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WCW New Blood Rising 2000

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Revies, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more fake than Chris Jericho's feud with Kenny Omega on twitter! It is time for more WCW, I am doing my outmost to finish up WCW before moving onto ECW. It is time for WCW's New Blood Rising 2000 which is built on the rematch between Jeff Jarrett and Booker T plus Kevin Nash, Goldberg and Scott Steiner. The promo package ain't worth going into detail on so do not worry about it folks, it does nothing to add to this show. So, will this be another stinker for WCW? Let's find out!


Three Count W/ Tank Abbott vs The Jung Dragons

Tank Abbott is loving every minute of this, Tank Abbott's push as a killer ended quickly after he nearly killed someone on pay per view by brandishing a knife. I guess The Junge Dragons are babyface now after being heel last month, there is a gold record and recording contract hanging above the ring. So, this is a ladder match that will start like a traditional six-man tag match. Helms and Noble begin, nice wrestling sequence with both men stlaemating until an elbow from Helms. Everyone runs towards the ladders, The Jung Dragons have control. Shannon attacks Yang, Yang wants a powerbomb onto the ladder. Shannon fights out but is backdropped on the ladder, Yang is crotched on the ladder. Helms powerbombs Noble, Shannon splashes Noble. Noble is swung onto a ladder, Kaz is slammed onto Noble as is Yang before Shannon splashes all three members of The Jung Dragons.

Helms is on the ladder, we have stereo springboard clotheslines from both groups, Noble dives onto everyone from atop a ladder. Yang is with Karagias, Shannon is setting up a ladder too, Shannon neckbreakers Yang off the ladder. Helms neckbreakers Noble off the ladder, Karagias superplexes Kaz off the ladder. Noble is squashed behind a ladder, Helms superkicks Yang. Yang and Kaz spinkick down Helms and Shannon, Karagias eats a boot to the face before a powerslam on the ladder to Kaz. Shannon smacks the ladder into Noble's face, Three Count dance while Yang asai moonsaults onto Shannon. Noble and Shannon fight on the top rope, hurricanrana to Shannon. Yang and Kaz double splash onto Shannon.

Noble has the gold record of Three Count, Tank Abbott grabs the contract as Noble falls from the ladder. Karagias is crushed inside a ladder, Noble leg drops Karagias. Helms pushes Kaz off the ladder, Shannon is powerbombed off a ladder by Noble, Helms and Kaz race up the ladder. Tank shoves both ladders down, Karagias begins climbing towards the recording contract, Karagias brings down the recording contract.

The Jung Dragons were fighting in a ladder match to stop Three Count from ever singing again? That's fabulous, I feel these guys suffered from trying to top the early antics of The Hardys, Dudleys and Edge and Christian when it came down to TLC. The ending was flat though, Three Count seemed to win the match out of nothing. There were some nice spots though, they worked hard even if the ending did not reflect their hard work. One of the better opening matches from WCW in this year.

Winners: Three Count over The Jung Dragons via Retrieval of The Contract!

Ernest Miller vs The Great Muta

What a dream match said nobody ever, The Cat mauls Muta who was in a rough point in his career, Muta's hair was falling out while his home promotion of NJPW was changing with shoot fighters being favoured over actual wrestlers. Flashing elbow by Muta and a sweet armbar, The Cat reaches the ropes. Stomps by Muta, The Cat fights back before Muta takes control. Tygress of The Filthy Animals is back at ringside, Muta misses his handspring elbow. Muta is kicked to the floor, The Cat chokes the life out of Muta. Two for Cat in the ring, throat thrust by Cat and an uppercut.

Dragon screw legwhip by Luta, heel hook from Muta. The Cat reaches the ropes, backbreaker and the moonsault misses. Muta mist in The Cat's eyes, Tygress smacks Muta with the chair for two. Kicks by The Cat, The Feliner by The Cat and The Cat wins the match.

The Cat beat The Great Muta, I will never ever been able to live that down. The Cat beat Muta in the middle of the ring, a great showing of anything can happen in wrestling. Yeah, it was pretty piss poor, Muta looked like he had no desire to be in WCW at that point in his career, it was not going to be like 1989 all over again.

Winner: The Cat over The Great Muta via The Feliner!

