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Creative Has Got Nothing For You: Number 1 Tyler Breeze

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     Welcome one and all to a series I like to call creative has nothing for you, a series which will take a look at many WWE superstars who in the fans' eyes are being misused or treated poorly. The goal of this series is to suggest potential feuds for the superstar in question in order for them to regain momentum and potentially become a star. I thought it was appropriate for the first edition to take a look at a superstar who never even had a chance on the main roster, Tyler Breeze.

     After his debut feud with Dolph Ziggler, it seems the only thing that Breeze can get is heat from everyone backstage. Squash matches and rumors of backstage politicking have left Breeze at the very bottom of WWE, it looks as if Prince Pretty would struggle to fight his way out of a wet paper bag but fear not, loyal wrestling fans as we will now try and rebuild Tyler Breeze as a credible competitor to any championship with three simple feuds.

Feud Number 1 : Sami Zayn

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      In WWE, nothing is ever for 100% sure unless it involves John Cena and to a lesser extent, Roman Reigns. However, it is clear to see that Breeze will have no important match as we edge closer to the grandest stage of them all. He could be either a participant in the Andre Memorial battle royal or simply a body in the rumored ladder match for the Intercontinental Title match. Regardless of the match, the odds of Breeze winning are slim to none so let's look towards after Wrestlemania. After Mania, Zayn has defeated his rival Kevin Owens for the title while Owens is being moved to the main event as the company is severely lacking in main even heel talent. To establish Breeze as a major player to watch in the future, Breeze attacks Zayn the next night on Raw, proclaiming that he is the greatest wrestler to ever come out of NXT, not Zayn. For weeks leading up until the PPV, Breeze will use mind games and underhanded tactics to gain the advantage over Zayn, pinning him in multi man matches or his partner(It is up to you).

 At Extreme Rules, Zayn and Breeze battle it out in the opening match, setting the tone for the rest of the night as they tear the house down for 15 minutes. Breeze attempts a supermodel kick but it is reversed into the exploder suplex by Zayn who follows it up with the helluva kick for the win. Frustrated and in denial, Breeze cannot accept the fact that he was bested by everyone's favorite redhead so in order to gain the attention of Zayn, Breezes goes after his friend and frequent tag team partner Neville, injuring him in the process, taking him off tv. This could be a good thing for Neville as he is constantly placed in random tag matches on television so missing a few weeks won't do him any harm. Disgusted by Breeze's acts, Zayn accepts the challenge of Prince Pretty and they battle on pay per view once more. These two know each other inside out by the time this match comes around and it seems no matter what Breeze does, he cannot keep Zayn down. Zayn throws Breeze to the corner for his finish but Breeze grabs the referee pulling him in front of him.

 The referee is down as Breeze grabs his selfie stick and whacks Zayn over the head, Zayn is not moving and the referee counts the pin. A new champion has been born in Tyler Breeze as he walks to the top of the ramp and reveals that his his selfie stick was a concealed lead pipe. Simple booking right here, the heel cheats to win and everyone wants to see the babyface kick his ass. Breeze could simply win with a handful of tights but I like the idea of the selfie stick being used as a weapon and it would not be hard to hide that it is a lead pipe, considering it is usually wrapped in feathers. So it is time for the blow off match, Breeze vs Zayn number three to decide who is the champion. Breeze squirms at every turn, declaring he beat Zayn and there is no need for the match to take place as he is the greatest superstar to ever come out of NXT. Zayn explains he has a rematch clause but also he doesn't want any cheap tricks by Breeze this time so Zayn declares that it will be a ladder match for the title(Or a selfie stick on a pole match if your name rhymes with Rince Vusso).

 A ladder match between these two would be great, I cannot describe any key spots in the match because I am sure these guys would blow away anything I could think of. So as we have Zayn and Breeze battle for the belt high above the ring, Zayn looks as if he has the belt, its within his grasp but Breeze sends Zayn tumbling to the outside. Breeze stands atop the ladder, still the Intercontinental Champion. Both men come out of this feud looking  better than they did to begin with, Zayn beats the hell out of Breeze for tormenting Neville while Breeze looks strong in the fans' eyes as he is still champion, he was by no means a dominant victor, he did not crush or bury Zayn, Breeze simply survived.

        Feud Number 2 : Neville
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         The night after stealing the show in an incredible ladder match with Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze is on cloud nine, he is the champion and the greatest superstar to ever come out of  NXT. Breeze's celebration is interrupted by none other than the returning Neville who comes out of the crowd, attacking the champion who leaves that ring quicker than Drew Carey leaving the Royal Rumble(Bonus Points for a Hall of Famer joke). Neville has returned after being injured at the hands of Breeze and he wants Breeze and he wants the title. In the weeks building up to the pay per view, Breeze attacks Neville verbally in interviews calling him short and making fun of Neville's look as there is nobody more vain in the world than Prince Pretty. (Perhaps Breeze could dust off the paper bag treatment, placing one on Neville's head?). However, whenever the two meet inside the ring, Breeze is constantly undermined by Neville who's pace and athletic ability exceeds Breeze.

