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WWF Survivor Series 1997 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to push the midgets and wrestlers over 30! It’s WWF Survivor Series 1997, one of the most controversial nights in wrestling history. We are not going to discuss whether it’s a work or a shoot, we are keeping it about the action inside of that ring. The main event is Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart for the WWF Championship, Shawn Michaels is the number one contender thanks to a little help from Kane in the Hell in A Cell match at last month’s Bad Blood. That sets us on a collision course for tonight with a Wrestlemania 12 rematch between two wrestlers who simply cannot stand one another and we are in Montreal, Canada so things are not looking good for Shawn Michaels. Also, we have Kane’s debut in action on PPV with Kane taking on the deranged Mankind and we also have the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin to action as he challenges the man who broke his neck at Summerslam Owen Hart for the WWF Intercontinental Championship as well as some traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Matches.


Team Headbangers (Headbangers & The New Blackjacks) vs Team Godwinn (Road Dogg & Bad Ass Billy Gunn & The Godwinns)

The New Age Outlaws are tagging together for the first time on PPV, what a wonderful time it is in the WWF. Meanwhile, Godwinns and Headbangers have been going at it for months. Barry Windham to start with Phineas, they lock-up with a shoulder block from Windham. Make it two, Phineas decides to powder. Windham slaps down Phineas, massive scoop slam and tag to Bradshaw. Irish whip and a powerslam for two, Bradshaw chops, clubs and boots Phineas. Phineas boots Bradshaw in the face, Phineas clubs the crap out of Bradshaw. Phineas tags Henry, lock-up with Bradshaw pushing Henry to the corner. Shoulder block from Henry, big clubbing blows from Henry. Bradshaw sends Henry to the buckle, Russian leg-sweep from Bradshaw. Henry blocks a suplex and suplexes Bradshaw for two.


Whip to the buckle and clothesline from Henry, two for Henry. Bradshaw catches Henry with an abdominal stretch into a roll-up and we have our first elimination! Henry Godwinn is gone from this match! Windham comes in and big right hands rock Phineas, beautiful suplex for two. Gut-wrench suplex from Windham for two, flying clothesline from Windham for two. Phineas is rocked, whip to the buckle. Windham runs into a right hand and a big clothesline from Phineas knocks out Windham. Blackjack Windham has been eliminated!


Mosh outsmarts Phineas and lands a big elbow, elbows and biting from Phineas. Mosh slides through the legs of Phineas, big dropkick and a drop toehold. Arm-bar from Mosh, Phineas escapes the hold and batters Mosh, double elbow as Billy Gunn taunts and lands massive stomps to the head of Mosh. Billy Gunn stomps all over Mosh, big right hands from Billy. Loud interesting chants from fans, Mosh boots Billy in the face. Big clothesline from Mosh, Mosh tries a hip splash on Billy but Billy drives Mosh into the mat face-first for the elimination. Mosh has been eliminated which leaves us with just Thrasher and Bradshaw.


Phineas and Thrasher lock-up, side headlock by Thrasher. Thrasher punishes Phineas with biting and a thumb to the eye, Thrasher almost steals a pin-fall on Phineas but Phineas survives, more lock-ups that aren’t exactly what the crowd wanted there. Shoulder block from Thrasher, hip-toss from Thrasher but Phineas kicks off Thrasher. Thrasher returns the favour and delivers an arm-drag into an arm-bar. Thrasher dodges a scoop slam and sends Phineas into the mat, Stage Dive from Thrasher and Phineas has been eliminated! 2 on 2 now!


Road Dogg comes in and eats a hip-toss before Bradshaw comes in and chops the life out of Road Dogg. Short-arm clothesline from Bradshaw, gut-wrench powerbomb hard. Stiff kick to the spine, Billy cheap-shots Bradshaw which allows Road Dogg to roll-up Bradshaw for the elimination. Bradshaw is irate and takes out Road Dogg and Billy Gunn before leaving a very angry man. Thrasher continues the fight alone, smashing Road Dogg over and over with right hands in the corner. Billy kicks Thrasher from the apron, Thrasher ducks his head off an Irish whip and there is no pumphandle slam for Road Dogg. Road Dogg tries it again with a blind tag from Billy Gunn, Thrasher covers Road Dogg countering the pumphandle but Billy nails that top rope leg drop for the win.


