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WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series that is more blown-up than The Rock after a promo! It’s time for WWE Extreme Rules 2009! The main event is a rematch between Jeff Hardy and Edge in a TLC match, the match that made the two of them famous. It is clearly rematch city as we have John Cena vs The Big Show, Batista vs Randy Orton and CM Punk vs Umaga. The one night of the year that WWE goes extreme, I am happy with that! This should be a fun one but will there be any highlights on this night? Let’s find out!


(WWE United States Championship Fatal Four Way Match) Kofi Kingston © vs William Regal vs Matt Hardy vs MVP

So MVP lost the championship to Kingston on the previous RAW and has to get his rematch in a fatal four way? Sucks to be MVP, the tunnel is also gone so I mark this as the decline of poor MVP, soon it will be teaming with Mark Henry. Happy to see Regal back on PPV considering Regal was quite enjoyable as Intercontinental Champion. Matt Hardy is already out of the main event picture after losing to Jeff. Hardy & Regal will look to work together, not sure if MVP has transitioned to a fully-fledged babyface just yet but we shall see as it looks like it for now.


Regal shoves Hardy into the babyfaces, the babyfaces clean house. Hardy returns the favour, Hardy and MVP brawl on the floor. Kofi and Regal in the ring, Kofi planchas onto both Hardy & MVP. Regal eats a shoulder and a diving crossbody for two, MVP is back in now and lands a shoulder block. Something went wrong there but we continue, the show must go on as they say in the business. Kofi lands a high elbow after two leap-frogs, Regal comes in and knees Kofi. Regal pummels Kofi, Regal wants a superplex. Massive tower of doom spot, MVP wasn’t in position so things did not look great. Hardy tries stealing the pin but it does not work. Hardy lands a side effect on Regal for two, Hardy lands a scoop slam and climbs high. Diving leg drop connects for two, Twist of Fate is stopped by Kofi.


Kofi chops at Hardy, dropkick and flying clothesline, Kofi scoop slams Regal onto Hardy. Boom Drop on both men for a two, Regal is canned to the floor. Hardy sends Kofi to the corner, Kofi lands the Christian corner kick. MVP is kicked to the floor, Regal throws Kofi into Hardy. MVP lands a boot to Regal, belly to belly suplex on Kofi but Hardy makes the save. MVP & Hardy are brawling, MVP is winning that war. Knee to the face, Ballin’ Elbow but Regal makes the save. Exploder suplex by Regal, peppering shots in the corner. Knee Trembler to MVP. Exploder to Hardy, Regal throws Kofi to the ropes who rebounds with Trouble in Paradise for the win.


Solid opening match here, everyone gets a moment to shine and it’s balls to the wall from the get-go, everyone hitting big shots and fun spots. MVP shows some potential as a babyface here while Kofi seems to be super promising which is great to see from the WWE. Regal’s over-confidence leading to his KO was a nice spot too. Fans loved it and right man wins, good start!


Winner: Kofi Kingston over Everyone Else via Trouble in Paradise!


(WWE Intercontinental Championship No Holds Barred Match) Rey Mysterio © vs Chris Jericho

Jericho was beaten in a fantastic match at the prior PPV, that match was built around Jericho saying there is no way that Mysterio could hit him with The 619. Jericho would be proved wrong but Jericho says now that Mysterio’s mask will be ripped off. Another simple concept to follow for this match, no holds barred which probably doesn’t matter as I don’t think anyone will be drilling the other with piledrivers and such but this is going to be your basic no-DQ match.


Mysterio tackles Jericho to start, Mysterio kicks Jericho to the floor. Jericho meets the announce table and the tope of the table is thrown in his face. Mysterio hits a running dropkick, Jericho meets the barricade. Jericho recovers and elbows Mysterio, the champion meets the barricade. Jericho tries whipping Mysterio into the steel steps but Mysterio flips over the steps and dropkicks them into Jericho. Mysterio sends Jericho into the steel steps and lands an apron diving hurricanrana before nailing a slingshot leg drop in the ring for two. Jericho boots Mysterio in the ribs and uses the rope-hung guillotine. Two for the challenger, Jericho boots and chokes Mysterio in the corner.


