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WWF King Of The Ring 1993 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that keeps more screenshots than a wrestling fan looking to ruin your favourite wrestler! It’s WWF King Of The Ring 1993, the first King Of The Ring pay per view to take place. Eight men with one chance to become King Of The Ring. We also have Hulk Hogan taking on Yokozuna, a return match from Wrestlemania IX while Shawn Michaels defends his Intercontinental Championship against Crush! Wrestlemania IX was not a great night for the WWF, but can they bounce back with King Of The Ring? Let’s find out!

(KOTR Quarter-Final Match) Razor Ramon vs Bret Hart

In January, these two faced off at The Royal Rumble for the WWF Championship and now they meet to see who will advance in the tournament. Ramon is off his game due to 123 Kid chants from the crowd, one of the most famous moments in Monday Night Raw history. Ramon and Hart circle one another, intensity is the look on the face of both men. Lock-up, Ramon shoves back Hart. Ramon pushes back Hart twice, the bigger of the two dominates the lock-up. Side headlock from Hart, Ramon grabs the hair and shoves off Hart. Shoulder block does not faze Ramon, Hart ducks two clotheslines before landing big right hands. Wrist-lock into an arm-drag, Hart works the arm with a key-lock. Ramon is back on his feet, kick to the ribs. Hart tries a hip-toss off an Irish whip but Ramon lands a massive clothesline.

Too cocky, Ramon misses an elbow. Hart nails an arm-drag and wrenches the arm, Ramon pushes Hart to the buckle. Ramon misses the splash, Hart lands the arm-drag. Hart is relentless in his pursuit of the arm, Ramon begins manoeuvring to escape the hold. Scoop slam counter does not work for Ramon as Hart rolls through, holding onto the arm-bar. Hart starts clubbing the arm before Ramon pokes the eyes of Hart. Whip and elbow to the face for two, Ramon wanted the chin-lock but Hart re-applies the hammer-lock. Ramon goes to the corner, elbow to the face from Ramon. Measured right hand by Ramon, Hart reverses an Irish whip but Ramon knees an oncoming Hart. Hart is sent hurdling into the ring-post shoulder-first.

Boot to the side of the head, Ramon has Hart in the ring. Kicks to the hands and ribs, Ramon lands a massive fallaway slam for two. Running powerslam from Ramon for two, frustration is etched across the face of The Bad Guy. More kicks to the ribs, elbow drops and a sidewalk slam from Ramon. Ramon measures before missing a series of elbow drops. Hart fires off right hands to the corner, inverted atomic drop into a clothesline for two. Whip off the ropes, gut-shot and a Russian leg-sweep for two. Back-breaker for two, Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop for two. Ramon misses a right hand, Hart goes for the O’Connor roll for two. Ramon is caught for a bulldog but shoves off Hart into the buckle sternum-first. Razor’s Edge but Hart kicks his way out, backslide attempt. Hart runs up the buckle to flip over into a small package for two.

Ramon kicks out at the last second, a frustrated Hart goes after the referee for the close-call. Ramon flattens Hart with a clothesline from behind, Ramon is infuriated by this point by his inability to put The Bad Guy away. Ramon places Hart on the top rope, facing towards the fans. Ramon wants the back superplex only for Hart to counter in mid-air for the crossbody. Both men crash to the mat with Hart landing on top of Ramon and pinning The Bad Guy for the win.

Solid wrestling match from these two WWF Superstars, I loved the work from Hart in this match. The way Hart attacks the arm and switches gear once the comeback is on is great to watch. Love that backslide into the small package, that should have been the finish to be honest. Nothing could top that little neat manoeuvre but both men were great here. Ramon plays the part perfectly, being an utter sleazeball inside of that ring. Facials are great, body language is tremendous too. Ramon needs something he can sink his teeth into and it’s coming sooner rather than later. Hart advances, this should be a good night for The Hitman.

Winner: Bret Hart over Razor Ramon via Crossbody!

(KOTR Quarter-Final Match) Mr. Perfect vs Mr. Hughes W/ Harvey Whippleman

Hughes pushes away Perfect with ease, Perfect catches Hughes for an arm-drag. Leapfrogs and a dropkick from Perfect, Hughes staggers but does not go down. Hughes pushes Perfect to the corner, a right hand sends Perfect to the floor. Headbutt from Hughes, Perfect fires back with a right but Hughes is too strong at this time. Perfect ducks a clothesline but runs right into a big boot, Hughes lands a clubbing blow to the back of the head. Another whip, clothesline from Hughes. Snap-mare into a neck-crank, Perfect escapes the hold but Hughes continues to whip Perfect around the ring. Ugly looking slam from Hughes, the two trade blows. Eye rake from Hughes, Hughes chokes Perfect using the middle rope.