Mostly flat for an opening match, not a lot of acts that you would want in there to open a pay per view. However, I have voiced that concern before about The Headbangers, I don’t know if people really know how to react to them while The Blackjacks and New Age Outlaws (Even though they ain’t called that yet) are nowhere near the level the WWF need them to be to open a PPV) The finish was also very off with that leg drop not even close to connecting on the head of Thrasher. Very disappointing opening match from the WWF during a time where they are supposed to be turning things around, it seems they are still way off pace.


Winners: Team Road Dogg via Diving Leg Drop!


The Truth Commission vs DOA (Traditional Survivor Series Style Elimination Match)

Well they are not giving me a good reason to watch this show, Interrogator and Chainz are going to start this match, Chainz hammers Interrogator but Interrogator keeps coming back. Interrogator misses a splash and gets clotheslined twice before landing a brutal looking Sidewalk Slam for the elimination. Skull & 8 Ball batter Interrogator but we have a clean break with the referees restoring control. Recon comes in with boots and a clothesline to one of the Harris twins. Falling mat slam from Recon, tag to The Jackyl who lands a top rope knee drop. Chops seem to have no effect, right hands from Skull. Spinning Sidewalk Slam for the elimination on The Jackyl!


Sniper and Skill, reverse elbow from Sniper for two. Side headlock before Sniper lands a flying crossbody. Two for Sniper, Recon is now the legal man. Recon misses a diving axe handle, DOA batter Recon. Elbow and scoop slam, leg drops from Crush. Belly to belly suplex from Crush for two, Recon superkicks 8-Ball. Both men bang heads with Skull swapping places with 8-Ball. Running clothesline from Skull for the elimination on Recon!


Sniper batters Skull, Skull lands a swinging neck-breaker. Two for Skull, tag to 8-Ball. Massive double spinebuster for two, Sniper only survives thanks to Interrogator. Interrogator cheap-shots 8-Ball and Sniper lands a running bulldog for the elimination. Skull is in with Sniper, running corner clothesline and an elbow drop. Tag to Crush, Crush uses a triangle choke to try and take down Sniper. Blind tag as Sniper manages to tag in The Interrogator who nails the sidewalk slam for the elimination on Skull!


Only Crush remains to take on Interrogator and Sniper, headbutt from Interrogator. Tag to Sniper, boots and right hands from Sniper. Crush reverses the Irish whip and lands a tilt-a-whirl sideslam before Interrogator comes in immediately and delivers The Sidewalk Slam for the win.


Awful big men who cannot work trying to work is not really my thing, a surprise I am sure but my god was that bad. Never been a fan of DOA, I will give Crush a pass for his program with Savage and Primetime Brian Lee for his run in Smokey Mountain Wrestling but everyone else in this match can go to hell. One of the most controversial nights in Wrestling history seems more like one of the most unforgettable nights in wrestling history at this point, these are two awful opening matches.


Winners: The Truth Commission over DOA via Sidewalk Slam!


Team USA (Vader/Goldust/Steve Blackman/Marc Mero) vs Team Canada (British Bulldog/Jim Neidhart/Doug Furnas/Phil Lafon)

A lot of staples of the WWF Attitude Era are making their PPV debuts on this show as well as a lot of returns too with Mero coming back after many months, Steve Blackman making his debut. Phil Lafon and Doug Furnas re-emerge after a PPV hiatus, crazy to wonder where things went wrong for those two in the WWF considering how good their matches were with Bulldog and Owen Hart a year prior.