(Judy Bagwell On A Forklift Match) Kanyon vs Buff Bagwell

What a joke this match this will be, this is Kanyon kidnapping Bagwell's mother and placing her on top of a forklift. The idea being that Kanyon wants to find his Kimberly, I would have suggested using one of the women that the company has in order to get them some experience but nah, we have this garbage. Bagwell beats the piss out of Kanyon with right hands, back drops and brawling through the crowd. Kanyon low blows Bagwell, middle rope Russian legsweep by Kanyon.

Suplex by Kanyon, Kanyon pulls out wirecutters to expose the top turnbuckle. Foot choke by Kanyon, sitout Alabama Slam by Kanyon for two. Bagwell fires up on Kanyon, cobra clutch by Kanyon. Bagwell escapes but eats a neckbreaker for two, Bagwell blocks the kanyon cutter, Bagwell drops Kanyon on the exposed turnbuckle for two. Bagwell pounds on Kanyon, Kanyon nails The Kanyon Cutter for a close two. DDP's music hits and the crowd goes nuts before David Arquette appears, great tease there. Bagwell kicks the crap out of Kanyon, Arquette cracks Bagwell with a hardhat. Kanyon only gets two, Kanyon and Arquette are clotheslined by Bagwell. Double Blockbuster and Kanyon is defeated.

As ridiculous as the concept of the match is, I did enjoy this match. Kanyon's facials and moveset makes matches fun while The David Arquette reveal was tremendous. Kanyon sold it as oh shit I am going to die plus everyone hated Arquette for winning the championship.

Winner: Buff Bagwell over Kanyon via Blockbuster!

(Four Corners Elimination Match For The WCW Tag Team Championship Match) Kronik vs MIA vs The Perfect Event vs Sean O Haire & Mark Jindrak

The Filthy Animals are keeping the peace as special referees, they also stole the tag team championships from Kronik. Holy Hell we have a weak tag team division in the comapny at this point, Kronik have no real competition when half the particpants are a combined wrestling age of about 5. Adams and Palumbo begin, lock-up wiht Adams shoving down Palumbo. Lock-up, waistlock by Palumbo who smacks around Adams. Adams throws Palumbo to the floor, The Filthy Animals beat up Palumbo. Stasiak walks into a full-nelson slam, Cpl. Cajun is in with Jindrak. Headscissors by Cajun, Clark is in the ring. Jindrak eats a shoulder block from Clark, Palumbo superkicks Clark.

Right hands by O Haire, huge spinning kick by O Haire for two. Powerslam by Clark for two, Rection nails a huge spinning kick on O Haire for two. Chops by both men, sitout powerbomb by O Haire, The Perfect Event choke the life out of Rection. Bronco Buster by Tygress, Mysterio is stopped from the bronco buster. Stasiak stomps Rection, Cajun tags in off Rection. Dropkick by Cajun, lefts by Cajun and a huge clothesline for two. Corner clothesline by Stasiak, gutbuster for two. Tag to Rection, clotheslines to all the heels until O Haire decks Rection. The referees keep the babyfaces at bay, Palumbo talks trash to Disco. Sleeper by Palumbo, O Haire smacks Rection as he bounces off the ropes, superkick by Palumbo.

Elbow by Stasiak, corner splash by Rection. Tag to Cajun, Cajun is clotheslined to the floor, O Haire and Jindrak double team Clark. Senton Bomb by O Haire, Jindrak DDTs Rection. Cajun DDTs Jindrak, Palumbo slams Cajun. High Tide for Palumbo but no, here is The Dark Carnival. Palumbo is smacked by Clark, Meltdown by Clark. Disco does not count, Stasiak is on the top rope and walks into a military press, Adams throws Stasiak on O Haire and Jindrak. High Tide on Palumbo, Loco counts the pin-fall for Kronik to win.

Messy and sloppy, being fair though there was a lot of new talent in that ring and they were hardly tag team wrestlers. They did an ok job, Kronik seems miles ahead of everyone as these teams are so new and are not established in the slightest. Bad times ahead for Kronik I assume, maybe something will come along and lessen my concerns.

Winners: Kronik Over Everyone Else via High Tide!

(Leather Strap Match) Shane Douglas W/ Torrie Wilson vs Billy Kidman

Having realized that making Billy Kidman a heel was an absolute joke, Kidman is back from getting his head kicked in by Hogan to fight The Franchise because he stole Torrie from him. Kidman ties up Douglas in the strap, Douglas has to regroup. Kidman drags down Douglas and nails a leg drop. Kidman keeps his eyes on Torrie, clothesline by Kidman. Dougals is whipped into the saftey rail, Douglas is pulled into the ringpost. Kidman chokes the life out of Douglas, Kidman whips the life out of Douglas. Torrie is on the apron, Douglas takes control and chokes Kidman with the strap. Snapover neckbreaker by Douglas, Torrie chokes Kidman by using the rope.

