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WWE Roadblock: What did you think ?

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       Ladies and Gents welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac's wrestling reviews, tonight we look forward to the detour on the road to Wrestlemania known as Roadblock. Will it be a predictable show? Will there be twists and turns? Will we all complain about the product but still watch on Monday? There is only one way to find out so let's do this!

     Opening Video Hype for tonight's matches, focusing on the championship match and Bray Wyatt vs Brock Lesnar. We are live from Toronto and this is going to be a fun show(I hope!).

        The New Day vs League Of Nations(Tag Team Title Match)

         Promo from The New Day, I am unsure how to feel about a face turn for everyone's favorite tag team, I am confident they can make it work as they are set to face Sheamus and Barrett. Standard tag match from both teams here as Kingston is worked over as the face in peril while Big E awaits the tag. Big E runs wild before things break down with Sheamus and Kingston battling in the ring. Kofi takes a nasty bump, leaping from the top rope to jump over Sheamus but he lands head first on the canvas. League of Nations have Big E beaten but Xavier Woods jumps up to the apron distracting the referee, allowing Big E to recover and hit The Big Ending on Barrett for the win. It was a good match, nothing special and they treated it like a glorified house show match. Solid opener for me.

         Chris Jericho vs Jack Swagger

          A match I was not expecting and I was wondering why Jericho was mentioning Swagger in his promo haha. Yeah so to bring out Jack Swagger was a terrible idea, one for the fact that not one person gave a damn or believed he could win and secondly, an all american is not going to be cheered against a canadian in Canada, especially a legend like Jericho. What really struck me about this match is the fact that Swagger has been in WWE for almost 10 years now, Miz, Kofi and Dolph have all been there for longer than Swagger but I always lump them all in together as emerging around 2008/2009(even though Miz was around since 2006). My point about this is Pro Wrestling Noah and All Japan Pro Wrestling were often criticized for not building new stars or pushing stars too quickly and I cannot help but see the similarities with the WWE as they have struggled to build new stars for so many years and it seems that the likes of Swagger, Kofi, Miz and Ziggler for all of them, their best days could be far behind them. Anyways, there was zero heat for this match, the fans were simply waiting for Jericho to win this match and when it happened, they still could not care about it. Walls of Jericho and Swagger taps out. A Dud but it is understandable, WWE has to make Jericho look good to get him ready for Styles and Swagger was the sacrificial lamb.

       The Revival vs Enzo & Big Cass(NXT Tag Titles)

             A promo detailing the history of the rivalry was a nice touch as some fans may not be familiar with NXT(I know if you are reading this it would be hard to believe). I have to wonder whether this was a test by Vince to see what all the hype was about Enzo and Cass by putting them on this show. This was a good match from both teams, the ending seemed to come out of nowhere but was nicely done by The Revival. Not sure what is next for Enzo and Big Cass, their NXT time must be coming to an end and they might not hold the titles before leaving NXT. The crowd seemed dead for most of the match though and it seems they were not trying to steal the show on this occasion. As for The Revival, I imagine they are dropping the titles to American Alpha in what should be a great match.

                  Charlotte vs Natalya( Divas Title Match)

        Nice touch by WWE bringing up the past history between these two who fought for the NXT Women's championship. As Nattie walks to the ring, I wish she was treated better by the company, she is one of the most senior members of the Divas roster and can put on a match with the best of them. The two start off with a wrestling exchange which ends with Natalya bringing the pain to Charlotte. Really good work by Charlotte in this match but that crowd just did not care at all which is such a shame. It makes me fear for the likes of Bayley, Becky and Sasha in the future as they will do everything within their power to change the opinion of women's matches simply meaning piss break time. Fair play to both women as they managed to turn the crowd towards the end with some great back and forth action. As Natalya locked in the sharpshooter, the crowd became unglued but Ric Flair distracts Nattie allowing Charlotte to roll up Natalya with her feet on the ropes. 

    Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt

          Good to see some continuity from WWE as Lesnar goes after the man who eliminated him from the Royal Rumble, Bray Wyatt. Could this match have taken place at Wrestlemania? Yes it could have but based off the booking of Wyatt and his family, no, not in a million years, Wyatt has been looking like a waste of space for months now. Besides, it is better for Wyatt to lose here rather than have a 3rd consecutive loss in a row at Wrestlemania. A two on one match? Hmmm ok but I guess we knew Bray would not fight fair in this match. Ah well, that was not a handicap match at all now was it ? So one of the matches we were all looking forward to did not happen. The name glorified house show has never been so appropriate, it is so fitting for a show like this, I mean they are holding off on Bray vs Brock so I guess it raises the question of when? However, if I bought a ticket for Roadblock and was there live, I would be pissed about that match so let's move on from that abomination.

Sami Zayn vs Stardust

           To give credit to the announcers, they have been very informative on this night, giving backgrounds on established stars as well as NXT talents. The best part of this match for me was seeing Stardust use the Billy's Goat Curse on Zayn. Another decent match from the two performers. Zayn picks up more momentum on his way to facing Owens while Stardust falls deeper into a slump that will seemingly never end, perhaps he will change back to Cody Rhodes someday but I feel I am clutching at straws with that statement.

          Dean Ambrose vs Triple H (WWE Championship Match)

          Finally, we come to our main event, this special has been by the book so far and mostly boring. Will there be a twist at the end of the night? Seeing Triple H with the belt in 2016 is so surreal in so many ways, I imagine for many it must be a nightmare come true. Ok it is not that bad but it is still ridiculous. Did I ever tell you that Ambrose is great? My god he is made for this role, he is made to be the one to beat Triple H, from the promos to his intensity and the way he just carries himself as a character, Ambrose should be headlining for the title. I do not know how the company do not see it but this is not a rant, this is about this match. Ambrose plays dirty, frustrating Triple H as he continues to get the better of the champion. Ambrose seroes in on the leg of Triple H. In an act of desperation, Triple H sends Ambrose into the steel steps and then into the barricades. Crossfaces and suplexes are on the menu for today for Ambrose as he writhes on the canvas in pain. As Triple H presses his advantage, he is met with a flying elbow from Ambrose as both men are down. Ambrose fires back as pedigrees and dirty deeds are attempted with no success, slingshot clothesline by Ambrose. Only two count as Triple H hits a wicked clothesline nearly taking Ambrose's head off. Ambrose hits the dirty deeds and gets the 1..2..3 but Ambrose's feet were under the ropes so the pin doesn't count. Irate at the decision, Ambrose goes on a rampage beating Triple H to a pulp. Planning to put the game through a table, Ambrose goes for the elbow but the game avoids the elbow as Ambrose crashes through the announce table. Beating the ten count from the referee at 9, he walks right into the pedigree as Triple H retains the title. Great match from these two as we knew it would be. Bit disappointing the way The Game at 46 years of age and in semi retirement is booked so strongly which makes so many others look like complete geeks. However, Triple H's ego would never allow him to be booked anything but strong so I guess I cannot win on that one. For Ambrose, that's either the second or third time he should have been champion, having previously almost beaten Seth Rollins and again, maybe WWE should have pulled the trigger on Ambrose. This may not have the right time as the story is set for Triple H to battle Roman and if Dean did win this match tonight, it would have rendered a year's worth of building up Roman(regardless of the fact that it failed) to win the title at Mania. I just hope Vince is seeing that there is so much money to be made with Ambrose as a face or heel , it does not matter, he was fantastic tonight and was easily the star of this whole show.

         In conclusion, this was truly a glorified house show. Without the title match at the end, you missed nothing, absolutely nothing. There were tv quality matches in the form of Jericho vs Swagger and Zayn vs Stardust, I was not thrilled with the NXT tag team title match and the Lesnar match if you could even call it a match, was basically an extended squash. The divas match was solid from Nattie and Charlotte and the main event was great thanks to Ambrose. The road to Wrestlemania continues on Monday and I guess until the next review, I will see you later!

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