Hughes misses a middle rope attack on Perfect, Perfect is back on his feet. Massive hip-toss from Perfect, add a back body-drop to that. Snap-mare into the neck-breaker from Perfect. To the corner, shots by Perfect. Whippleman hands Perfect the urn and Perfect advances to the disqualification.

Well, that was an unexpected ending, I thought Perfect would use his quickness to upset Hughes but I guess we are keeping Hughes as strong as possible for that eventual Undertaker match (God help us all!). That being said, Perfect continues to be awesome as a babyface in the WWF, looking forward to seeing more of Perfect.

Winner: Mr. Perfect over Mr. Hughes via DQ!

(KOTR Quarter-Final Match) Bam Bam Bigelow vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Duggan is still around? 1993 is such an odd time in the WWF, the new generation is taking over but you still have all these faces that are stables of the late 80s. Duggan, Beefcake and Hogan feel so out of place. Anyways, Duggan takes on The Beast From The East Bam Bam Bigelow. Bigelow was not on Wrestlemania but returned to the WWF at Royal Rumble dismantling The Big Bossman.

These two lock-up, Bigelow and Duggan shoulder block one another. Duggan ducks a clothesline and nails one of his own. Make it three to knock down Bigelow, Duggan is posing as Bigelow is down on the outside. Eye rake from Bigelow, Duggan blocks the rights of Bigelow though. Rights and lefts from Duggan, Bigelow misses a corner splash off a reversed Irish whip. Duggan’s ribs are injured, scoop slam does not work as Bigelow is too strong. Bigelow targets the ribs, bearhug from Bigelow. Kicks to the ribs from Bigelow, snap-mare into a falling headbutt but the headbutt misses. Duggan tries the slam but Bigelow is too big, Duggan clutches the ribs once more. Another bearhug from Bigelow, Duggan bites the head of Bigelow.

Bigelow is whipped to the ropes, Duggan ducks the head. Bigelow misses the kick to the head, big scoop slam from Duggan. Duggan wants his Three-Point Stance Clothesline but Bigelow dodges. Duggan collapses to the mat, Bigelow climbs to the top rope. Diving Top Rope Headbutt and this match is over, Bigelow advances in The King Of The Ring Tournament.

Well, Duggan did not get DQ’ed which is a nice change of pace from watching Duggan inside of a WWF Ring. When thinking about Bigelow, I think of big and dominant heel, I have not got my feed of Bigelow just yet in this WWF run. I hope its coming because I would much rather see Bigelow treated as a threat rather than comically taking big bumps for the likes of Bossman and Duggan.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow over Hacksaw Jim Duggan via Diving Headbutt!

(KOTR Quarter-Final Match) Lex Luger vs Tatanka

Luger poses in front of his mirror before two referees ask Luger to put on a pad over his bionic forearm. Luger is livid about wearing the pad, Tatanka comes sprinting down to the ring. Luger sends Tatanka hurdling to the floor to start the match, Tatanka pushes the mirror onto Luger. Chops from Tatanka, Luger spills out to the floor. Scoop slam on the ringside mat, Luger is begging off in the ring. Tatanka is all sorts of fired up, Luger is whipped to the buckle. Back body-drop from Tatanka, clothesline takes down Luger. Cover for two, Tatanka applies an arm-bar. Luger tries slamming Tatanka but Tatanka won’t let go of the hold. Tatanka throws tomahawk chops down on Luger, flying crossbody from Tatanka for a close two.

Hammer-lock from Tatanka, Luger counters before falling victim to the hold again. Luger goes to the ropes before elbowing Tatanka right between the eyes, Luger stomps away at Tatanka in the corner. Whip off the ropes and a knee to the ribs from Luger, elbow to the ribs from Luger for two. Luger throws Tatanka to the corner, shoulder thrusts from The Narcissist. Back-breaker form Luger, boot to the face of Tatanka. Measured elbow drop for two, another big elbow for two. Tatanka capitalizes for a roll-up, two for Tatanka. Elbows and chops by Tatanka, Luger knees down Tatanka before applying a chin-lock. Tatanka’s rally is stopped by Luger pulling Tatanka down by the hair. Another chin-lock from Luger, Tatanka cannot fight off the control of Luger.

