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WWE Judgement Day 2009 Review!


Hello and welcome to another riveting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that brings you more non-sensical dribble than a Hulk Hogan promo! It’s time for WWE Judgement Day 2009, the big matches on this card are Big Show vs John Cena with John Cena looking for revenge after Big Show chokeslammed Cena through a stage light at Backlash and cost him his World Heavyweight Championship. We also have Batista defending the honour of his friend and mentor Triple H by battling Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. We have Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio which should be a fantastic match and like I predicted, Jeff Hardy will be challenging for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Edge in a mini-feud we saw only mere months ago. Let’s get on!


Umaga vs CM Punk

Umaga is back, Umaga cost Punk potentially the chance to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. We are in Chicago so Punk is over big time, this is great because Punk felt so flat as a babyface the previous month. Considering Umaga is returning for the first time on PPV, I imagine this can only end one way for Punk which sucks because we are really feeding into that loser trope for the money in the bank winner.


I am unfamiliar with this Umaga theme and gear, good to see him back but also very sad considering Umaga will not make it to the end of the year. The match starts with Umaga charging Punk, Punk peppers Umaga with kicks and strikes. Umaga goes for power, a splash misses but a knee connects. Punk tries a springboard and gets caught, devastating gunn-stinger from Umaga. To the corner we go, Umaga begins to land massive punches in the corner. Punk begins to fight back, Umaga cuts off Punk with a massive elbow. Stiff kick to the spine, hard Irish whip to the buckle. Umaga begins landing big blows and a shoulder claw to Punk, Punk reaches the ropes but Umaga drops all his weight on the arm.


Punk is hurled into the ring-post, shoulder claw on Punk. Punk uses kicks to try and break the hold but Umaga counters for another hold. Punk decides to use more fists but Umaga continues to wear down Punk. Knee across the throat for two, Umaga picks up steam and boots Punk off the apron into the guardrail. Punk tries an apron sunset flip but Umaga is too strong and hip splashes the soul out of Punk. Umaga decides to do it again and Punk writhes around in pain.


Punk blocks with a boot, Punk wants a scoop slam but Umaga crushes Punk as Umaga is just too heavy. Umaga decides to claw at the shoulder of Punk, Punk fights his way out of the hold but an uppercut stops Punk. Umaga goes to the middle rope, Punk dodges at the last second. Punk is doing a great job showcasing the power of Umaga. Crowd is chanting loud for Punk, forearms by Punk. Umaga shoves Punk away, Umaga runs at Punk but Punk pulls down the ropes. Plancha by Punk, Punk lands big combination shots in the ring. Heel kick by Punk, Umaga whips Punk to the corner. Punk blocks with a boot, running knee and it’s bulldog time but no, Punk is sent to the corner. Umaga lands a corner clothesline, Umaga misses his hip splash and Punk lands a middle rope bulldog for two.


Umaga sends Punk to the apron, Punk counters with a kick. Diving clothesline for two, Punk wanted a GTS but Umaga reverses for a Samoan drop. Two for Umaga, Umaga calls for the Samoan Spike. Punk ducks and lands a big kick to the head, make it three. GTS does not work as Punk’s back gives out on him. Superkick, hip splash in the corner and a Samoan Spike for the win.


Good opening match here, crowd plays a great part in it by cheering on the hometown hero. Umaga has this great impact to all his big moves, the Samoan drop, superkick and hip splash all look super vicious. Crowd was into all the near-falls though for Punk and Punk sold well for the monster, looking like he didn’t know where he was for the majority of the match.


Winner: Umaga over CM Punk via Samoan Spike!