Mero and Bulldog to start, Mero has cut his hair and looks more like a boxer than ever, Bulldog wipes his arse with the USA flag and throws it at Sable. Bulldog shoulder blocks, hip-tosses and dropkicks Mero. Bulldog mocks Steve Blackman, Blackman looks on like a statue. Vader is in, middle rope axe handle from Vader. Hammer blows and a short-arm clothesline from Vader, whip to the ropes and Vader Hammer. Vader tries a middle rope splash, powerslam counter from Bulldog. Delayed vertical suplex on Vader, Lafon goes to work on Vader. Irish whip, Vader splash in the corner. Tag to Mero, rights and lefts. Knee-lift from Mero, spinning heel kick from Lafon. Team Canada batter Mero and Lafon nails a clothesline, tag to Neidhart.


Rake across the top rope, tag to Lafon. Mero counters and drills Lafon to the back of the head, Pump Kick from Blackman. Dropkick from Blackman, hot-shot from Blackman. Elbow drop for two, knee to the gut from Lafon and a DDT for two. Crucifix for two, throat thrust from Blackman. Kicks to all of Team Canada, Lafon is elevated to the floor. Furnas and Team Canada go after Blackman, Steve Blackman gets counted out due to being a moron.


Neidhart and Mero restart the action, Irish whip to the buckle with Mero dodging. Schoolboy for two, Neidhart nails a clothesline but misses a middle rope splash. Vader eats a clothesline from Neidhart, shoulder block too. Vader bounces back with a clothesline, elbow drop to the lower regions and a big splash with Neidhart being eliminated. Lafon comes in and chops Vader, big superkicks from Lafon. Spinning heel kick knocks Vader to the floor, Vader meets the steel steps. Vader sends Lafon across the ring, corner clothesline and a belly to belly suplex. Middle Rope Splash and Lafon is eliminated, Furnas comes in with a great dropkick! Furnas stomps all over Vader, Vader holds onto the ropes to avoid the hurricanrana. Mero pummels Furnas with right hands, Merosault goes very wrong but we get out of it, clothesline from Furnas for two.


Bulldog comes in and batters Mero off the buckle, sunset flip from Mero but Bulldog blocks and almost nails the powerslam. Mero shoves off Bulldog, big right hand and an elbow to the face. Tag to Furnas, rights and lefts from Mero with Furnas showing his boxing process before Mero turns the tide once more. Corner sunset flip from Mero for two, Furnas reverses and pulls the tights for the elimination. We are down to 2 on 2! Furnas nails a flying clothesline, Bulldog comes into the match. Vader lands a massive suplex on Bulldog, Furnas comes in and attacks Vader but Vader lands a belly to back suplex on Furnas. Low blow from Furnas, Bulldog comes in and eats a boot and a clothesline from Vader. Goldust jumps down off the apron, Furnas unloads on Vader. Belly to belly suplex from Furnas on Vader for a close two.


Furnas scoops up Vader, Irish whip and a hurricanrana from Furnas for a close two. Vader clotheslines Furnas down and Vader slaps the shit out of Goldust pulling him into the ring. Goldust walks away and walks out on Team America as Vader looks on, Vader clubs back on Furnas. Corner splash, Vader Hammer on Bulldog. Scoop slam from Vader, Bulldog has the ring-bell. Vader-Bomb on Furnas, Bulldog cracks Vader in the back of the head for the win.


A match where 85% is Vader hurting people? Well that’s fun but not enough to sustain my interest for the length of time that match lasted. Steve Blackman’s debut was interesting to say the least, the classic lets protect the new guy with a count-out strategy well I wish Blackman got a bit more to do in the match and got to show off a little more, it was not meant to be though. Interesting angle with Goldust but have I been blown away by Goldust’s work in the WWF at any point? No so while the character continues to be interesting, I am not looking forward to the future matches of Goldust. I guess we are going to get Vader vs Goldust going forward, that could be fun but it’s another match that I am not going crazy for. Maybe the gimmick isn’t appealing to me anymore or rather the action is just not hitting that sweet spot.