Small package from Tatanka for two, Luger maintains control with more clubbing blows to the back of Tatanka. Irish whip from Luger, Luger ducks the head. Sunset flip from Tatanka, close two for the undefeated Tatanka. Luger kicks Tatanka hard in the ribs, a knee-lift from Luger. Stomps in the corner from Luger, Luger talks trash to the fans. Tatanka is rammed into the buckle, that War Dance has been started. No matter the punches, Tatanka is on fire. Big chops, double chop for two. Irish whip into a powerslam for a close two, scoop slam and Tatanka climbs high.

Tatanka is on the top rope, Diving Tomahawk Chop for a close two. Tatanka climbs high for a second time, crossbody does not pay off this time. Tatanka crashes and burns, Luger goes for the kill. Stomps from Luger, Irish whip and a massive clothesline from Luger. Two for Luger, another whip into a powerslam for two. Luger looks frustrated and exhausted, another Irish whip. Back body-drop from Luger, big vertical suplex for two. Luger cannot believe it, back-breaker from Luger. Cover for two, the bell rings and both men have been eliminated.

What I can say is the commentators from the beginning state the importance of the time-limit, I prefer that to nowadays when the commentators just bring it up in the last few seconds if it is the planned finish. Luger and Tatanka would not be my first choices for a 15 minute match going the distance but I am loving heel Luger. The icing on the cake is asking for five more minutes after the bell and then wham, Luger cracks Tatanka with the bionic forearm. The Narcissist is growing in my estimations, long live the legend of Lex Luger. I do find the booking odd though, the king gimmick does feel like such a heel gimmick and I think you need to continue pushing Luger as this ultimate force because Luger is your big heel behind Yokozuna. Anyways, both men remain undefeated, I am not sure where we can go with Tatanka from here, what happened with Sherri vs Luna?

Both Men Are Eliminated!

(KOTR Semi-Final Match) Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect

Nice little interview takes place before this match where Perfect and Hart get in one another’s faces. Both men are babyfaces and both respect one another but Perfect has not forgotten Summerslam 1991, Perfect would love to avenge that loss.

Lock-up, stalemate between the two. Perfect takes the back, Hart goes to the ropes. Perfect breaks clean, lock-up. Side headlock from Hart, Perfect pushes off Hart. Shoulder block and hip-toss from Hart, side headlock takedown from Hart but Perfect counters with a head-scissors. Hart wriggles free, Hart applies a headlock. Perfect pushes back Hart to the corner, chop from Perfect. Hart reverses a whip to the buckle, scoop slam from Hart but Perfect kicks him away. Perfect returns the favour before Hart slaps on a side headlock takedown. Crucifix pin by Hart for two, back into the headlock.

Perfect starts to get back to his feet, Perfect looking for an escape. Forearms to the ribs, Hart answers with a crossbody. Perfect shoves Hart to the floor, apron sunset flip for two. Hart applies the side headlock once more, Hart is one step ahead of Perfect. Perfect grabs the hair for leverage, a subtle move from Perfect. Perfect grabs the hair and pushes Hart to the ropes, massive knee to the ribs. Stomp to the lower regions, kick to the ribs. That competitive side of Perfect is coming out, standing dropkick from Perfect. Perfect lets Hart back into the ring before stomping Hart as he enters the ring, Perfect has lost his head.

Chop in the corner, forearms to the back of the head. Knee-lift for two, Hart is kicked in the ribs and out to the floor. Big chop on the floor, Hart is bounced off the ring apron. Hart tries re-entering the ring but Perfect smashes Hart who smacks his knee off the guardrail. Hart sells it excellently, Perfect pulls Hart to the apron and nails a big right hand. Another knee-lift finds the mark, two for Perfect. Hart fights back from his knees, Perfect knocks down Hart with a right. Perfect is on the top rope, missile dropkick from Perfect for two. Hart places his foot on the ropes to survive, chop and big Irish whip to the buckle from Perfect for two.