(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Christian © vs Jack Swagger

This should be a good one, it is a rematch from the previous pay per view and what I feel was the best match of Swagger’s career up to that point. That is one hell of a n ugly championship though as many have stated, would love to find someone who is a fan of the championship. Anyways, we start with Swagger shooting on Christian but Christian dodges and slaps Swagger. Swagger whips Christian to the floor, Christian makes Swagger give chase. Back in the ring, Swagger lands a boot but Christian wriggles free from the military press and almost lands the Kill-switch before Swagger goes to the ropes. We start again with Swagger grabbing the ribs of Christian, waist-lock with throws. Christian uses elbows to escape but a shoulder block by the challenger stops Christian.


Christian takes the Bret buckle bump hard, Swagger misses a clothesline and is low-bridged to the floor. Christian lands a massive dropkick, springboard plancha by Christian. Christian is on the apron and gets caught with a knee before Swagger lands a shoulder block which drops Christian to the floor. Swagger presses Christian into the ring-post, Swagger lands knees to the ribs of Christian. Body-scissors from Swagger, Swagger uses the ropes for leverage. Swagger lands a massive kick to the ribs, Christian begins fighting back with chops while selling the ribs. Swagger comes back with a massive kitchen sink, two for the challenger.


Scoop slam from Swagger, Swagger Bomb is on the menu. Christian blocks with  knees to the face, middle rope spinning elbow by the champion. Right hands but Christian is caught by Swagger, Swagger runs Christian into the corner. Swagger tries again but Christian counters for an Edge O Matic for two! Swagger sends Christian to the corner, Christian lands his corner kick counter twice. Christian climbs high, diving splash misses with Swagger trying for an Oklahoma roll. Two for Swagger, Christian fights hard to avoid the Gut-Wrench Powerbomb. Swagger sends Christian to the apron, Christian makes Swagger chase who continues to miss before Swagger lands a massive Super belly to belly suplex off the top rope. Close two for the challenger, Christian counters with a small package for two. Both men land clotheslines with neither man in control now.


Swagger wants an electric chair drop, Christian fights hand and kicks away Swagger. Diving sunset flip by Christian but Sefwagger counters for a close two, Christian goes to the corner. Right hand but tornado DDT is blocked, Swagger runs into an elbow and gets caught for the diving reverse DDT. Close two for Christian! Swagger is rocked now, Christian senses victory. Stun-gun by Swagger, schoolboy with a handful of tights but the referee catches Swagger. Christian tries a Kill-Switch but Swagger reverses with a suplex before trying for the powerbomb. Christian wriggles free and pulls down the singlet of Swagger before rolling him up with an O’Connor roll and a handful of tights to steal the win.


Another very solid match between these two, the psychology is nice and simple. The ribs are injured early on so Swagger destroys the ribs of Christian with Christian selling well. Christian steals one from Swagger just like the previous PPV, Swagger tried to cheat first but the veteran continues to have the number of the rookie. Not done often in wrestling which is nice to see, I like how this storyline is playing out and Swagger is growing on me while in there with Christian but considering how good Christian is, I imagine I will enjoy whoever is in the ring with Captain Charisma. Christian has filled that gap left by Matt Hardy in the ECW brand and I would say he’s done an even better job in such a short amount of time.


Winner: Christian over Jack Swagger via Roll-Up!


Shelton Benjamin W/ Charlie Haas vs John Morrison

Very interesting match here because I know Benjamin did well as The Gold Standard on Smackdown and I am not sure how Morrison started to become a babyface but I swore it was when Miz & Morrison would have went their separate ways but that’s not until the next Wrestlemania. So it looks like babyface Morrison experiment has started early, this match starts awesomely because Benjamin throws an exploder on Morrison to start the match. Looks like Benjamin had been watching some AJPW before this match.


Shoulder block by Benjamin before Morrison shows his agility and lands right hands, Irish whip but Benjamin powders not enjoying being rocked by Morrison. Morrison fakes a dive before landing a 450, absolutely ridiculous. Benjamin caught Morrison well, Morrison uses the ropes on Benjamin. Haas distracts Morrison, Benjamin takes control and kicks Morrison to the floor. Haas throws Morrison back in the ring, Benjamin places Morrison in the tree of woe and smacks him around. Benjamin slaps on an abdominal stretch, Morrison begins to fight back with rights and lefts before Benjamin lands a huge elbow to the face. Benjamin measures Morrison and lands shot after shot, Benjamin has his face rubbed into the mat.