Mysterio is whipped to the opposite buckle, Mysterio is on the apron and lands a shoulder but Jericho stops the moonsault by pushing the legs. This spot was used in the prior match but Jericho never went after the knee, will this change in this match. Jericho uses it as a set-up for a plancha but Mysterio kicks Jericho to the floor. Mysterio nails a 619 around the ring-post, diving crossbody finds the mark. In the ring, Mysterio lands a springboard leg drop for two. Irish whip by Jericho, head-scissors counter by Mysterio which is the set-up for the 619 but Jericho is up quickly and shoulder blocks the life out of Mysterio. Scoop slam escape by Mysterio, leg kicks and forearm shots. Mysterio wants a modified bulldog but rolls into the victory pin, two for Mysterio. Jericho rolls through for a close two, Jericho tries a sunset flip but Mysterio rolls through. However, Mysterio misses the dropkick as Jericho wants the Walls of Jericho.


Mysterio counters with a small package for two, a kick to the side of the head for two. Jericho answers back with a clothesline to gain control, Mysterio is sent flying to the floor on his belly. In the ring, Jericho spears the ring-post as Mysterio dodges, Mysterio lands a massive suicide dive with both men crashing to the mat. Springboard seated senton, head-scissors and a pop-up hurricanrana for two. Jericho tries a clothesline, drop toehold by Mysterio. Jericho counters though with a back-breaker that looks brutal, bigger reaction at Judgement Day but still a great spot for two. Mysterio fights back, pop-up hurricanrana countered for a powerbomb. Lionsault misses, 619 to the back of the head but Mysterio’s splash is countered with a Code-breaker! 1….2……. Mysterio kicks out!


Jericho grabs a chair, the first instance of the match stipulation being introduced. Mysterio dropkicks the chair into Jericho’s face, Mysterio grabs the chair and lands a leg-drop Sabu style for two. Jericho is dropped into the chair, Mysterio uses the chair for a pop-up hurricanrana but Jericho counters for a Walls of Jericho. Mysterio scrambles for the chair and cracks Jericho in the face with the chair. Jericho falls into perfect position for the 619, Mysterio runs up but Jericho rips off the mask in one smooth move and rolls-up Mysterio for the win.


Another match with these two that is very good, not as hot as the Judgement Day match and I don’t know if the stipulation was necessary for the match, I feel they could have gotten where they needed to without the help of the stipulation. Could have been nice to have Jericho go after the mask a bit more, Jericho did go after it in the previous match. Regardless, another solid match between these two, their counters and false-finishes are better than most in the company during this time. Great chemistry I cannot wait to see where they go next!


Winner: Chris Jericho over Rey Mysterio via Roll-Up!


(Strap Match) CM Punk vs Umaga

Rematch with a gimmick, I don’t think I have ever liked a strap match in my many years of watching wrestling as it always end in some sort of hokey bullshit where the heel is touching the strap just behind the babyface or vice-versa. Maybe I liked the one between Rock & HHH because that ended in pins but any with the touching corners stipulation sucked in my opinion.


Umaga starts by kicking and punching Punk, touching two corners before Punk nails a massive knee. Punk touches two corners before Umaga lands a Samoan drop. Umaga starts whipping Punk like a dog, Punk is dragged to the ring-post while Umaga tries pulling out Punk’s shoulder. Punk’s arm is bounced off the steel steps, Punk is suplexed onto the top rope and superkicked to the floor. Punk starts touching pads, Umaga gets two with ease. Punk lands an apron kick, springboard diving clothesline. Punk calls for The GTS, Umaga slips out and lands a spinning heel kick. Punk manages to nail his corner kick and his bulldog, Punk starts touching buckles. Punk touched three before Umaga landed his spinning uranage slam. Umaga touches three before Punk ties himself up in the ropes. Punk low-bridges Umaga, Punk begins touching buckles.


Punk reaches three before Umaga drags Punk across the ring, throat thrust by Umaga. Umaga is climbing to the top rope, Punk uses the strap to pull down Umaga. Punk is going to touch a fourth buckle but Umaga fights and fights, thinking that the spike will end this match but Umaga runs right into a GTS and Punk touches the buckle.


Yeah not as good as their previous match, the gimmick is a rough one and doesn’t make for a great match. Fans were alright, they did a good job of making it passable but I wouldn’t say Punk is near that main event scene in terms of popularity but you will see that Punk knew exactly what was needed to be done to make it to that next level.


Winner: CM Punk over Umaga via Touching All 4 Buckles!