Winners: Team Canada over Team USA via Ring-bell to The Face!


Kane W/ Paul Bearer vs Mankind

Kane made his debut at Bad Blood and destroyed The Undertaker, having destroyed jobbers, minis and I believe Ahmed Johnson too. Mankind looks to take on Kane who took care of Dude Love, Kane wrestles with red lighting which must be interesting for the fans, I always wondered if that was a great hinderance to the fans in attendance. Mankind rushes Kane which is a bad idea, Mankind bounces off the steel steps and is battered around the ring. Mankind begins kicking back at the monster, time and time again with headbutts. Cactus Jack clothesline but Kane lands on his feet and lands a clothesline. Steel steps are thrown at the head of Mankind, Kane continues to land big right hands and a big boot from The Big Red Machine.


Kane boots Mankind to the floor, Mankind flapjacks Kane onto the steel steps. Kane is right back up, a chair-shot from Mankind which is brutal but Kane is still up. Pulling piledriver from Mankind, Mankind calls for The Mandible Claw. Mandible Claw delivered to Paul bearer at ringside, Paul Bearer almost passes out at ringside but Kane sits-up, Mankind has no idea. Kane chokeslams Mankind who is on the apron and through the announce table at ringside. Kane tosses the announce table on the head of Mankind. Kane continues smacking Mankind with pieces of the table. Kane stalks the fallen Mankind, Chokeslam on the ramp? Mankind goes low and DDTs Kane on the concrete, Cactus Jack elbow to the floor from Mankind. Kane sits up and jumps up and slams Mankind from the top rope onto the floor, Kane may have broken Mankind. Mankind crawls back into the ring, using Kane to pull himself up with Kane picking up Mankind and drilling Mankind with The Tombstone Piledriver for the win.


Very good showing for Kane on PPV, Mankind does what he does best and that is destroy his own body to make his opponent look like a beast, Kane destroys Mankind here while keeping it competitive for the first enjoyable match of the night, strong showing for The Big Red Machine while Mankind looks tough in defeat! Mission accomplished as far as I am concerned!


Winner: Kane over Mankind via Tombstone Piledriver!


The Nation of Domination (Faarooq/The Rock/D’Lo Brown/Kama Mustafa) vs Team Shamrock (Ken Shamrock/LOD/Ahmed Johnson)

Finally, Shamrock returns to my screen on PPV, how I have missed Ken who has been explosive in his previous showings and speaking of explosive, my boy Ahmed Johnson returns to our PPV screens after months of absence, it might have been KOTR 97, the last time I saw Ahmed who has slid down the card while LOD are your tag team champions, the one title change that I was waiting for on PPV and they did it on Raw or a house show, I am guessing RAW but damn it really?


D’Lo Brown and Hawk kick off, shoulder blocks from D’Lo have no effect with a clothesline knocking D’Lo down. Piledriver has no effect on Hawk, hangman’s neck-breaker on D’Lo. Rocky comes in and Hawk chops the life out of Rocky. Kama nails Hawk with a massive kick to the back of the head, Rock Bottom for the elimination. Hawk is gone right away, can you believe it? In comes Ahmed and lands a big reverse elbow, Rocky tags in Kama. Kama punches Ahmed over and over, clothesline from Kama. Tag to Faarooq, kicks to the ribs. Back-breaker, Ahmed is whipped with a belt behind the referee’s back. Big right hand from Faarooq, Ahmed slips out of The Dominator. Pearl River Plunge from Ahmed and Ahmed gets revenge on Faarooq with the elimination.


