes control with a huge knee, sunset flip powerbomb by Edge. Two for Edge, Edge mocks RVD some more before hard Irish whipping RVD into the corner. Middle rope choke by Edge, RVD fights out of the corner. Eye rake by Edge and a huge forearm by the challenger, surfboard hold by Edge.

RVD kicks his way out of Edge’s hold, RVD elevates Edge to the apron. Crossbody by RVD, both men crash to the floor. RVD misses his signature spinning leg drop from the apron to the barricade, RVD lands hard with Edge pinning the champion for two. Edge tosses RVD to the floor, powerbomb onto the barricade by Edge. Two for Edge, Edge stomps on the back of RVD. Backbreaker by Edge, right hands by Edge but RVD begins to start fighting back. Huge forearms but Edge boots RVD’s head off, Edge walks into a boot from RVD. RVD tries a tornado DDT, Edge blocks, RVD kicks Edge right in the head. Springboard thrust kick by RVD, clotheslines by RVD. Back drop, German suplex with a bridge for two. Spinning heel kick by RVD, Edge counters the rolling thunder for a powerslam for two.

Irish whip by Edge, RVD elbows off Edge. Diving thrust kick, Edge sees the frog splash coming, RVD nails a modified rolling thunder onto the back of Edge. Split-legged moonsault for two, RVD wipes out the referee with a spinning heel kick. Clothesline by Edge, Lita grabs the championship. RVD nails The Van Damnator with the belt whacking Edge in the face. RVD is on the top rope, Lita crotches the champion. Edge is bleeding, DDT by Edge as RVD hangs from the top turnbuckle. Two for Edge, Lita has a chair. Edge wants the spear, RVD ducks and Edge wipes out Lita with the chair cracking Edge. Five Star Frog Splash and RVD retains the championship.

Solid match from these two, I was liking where the heat segment was going until the referee bump, the sunset flip powerbomb looked nasty and the powerbomb to the barricade looked incredibly nasty. Unfortunately, RVD’s comeback and the drama at the end of the match could not be hold alongside the heat segment. Finish was clever though, nice to see a heel get what is coming to him for all his cheating ways. Overall, a good championship match but not the best that could have came from the match.

Winner: RVD over Edge via Five Star Frog Splash!

Kane vs Impostor Kane

All to promote a movie, there is a fake Kane that acts like the original Kane. Kane attacks the impostor, the impostor shakes everything off like it was nothing. Choke by the impostor, Kane and the impostor trade blows. Shoulder block by Kane who rips at the mask, sidewalk slam by the impostor. Clubbing blows and chokehold by the impostor, boot to the head and foot choke by the impostor. Huge chop by the impostor for two, the impostor claws at Kane. Kane fires up, powerslam by the impostor for two. Sleeper by the impostor, Kane escapes with the impostor staying in control.

Kane reaches for the mask, right hands by Kane. DDT by Kane, powerslam by Kane. Kane pummels the impostor, clothesline in the corner. Sidewalk slam by Kane, both fight for a chokeslam. Impostor nails a big boot, the impostor is on the top rope. Kane smacks the impostor, the two stand atop the turnbuckle. Exploder suplex by Kane, Kane calls for a chokeslam. The Impostor fights out, big boot by Kane. Impostor sits up, catching Kane. Huge Chokeslam by impostor and this match is over. Awful all around, nobody wanted to see this and it died a real slow death. DUD!

Winner: Impostor Kane over Kane via Chokeslam!

(Extreme Rules Lumberjack Match) John Cena vs Sabu

ECW wrestlers fill the ringside area along with some superstars from Raw, Cena wanted this match as retribution for the way in which Cena lost his championship to RVD at One Night Stand. WWE were high on Sabu which allowed for Sabu to be placed in this type of match alongside John Cena. Cena enters the ring with Sabu taking down Cena, Cena is sent to the floor but fights off the ECW wrestlers. Fisherman suplex by Cena for two, Sabu is tossed on the Raw side. Cena clubs Sabu, back elbow for two. Sabu throws Cena to the floor, ECW guys mug Cena. Sandman whips Cena with his Singapore cane, triple jump moonsault by Sabu for two. Camel Clutch by Sabu, Cena fights out but Sabu goes low. Triple jump leg drop for two, Arabian Facebuster for two.

Sabu misses a splash in the corner, clotheslines and slams by Cena. A war begins on the floor, Cena FUs Richards onto the concrete before Sabu nails Cena with a chair. Twice Cena tastes the chair, Cena is placed on the table. Cena fights back and waffles Sabu with a Singapore cane, chair to the head by Cena. FU through the ringside table, STFU by Cena and Sabu is forced to tap to the pain.

