Thursday 8 June 2023

WCW Superbrawl 1996 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac’s Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to be delayed more than CM Punk’s return to AEW! It’s time for WCW Superbrawl 1996 as we have two massive cage matches as Hulk Hogan takes on The Giant while Randy Savage defends his WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Ric Flair! We also have Konnan vs One Man Gang for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, the return of The Road Warriors as they challenge for The WCW World Tag Team Championships! Big matches up and down the card but will the stipulations make for an exciting show? We shall see! Dusty Rhodes is here on commentary again which means things might get very silly!


(Street Fight Match) Public Enemy vs The Nasty Boys

Perfect match for two groups that I do not want to see wrestle a standard match, the two brawled at the previous Clash and I imagine this will be more of the same madness here. We start with brawling, Knobbs is tossed to the floor and Grunge is ready to go out there and brawl with him. Knobbs throws a fan’s drink in the face of Grunge, Grunge meets the ring-post. Rocco Rock grabs a table early, fans like to see that. Sags meets Rock with a chair and waffles him over and over, Sags attacks Grunge too. Grunge answers back with more chair-shots of his own, Knobbs meets the ring-post before being placed on the table. Knobbs plays possum and throws Rock through the table from the apron, Knobbs tries to cover for the pin but Grunge makes the save with a chair.


Sags grabs a pin full of weapons, Knobbs uses the table to attack Rock. Sags wants a piledriver on a trash can, Grunge is absolutely spiked with the piledriver. 1..2.. Grunge places a foot on the ropes, Rock chokes Knobbs by the stage with something. Grunge is right back up after the piledriver and nails Sags with trashcan lid shots. Knobb suplexes Rock through a table by the stage, they continue brawling by the stage. Sags suplexes a table onto Rock, morw chair-shots and trashcan attacks. Knobbs is laid out on a table, Rock goes for a senton bomb through the table but Knobbs moves out of the way, Knobbs drops a table piece elbow on Rock and they win the match.


Well it’s more of a spectacle than anything else, hardly a match with little to no-selling throughout the match but I would be damned to say if I didn’t enjoy this trainwreck. It was always moving, always going to the next spot whether it was a table bump or something vicious and while tedious towards the end with the lack of any sort of psychology, that finish was cool shit for sure and if every match these two teams had was like that, I would be one happy man.


Winners: The Nasty Boys over Public Enemy via Table Shot!


(WCW World Television Championship Match) Johnny B. Badd © W/ Diamond Doll vs Diamond Dallas Page

The championship is on the line but also the services of The Diamond Doll and DDP’s money which totals 6 million dollars! DDP comes out and tries to serenade his former love with roses before Badd clobbers him to the floor and whips him into the guardrail. DDP has Badd on the apron with clubbing blows but Badd snap-mares DDP out of the ring and bounces his head off the apron. Slingshot leg-drop for two, DDP is begging for mercy. They begin working holds with Badd continuing to out-wrestle DDP, DDP tries cheating but it does not work as Badd lands a nice arm-drag. Backslide attempt by Badd, it lands but DDP kicks out and pokes the eye of Badd. Small package by Badd for two, Badd works the arm. DDP pushes Badd to the ropes and lands a big shot to the ribs before DDP lands a stun-gun.


DDP lands an elbow low on Badd, the referee is not happy with DDP’s action. DDP mocks Badd who is having trouble continuing the match, DDP talks trash to The Diamond Doll too. Badd tries a sunset flip but DDP counters with right hands, DDP stays on the attack with stomps to the ribs. Badd reverses an Irish whip but DDP lands a massive DDT, DDP wants a ten instead of the pin. DDP talks to Diamond Doll again, DDP wants a ten. Kimberly gives DDP a 1, Badd almost rolls-up DDP but DDP is back on top with a choke. Reverse chin-lock from DDP, DDP uses the ropes for leverage. Badd escapes and almost rolls up DDP again but DDP is too strong, Badd begins firing back with jabs and a massive right.


Badd climbs high, could be sunset flip time. Diving double axe handle by Badd, Kimberley gives him a 10! Badd has DDP and wants revenge for earlier, elbow to the groin. Badd climbs high again, diving sunset flip for a close two. Sit-pot powerbomb for a close two, DDP rolls to the apron. Hot-shot by DDP, DDP whips Badd to the corner. DDP misses the clothesline and Badd rols-up DDP for two, eye-poke by DDP. Badd whips DDP into the corner, DDP elbows Badd down. DDP lands a massive slam off an Irish whip for two, DDP slaps on a sleeper. Jaw-breaker counter by Badd, sleeper by Badd. Badd uses the legs and climbs DDP, DDP is fading. DDP backs into the corner, Badd reverses an Irish whip and plants DDP with a tombstone piledriver for the win!