Another stretch from Benjamin, another Morrison flurry is cut off with a knee to the face by Benjamin. Sleeper from Benjamin, Morrison is being worn down. The three rest-hold spots in a row is kind of killing my vibe for this match, crowd is only coming into it in the third spot and even then, it’s tepid and lukewarm. Morrison escapes and both men bang heads, Morrison comes back with a dropkick and a clothesline, tilt-a-whirl Russian leg-sweep. Two for Morrison, Benjamin avoids moonlight drive and lands a massive inverted back-breaker for two. Benjamin lands right hands before Morrison lands a massive calf kick, running knee to the face for two.


Benjamin is caught with a knee, springboard hurricanrana does not work for Morrison as Benjamin counters for a powerbomb for two. Pay-Dirt is countered, Morrison drop toeholds Benjamin into the buckle. Monkey flip but Benjamin flips out of it, Haas is knocked off the apron by Morrison. Benjamin misses a splash, springboard enzuigiri and a Starship Pain and it’s over!


Thought this could have been a lot better, Morrison as a babyface is a work in progress but the flashes are great, the 450 stands out for sure. The rest-holds really slowed this down for me and sadly, Starship Pain is rarely ever connecting with Morrison usually over-shooting but I see the potential, Benjamin can be fun too though. Just felt they let me down with this one, could be better.


Winner: John Morrison over Shelton Benjamin via Starship Pain!


(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Rey Mysterio © vs Chris Jericho

Rey Mysterio would win the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania 25, marking the retirement of JBL. Chris Jericho would be having his best year in terms of in-ring work and character-work in 2008 and wished to continue his hot-streak in 2009. It began with a great match with Ricky Steamboat and now Jericho looks to take the Intercontinental Championship from fan favourite Rey Mysterio.


We begin with Jericho running into a drop toehold, the match almost started with 619. Jericho looks a little hesitant to get in there with Mysterio. Crowd is split, clearly appreciative of the work of Jericho. They restart in the ring, Jericho lands elbows and a clothesline, Mysterio fires off forearms before Jericho lands an elbow to the face. Mysterio is tossed to the floor but rolls out of hurting himself, Jericho is too slow for Mysterio. Baseball slide by Mysterio and a seated senton off the apron. Jericho sends Mysterio into the barricade, Jericho shoves Mysterio into the ring. Jericho gets kicked re-entering the ring, Mysterio lands a diving leg drop to Jericho for a close two.


Forearms in the corner, Jericho reverses and sends Mysterio to the apron. Mysterio wants a moonsault but Jericho shoves down Mysterio, Mysterio is hobbling gingerly on the apron. Springboard dropkick by Jericho, Mysterio hits the floor hard. Jericho drops Mysterio on the barricade, Jericho slaps on a rest-hold in the middle of the ring. Mysterio fights back but Jericho catches the foot, enzuigiri from Mysterio. Jericho is in position for the 619, Jericho counters with a back-drop. Tilt-a-whirl back-breaker Ultimo Dragon style from Jericho for a close two, Jericho uses a rope hung guillotine for two. Jericho mocks Mysterio and kicks him in the face.


Jericho sets Mysterio up on the turnbuckle, Jericho rips at the mask of Mysterio. Mysterio elbows off Jericho, diving seated senton by Mysterio. Springboard crossbody for two, Mysterio eats a kick while Jericho tries a sunset flip but Mysterio comes back with a kick to the side of the head for two. Jericho whips Mysterio to the corner, elbow by Mysterio. Mysterio wants a victory roll by Jericho has the Walls but its countered, Mysterio runs into a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker for two. Jericho cannot land his modified bulldog, head-scissors by Mysterio. Jericho avoids the 619, Mysterio wants a springboard hurricanrana, Jericho almost lands the Walls. Head-scissors, Mysterio looks for the 619. Jericho grabs the legs and applies The Walls of Jericho in the middle of the ring.