Perfect climbs to the top rope, Hart was playing possum. Perfect is crotched on the top rope, Hart lands a massive superplex. Cover by Hart for two, Hart goes after the leg of Perfect. Perfect is kicked all around the ring, figure four leglock from Hart in the middle of the ring. Perfect writhes around in pain, Perfect survives the hold though. Hart switches to a leglock, Perfect manoeuvres to blast Hart in the face with a knee. Perfect has Hart in the corner, Perfect tosses Hart by the hair. Perfect is doing everything except low-blowing Hart at this point. Whip by Perfect into a sleeper, Hart looks desperate to escape.

Hart pulls at the hair of Perfect, Perfect continues to apply pressure but Hart makes it to the ropes. Perfect does not break the hold right away, Perfect’s knee gives out on him. Chop from Perfect, sleeper again from Perfect. Perfect uses the ropes for leverage again, Hart runs into the buckle and ducks. Perfect smashes into the buckle, massive uppercut from Hart. Hair toss for Perfect who lands groin-first into the ring-post, inverted atomic drop into a Russian leg-sweep for two. Leg drop from Hart, back-breaker. Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop for two, Sharpshooter but Perfect goes after the injured hand of Hart. Stomp on the fingers, Perfect-Plex attempt but Hart blocks and both men spill out to the floor over the top rope.

Perfect is back inside the ring, Hart follows slowly after Perfect. Perfect fakes an injury to sucker in The Hitman. Small package as Perfect looks to steal it from Hart, 1…2… Hart reverses the hold and applies his own small package and it’s in tight. 1…2…3! The Hitman advances in this tournament to face Bam Bam Bigelow in the finals.

Tremendous match, easily match of the night and no surprise between two of the best in the WWF at the time. Love the story told here between these two, starts out with pure wrestling between the two. Hart is still the better man of the two so where does this bring us? It brings us to Perfect taking shortcuts to keep up with The Hitman. Hair-pulling, cheap-shots and faking injuries from Perfect, classic heel stuff from Perfect. No matter what Perfect does though, Hart keeps coming back for more. Love the grabbing of the fingers, Perfect twists them and it just turns up the whole what a prick factor by 10! Perfect and Hart sell tremendously, the story is fascinating considering the history between the two and when Hart outsmarts Perfect, it is just awesome. I doubt I will see anything better than that for a while in The New Generation Era!

Winner: Bret Hart over Mr. Perfect via Small Package!

(WWF Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © W/ Jimmy Hart vs Yokozuna W/ Mr. Fuji

The rematch from Wrestlemania IX with former champion Yokozuna who reigned for about a minute go after The Hulkster. Regardless of your feelings, this is the match for the championship and now Hogan has to battle the monster that is Yokozuna. Hogan tries pushing back Yokozuna, Yokozuna hardly budges on the push attempt. Hogan tries it again but Yokozuna shoves down Hogan. Right hand and chops from Yokozuna, another chop to the chest and a throat thrust from Yokozuna. Headbutt from Yoko, Hogan is being battered around the ring. Throat thrust has Hogan rethinking his wrestling career, another chop from Yokozuna. Yokozuna rips at the face of Hogan, another throat thrust finds the mark. Chops rock Hogan back and forth, whip to the buckle with Hogan collapsing to the mat. Whip to the opposite buckle, Yokozuna misses a corner splash. Right hands from Hogan, ten punches in the corner.

Hogan bites the head, threatening the referee afterwards. Corner clothesline, Hogan wants the slam but Yokozuna is too strong on this occasion. Whip off the ropes, Hogan ducks the clothesline and lands some offence before attempting another slam. Yokozuna is too strong, Hogan ducks two more elbows and lands a clothesline of his own, make it two. Yokozuna counters the third with a clothesline of his own, Yokozuna misses a huge splash. Hogan runs off the ropes, shoulder block knocks down Hogan. Yokozuna whips Hogan to the corner, bearhug in the middle of the ring. Hogan tries to break the hold, Yokozuna continues to squeeze.

Hogan comes back to life, massive right hands to create separation. Back elbow from Yokozuna, belly to belly suplex from Yokozuna. Cover for two, Hogan begins Hulking Up. Right hands from Hogan, big boot with more punches. Another boot, Hogan looks to the crowd for inspiration. Third boot and Atomic Leg Drop. 1…2… Yokozuna kicks out! There is a camera man on the apron, a fire-ball flies out of the camera and Yokozuna lands a massive leg drop of his own for the win.