D’Lo nails a spinning heel kick on Ahmed, Lo Down from D’Lo. D’Lo nails massive right hands but Ahmed shakes it off, sit-out suplex from Ahmed. Rocky tags in and runs into a spinebuster, Faarooq trips and holds down the legs of Ahmed so Rocky gets the pin on Ahmed. Faarooq gets his revenge and Ahmed chases off Faarooq. They brawl to the back, it’s 3 on 2. Animal clotheslines Rocky hard in the corner, tag to Shamrock. Clothesline from Shamrock, dropkick from Shamrock. Eye poke and tag to Kama, Shamrock begins fighting back before Kama eye-rakes Shamrock. Foot choke in the corner, whip to the opposite buckle. Kama misses a splash and Shamrock tags in Animal, LOD chants ring-out in the arena. Big gut punch and clubbing blows from Kama who applies a front chancery before Animal tosses off Kama. Clothesline by both men who collide in the middle of the ring. Belly to back suplex by Animal for two, whip to the buckle and Kama boots Animal in the face.


Headbutt by Kama, right hands to the face. Animal ducks the clothesline and lands a flying shoulder block, scoop slam by Animal. No count for Animal, D’Lo gets smacked before Kama lands his martial arts kick. Animal dropkicks Kama into Rocky for a schoolboy and the elimination. The Supreme Fighting Machine has been eliminated as Animal clotheslines D’Lo down. Standing dropkick and gut punches by Shamrock, whip to the buckle and clothesline by Shamrock. Eye poke by D’Lo and D’Lo smacks Animal for good measure, Rocky comes in behind the referee’s back and smashes Shamrock in the nuts for two. Snap-mare and leg drop from D’Lo for two. Reverse chin-lock from D’Lo with Shamrock breaking out before D’Lo cut off Shamrock with a nice knee to the ribs.


 Back-breaker by D’Lo, middle rope moonsault and D’Lo misses by a country mile. Animal and Rocky receives tags, dropkicks from Animal. Powerslam from Animal, Road Dogg & Billy Gunn are here which leads to Animal attacking both and being blinded, the referee continues counting and guess what, Animal has been counted out which means Shamrock is all alone against both Nation members. Can Shamrock beat the odds? Crowd starts chanting Shamrock as Rocky and D’Lo begin stalking The World’s Most Dangerous Man. Boots and right hands by D’Lo, clothesline by D’Lo. Rocky refuses the tag from D’Lo, Rocky decides to come in and both men miss their clothesline. Shamrock throws out Rocky, belly to belly suplex on D’Lo and an Ankle Lock makes D’Lo tap-out. Rocky has a chair though, chair-shot to the back of Shamrock.


Rocky covers Shamrock and Shamrock kicks out, Rocky cannot believe it. Rocky begins stomping away at Shamrock, big right hands from Rocky who continues choking and stomping Shamrock. Rocky threatens the referee, Shamrock begins firing back with massive rights before Rocky drills Shamrock with a thumb to the eye and a float-over DDT. Close two for Rocky, scoop slam and people’s elbow from Rocky. Two for Rocky, Shamrock fires up with rights and lefts. The DDT is countered this time, Shamrock lands the northern lights suplex. Hurricanrana from Shamrock, arm-bar into The Ankle Lock and Shamrock wins the match!


Ken Shamrock had the greatest month of his life during this time, defeating Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels before winning this match, it was always a great what-if about putting that championship on Shamrock. Anyways, this was easily the most enjoyable Survivor Series match of the night, I could have easily skipped on the first two which were awful while this one was quite interesting. A lot of interesting elements with Rocky garnering the biggest reaction for his team and Shamrock doing the same for the babyfaces. Will always be curious about the treatment of LOD since returning, seemed they were always treated as second-rate despite their appeal but make no mistake about it, things could be getting very interesting for Rocky and Shamrock in the coming months.


Winner: Team Shamrock over The Nation of Domination via Ankle Lock!


(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Owen Hart © vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

A broken neck: Owen Hart broke the neck of The Rattlesnake at Summerslam, causing Austin to miss three months of action. Austin arguably became more popular while being unable to compete but those three months, Austin could not wait to get his hands on Owen Hart. Austin helped Owen Hart win the Intercontinental Championship to setup this rematch, The Rattlesnake is ready to strike but can Owen Hart manage to stop Austin once more? This feels big, Austin comes to a great reaction for someone who is going up against a true Canadian in Owen Hart. Owen comes down to the ring with The Hart Foundation and Furnas & Lafon, such a simple act but great heel work. Also crazy to think that Owen could play such a callous character considering he was one of the nicest guys in the history of the business, you almost expect him to burst out laughing.