Mysterio is crawling with everything he has, Jericho is applying the pressure. Mysterio is stuck in the middle of the ring, Mysterio counters for a small package for two. Mysterio gets caught with a powerbomb, two for Jericho. Kick to the ribs by Jericho, headbutt by Jericho. Jericho sends Mysterio to the corner, Mysterio drop toeholds Jericho into the ring-post, one 619 later and a springboard splash and Jericho is vanquished!


Easily the match of the night, two very popular performers who are masters of their craft go in there and have the fans going crazy with their counters and near-falls, tremendous entertaining match between the two of them. Such a simple concept as well, Jericho told the fans there will be no 619 on this night and they built the match around that, crowd exploded with Mysterio landing the 619. Just awesome stuff, loved this match. No slow movements, no wasted motion. Just really fun wrestling from two awesome wrestlers, great stuff!


Winner: Rey Mysterio over Chris Jericho via Splash!


(WWE World Championship Match) Randy Orton © vs Batista

Batista would come back after Mania and help Triple H & Shane Mcmahon battle Legacy. However, it was Batista that would cost Triple H his precious WWE Championship and his absence due to the severe Punt Kick delivered by Orton. These two battled at Armageddon with it seeming less important than it should have been considering who was involved but that’s just how things go sometimes. It did set us up perfectly for this match though as Orton was bested by The Animal.


Batista has a massive cut on his head, Orton is hesitant and methodical as always. Batista lands shoulder blocks and clotheslines, suplex by Batista. Batista lands shoulder thrusts in the corner, Orton suckers Batista in and sends Orton to the floor. Dropkick with Batista tumbling to the floor, Orton belly to back suplexes Batista on the barricade. Orton begins to stomp and knee the life out of Batista, massive knee across the throat. Two for Orton, reverse chin-lock from the champion. Batista fights out before the Orton back-breaker puts him down for two, Orton goes for his Garvin stomp. Kick to the ribs from Orton, reverse chin-lock from Orton.


Belly to back suplex from Batista, Batista lands shoulders before Orton lands a knee and hooks Batista for the DDT. Orton stalks his prey, Orton wants the RKO. Orton decides to punt Big Dave but Batista cuts Orton in half with a spear. Both men trading blows middle of the ring, Batista wins the slugfest. Batista whips Orton to the corner, boot counter by Orton but Batista picks up Orton and spinebusters him into the corner. Shoulder thrusts, corner clotheslines and an Oklahoma powerslam for two. Orton runs from Batista, Orton wants to be counted-out. Batista is like erm no don’t do that so Batista goes after Orton. Orton kicks Batista and runs, Orton holds onto the ring-post while Batista keeps swinging. In the ring, Batista takes Orton’s clotheslines and rifles off his own big clothesline. Snap-mare by Batista and a big boot, Orton rolls out again. Orton uses the ropes to take down the challenger, Orton grabs a chair. Batista lands a big right hand, we are by the announce table.


Batista is climbing high, diving shoulder block for a close two. Orton slides out and asks for his championship, Orton begins running. Batista is in pursuit, the referee is not helping Batista here. Orton still has the championship, Spine-Buster by Batista. The referee takes the championship away from Orton, Batista Bomb is countered but the RKO is countered too. Batista charges in and hits his shoulder off the ring-post. Orton stalks Batista, Batista blocks the RKO but Orton slaps the referee and costs Batista the chance to become champion.