It comes so fast you do not even get to really sink in what you saw, Yokozuna kicked out of the leg drop. Nobody has ever done that in the WWF to my knowledge and it wasn’t even a close two. Yokozuna kicked out like it was nothing. Interesting finish for sure though, would not think I would see something like that in the WWF. Anyways, seeing Hogan slimmed down in the WWF is bizarre to see, there is no getting used to seeing Hogan without being jacked to the max. The match itself went as long as it should have, I did not want to see the old Hogan formula anymore, it was a sign of the times I just could not get behind it like the old days. It saved the match from dragging, I wish Yokozuna mixed up the attacks a bit, I am yet to see why so many raved about the work-rate of Yokozuna when it seems like the new WWF Champion gasses with relative ease. Hoping things change as we move through the pay per views, shocking to see the end of Hulkamania go down like that.

Winner: Yokozuna over Hulk Hogan via Leg Drop!

The Smoking Gunns & The Steiner Brothers vs The Headshrinkers & Money Inc.

New babyface tag team to sink your teeth into, we have The Smoking Gunns Billy and Bart Gunn looking to make a mark on the established teams of Money Inc. & The Headshrinkers. Dibiase and Scott to start, arm-drag from Dibiase. Lock-up, another arm-drag from Dibiase. Scott takes the leg, waist-lock from Scott. Dibiase grabs a headlock, shoulder block from Dibiase. Leapfrogs and dropkick from Scott, clothesline to the floor. Scott clotheslines Dibiase down again to the floor, Rick lands more rights on the floor. Dibiase opts to tag in Fatu, arm-wringer from Scott. Bart tags in, Bart ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Fatu. Drop toehold into an arm-bar, Fatu is rammed into the mat head-first. No effect and a superkick from Fatu, Samu tags in for a double clothesline.

Falling headbutt from Samu, IRS is now the legal man. Elbow to the face from IRS, leg drop to the groin before a tag to Dibiase. Chops and right hands from Dibiase, beautiful suplex. Tag to Samu, headbutt from Samu. Tag to Fatu, double back body-drop. Headbutt to the groin for two, Fatu bites the head of Bart. Back-breaker from Fatu for two, tag to IRS. Diving throat thrust from IRS, leg drop for two.

Whip from IRS, IRS ducks as Bart applies a sunset flip for two. Another whip and a massive clothesline with both men hitting the mat hard. Bart tags Billy, Dibiase is taken aback by the right hands of Billy. Clotheslines after a back body drop, Dibiase stun-guns Billy. Million Dollar Dream from Dibiase, Dibiase lets go of the hold to punish Billy but Billy lures in Dibiase and scores the win with a small package.

Talk about abrupt, good to put The Smoking Gunns on the map I guess but this was pure filler after the massive title match. I cannot give you one spot or one memorable moment in that whole match. It was wrestled and worked like a nothing match, it came off like a nothing match and that’s all I can say really. It happened, it was a match and it had a winner. Perhaps a tag team title match in the future, maybe not who knows?

Winners: Steiners & Gunns over Headshrinkers & Money Inc. via Small Package!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Shawn Michaels © W/ Diesel vs Crush

Both men have moved on from Wrestlemania, Michaels investing in a bodyguard named Diesel while Crush has his sights set on championship gold. Michaels recently regained the championship from former tag team partner Marty Jannetty, this should be an interesting match. Side headlock from Crush, Michaels eats a massive shoulder block. Side headlock from Crush, Michaels cannot wriggle free from the hold. Leapfrogs from Michaels, big jab from HBK. Crush shakes it off, Michaels is frustrating the big man. Arm-wringer from Michaels, Crush whips Michaels off the ropes. Shoulder block does not knock Crush, Michaels misses the superkick and gets dropkicked to the floor.

Crush continues to sweep the legs of Michaels, big arm-bar and a military press slam from Crush. Michaels is whipped off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam. Diesel pulls Michaels out of the ring. Michaels sneaks up on Crush after Diesel distracted Crush, Diesel sends Crush head-first into the ring-post. Michaels bangs Crush’s head off the ring-post over and over, this could be the end of this match. Michaels does not take the count-out win, picking up the body of Crush. Michaels covers for a close two, Michaels is on the top rope. Diving double axe handle from Michaels, Michaels lands a big boot to the head.