Before their match at the pay per view, Breeze gives an interview where he is asked about tonight's title defense. So Breeze states he will beat Neville tonight etc etc, but the two key lines that Breeze notes are that 1:" He is the greatest superstar to ever come out of NXT" and 2 "that Neville is not the only one with a surprise or two". The commentators play up the fact that Breeze says he has something new for Neville, pondering what it could be as the match begins. To keep Neville grounded, Breeze targets the right knee of Neville, Breeze is relentless in his assault of the knee, imagine everything from the figure four on the ring post to stomping on the leg. Neville is like a wounded animal but he musters a comeback which sets up for The Red Arrow. It connects but Neville cannot capitalize as his knee is preventing him from making the pin, he crawls over to Breeze's broken body placing an arm over him 1...2.. Breeze grabs the rope and Neville has to break the hold. Neville had Breeze beaten had it not been for the ropes.

Neville decides to risk it all ascending to the top rope. Neville goes for the dragonrana which connects on Breeze but Breeze rolls through into a single leg Boston crab, a move adopted from his mentor Lance Storm which he regularly used in NXT but nobody has really seen it or drawn attention to the move on the main roster. The announcers realize that this was what Breeze was talking about, a new submission move to take down Neville. Neville crawls and crawls edging closer to the ropes but Breeze drags him to the center of the ring meaning there is no escape for the man gravity forgot. Neville taps as Breeze walks away as the champion. Once more, both competitors come out looking strong from the feud, Neville has build up a repetition as a courageous fighter and daredevil with the fans while Breeze continues to be an obnoxious pain in the ass who the fans want to see get killed before their very eyes.

   Feud Number 3 : Finn Balor
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      If you haven't guessed by now, you might have noticed I love stories which make sense, that happen for a reason and help superstars become established and look good even in defeat. Remember how Breeze would continually mention he was the best superstar to ever come out of NXT? Yeah there was a reason for that and that reason is Finn Balor. So Prince Pretty has conquered Zayn and Neville, there is no other former face NXT wrestlers to challenge him for his Intercontinental Title. Enter The Demon Finn Balor and the rest basically writes itself. Balor has a problem with Breeze saying that he is the best to ever come out of NXT, and wants a match to see if Breeze can back up what he has been saying for months.

 Balor debuts preferably in a big WWE town/city to a monster pop from the audience as the crowd and the internet almost wets itself as Balor is on the main roster and he is going for the Intercontinental Title. The explanation for Balor going for the Intercontinental Title is it would be wrong to push him straight to the top, I would disagree with putting him in the main event from the start, let him build up his fans and some credibility first. Anyways, Tyler is livid as another NXT star has gotten in the way of his quest to become the greatest of all time. Breeze continues building up wins with his new finisher, the single leg boston crab as more and more, allowing the move to get over with the audience. Finally, the pay per view comes, Demon Balor makes his entrance as the fans goes crazy in anticipation for the title match. Breeze enters the arena second as a champion always should, looking confident the entire way down to the ring. Breeze has a game plan, Balor is quick and has a lot of kicks but he is not that good on one leg. Balor dominates Breeze, Breeze is backed into the corner as he cannot find an opening to attack the leg of Balor. Balor executes his signature offense, setting up for a somersault plancha  over the top rope. Breeze dodges as Balor lands on his feet, eating a chop block in the process.

 Breeze has his opening and you can bet he is not going to waste his chance. Breaking down Balor, Breeze mocks his challenger with repeated kicks to the head. This fires up the challenger who reigns hell upon Breeze, shotgun dropkick in the corner and its coup de grace time. Balor goes for it but Breeze evades and locks in the single leg Boston Crab. The crowd are chanting please don't tap at Balor as Breeze is sure the match is over. Balor reaches for the rope but Breeze drags him back, Balor is fading and he is fading fast. Getting strength from what little he has left, Balor reaches the ropes. Breeze is in shock who sets up for the beauty shot Balor dodges and the referee is out cold. Breeze hits the unprettier  and looks at the downed referee. Seizing the opportunity, Breeze grabs the selfie stick, he is going to smash Balor over the head. However, it is not Breeze's night as Breeze misses and eats a Pele Kick from Balor. Finn goes onto the top rope and hits the coup de grace for the win. Finn is the new champion, an instant star on the main roster is born and while Breeze may not be the champion anymore, he certainly has established himself with a credible program that has spanned a number of months that included a lot of great matches.

         So what did you all think?  Was it too NXT centered ? Did it make sense? Did you enjoy reading through ? Could Breeze be booked better by creative? Could you do it better ? Who do you want to see next?
 All comments and feedback is appreciated as well as criticism!

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