The drama involving Orton trying to get disqualified was a lot of fun, the fans were very split also in this match which is great fun. This match also has an appearance from Ric Flair who I thought was gone to TNA following Wrestlemania but it looks like Flair made quite a few appearances in WWE before shipping off to TNA. Crowd is so happy to see Flair, finish protects Batista which means we can have a rematch. I am happy when Batista is screwed and not made to look like a moron, those moments were unfortunately very rare when it came to Batista chasing King Booker & Edge but this finish I do not mind too much. Card has picked up since Mysterio vs Jericho, still good stuff!


Winner: Batista over Randy Orton via DQ!


Big Show vs John Cena

John Cena won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 25 before losing it to Edge thanks to Big Show Chokeslamming Cena through a stage light. The big story going into this one is Cena is not 100% and Miz has been calling out Cena for weeks on RAW. Big Show is also trying to grow his hair back which I never saw and boy does it look ugly. Bell rings and Show is smiling, Cena is tentative. Cena is on the defensive due to not being 100%, Cena tried rolling away from Show. Cena did roll but grimaced after, Cena is not in great condition here. Cena kicks away Show, Show is unfazed. Show corners Cena, the kick does not work. Show lands a shot to those injured ribs, Cena is immediately down. A second haymaker leaves Cena rethinking his life.


Show mocks Cena, Cena is coughing and wheezing. Cena begins to fight back, Show’s shoulder block drops Cena. Show steps on Cena, brutal looking spot. Scoop slam by Show, Cena slips out and tries right hands but a sidewalk slam puts down Cena for two. Headbutt by Show, Cena avoids a big boot. Show plays possum and tosses Cena to the floor, Show lifts Cena into the ring-post. Show wanted his submission move but Cena slides out but Show shoves off Cena who cannot land the bulldog. Massive corner slap by Show, gut punch by Show. Hard whip to the corner, Show catches Cena in a bearhug. Cena is fading fast, headbutt to the spine by Show.


Show measures Cena, corner hip attack by Show. Two hip attacks by Show, Cena is down on the mat. Show whips Cena hard across the ring, Cena is down once more. Show takes Cena’s armband and tosses it aside, Show misses a third splash. Cena throws rights and lefts, Cena hit a shoulder block to the knee. Massive throwback from Cena, Five-Knuckle-Shuffle. Show gets up and grabs Cena by the throat, Chokeslam is countered with a DDT. Cena wants the STF but Show is massive, Show wriggles free and lands a clothesline. Show has Cena in position parallel to the corner, Show wants a Vader Bomb. Cena somehow survives, poor camera positioning does not really let us enjoy the kick-out. Show is undeterred and wants to do it again in the opposite corner.


Show crashes to the mat, Cena has dodged. Cena cannot nail the STF, Show kicks Cena to the apron. Cena lands a boot to the head from the apron, Kobashi-style leg drop by Cena, Cena wants the STF again but Show shakes him off. Show kicks Cena low, alley-oop bomb by Show. Show calls for the KO Punch, Cena pulls himself up using the ropes. Drama builds, Show wants the kill. Cena ducks and lifts up Show, AA in the middle of the ring and this match is over!


I quite enjoyed this match between these two, Cena has a lot more experience under his belt since the Wrestlemania XX encounter which I don’t believe was anything special but here we have a match where Cena is undoubtedly the man in WWE and the fans are all in on this match. Cena does a good job early on selling the injuries, the selling kind of goes out the window once Cena starts attempting the STF. It’s frustrating because Cena could milk this so much more and have the fans at a fever pitch if built to correctly but criticisms aside, the crowd goes nuts and when that AA hits, the fans lose their minds. Kudos to Show also, Show came back and after doing some bullshit on ECW, Show has worked Taker and Cena, not a bad pay-day for The World’s Largest Athlete.


Winner: John Cena over Big Show via AA!


(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Edge © vs Jeff Hardy

After a slight detour with brother Matt, Jeff Hardy is right back where he should be: Main Event scene on Smackdown. Hardy was robbed in many fans eyes with the chaotic main event scene switching back and forth in early 2009 but with Cena firmly in position to chase Orton with Batista on RAW, Smackdown is all about Edge & Jeff Hardy with the likes of CM Punk waiting in the wings.