Douglas wrenches away at Kidman, Kidman is crotched on the top rope. Douglas whips Kidman over and over, Kidman is hulking up and lays into Douglas. Middle rope hurricanrana by Kidman, sky high for two. Kidman whips Douglas, Douglas is sent flying off the top rope after trying to escape Kidman, Kidman whips Douglas' dick. Bulldog by Kidman for two, Torrie is on the apron and she smacks Douglas with the heel by mistake. Douglas hotshots Kidman, two for Douglas. Kidman counters the pittsburgh plunge for a small package, Torrie rolls over Kidman which leads to a Pittsburgh Plunge for two. Unprettier by Kidman for the win. Torrie has a chair and Torrie gets caught by Kidman. Torrie whipped before Douglas saves the day.

Meh, it was alright. Both men can put on a great match but this was not their night. Poor Torrie looks like a deer in the headlights anytime she has to do anything in the ring. Douglas is clicking with me as a character though, the ring work may not be what was prophesized by many if he had his chance on the big stage but Douglas continues to deliver as a character.

Winner: Kidman over Shane Douglas via Unprettier!

Jarrett Attacks!

Jeff Jarrett attacks Booker as he enters the arena, Jarrett focuses on the leg and cripples the leg of Booker.

(Mud Wrestling Match) Major Gunns vs Ms. Hancock

Handspring elbow by Hancock after slaps from Gunns, kicks in the corner from Gunns. Snapmare and neckbreaker by Gunns, jacknife cover by Gunns for two. Clothesline by Hancock, Gunns' top is torn off by Hancock. Knee by Hancock, Gunns drops Hancock with a facebuster. Hancock loses her pants, two for Gunns. Slam by Gunns for two, eye rake by Hancock who dances on the middle turnbuckle. Crossbody for two, Hancock kips-up. Gunns boots Hancock in the ribs, sunset flip by Gunns for two. Hancock misses a crossbody, Hancock sells her stomach.

Axe handle by Gunns, Gunns is sent into the ringpost. Gunns loses her pants, shoing off her great ass which leads to Hancock being stripped. They are by the mud pit, Gunns is backdropped into the mud. Hancock laughs, until she is dragged into the mud. Lots of pushing and nonsense before Hancock is pinned missionary style and an ambulance is called for Ms. Hancock who is pregnant.

Far be it from me to try to help this company when it was in the shitter but a preganancy angle again from Russo? Really? Am I supposed to believe that someone that fucking thin is pregnant? Are you fucking joking me? This is ridiculous! Also, you already did the wedding angle why not continue the feud with Crowbar and Daffney vs Hancock and Flair? Fuck this shit anyways DUD!

Winner: Major Gunns over Ms. Hancock via Pin-fall!

The Demon vs Sting

The Demon joined Vampiro's side after Vampiro brainwashed him through a beating at the last pay per view, Sting is back and wants blood. Sting meets The Demon on the ramp, The Demon eats punches and kicks. The Demon is on the guard rail, Stinger Splash and a nice Scorpion Death Drop, this match is over. Muta and Vampiro attack Sting, Kronik save Sting and we have a tag team match for later tonight.

Winner: Sting over The Demon via Scorpion Death Drop!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Mike Awesome vs Lance Storm (C)

Storm jumped ship from ECW after it was apparent that Heyman could not pay Storm, Storm put over new champion Justin Credible before leaving and winning three championships within a month of being in the company. Storm defends against Awesome, Storm brings a special referee who is Jacque Rougeau which is a terrible reveal for one simple reason: The people all wanted Bret Hart and if you are in Canada and going to suck up to everyone in the building, go all-out with Storm bringing out Bret Hart.

Shoulder block and front slam by Awesome, right hands by Awesome. Corner clothesline, leg drop by Awesome for two. Jawbreaker by Storm, superkick and Awesome is sent into the ringpost. Chops by Storm, Awesome clotheslines Storm to the floor. Awesome pulls out a table, Storm sends Awesome into the guard rail. Springboard dropkick by Storm for two, Storm dives into a belly to belly suplex. Awesome climbs to the top rope, clothesline by Awesome. Storm avoids an Awesome Bomb, backslide for two. Sitout Powerbomb for two, Rougeau enforces the rules which is fair enough because it looks like Storm did kick out of the powerbomb. Eye poke by Storm, Storm eats an Alabama Slam. Awesome applies a dragon sleeper which leads to Storm tapping.

