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WCW Clash of The Champions XXII Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is stiffer than a Sandman kendo stick shot to the head! It’s time for WCW Clash of The Champions XXII Thundercage Match! We have Stunning Steve Austin and Brian Pillman teaming together to challenge Shane Douglas & Ricky The Dragon Steamboat for the Unified WCW Tag Team Championships, we also have a massive Thunder-Cage Match, Let’s get it on!


Cactus Jack vs Johnny B. Badd

This was meant to be Cactus Jack vs Erik Watts but Watts is suspended so we have a little continuity here with these two fighting after their fight at Starrcade. Cactus clubs Badd before Badd jabs his way back into the match. Cactus is over big time, elbows and biting from the wild man. Irish whip to the buckle, Badd leapfrogs and schoolboys Cactus for two. Dropkick and arm-drag from Badd,  Badd wants his diving sunset flip but Cactus moves out of the way and lands an elbow drop for the win. A squash if I have ever seen one, not sure what they want to do with Badd but hopefully they figure it out.


Winner: Cactus Jack over Johnny B. Badd via Elbow Drop!


2 Cold Scorpio vs Scotty Flamingo

Scorpio burst onto the scene as Ron Simmons’ partner at a Clash before not receiving much follow-up, the light heavyweight championship would probably be a great way to kick start Scorpio’s WCW career but I am not sure the championship exists as after Pillman’s reign with the championship it is nowhere to be seen.


They trade headlocks, shoulder block by Scorpio. Handspring elbow and kicks from Scorpio, Flamingo is on the floor. Apron diving chop from Scorpio, Flamingo lands a mule kick and dropkicks Scorpio to the floor. Flamingo lands a plancha on the floor, stomps in the ring from Flamingo. Snap-mare into a cover for two, small package from Scorpio for two. Flamingo regains control, suplex from Flamingo for two. Scorpio fires back, hip-toss and a dropkick. Flamingo begs for mercy, scoop slam by Scorpio. Twisting Splash for two, Flamingo dodges a corner splash and schoolboys Scorpio for two. Scorpio is whipped to the buckle but leapfrogs Flamingo and lands a kick before landing a twisting leg drop followed by the 450 Splash for the win. Another squash but big reactions for 2 Cold, the championships should be coming soon enough for Scorpio.


Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio over Scotty Flamingo via 450 Splash!


Chris Benoit vs Brad Armstrong

Benoit who had previously appeared at a WCW PPV teaming with Biff Wellington against Jushin Liger & Brian Pillman finds himself against Brad Armstrong who is known as a super solid work in the business. Benoit and Armstrong lock-up, clean breaks from both men. Side headlock from Armstrong, leapfrogs and drop-downs from the athletes but Benoit avoids a dropkick from Armstrong. Boot by Benoit, Armstrong arm-drags out of a powerbomb and lands a big dropkick before an arm-drag into the arm-bar. They do the bridge spot from the test of strength, Benoit turns the tide on Armstrong. Armstrong takes down Benoit into the arm-bar once more, they trade hammerlocks before Armstrong runs Benoit to the floor.


Benoit applies the hammerlock again, Armstrong escapes to land a dropkick and an arm-drag into the arm-bar. Armstrong and Benoit continue trading counters, forearm shots by Benoit and Benoit hangs Armstrong on the top rope suplex style. Armstrong eats a headbutt before Benoit lands a springboard clothesline on Armstrong. Fans are warming up to Benoit now, Irish whip and lariat from Benoit. Snap suplex for two, headbutt from Benoit. Chops by Benoit, forearm shots from Benoit. Knee-lift by Armstrong, back-breaker with a stretch by Benoit. Scoop slam and Benoit climbs high, Armstrong stops Benoit but Benoit headbutts Armstrong down. Diving Headbutt misses for Benoit, Armstrong is up now. Irish whip and gut-shot, swinging neck-breaker from Armstrong and an elbow drop for two. Benoit counters Armstrong off an Irish whip and The Dragon Suplex ends the match!


Good showcase for Benoit, Benoit looks like a serious wrestler here in this match, the springboard clothesline has the fans going crazy and The Dragon Suplex gets a big reaction too. Not sure how long Benoit lasted in WCW in 1993 but I know when it came to 1995 after Benoit’s ECW run, they would not be letting Benoit go.