(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules Match) Christian © vs Jack Swagger vs Tommy Dreamer

The fuck is Tommy Dreamer doing in there? What are those pants? An extreme rules match will definitely paper over the cracks in this one, this could be a fun spot-fest. Swagger wants the two babyfaces to fight, Swagger does not realize that he has no friends here. Christian starts off slapping Swagger, Swagger uses his array of suplexes to take him down. Christian is on the floor, Dreamer tries a DDT but Swagger throws another suplex. Christian & Dreamer decide to grab weapons, fans chant ECW. Swagger is demolished with both weapons. White Russian leg-sweep by Dreamer on Swagger, Christian saves his championship. Dreamer fights back with the cane and lands a pumphandle suplex with his cane. Swagger jumps Dreamer, Dreamer is bounced off the turnbuckle over and over. Swagger has a trash-can lid, Dreamer sends Swagger tumbling to the floor. Dreamer is on the apron with a trash-can, Dreamer uses the trash-can for a senton into both men.


Dreamer throws Swagger into the ring, more trash cans and canes. Dreamer is on the middle rope, diving shoulder block using the cane. Swagger is in the tree of woe, Christian trips up Dreamer. Christian lands the low dropkick before tossing Dreamer into Swagger. Two for Christian, Dramer fights back and looks for his DDT. Christian backs Dreamer into the corner, Swagger has the cane and drops Christian. Belly to belly suplex for two, gut-buster and military press by Swagger for two. Dreamer misses a middle rope elbow on Christian, Christian wanted a springboard plancha but Swagger takes out Christian with a trash can. More trash cans and canes are in the ring, Dreamer waffles Swagger in the ribs but Swagger counters for a nice belly to belly suplex.


Swagger makes a line of trash cans, Dreamer is in serious trouble here. Swagger wants a superplex, Christian comes in for the tower of doom spot. Massive powerbomb by Christian, Dreamer manages to kick out as does Swagger. Christian grabs a crutch, Swagger counters Christian. Both men tease their finishers, Swagger has Christian and drops him on the exposed turnbuckle. Dreamer smashes Swagger in the ribs with the crutch and drops Swagger with a Dreamer DDT for the win!


So they really don’t feed into the story that Dreamer would have ended his career if he lost, this is a big moment for Dreamer and his career could have ended if he didn’t win the match but Matthews and Striker do a piss-poor job of selling it. Great moment for Tommy who would be the guy who hired so many of your favourites during that RA era and was jobbed out to countless starts, Dreamer finally gets his moment in the sun. Surprised they didn’t bring out a table but Dreamer took so many big bumps in this one, wrestling like it was his last match. Another very solid representation of ECW on PPV, very good stuff!


Winner: Tommy Dreamer over Everyone Else via DDT!


(Hog Pen Match) Santina Marella vs Vickie Guerrero

Really? Fuck me let’s just get this over with. Chavo wrestlers instead of Vickie, both men are covered in mud. Vickie decides to come in and Santina is ready to slop her. Chavo makes the save but slops Vickie by mistake. Slop is on Chavo’s head, Santina throws down Vickie and wins the match and her crown. Her theme is Rico’s theme? Why not. Utter shite!


Winner: Santina Marella!


(WWE World Championship Steel Cage Match) Randy Orton © vs Batista

I had a feeling they would have a cage match, I was thinking to myself how can we save Batista from losing to Orton without making him look weak? A cage match never fails, Orton took out Flair prior to this match in quite an emotional moment. Really adds another layer to this match, let’s hope it lives up to the hype.


Orton tries to run immediately, Batista is in hot pursuit. Batista takes Orton to the corner, shoulder thrusts in the corner. Orton is against the cage, Batista spears Orton into the cage twice. The third time Orton dodges and Batista spears the cage, Batista thwarts Orton’s escape. Batista is kicked in the head, Orton tries escaping through the door. Right hand staggers Orton, corner clothesline by Batista. Corner clothesline and a powerslam but its blocked, Orton shoves Batista into the cage and lands his back-breaker. Orton tries crawling out the cage but Batista is too strong, Orton tastes the cage. All four sides of the cage, powerslam from The Animal for two. Orton lures Batista in, Batista meets the turnbuckle. Stomps in the corner, Batista reverses an Irish whip and lands a Spine-buster. Batista Bomb is countered as Orton elevates Batista into the cage wall. Orton dropkicks Batista off the cage wall, Orton thinks about escaping but decides he wants to kick Batista in the head. Orton tries to escape, Batista dodges the kick though and looks for the powerbomb. Batista Bomb but Orton is hanging on, Orton escapes but the RKO is countered. Orton is shoved into the cage and Batista lands The Batista Bomb!