The rumble match was not one of my favourites but I am hoping things will be a little different this time around, Edge grabs the arm before Hardy reverses the hold. Edge kicks low and grabs a side head-lock, Hardy shoves off Edge. Shoulder block by Edge, Hardy comes back with two deep arm-drags. Hardy leap-frogs Edge and applies another arm-drag, Hardy drives his knees into the arm. Crowd is very much in Hardy’s corner, Edge pushes Hardy to the corner. Hardy counters an Irish whip with a corner head-scissors, another arm-drag with Edge getting more and more desperate. Edge is elevated to the apron, Hardy lands his mule-kick and lands a tope con hilo to the floor. Back in the ring, Hardy looks for whisper in the wind but Edge dodges and Edge is going to target the back now hopefully.


Hardy is slammed into the ring-post, Edge Spears Hardy off the apron. Hardy crashes to the mat, Hardy crawls into the ring with Edge dropping elbow after elbow to the spine. Edge chokes Hardy on the middle rope, crossbody to the spine. Edge stretches Hardy in the middle of the ring, Edge even uses his head for some leverage. Hardy escapes but Edge maintains control, Hardy ducks a clothesline and lands a crossbody for two. Jaw-breaker by Hardy, sit-out front suplex by Hardy. Diving crossbody misses by Hardy, Edge drags Hardy to the middle of the ring for two. Hardy starts his comeback and lands two flying forearms and a low leg-drop for two.


Hardy whips Edge to the buckle, Hardy slides under Edge and trips the champion. Up high, the diving crossbody connects for a close two. Hardy misses a dropkick as Edge hangs onto the ropes, Edge is kicked off and caught in a small package for two. Edge wants an Impaler but Hardy drops Edge low and applies a sharpshooter of all things. Twist of Fate by Hardy for two, Hardy lands a corner clothesline and is thinking of his slingshot dropkick but Edge looks for a powerbomb. Hardy slips out for a sunset flip for a close two, Hardy is showing frustration. Hardy is climbing high, Edge is there to meet the challenger. No Swanton just yet, Edge looks for a superplex.


Hardy battles back, sunset flip powerbomb for a close two, Edge is in the opposite corner now. Hardy lands his dropkick but Edge spills to the floor, Hardy starts messing with the announce table and barricade, Hardy is thinking something dangerous as always. Hardy climbs onto the barricade but Edge recovers and Spears Hardy onto the floor. Edge wants the count-out victory, Hardy is in agony and the referee is at nine but Hardy makes it into the ring. Edge is distraught at this turn of events, Edge measures but misses a spear. Hardy lands a Twist of Fate in the ropes, slingshot leg drop from Hardy for a close two as Edge uses the ropes. Whisper in the Wind from Hardy for another two, they are on the floor now.


Hardy grabs the steel steps, Edge is on dream street. Poetry in Motion using the steel steps, they spill into the crowd. Jeff is climbing over the barricade, Matt Hardy emerges from the crowd and waffles Jeff in the back of the head with his cast. 1….2.. Hardy kicks out! Could this be Hardy’s night? Hardy cannot stand, Hardy is not in a good place. Edge measures but Hardy avoids the spear. Edge spears the buckle, Hardy is looking for the Swanton. Hardy cannot stand, Edge comes back to his feet and Edge lands a massive Impaler to retain the championship!


Cool finish for sure, devastating impact and I am guessing Edge never used it again because I can’t think of him ever hitting it on any other occasion. Solid match between these two here, surprised they got the main event slot ahead of Orton and Cena but I am not complaining. Interesting to see the false finish teased with Matt costing Jeff the championship, I thought the feud was all done after Backlash but it looks like there might be one more twist to that tale. Regardless, a singles match with Jeff Hardy lives and dies on the emotions of the crowd because Hardy is at his best when there is a gimmick involved but if Jeff’s going to be a champion, he has to deliver in the matches where there are no chairs, ladders or tables to go through and I am still not sold on Jeff Hardy in that regard, that brings a lot of pressure on Edge to keep it entertaining. Edge brings what he can to this match but it just doesn’t enter great territory for me at any point, I think a lot of fans bought Hardy winning after kicking out of Matt’s cast to the back of the head. Overall, a solid main event to close the PPV but I think both men can do better with gimmicks involved.