Well I wasn’t expecting that finish, I didn’t think DDP would be planted with a tombstone but unfortunately for these two, this match did not have the heat that the last match did because their last encounter had incredible energy from the crowd and it simply couldn’t match that match but as always they work hard and I appreciate both their efforts.


Winner: Johnny B. Badd over DDP via Tombstone Piledriver!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) Sting & Lex Luger © vs Harlem Heat

Lex Luger continues to be a two-faced menace as Luger is cheating his way to success while hiding his efforts behind his good friend Sting’s back. Booker and Sting to start, Booker uses knees and elbows to rough up The Stinger. Sting sends Booker to the buckle and lands a clothesline, Sting tries a side headlock takedown but Booker uses his legs to trap Sting between his legs. Sting grabs a side headlock and tags in Luger, Luger comes in with massive forearms. Whip to the buckle, Booker counters with a boot. Forearms by Booker, tag to Stevie. Double elbow to Luger, Luger spills out to the floor. Luger tags in Sting, Stevie Ray batters Sting before Sting lands a hip-toss and dropkick. Quick cover but Stevie Ray goes to the eyes with a poke, tag to Booker. Side headlock by Booker, face-buster by Sting and a tag to Luger. Luger rakes the eyes of Booker off the ropes, stomps in the corner. Knee-lift by Luger, belly to back suplex by Luger for two. Luger misses an elbow drop, Booker is up with clubbing blows. Sidewalk slam by Booker, Booker misses an elbow drop but lands a beautiful Harlem sidekick. Tag to Stevie, scoop slam. Stevie continues to dish out the punishment to Luger, Booker tags into the match.


Booker is landing big knees to the ribs, Stevie punches Luger right between the eyes and wants a powerbomb. Stevie lands it for two, shoulder claw from Stevie Ray. Luger fights out but eats a knee to the ribs, tag to Booker. Scissors Kick by Booker, Booker does not pin right away though. Booker decides not to pin at all, front chancery from Booker. Luger wriggles free and Sting has seene enough, Sting lands Stinger Splashes before being tossed to the floor, Stevie Ray and Luger are legal in the ring. Road Warriors are here, Animal smashes Stevie Ray with something and Luger pins Stevie Ray.


Kind of heelish by Road Warriors no? Bit strange and a bit tame too as obviously Sting & Luger are going to work another match so they don’t go all out in this one. I do wonder where this Luger thing was going considering Luger took out Hogan and Savage at Havoc but now things are all good? Also where would this have went if The NWO didn’t happen? Decent match at the end of the day, could be better.


Winners: Sting & Luger over Harlem Heat via Shenanigans!


(WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Konnan © vs One Man Gang

Things are looking good for Konnan who came in from Mexico and now is holding the second most prestigious championship in the company. However, Konnan is in there with One Man Gang who is not Psicosis and not even close to his size so how will Konnan connect with the fans here tonight? Gang jumps Konnan to begin the match, clubbing blows for days. Konnan leaps over Gang and begins to dropkick the leg and lands a spinning heel kick for good measure. Middle rope dropkick and a crossbody by Konnan, they spill to the floor. Konnan lands an ugly middle rope senton, Gang regains control in the ring. Scoop slam and a leg drop, Gang taunts Konnan. Big choke by Gang, sidewalk slam.


Throat thrust by Gang, Konnan is crushed in the corner by Gang. Konnan fights back form underneath, Gang stretches the mouth of Konnan. Konnan fights back from his knees but Gang kicks down Konnan. Konnan fights back and lands a hurricanrana, dropkick to the ropes. Another dropkick but Gang is on his feet, Gang side-steps the dropkick. Gang lands a massive 747 Splash but Gang says “Nah I don’t want to win yet” Gang decides the logical idea is to go to the middle rope, Konnan moves out of the way far too early and Konnan lands a rolling senton from the top rope for the win.


Poor match from two people who do not have any sort of chemistry, if negative chemistry existed, these two could be front-runners for it. Just noting here, everything looks awkward and slow.


Winner: Konnan over One Man Gang via Senton!


(Leather Strap Match) The Taskmaster W/ Jimmy Hart vs Brian Pillman

The match ends when one man utters the words “I respect you”, it is a leather strap mixed with an I quit match. Definitely heated here as Pillman sprints to the ring and tries to waffle Sullivan, Sullivan has a double-leg hoping for the best. Sullivan lands a massive right to the face, Sullivan kicks Pillman low and Pillman chases the referee and says “I respect you Bookerman”, that’s it and now it is over! Sullivan stands around the ring awkwardly, this all feeds into The Loose Cannon gimmick of Brian Pillman. Arn Anderson comes down to the ring and gets whipped, the fans want to see Anderson compete and Anderson is happy to oblige. Anderson comes right in and lands massive blows, Anderson whips Sullivan with the strap. Sullivan is hog-tied and stomped by Anderson, Anderson uses the strap to choke out Sullivan. Sullivan and Anderson take turns low-blowing one another, Anderson chokes Sullivan and begins to hang him from the ropes.