Crush shakes off Michaels for a pin-fall, Michaels applies a front chancery to wear down Crush. Crush escapes by shaking off Michaels, throwing Michaels across the ring. Michaels is stubbornly going back to the hold, Michaels is dumped onto the top rope and is flung to the floor. Michaels is on the to rope, Crush sidesteps Michaels away and Michaels crashes into the mat. Back body-drop from Crush, whip to the buckle into a back-breaker for two. Big boot from Crush, leg drop from Crush for two. O’Connor roll is blocked by Crush, Michaels is clotheslined to the floor. Doink and Doink are here, the double act strikes again.

Crush has to be restrained by the referee, the Doinks continue to distract Crush. Crush does not see Michaels re-enter the ring, Michaels stumbles to his feet. Sweet Chin Music to the back of the head of Crush, Crush smashes his face on the turnbuckle too which leads to HBK retaining his championship.

Well that was a bit of a rough one to sit through, I don’t see it in Crush. The gimmick, the charisma or lack of, nothing about Crush appeals to me. I am only blinded by his neon-bright gear. Michaels was nothing special in this one, interesting to see Diesel make his pay per view debut in the WWF. As for the finish, it looked pretty bad. The camera angle was not great, not much to show the impact of the kick and the comical bump onto the front turnbuckle just did not work for me. Also, Doink and Crush are still going? Crush is getting screwed as a babyface and I don’t know if I care enough to be angry.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over Crush via Sweet Chin Music!

(KOTR Final Match) Bam Bam Bigelow vs Bret Hart

The well-rested Bigelow takes on the battered Bret Hart, Hart limps to the ring which calls back to the tweaking of his knee when Perfect sent him flying into the guardrail. Bigelow rushes out of the gate to begin the match, Hart dodges and tries to go blow for blow with Bigelow. Big mistake as Bigelow clubs down Hart, whip off the ropes. Clothesline misses but Hart counters the military press by falling on top of Bigelow. Two for Hart, Bigelow rakes the eyes to escape the arm-bar. Shoulder block from Bigelow, Bigelow military presses Hart to the floor. Huge spot, could have been a count-out finish tease. Bigelow brings Hart back in the ring though, falling headbutts from Bigelow.

Whip to the buckle, Hart collapses on impact. Another falling headbutt for two as Hart places his foot on the ropes. Kidney blows from Bigelow, massive belly to back suplex from Bigelow. Two for Bigelow, Hart is whipped to the buckle hard again. Bigelow continues to nail headbutts to the back, bearhug in the middle of the ring. Looks brutal for once, Hart struggles before breaking free for a second before a belly to back suplex from Bigelow for two. Bigelow tosses Hart to the floor, Hart manages to send Bigelow into the guardrail, Hart nails a diving elbow from the apron.

Hart tries another dive from the apron, Bigelow catches Hart in mid-air though. Massive ram into the ring-post, Luna Vachon is here and she cracks Hart with a steel chair. Bigelow slams Hart in the middle of the ring, Bigelow climbs to the top rope. Bigelow lands his Diving Headbutt on Hart but referee Earl Hebnar is out here with Joey Marella. Hebnar alerts Marella to the interference of Luna Vachon, this match has to continue. Bigelow attacks the back, headbutts to the spine. Headbutt right between the eyes for The Hitman, whip off the ropes. Bearhug again, headbutt from Bigelow again. Argentine back-breaker from Bigelow, Hart survives the back-breaker.

Massive belly to back suplex from The Hitman, Bigelow is up to his feet first. Bigelow misses a senton, Hart rolls out of the way. Hart has his eyes raked by Bigelow, hard Irish whip from Bigelow. Argentine back-breaker once more from Bigelow, Hart grabs at the face of Bigelow. Sleeper from Hart, Bigelow staggers around the ring. Bigelow grabs Hart by the hair, slamming Hart to the mat. Hart manages to dropkick Bigelow and dump him to the floor, plancha and right hands from Hart. Hart is on the middle rope, diving clothesline for two. Russian leg-sweep and middle rope bulldog from Hart, Hart wants the sharpshooter. Bigelow kicks away Hart, bearhug again from Bigelow. Hart bites the head of Bigelow, belly to back suplex attempt from Hart goes wrong as Bigelow drops his weight on The Hitman. Close two for Bigelow, Bigelow whips Hart to the buckle. Boot to the face from Hart, victory roll from Hart and it’s over!