Winner: Chris Benoit over Brad Armstrong via Dragon Suplex!


The Wrecking Crew vs The Z-Man & Johnny Gunn

Good lord it’s been a while since I have seen a gimmick that is destined to fail, we have two muscly dudes in tights, Rage and Zenk to start the match. Diving crossbody and dropkick sends Rage to the floor, Fury is taken down with a dropkick too. Johnny Gunn dives onto The Wrecking Crew with Rage giving out to the camera. Tag to Gunn, diving axe handle and schoolboy for two. Rage eye-rakes Gunn, tag to Fury but Fury gets caught in a deep arm-drag. Knees from Fury, clothesline on Gunn. Gunn escapes and tag in Zenk, awful spot where Zenk ducks and Fury does not react which looks awful. Sidewalk slam by Fury, Fury whips Zenk to the buckle time and time again. Fury eats a superkick from Zenk. Gunn gets the hot-tag, dropkicks and noggin-knockers. Gunn is clubbed on the apron by Rage, The Wrecking Ball on Gunn and it’s over!


This garbage team won? Seriously? I thought they were brought in to put over Zenk and Gunn, why are winning matches? Where is Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson by the way? Two of the best nowhere to be seen!


The Wrecking Crew over The Z-Man & Johnny Gunn via The Wrecking Ball!


(NWA/WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) Ricky The Dragon Steamboat & Shane Douglas © vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman & Stunning Steve Austin

Austin wearing kneepads, Austin starts with Steamboat and clubs the crap out of Steamboat. Lots of history here, Steamboat has the small package for two. Jacknife cover for two, flying crossbody for two. Match breaks down, dropkick by Douglas to Pillman. Steamboat chops Austin to the floor, we reset and Austin sends Steamboat to his corner so Pillman can come into the match. Chops by Pillman but the Irish whip does not work for Pillman who is leap-frogged, arm-dragged and dropkicked by Steamboat. Douglas lands a shot before Steamboat lands another arm-drag. Tag to Douglas who lands a diving axe handle to the arm, tag to Steamboat who chops the arm. Tag to Douglas, diving axe handle to the arm. Tag to Steamboat who kicks Pillman in the ribs, tag to Douglas who kicks the arm.


Pillman pulls the hair and whips Douglas, leapfrog from Pillman who tweaks his knee. Shoulder thrust from Pillman but Pillman dives into the powerslam for two. Tag to Austin who falls into the drop toehold and an arm-bar, Austin wants a front chancery but Douglas slips out for a hammerlock. Douglas works the arm before tagging Steamboat, hammerlock scoop slam. Tag to Douglas, Austin shoves off Douglas. Sunset flip from Douglas for two, Austin rolls through with a handful of tights for two, they trade pin-fall attempts with Douglas landing a middle rope elbow. PIllman comes in for the save, tag to Steamboat. Double Irish whip and hip-toss, assisted splash before Steamboat military presses Pillman into Austin. Chop to the throat from Steamboat, Austin sends Steamboat into the buckle.


Suplex from Austin and tag to Pillman, scoop slam and Steamboat is tossed over the top rope. Austin scoop slams Steamboat on the concrete, Douglas tries to help his partner. Pillman has Steamboat on the apron, clubbing blows from Pillman. Steamboat wanted a suplex to the floor, Austin kicks Steamboat to stop the move. Pillman suplexes Steamboat in for two, Steamboat fights back before Pillman rakes the eyes. Chop from Pillman, Pillman rubs the face of Steamboat into the mat. Irish whip and sunset flip from Steamboat but Austin had the referee distracted, Austin is tagged in now. Gut-wrench suplex and shot to Douglas from Austin, Steamboat brawls back with Austin. Steamboat takes out Pillman off the apron who hits the guardrail but Austin stops the tag with a belly to back suplex.