Sullivan takes away the strap and sends Anderson to the floor, Anderson is sent into the ring-post, Ric Flair is in the ring. Flair wants a resolution to this conflict, everyone ends up working together as an alliance to take out Hulkamania.


Not sure what you could say about this really, it’s an angle more than anything else made all the more interesting by the unpredictable Loose Cannon Pillman who seemingly walked out on the match throwing everything into chaos but of course, it was all planned but yeah, Anderson and Sullivan fight which looks tame compared to the intensity set by Pillman and Sullivan and then it just ends so not sure what they wanted to accomplish on PPV with it but it’s over now!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) Sting & Luger © vs The Road Warriors

We still do not know what to make of Luger and his attitude, Sting still trusts his friend. Luger walks away but Sting convinces his friend to go and defend the championships. Holy hell there are about 3 minutes of stalling here with Luger, Hawk and Sting are going to start the match. Side headlock by Hawk, shoulder block by Hawk. Dropkick by Hawk, Sting rolls to the apron. Stomps to the chest by Hawk, Sting is taking a walk. Sting lures in Hawk, Hawk meets the barricade. In the ring, Hawk regains control and applies an STF. Hawk stomps all over the back of Sting, tag to Animal. Animal batters the arm, Luger comes in and now The Road Warriors batter Luger. Animal with a powerslam and a tag to Hawk, ten punches with a corner clothesline. Make it two clotheslines, Luger is down in the corner. Animal sends Luger into the barricade, Sting helps his partner into the ring. Hawk grabs Luger by the hair, Luger uses an eye-poke. Hawk eats right hands and a clothesline by Luger, two for Luger. Tag to Sting, kick by Sting.


Hawk manages to tag Animal, Animal knocks down Sting and Sting falls down on the nuts of Animal. Luger is in now and clobbers Animal, Animal is caught in an inverted atomic drop. In comes Sting who slaps the head of Animal, boot and a face-buster. Sting tries a top rope splash but Animal blocks with his knees, Hawk and Luger are now legal. Crowd seemed confused on who to cheer, flying shoulder tackle and leg drop by Hawk for two. Fist drop, make it two. Reverse chin-lock by Hawk, Luger fights out but Hawk applies a sleeper before Luger lands a jaw-breaker. Animal & Sting are in, Sting sends Animal to the buckle. Stinger Splash, Scorpion time! Hawk delivers a clothesline, Luger chases Hawk.


Animal slaps on a reverse chin-lock, Luger makes the save but Hawk flattens Luger. Sting suplexes Animal but Animal no-sells it and lands a suplex of his own but Sting fires back too. Dropkick by Animal, double elbow on Sting. Hawk and Animal start battering Luger, everyone is on the floor. Count- out!


Match was garbage really, love all four in the match but the chemistry was not there and they did what they needed to do to get to the finish. It was sloppy in parts, lots of stalling in the beginning and no semblance of a hot-tag or anything special in this one, a huge change from the classic that Luger & Sting had with The Steiners a few years earlier.


Double Count-Out!


(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match) Ric Flair W/ Woman vs Randy Macho Man Savage © W/ Miss Elizabeth

Savage won the championship at World War 3 and since then, these two have traded the championship in confusing manner as I try to figure out what WCW wants to do with its talent. However, none of this will matter in a few months so not sure why I am bothered getting worked up about this but anyways, Giant is not interested in regaining the championship so Flair continues to feud with Savage.


Eventually we begin, Savage starts with punches in the corner. Flair chops Savage, Savage lands right hands. Savage tries a pin, nothing there for the champion. Big chop in the corner, snap-mare into a knee-drop. Savage is thrown into the steel cage, Savage is in the tree of woe. Flair just decked the referee a couple of minutes in, what is this about? Savage fights back from underneath, back-slide but there is no referee. Wait a minute, the referee is up already? Back-drop and clotheslines by Savage for two, Flair is on his knees and getting stomped by Savage. Flair turns the tide and sends Savage into the steel cage, Flair lands another elbow to the face. Two for Flair, chops in the corner. Elbow again by Flair, Flair batters Savage up against the wall.


Savage fights back on his knees, Flair lands a snap-mare and climbs high. Historically and again, a bad idea for Flair. Savage yanks him off the top rope and applies the figure four. Savage climbs high and gets nailed in the ribs with a shot from Flair. Delayed vertical suplex by Flair, Flair wants the Figure-Four and Flair applies it in the middle of the ring. Flair uses the ropes for leverage, referee pulls off Flair but what was his justification? Savage holds onto the ropes to survive, Flair is caught in a small package for two. Savage collapses to the corner, Savage fights out and sends Flair into the cage wall. Savage rakes the face of Flair off the steel cage, Savage bites the head of Flair. Ten punches in the corner from Savage, Flair counters with an inverted atomic drop.