The match starts with Austin stunning Neidhart which allows Owen to jump Austin, Owen rakes the face of Austin across the top rope. Austin reverses Owen with right hands in the corner, gut kick from Owen. Austin blocks the piledriver but drags Austin down by the ring-post. Austin’s knee is sent into the ring-post before Austin yanks Owen into the ring-post. Austin chases after Owen who was thinking of leaving early to beat traffic, Owen meets the guard-rail. Owen continues to run from Austin, low blow from The King of Harts. Owen shoves Austin into the announce table, Owen continues to dish out punishment with a camera cable around the neck of Austin. Owen is trying to get disqualified, Owen chokes Austin in the ring. Owen takes at the face of Austin, shots to the ribs. Austin turns the tide and stomps the bejesus out of Owen, Irish whip and eye poke into an awkward exchange and a Stunner, Austin wins the championship and stuns Team Canada while we are at it!


Hold on a second, where was my breath-taking back and forth contest between the two? I wanted to see Owen go after the neck, the drama, the struggle, definitely comes out of nowhere but the match is over before it begins? Why? Austin’s neck? A refusal to work a long match with the man who broke his neck? Seriously, I feel I was robbed of the match that I truly wanted to see, how can this be? Disappointed is an understatement!


Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin over Owen Hart via Stone Cold Stunner!


(WWF Championship Match) Bret Hart© vs Shawn Michaels

The match 18 months in the making, Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 12, Bret Hart took a number of months off returning at Survivor Series 96, the plan at the time was for Bret Hart to recapture the WWF Championship from Michaels at Wrestlemania 13 but Michaels walked away citing an injury and losing his smile. The legitimacy of this injury has been in question for years at this point but all you need to know was Shawn Michaels was quoted as saying he would never ever put over Bret Hart. Now it’s Survivor Series 1997 and Bret Hart is leaving for WCW but the WWF Championship is still around the waist of The Hitman and the WWF needed to get the championship off of The Hitman but Bret refused to put over HBK because of how much of a prick Shawn Michaels was, this leads us to this match between two individuals who’s real life hatred fuelled their on-screen rivalry.


Both men arguably have done the best work of their career during this year, it will always be a great what-if to see how both men would have continued their rivalry the following year in the WWF but it was not meant to be. The match has a massive big fight feel, the camera follows both men to the ring with their entourages following them. Michaels is on the floor, giving the spotlight to The Hitman. This is intense for sure, Bret kisses the championship before handing it over as he often does, a little touch but it means quite a lot.


Michaels jumps Bret, Bret wins the fist-fight though. Multiple right hands and a headbutt from Bret, clothesline to the floor. Michaels meets the ring-post, Bret lands two massive rights to the face of HBK. Bret throws Michaels into the crowd, the referees are trying to maintain control but this is madness. Patterson, Slaughter and Mcmahon is here too. Michaels regains control bouncing Bret Hart off the announce table, HBK chokes Hart with an American flag. Michaels brings Bret into the crowd, more chaotic crowd-brawling. Michaels wants a piledriver but Bret reverses and Michaels lands hard on the floor. Low blow from Bret, Michaels is back-dropped on the rampway by The Hitman.


Bret Hart suplexes Michaels on the floor, Michaels pulls Bret into a referee. Bodies everywhere, this is a brawl! Bret tosses Michaels over the stage, fire extinguisher to the ribs. Michaels is knocked down once more by an irate Hitman, Michaels meets the guardrail hard. Bret chokes Michaels with the Quebec flag, leg-drop to the back of the neck. Inverted atomic drop from the champion, Michaels ducks the clothesline and nails his flying forearm. Kip-up and boot to the head from HBK, stomp to the face and Michaels chokes Bret with the Quebec flag.