Rougeau goes to Canadian Rules once more, you cannot win by submission in a championship match. German suplex by Awesome, Storm sends Awesome to the apron. Slingshot shoulder block for three, you need a five-count to win. Awesome Splash with Awesome pinning Storm in the middle of the ring, Rougeau says hold on one second, we are not doing this this way. Storm has to answer the count of ten because you need to stand after a count of ten after being pinned by a five-count.

Awesome is pissed now, the table is now in the ring. Low blow bv Storm, chair shot to the head by Storm. Four count off the chair shot, Awesome is on the table. Awesome belly to belly throws Storm through the table, Rougeau says the first man to stand at ten will win the championship. Rougeau decks Awesome and Storm wins the match. Hold on a motherfucking minute, Bret Hart is here for this match. Bret celebrates withe two, that made me mark out I will not lie.

There is a way to pull off this match, William Regal and Chris Jericho pulled it off at Backlash 2001. Storm should not have been beaten so decisively by Awesome but rather have Storm be disqualified, tapouts not being legal etc. Storm should not hvae been pinned twice, I thought that was poor booking and you also have the killing of Storm's momentum. I thought it was a bad idea, it did drag on for far too long too.

Winner: Lance Storm over Mike Awesome via Beating The Count!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) Kronik (C) vs The Dark Carnival

Adams throws Vampiro to the floor to begin, Clark and Vampiro reset the match. Spinning sole butt by Vampiro, right hands to Clark. Shoulder block by Clark for two, eye rake by Vampiro but Clark nails a short powerbomb for two. Tag to Adams, double shoulder block on Vampiro. Muta nails Adams from the apron, kicks and chops by Vampiro. In comes Muta, Muta tries a handspring elbow but Adams counters for a full-nelson slam. Tag to Clark, stomps in the corner and chops by Clark. Muta ducks a clothesline and goes low with a dropkick, tag to Vampiro. Vampiro runs into a powerslam, Adams tags in and chops Vampiro. Big boot by Adams, Vampiro is on the outside.

Vampiro counters a powwerbomb for a facebuster, spin kicks by Vampiro. Tag to Muta, wishbone-split, Muta works over Adams' legs. Vampiro tags in and works the legs of Adams. Muta elbows Adams as Clark is restrained by the referee. Adams and Vampiro bang heads, Clark receives the hot-tag and mows down everything. Meltdown to Vampiro, spinning sole butt by Muta. Muta mists the referee, back suplex by Clark. Kronik call for High Tide, Vampiro saves Muta but here comes The Harris Brothers. They maul Kronik, H-Bomb by The Harris Brothers, Moonsault by Muta and we have new champions!

Yeah, the crowd seemed dead after the canadian match with Bret Hart, there is nothing that these could do to get a rise out of this crowd. Interesting to see where Sting and Vampiro go from here, is Sting back and that is the end of it because I mean The Dark Carnival has the tag team championships. Will Sting be going after the gold? Anyways, this match was trash.

Winners: The Dark Carnival over Kronik via Moonsault!

Scott Steiner vs Kevin Nash vs Goldberg (Winner Is The Number One Contender)

Talk about insider terms, this crap takes the cake. Nash says constantly in every promo for this match that he is going over, there is no Goldberg as he was injured in a motorcycle accident. Nash and Steiner brawl, big boot by Nash. Nash drops Steiner on the guard rail, here comes Goldberg with a chair. Nash is wiped out, clothesline and theatrical elbow by Steiner for two. Goldberg, the heel is all taped up, exploder suplex by Steiner for two. Shoulder block by Goldberg, superkick by Goldberg. Nash is in the ring behind Goldberg, right hands by Nash. Stomps by Goldberg, Nash goes to the ribs of Goldberg. Knees before Steiner throws around Nash for two, clothesline and elbow drop on Nash for two.