Flair is bleeding, a welcome addition that has been sorely missed in WCW. Savage exposes Flair’s ass, Flair knocks down Savage but Flair falls onto the top rope. The bell rings fucking up the false finish, poor WCW. Flair lands a low blow on Savage, Flair chokes Savage. Flair’s ass makes another appearance, incredible eh? Savage eats a headbutt from Flair, Flair tries climbing away. The door is open, what will happen now? The referee is trying to fix the door, they have this wide camera which makes it difficult to follow the action. They continue with the angle while Flair back-drops Savage into the steel cage. Woman has powder but misses, Elizabeth is here and gives Flair her shoe. Roll-up by Savage with a handful of tights, Flair waffles Savage with the shoe and Flair is champion! Elizabeth has betrayed Savage!


I do wish they did have more heat to it but they blew their load a long time ago with the angle where Flair attacked Savage’s father, hard to believe that the feud continued like this but they got the desired result with Elizabeth turning on Savage, this should have been like Paul Bearer turning on Taker but it just did not have that same feel, I suppose it’s harder for the audience to see the spot with a massive cage in the way. While I do enjoy is how Savage always sells Flair’s attacks, possibly better than anyone else giving actual creditability to the work of Flair. Top selling from Savage and I do wish that they got more of a reaction for the work they put in on the night.


Winner: Ric Flair over Randy Savage via Shoe!


(Steel Cage Match) The Giant vs Hulk Hogan

They just cannot help themselves can they? So after the Monster Truck cheese-fest and the passable tag matches, they wanted Hogan vs Giant in the cage. Hogan sucks chants are audible hear, Hogan throws his shirt and chokes and punches Giant who is limited as always. Hogan uses his wrist-tape to choke Giant, Hogan is stepping all over Giant in the corner. Giant has yet to do anything, more shirt-choking from Hogan. Eye-rake by Hogan, Giant blocks a slam and begins clubbing Hogan. Now it is all Giant here, Giant chops and chokes Hogan. Standard stuff here, Hogan begins the comeback with right hands. Hogan calls for a slam, Giant falls on top of Hogan. Giant chokes Hogan with his boot, Giant whips Hogan to the buckle and lands a boot. Hogan meets the cage, Giant tries walking out the cage. Hogan grabs the leg, Giant has his eyes raked. Back-breaker and a stretch from Giant, Hogan meets the cage again. Bearhug from Giant, Hogan tees off with right hands. Shoulder block does not budge Giant, knee by Giant. Elbow and down goes Hogan, Hogan comes alive and Giant is shocked. Right hands, Giant meets the cage. Hogan bites the head of Giant, Giant is bleeding. Over and over again off the cage walls, big boot and Hogan slams The Giant. Atomic Leg Drop 3 Times!!! Giant shakes it off and battles Hogan on the top rope, chops and chops. Hogan right hands Giant down, Hogans slowly wiggles his way over the top and wins. Taskmaster assaults Hogan after the match, Hogan shakes it off. The Dungeon of Doom is here but Hogan is winning with one chair against like 10 guys. What is this garbage? Hogan’s greatest night.


Hogan fought off ten men after a cage match with The Giant…… Do I even need to add anymore after that to tell you what I thought of this? 10 fresh men beaten by one Hogan just after a cage match, the guy is a joke.


Winner: Hulk Hogan over The Giant via Escape!


That was Superbrawl 1996, a disappointing show from WCW. We kicked things off well with an extended brawl between Public Enemy and The Nasty Boys, I don’t want to see either team wrestle a straight-forward tag team match so this match accentuated their positives and I was a happy boy. DDP vs Johnny B. Badd was solid, they have good chemistry and the crowd care about the angle, no major complaints here. The tag team title matches were both horrific, Sting & Luger phoning it in for the first match and then the double count-out mess for the second match. Why bother being invested with this crap? Konnan vs One Man Gang was a clashing of two different styles, it doesn’t work, it’s quite ugly and I rather wish I didn’t have to see it. Pillman vs Anderson didn’t even take place while Flair vs Savage could have been better, should have been better but ultimately felt a little flat despite the big shock of Elizabeth turning on Savage. The main event would be passable for late 80s WWF with a molten hot crowd but this was 1996 and WCW was not late 80s WWF so Giant plods around being let by Hogan to a tame cage match that has a predictable finish considering everyone loses to Hogan and then the ending is the shit cherry on this cake. Avoid this PPV, it has no real value. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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