Winner: Edge over Jeff Hardy via Super Edgecution/Impaler DDT!


So that was WWE’s Judgement Day 2009, a pretty good pay per view from WWE. There are a lot of matches on this show that are easy to sit through and fun to watch, the finishes leave it lacking and it feels very much like a B level pay per view with none of the championships changing hands but the in-ring action was a lot better than I was expecting from an era that is considered a low point for the company. Not in terms of finance like the difficult 1995 but many fans were leaving the product behind due to the change to PG and the over-reliance on John Cena. Criticism aside, I was expecting due to that influence to have a level of disdain for anything in this era but I must say I am enjoying how things are progressing with WWE at the time.


Things kick off with Umaga vs CM Punk, there are criticisms like always when it comes to the WWE formula: having a hometown hero beaten is one I never liked. Another knock on the match would be again the trope of Mr. Money In The Bank instantly becoming a loser, it hurts more when Kane is nowhere near the title picture so last month feels like a waste and hurts more knowing I don’t think we will be seeing Umaga for too much longer either. Those criticisms aside, crowd is into Punk and that gives you a fun opener, some spicy spots in here and an impactful finish. Things continue with Swagger and Christian, very good stuff from ECW. Christian is better than Matt in that veteran babyface role, he plays to the strengths of Swagger and the veteran out-cheating the heel is not touched nearly enough in wrestling and Captain Charisma is already winning over a WWE audience who may not be all that familiar with him.


Benjamin vs Morrison should be that match where you look and say: And that’s where they started their climb to the top but it’s rather tame in most parts. Benjamin’s multiple rest holds don’t pay off with the audience, Morrison is still figuring it out while Benjamin is much the same as a heel, not reaching that next level needed to become a main eventer in the company. Bright spots but flashes are not enough to make me speak kindly of this match. The whole card picks up next with Mysterio vs Jericho. Easily the match of the night built around Jericho saying there’s no way he will take the 619 and boy does it pay off when Jericho has his face rocked by Mysterio’s boots. Great back and forth, crowd are very much into the match. Great false-finishes, beautiful counters and the drama is turned up to 11. Tremendous match on this night by these two!


Batista vs Orton has its moments of fun, Orton trying to get disqualified and counted-out were good highlights, the shenanigans with the championship and the chair also stood out to me. Batista nailing a diving shoulder block is not something you see every day but this felt like they were just killing time until their next encounter, I am happy that Batista was saved from looking like a doofus considering how much of his run on Smackdown made him look like an idiot and the crowd was invested in it but it was not the caliber of match I would have wanted from an angry Animal who wanted to avenge his mentor who was injured due to his mistake. Cena vs Show is quite good if not a bit safe, Cena sells well in the opening moments. Really makes Show look like a dominant monster and there is no way back for Cena, things go south as Cena mounts a comeback, any semblance of selling is gone so Cena’s hopes of being one of my favourites in the ring die quickly but listen to the crowd my man, they are going bananas and everyone has a good time when Show is toppled. I would just like more selling from Cena, more consistency is all I ask. As for the main event, I am struggling to go all in on Jeff Hardy as top babyface due to the fact that when I see him without a weapon, I feel he’s a bit naked. Some really good near-falls here and a banger of a finish that Edge probably should have pulled out more often in his career leave me satisfied with the main event. It’s an easy show to get through especially when we hit Jericho vs Mysterio but nothing tops that match, the rest of the main events feel safe and build-ups for the next PPV. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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