Goldberg throws Steiner with a double underhook suplex, double knockdown by Goldberg and Steiner. Nash clothesline both men, sidewalk slam by Nash. Big boot by Nash, Nash pulls down the straps Goldberg pushes off Nash and walks out on the match. Goldberg leaves the arena with Russo getting in Goldberg's face. Goldberg tells Russo to go fuck himself, what a lovely exchange. Steiner clubs Nash with a chair, the commentators tell everyone that Goldberg was meant to take the Jacknife and that Goldberg is a big mark for himself who did not want to do business. This is mental, Steiner back suplexes Nash for two, backbreaker by Steiner for two. Nash boots Steiner in the face, Midajah is on her way to the ringside area. Snak eyes by Nash, Midajah low blows Nash as Steiner shoves down the referee.

Nash low blows Steiner, Midajah elbows Nash in the balls. Steiner covers for two, DDT by Nash. Midajah saves Steiner, Nash is on his feet. Steiner jumps on Nash's back, Nash shakes off Steiner. Huge boot, Jacknife Poewerbomb and this match is over, Nash is your number one contender.

Wow, what do you even say about a match where they are telling you wrestling is fake and scripted? They flat out say that Goldberg did not go up for the finish, Steiner is more of man for taking the powerbomb, Goldberg will not do the JOB? My brain hurts and Goldberg is called a crybaby by Scott Hudson, what is exactly going on? It is comical.

Winner: Kevin Nash over Scott Steiner via Jacknife Powerbomb!

(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Booker T (C) vs Jeff Jarrett

Booker is the people's champion, The Rock did not orginate the phrase but is is pretty petty when you are another wrestler who looks like him, dresses like him and using nicknames that are also his, poor WCW. Russo always had something about Jeff Jarrett, that's why the man rose to the top of WCW because there hasn't been a performance from Double J worthy of a world champion. Things would be more frustrating under Jarrett in TNA but let's focus on this dying company. Jarrett has been centre stage for the worst year for this company but soon, it shall be over with Jarrett out of the main event picture I promise you. In a nice touch, Booker limps to the ring and wears a knee brace, WCW are doing a great job to show that Booker is in a bad way.

Booker enters the ring and Jarrett goes for the leg, Booker fires up with eright hands. Roll-up for two,spinning heel kick with the bad leg, powerbomb by Booker for two. Superkick and clothesline to the floor, Jarrett tastes the barricade twice. Chops for Jarrett, Jarrett is brought groin first into the ringpost. Make it twice, Booker is on the top rope. Jarrett dodges the missile dropkick, Booker holds the leg. Jarrett stomps the leg, Booker's leg is wrapped around the ringpost multiple times. Jarrett uses the chair to further damage the leg of Booker, Booker is manhandled onto the guard rail leg first. Boston crab by Jarrett, Booker makes it to the ropes. More chair shots to the leg, sunset flip out of the corner by Booker for two. Double clothesline with both men down, right hands by Booker who nails a spinebuster for two.

Scissors Kick and a Spinaroonie, Booker takes out the referee. Jarrett blasts Booker's leg with the guitar, Figure Four leglock by Jarrett. Booker sits in the hold for what seems like a century, Booker reaches the ropes. Jarrett has the championship, the referee is nailed with the championship. There is a table ringside, Book-End through the table. Jarrett has a chair, low blow by Jarrett. Another referee bump, Stroke using the chair by Jarrett. 1....2..... Booker kicks out! Diamond Cutter on the chair by Booker, Jarrett jumps into a book'end, Jarrett fights out only to eat another Book-End and Booker wins the match.

It was solid but could have been something more, WCW always seems to tease me in a sick sort of way with a potentially great main event only to crumble as the match went on, it is so frustrating. So, we have a great backstory with Jarrett attacking the leg, Jarrett works the leg and you have a tease with the figure four being locked in for what seems like forever. And then.... nothing. It dives into the old formula of referee bumps and weapon shots after weapon shots. They could have worked in the leg to the finish, there is no struggle though. Booker just nails Jarrett with The Book End.

Winner: Booker T over Jeff Jarrett via Book-End!

That was WCW's New Blood Rising 2000, a show that was your typical mixed bag from the company that seemed to always making the wrong moves. So many insider terms which drive me nuts, that Goldberg angle where they flat out say Goldberg was not following the script. Come on, it is just ridiculous and you are taking the piss, how could you say that to any wrestling fan? How could you be happy with a product like this? More and more it seems like WWF-Lite, Nash is your babyface challneger for Booker. Looks like Nash will return, who is on the babyface side that can help Booker? Sting is not going after Vampiro following his burning ? Goldberg is a babyface for telling Russo he did not want to follow his script? I have no clue, it is confusing. This company is taking its toll and we will see where we go from here, thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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