Fist drop from HBK, Michaels taunts the fans. Bret is dumped to the floor, right hands from Michaels. Michaels front suplexes Bret onto the steel steps and stomps The Hitman on the back of the head. Michaels is on the top rope, double axe handle to the neck. Front chancery from the challenger, Bret tosses off Michaels, Bret goes after that leg. Elbow to the knee, Michaels grabs and rakes the face of Bret. Bret blocks the back-drop attempt with a boot but Michaels rakes the eyes again, Bret meets the buckle hard. Scoop slam, diving crossbody from Michaels but Bret rolls through for a close two. Bret kicks Michaels’ leg over and over, Michaels’ leg meets the ring-post and we have an apron figure-four. Impressive leg work from The Hitman, figure-four in the middle of the ring.


Michaels reverses the hold which switches the pressure onto The Hitman, Hitman has to break the hold. Mean right hands from Bret, Michaels is sent to the buckle and eats a Russian leg-sweep for two. Headbutt to the lower regions and a snap suplex from Bret, back-breaker from The Hitman. Bret’s Rope Elbow drop coming up but Michaels pulls the referee in front of The Hitman, Earl Hebnar is down as Bret and Hebnar clash heads. Eye rake from Michaels, HBK slaps on The Sharpshooter and the referee rings the bell and chaos ensues, The Montreal Screwjob takes places as Bret Hart gobs on Vince Mcmahon. HBK leaves the ring irate as The Hitman spells out WCW!


Incredible how The Network version goes off the air, leaving anyone who knows nothing about this match in the dark about the true nature of what might/did take place. I am not here to give my opinion on the screwjob though, God knows it has been done to death and I could add nothing new to that conversation so let’s talk about the match. It does feel incomplete, you don’t get much of your typical Bret Hart match, not a lot of leg-work and HBK does not control the action for very long which is disappointing because knowing what these two were capable of and with an insanely hot crowd like they had, this could have been magical for all the right reasons instead of the wrong reasons. I do enjoy the big fight feel though, from the entrances to having all the referees following the action, you are sucked into the drama and you cannot help but believe these two want to kill one another. Brawling can go two ways you can see as art that adds to the drama in the ring or you can see it as lazy/a cheap way to pop the fans by taking the action to them, this was definitely a case of the former here. It’s just so good watching these two brawl around the arena and I do wish this match had a couple more minutes and a definitive ending because for the year that both these men had, they deserved to have had that classic.


Winner: Shawn Michaels over Bret Hart via The Montreal Screwjob!


That was WWF’s Survivor Series 1997, a night of infamy for sure but a rather boring WWF PPV when all was said and done. The traditional Survivor Series matches on this card were largely uninteresting especially the two opening matches, they provided little reason for the fans to care or react and overstayed their welcome. Things improve with the two matches featuring bigger stars like Vader, Bulldog and Shamrock but the action is still not great, perhaps I am tired of the formulaic layouts of these matches but I am glad I won’t have to see anymore of these for a while. Kane vs Mankind is solid, Kane looks unstoppable while Mankind gives a good accounting of himself showcasing his willingness to torture himself for the sake of his art. Disappointed would be my reaction to the two championship matches on the card, I would like to know more about Austin vs Owen because if Austin was 100% healthy and cleared to go, I felt they could done so much more with this match. Owen could have gotten so much heat, could have gone after the neck but it seemed more like a joke to have Owen in there with Austin like it was a foregone conclusion that Austin was going to wipe the floor with Owen, very disappointing from a viewing standpoint. Meanwhile, I loved where the main event was heading but same thing like the Intercontinental Championship match, it seemed to end before it got going and I can’t help but think how fun a longer match between those two would have been but it was simply not meant to be. Only one more PPV to go for 1997, what a ride it has been! Survivor Series 1997 may have been a controversial night in wrestling history but this was not a fun card by any stretch of the imagination, thanks for taking the time to check this review out! And remember: there’s always another night!

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