Batista won the championship from Orton? You serious? This really happened? Just like that? Was somebody injured? Orton who had his reign fucked up by Triple H at Mania? Orton drops the championship to Batista just like that? I really am shocked, I didn’t think this happened at all. Well the storyline definitely had the drama it needed but I don’t think the match could live up to the angle. Totally shocked though. Cage match is a tough one in this era, Orton did try to scramble and Orton’s greed cost him which is solid stuff but I just felt it was a little underwhelming.


Winner: Batista over Randy Orton via Batista Bomb!


(Submission Match) John Cena vs Big Show

So this match was built around the idea of their previous match where Cena could not lock in the STF on Show as Show was simply too big to pull it off. Cena has already vanquished Show so not sure why we did not move onto the Miz feud but I guess we can squeeze another month out of these two.


Can Cena do the impossible? Cena is throwing kicks which is not his strongpoint at all, Show lands a clothesline within seconds. Show wants his camel clutch, Cena is too quick and tries an STF but it is not going to work. Show is too fresh, Show continues to try and box but Cena goes for legs. Gut shots by Cena, Show lands a massive side-kick to floor Cena. Show works the ribs, headbutt to the corner. Show lands a massive splash, Cena avoids the splash but the bulldog doesn’t work like Judgement Day. Cena splats on the mat and spills to the floor, Show lands headbutt after headbutt against the ropes. Cena is trying to fight back, big rights and lefts but the shoulder block does not work with Show knocking Cena back with ease. Show is going for a full-nelson on Cena, interesting choice.


Cena attempts to escape, Show headbutts Cena in the back. To the buckle, Show eats a boot and Cena slaps on a sleeper. Alley Oop Bomb from Show, Show drops his hips on Cena who is in dire straits now. Chest slap by Show, massive suplex by Show. Show steps on Cena’s ribs once more, Show is delighted with himself. Show uses the middle rope to choke Cena, Show misses his Vader bomb with Cena rolling out of the way. Cena tries a slam but Show falls on top, Show clamps on a head & arm choke here. Show clearly watching the UFC, Cena uses his knees to escape the hold. Cena is grabbed by the throat, Show cannot nail the Chokeslam so Show decides to toss Cena to the floor.


Show picks up Cena, gut-buster hold into the steel steps. Show clamps on an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring. Cena escapes the hold and counters a Chokeslam into a DDT. Cena stops the selling and looks for the STF, Show rolls to his side and kicks Cena to the floor. Show picks up Cena to the apron, Cena teases going for his leg drop but Cena dives into a bearhug. Cena rakes the eyes and lands the throwback, Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Show is staggered but the AA puts down Show. Cena is trying again for the STF, one elbow from Show ends Cena’s flurry.


Show lands the Knockout Punch! Cena rolls to the floor, Cole makes mention of Cena not being able to answer the count? What? It is a submission match, you cannot have a DQ or a count-out in that surely? It’s the one night where there are no rules Cole! Show picks up Cena but Cena shoves Show into the ring-post, Cena sees Show slowly crawling into the ring. Cena lands his diving leg drop, Cena decides to use the ropes to tie Show up. Cena uses the ropes and applies the stiffest STF I have ever seen from Cena. Show cannot move and Show decides to tap out!


Same problems with this as their previous match. You either buy into Show’s slow but brutal offence or you find it dull and tedious, Cena’s lack of selling can also impact how much you enjoy the match but the finish was clever and the fans continue to react huge to Cena every time Cena is in the ring. Wish I could see a little more from Cena and maybe Show soften up Cena’s back for his big camel clutch finish but the continued attempts at the STF were good, built the drama for the eventual finish and that is the one time Cena locked in the STF where it looked good, it was tight and looked excruciating. Compare that to Cena applying that hold in any other match and it’s night and day.


Winner: John Cena over Big Show via STF!