It was not much to be honest with you, I had better memories of this match. Sabu got to showcase a lot of what made him so unique, Cena came back at the end of the match much like a Hogan and it was fine, not a thing wrong about it at all. What is strange is that ECW is the new show in town and in every situation except for RVD, they are painted the villains which begs the question: Would you tune into to watch a show where everyone is booked as villains/bad guys? Not the smartest marketing strategy in my eyes but ECW was never a priority for Vince and it would get worse after RVD’s run-in with the law.

Winner: John Cena over Sabu via STFU!

RVD & Cena Have Words

RVD respects Cena, saying that Cena has balls. RVD issues a challenge for the championship, Cena wants said rematch and they will be facing one another on Raw for the championship.

DX vs The Spirit Squad

DX had reunited after so many teases during the months before, some subtle and others not so subtle (I am looking at you Triple H laying out the top stars just so you can do The DX crotch chop). Michaels and Triple H join forces to take down abusive Mr. Mcmahon and his squad of male cheerleaders which stand in their way.

Michaels and Mitch begin, HBK has a side headlock. Michaels chops Mitch, kicks by Mitch. Rights and lefts by Mitch, Michaels is down. Michaels chops Mitch some more, knee by Mitch. The Spirit Squad pound HBK, the numbers are too much before HBK fights off everyone. In comes Triple H, DX beat down of Mitch and right hands for all of the squad. Johnny is busted open, Johnny must have walked right into a punch. The Spirit Squad have a huddle and get back into the ring, Johnny tags into the match. Johnny pulls out a karate headband, Triple H tags into the match. Triple H floors Johnny with right hands and a suplex, knee drop by The Game. Eye poke by Johnny, right hands by Johnny.

 Hard Irish whip by Triple H, Michaels sends Johnny balls first into the ringpost. Johnny boots Triple H and tags in Mikey who is sent to the floor, Michaels crotches Mikey on the barricade. DX double team Mikey, Nicky cheap shots Triple H which leads to The Spirit Squad sending Triple H into the steel steps. Mikey chokes Triple H, tag to Kenny. Neckbreaker by Triple H, HBK receives the tag. Michaels nails everything in sight, scoop slam to Mikey. Elbow drop by Michaels, more Spirit Squad interference. Johnny nails Michaels with a huge spinning kick, Mikey tags in Nicky. Two for Nicky, Johnny is in the ring and Michaels begins punching everything in sight before Kenny waffles HBK with a chair.

Bulldog using the trampoline by Mikey, two for Johnny. Kenny nails a back elbow for two, tag to Nicky. Corner clothesline for two, forearm to the face by Nicky. Tag to Mikey, Mikey slaps the piss out of Michaels. Knee drop for two, double flapjack for two. Kenny is the legal man, cobra clutch by Kenny. Michaels fight out of the hold and we have a double knockdown. Kenny distracts the referee so Mikey can clothesline Michaels. Nicky and Mikey pummel Michaels, Michaels takes them both down as only Michaels can with his veteran instincts. Johnny and Mikey eat a double DDT from Michaels, Triple H finally gets the tag. Right hands all around, high knee for Nicky.

Spinebuster for Kenny, another one for Mitch. Knee facebuster by The Game, Pedigree is blocked as Nicky saves Kenny. Everyone is sent tumbling to the floor as DX clothesline out The Spirit Squad. Nicky knocks out his squad by accident as Michaels ducks the trampoline splash, Kenny is left alone in the ring. Pedigree and Sweet Chin Music, this match is over. Afterwards, The Spirit Squad are laid out with one of the members kissing Triple H’s ass.

Yeah, that match would have been ok for a Raw main event, it was not really worth a pay per view main event. The reunion of DX was one of the major selling points of the show but come on, the spirit squad never had a hope in hell and there was nothing special from this main event, it was an alright ending to a pay per view that mostly disappointed.

Winners: DX over The Spirit Squad via Pedigree!

That was WWE’s Vengeance 2006 pay per view, a mixed bag at the end of the day. There were bright spots like RVD’s championship match with Edge although that reign would be over by the next day and the rise of Carlito and Nitro with Carlito growing as a likeable babyface. The not-so bright spots include a flat start to the feud of Flair vs Foley, two wrestling styles clashing which could have been great but we got a half-assed rushed match that resembled an angle. Sabu vs Cena was not great for the brand of ECW that was made look secondary from its existence, it also does nothing for Cena who was just waiting to get back into the title picture. The start of the show was largely forgettable and you could give this one a miss if you were no a DX fan and did not care for RVD as champion. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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