Yeah, I did not like it! I am very happy that it was the main event and the tournament has constantly been put over as a huge deal but this match was just off for me. Bigelow never went after the hand or injured leg during this match, why waste time building up and mentioning those two injuries when Bigelow ignores them completely. The bearhugs and Argentine back-breakers did  little for me in terms of drama and the false-finish with the match being restarted irks me. It irks me because how can I suspend my disbelief when heels cheat 90% of the time and steal wins through such actions but every once and a while, a referee will be like “Hold on, you cannot cheat to win and this match must be restarted!” The lack of consistency when it comes to this really takes me out of the scenario, this should have been a clear-cut story of Bigelow destroying Bret’s hand or leg and Hart overcoming the odds but it just felt like any other babyface vs heel match, very little meat on the bones of this match. Maybe Vince felt this way too because the shows ends with Jerry Lawler assaulting Bret Hart to setup their feud.

Winner: Bret Hart over Bam Bam Bigelow via Victory Roll!

That was WWF’s King Of The Ring 1993, a solid showing from the WWF all things considered but my interest in the product has definitely taking a hit as continue into The New Generation. Similar to Wrestlemania IX, you have a mix of newer talent and talent that I thought was long gone on this point mixed in with gimmicks that might not have legs to them. Duggan on WWF pay per view in 1993? Crush brah trying to sell as a babyface? The Smoking Gunns? Certainly these kind of things seem dated looking back but they were outdated and looked cheesy at the time. The most fascinating part of The New Generation Era to explore will be just how out of touch the product is with the mainstream at the time. It’s baffling to think we were deep into Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers dominating the charts and having movies like Goodfellas and Silence Of The Lambs take over cinema while the WWF still seems to be in that Saturday Morning Cartoon phase. I cannot imagine the struggle to admit you were a wrestling fan during this time!

Anyways, everything I really enjoyed about this night contained Bret Hart. From the opening match with Razor Ramon, things were off to a great start. As far as nasty smirking bad guys, Ramon seems to have found the gimmick that just fits like a glove. His snug style of working helps greatly too as I found myself just waiting for Ramon to do anything in this match as I knew I would be enjoying it, Hart sells his ass off and the false-finish of the backslide flip over into the small package would have been the icing on the cake, looked great and the crowd reacted to it, maybe it was the finish? Regardless, this match was very enjoyable but cannot say much for the next match. Mr. Hughes gets  a pass because Mr. Perfect is the man, plain and simple. Hughes looked like a God as Perfect flew around the ring for him, the finish was lame but I guess the world is crying out for Hughes vs Undertaker. Bigelow and Duggan was ok, thought Duggan should have been more serious to put over the monster that is Bigelow considering what was planned for Bigelow but we have the kind of match that makes Bigelow look like more of a clumsy oaf than credible contender which had me praying for a quick end to the match. Luger vs Tatanka was not a match I wanted to see go 15 minutes but when it was over, I thought Lex Luger is the best heel in the company with the best gimmick of knocking people out with his forearm. So much fun to watch Luger be disgusted by everyone in sight!

Hart vs Perfect was match of the night, lots of story-telling and emotion in this one. Perfect sinking back into his old habits to try and beat the better man, coming up short in quite the classic. Could easily see this as a world championship match, would love to have these two fight every night it was that enjoyable. The 8 man tag was pure filler, no meaning or consequences. Not my kind of match, I understand there needs to be a match that allows the fans to breathe between the big ones but this was just so clearly there to serve that purpose that nothing ever came of it.

The two main events did not find the mark for me, I could not sink my teeth into Hogan vs Yokozuna, it just does not do it for me when all was said and done. Everything felt off, this act had been played out before and with Hogan slimmer than ever, it just was not like how it had been in years gone by, the punches and the Hulking Up seems out of place in 1993. The finish was very flashy though for WWF, probably the wildest things have been since Jake unleashed a snake on Randy Savage. Bret Hart vs Bam Bam Bigelow missed the mark for me, the false-finish irked me while Bigelow never went after the injured hand or leg of Bret who had been hobbling in the last match and had his fingers twisted by Perfect. That story went to waste and the action was nothing special for a main event. Thankfully, for the duo the fans were all in o Bret Hart and carried the match but I was bored during this main event, taking 3 attempts to sit through the action. We shall see if the WWF continues this awkward streak of bizarre to solid pay per views with Summerslam 1993. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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