(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match) Edge © vs Jeff Hardy

Two men who made their mark on the business in this match, No Mercy 1999 was the first ever tag team ladder match and these two men made history. When you think of the TLC matches, the moment you always see is either Jeff’s massive Swanton or Edge’s spear to Jeff off the ladder. There is not a more fitting match for these two, it’s perfect that their feud ends with the match that started it all. I expect high-risk moves and awesome spots, their previous matches have been solid but not reached that next level. This is the second time they will main event over the WWE Championship, let’s hope that they live up to the hype on this night.


The bell rings, both men are tentative. Edge uses the hair and lands a knee in the corner, Hardy leaps over Edge and lands a clothesline. They go to the corner, Hardy is ramming Edge’s head off the buckle. Scoop slam, leg drop by Hardy. Edge answers with a knee, whip to the buckle. Corner Spear by Edge, Edge wants The Edgecution but Hardy answers with a beautiful sit-out front suplex. Hardy looks for ladders now, Hardy grabs a smaller ladder that is kicked into Hardy’s face as Edge lands a massive baseball slide.


Edge picks up the ladder and leans it against the ring, Hardy answers back with a clothesline. In the ring, Hardy lands clubbing blows. Edge is elevated onto the ladder that he set up, unfortunate for the champion. Hardy tries climbing to the gold but there is no time as Edge is back up, flapjack into the ladder from Edge. The spot went wrong but actually came out much better as a result, Edge decides to grab a new ladder. The ladder is placed in the corner of the ring, Edge wants the Irish whip. Hardy hits the ladder hard, Edge places the ladder in another corner. Edge is thinking Spear, Hardy leaps over Edge and Edge spears the ladder hard.


Hardy places the ladder in front of Edge’s face, slingshot dropkick by Hardy. Hardy tries a running dropkick but Edge moves out of the way, Hardy hurts his leg on that one. Hardy is placed in the middle of the ladder, Edge targets the leg and his back. Edge uses a sharpshooter while using the ladder which leaves Hardy screaming out in pain. Edge tosses Hardy to the floor, Hardy is on his feet though. The missile dropkick finds the mark as Edge crashes to the canvas, Hardy suplexes Edge onto an open ladder, Edge looks like that was seriously painful. Hardy pulls out the 15 foot ladder, a Twist of Fate from Hardy. Hardy cannot help himself though, Hardy wants that massive leg drop. Edge knows all about that spot. Hardy tips the ladder and looks to pull down the championship, Edge reacts and yanks down Hardy who sells his leg.


Edge is fighting a man with one leg now, things have improved dramatically for the champion. Hardy sends Edge into the ladder, Hardy climbs up and lands a Whisper In The Wind. Hardy lands a Cactus Jack clothesline to the floor, both men are down. Edge boots Hardy in the face, Edge bridges a ladder between the barricade and ring apron. Edge sends Hardy into the barricade before grabbing the steel steps, Hardy kicks down Edge. Hardy lands a cutter on the barricade, Hardy places Edge on the ladder bridge. Could Hardy be thinking shades of WM23? Hardy places a massive ladder next to Edge, Hardy is thinking someone insane here. Hardy does not see Edge is up, both men are battling on the ladder. This is very dangerous as there is nowhere to go and both men thud off the floor and through the ladder in an incredible spot. Watch the replay on that, Hardy smashes off the ground. Hardy immediately grabs his shoulder, shocked if Hardy did not destroy something there. Miraculously, Hardy is up as well as Edge. Hardy punches Edge into the referee, not sure what impact the referee bump could have but it happened. Edge wants to do what he has done in the past and Spear Hardy off the ladder but Hardy reverses for a massive Twist of Fate!


Hardy begins climbing towards the championship, Edge can hardly stand but Edge will not let go of Hardy. Both men are climbing now, Hardy is closer to the championship. Edge lands big shots, Hardy is knocked off the ladder but Edge grabs the legs of Edge, Edge is stuck in the ladder. Powerless to stop Hardy, Hardy pulls down the championship while Edge can do nothing but watch on in horror. It looks like the match is over but here comes Mr. Money In The Bank. The air has been sucked out of the arena with the crowd booing wildly, Punk is going to take it all away from Hardy. GTS in the middle of the ring, 1…2… Hardy kicks out! Punk is in shock at this turn of events, Hardy tries a small package but Punk kicks out. Punk has a scowl on his face, Punk makes no mistake this time. Massive head kick and a GTS later, Punk is your champion!