Austin wants an Argentine back-breaker, Steamboat kicks off the rope and flips. Austin locks in the hold once more, Pillman blind-tags into the match and lands Air Pillman on Austin by mistake. Double Diving Chop from Steamboat, Pillman is drilled with a belly to back suplex. Tag to Douglas, right hands to Austin and Pillman. Scoop slams all around, dropkicks all around. Douglas is on fire, Steamboat attacks Austin with a chop. Belly to belly suplex on Pillman, Austin lands a diving axe handle on the back of the head. Austin and Steamboat brawl as Pillman is on top, 1…2… Douglas kicks out! Austin has the championship belt and Douglas is smashed in the face with the championship. We have a DQ so Austin and Pillman decided to decimate the champions, Douglas is bleeding everywhere. This is a statement now, Austin and Pillman are irate and Steamboat is laid out for protecting Douglas.


Great tag team match, no surprise really considering who was inside of that ring. Steamboat is great building up to the hot tag and Pillman is flourishing as a heel, his personality is shining through ten-fold and it will only help Austin as they duo will soon have their matching ring-gear and The Hollywood Blondes  will be formed. Great stuff all around here though, Pillman and Austin’s timing is great, Douglas continues to impress as the hot-tag and that angle at the end is more heated than most of what I have seen in WCW in recent memory. Great colour from Douglas, Steamboat covering his partner to protect him is a great touch and the babyfaces come to clear out the dastardly heels. Great stuff a rematch must be coming at Superbrawl!


Winners: Shane Douglas & Ricky Steamboat over Brian Pillman & Stunning Steve Austin via DQ!


(Thunder-Cage Match) Vader/Paul Orndorff/Barry Windham vs Sting/Dustin Rhodes/????

Team Vader destroy Ron Simmons before the match so there will be Simmons in this match so it looks like Sting and Rhodes are going into a handicap match, I would like to know why the fuck Paul Orndorff is here considering I have not seen Orndorff in 3 years in this company? What happened there? This match has tag team match rules which is a little disappointing but we start hot, Rhodes and Windham go after one another, they brawl in the corner. Scoop slam but elbow drop misses for Windham, fist drop by Rhodes. Ten punches by Rhodes, Windham eats a clothesline. Sting blind-tags in and lands a face-buster, military press from Sting. Vader and Sting are in now, Vader clubs the shit out of Sting. Sting lands a right hand on Vader, Vader is not down.


Four right hands and an inverted atomic drop might change it, DDT by Sting. Right hands by Sting, Stinger Splash connects. Sting lands rights and lefts, The Stinger is on fire! Sting takes down Orndorff and Windham, Irish whip with Vader doing the Flair buckle bump. Clothesline by Vader, diving clothesline from Vader. Vader misses a middle rope splash, kicks by Sting and a clothesline to the floor, Orndorff comes in for a German suplex. Orndorff tags in and clotheslines Sting, big stiff kicks and an elbow to the groin. Tag to Windham, diving axe handle and right hands from Windham. Suplex for two, Windham and Vader rough up Sting. Vader is legal now, corner splash and a clothesline drops Sting. Military press drop from Vader, tag to Windham.


Windham wants the superplex, Sting fights and fights with massive gut shots. Windham cracks off the mat, Sting makes the tag. Rhodes lands right after right, flying clothesline on Windham. Clotheslines on Orndorff and Vader, back body-drop on Windham. Whip to the buckle, corner clothesline with ten punches and here is Cactus Jack who opens up the cage. Cactus starts battering Vader, Windham and Orndorff with his boot. Everyone is paring off now, Orndorff is in the ring with Rhodes. Orndorff sends Rhodes to the buckle, knees to the face. Piledriver is stopped as Orndorff is cracked in the head with the boot of Cactus Jack! Cactus Jack covers for the win!


Well it was not the bloody or dramatic war you have wanted considering the match but it’s not that bad. Interesting to see Cactus Jack in the main event scene considering how he was on the fringes for so long, I am happy to see fresh meat in the main event scene in WCW, it definitely changes things as the company continues to change in WCW in 1993.


Winners: Team Sting over Team Vader via Boot to the Head!


That was Clash of The Champions XXII, your average Clash if I am being honest, a few squash matches that mean very little, one good match and a main event that is rushed, sounds about right. Promising developments here though with Cactus Jack being promoted to the main event scene in the company and the formation of The Hollywood Blondes, promising feuds too with Windham still to settle the score with Dustin Rhodes, Sting vs Vader so there is definitely matches to look forward to as 1993 begins. Thanks for reading and remember: there is always another night!

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