A great ladder match with an even more dramatic ending, Hardy and Edge earn their main event stripes in this one. They take some horrific looking bumps in this one, Hardy gets to do what Hardy does best: Big risks and great looking bumps. Both men use the ladder well throughout the match, they have callbacks to their previous encounters and you have that wonderful moment where Hardy takes everything away from Edge. It’s beautiful and fitting for Hardy, Hardy deserved it and you have Punk steal it like that. It’s disappointing that we would not see a decisive close to their rivalry but what a way to kick off their feud and what a way to turn Punk heel. Great main event!


Winner: Jeff Hardy over Edge via Retrieval of The Championship!


Winner: CM Punk over Jeff Hardy via GTS!


That was WWE’s Extreme Rules 2009, another very solid showing from WWE in 2009. We kick things off with an action packed fatal 4 way, everyone gets a moment to shine, it’s frantic and chaotic and leaves you wanting more. Not on the level of a TNA X-Division opening match but still a lot of fun from some grizzled veterans and young-guns looking to shine brightly on PPV. Jericho vs Mysterio is arguably my favourite feud in WWE during this time, they despise one another and the concept of their matches is straight-forward and laid out to you. It’s very engaging and the crowd is split which just adds to the whole thing. Great finish here, Jericho had spoken about unmasking Mysterio, it was his goal and to seal his record 9th Intercontinental Championship, Jericho rips the mask off Mysterio while Mysterio is attempting The 619. Quality stuff here, cannot wait for the finale to this trilogy.


The triple threat ECW Championship match is a lot of fun too, it has no right to be but it delivers a lot of cool spots, shockingly from Dreamer who seems to be wrestling like it is his final match which is nice but the commentators here completely let me down as they fail to talk about Dreamer’s story throughout the match. Great moment for Dreamer, the match was a lot of fun and maybe it can lead to more interesting match-ups and Christian rising higher on the card because Christian deserves better. I worry for Swagger who was learning a lot from Christian, not sure he can maintain that momentum without Captain Charisma. I’d like to note that the women’s championship has not been seen on PPV for two months now, possibly three as I cannot remember if there was a match at Backlash but they really should have done something with Melina if they were taking the championship away from Beth who had been excellent since being paired with Santino.


Batista vs Orton shocked me, I sound like a broken record at this point but I cannot believe Orton loses the championship between his feud with Cena. I thought those two would feud after Orton beat Batista and Cena finished whatever they were planning with Miz but nope, Batista avenges not only Triple H but Ric Flair by winning the championship from Orton. I felt the desperation from Orton to escape and hold onto the championship but it felt like this was tame. The last match felt like a set-up for this one but this wasn’t high-stakes and it was one finisher reversal and then bam, Batista Bomb and it’s over. I expected more for Batista winning the championship but maybe Batista knew this was temporary and the title would be back in the hands of The Viper soon after this match. Cena vs Show will be a good match to you if you enjoy Show being dominant and can push aside Cena’s abandonment of selling once we hit the finishing stretch, Cena does a good job showcasing Show’s strength. Show comes off as a massively evil individual who wants to break every bone in Cena’s body but they never really play up the submission aspect. We have one full-nelson and an abdominal stretch but Show could use and has more devastating holds than that, Show didn’t even clamp on his camel clutch back-breaker move. If there was ever a time to use it, it would be in the submission match! Standard Cena affair with Cena coming out on top with a creative finish and his best looking STF, your feelings on it will be decided on how you feel about him during this era. The main event is high-stakes drama, you have the perfect story. The match that made them both famous, the match that Jeff Hardy dives off crazy things in which the fans love, the match that Edge always wins. Brutal looking spots, callbacks to previous encounters and then, it happens. Jeff does the unthinkable and beats Edge, everyone is so happy that finally Jeff is back on top, Jeff can have a long reign as champion. However, fate had other plans and out comes CM Punk who hadn’t been getting the best babyface reactions as of late, who was clearly number 2 when it came to babyfaces behind Jeff. Punk comes in and ruins everyone’s night, can Hardy build himself up one more time? Soul-crushing drama right here but it makes for great television! Another very easy PPV from WWE to sit through, people may be turning off and the buy-rates are down but they are delivering the goods during 2009. Can they keep it up? Guess we will find out down the line, thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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