Thursday 4 August 2022

WCW Clash of The Champions XXVIII Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues well past its prime like The Nature Boy! It’s time for the Clash of The Champions XXVIII! Let’s just get it on!


Pretty Wonderful vs The Nasty Boys

Our new tag team champions take on the freshly-babyface Nasty Boys which has me groaning before the bell has rang because two teams I am not exactly high on are going to fight without weapons. Orndorff and Knobbs to start, Knobbs roughs up Orndorff and tags in Sags. Double shoulder block and Roma is knocked off the apron, we are starting hot. Double forearm by Nasty Boys, Roma rolls to the floor. Knobbs continues bashing Orndorff off of every buckle. Whip to the buckle and right hands, Sags and Roma reset with Sags running into a boot from Roma. Roma tries a diving crossbody but Sags lands a scoop slam counter. More brawling with The Nasty Boys destroying Orndorff and Roma, Sags is on the floor stalking Roma. Roma begs for mercy and Orndorff damn nears decapitates Sags with a clothesline.


Orndorff goes to work with a headlock of all things on the floor (EXTREME) Orndorff uses a camera cable to choke out Sags, Sags does fight back but has his eyes raked and Sags meets the steel steps with his face. Sags is selling the eye pretty good, anything is better than watching Sags and Knobbs wrestle I suppose. Sags stumbles into the ring, scoop slam by Roma and a beautiful diving elbow drop. Roma marks out to himself as Knobbs tries to get in a shot, Orndorff comes in and stomps all over Knobbs and lands a massive elbow. Reverse chin-lock from Orndorff, a wild Blacktop Bully is watching from the crowd. Roma slaps on a reverse chin-lock on Sags, Nasty Boy chants are ringing out through the arena. Sags fights out of the headlock but Orndorff lands a knee as Sags runs the ropes.


Knobbs cannot help as Orndorff elbows Sags in his jewels, Roma is not happy there was a 3 for such a great manoeuvre. Sags lands a shoulder block on Orndorff, Orndorff decks Knobbs and Pretty Wonderful do some fine cheating behind the referee’s back. Roma marks out to his own dropkick for two, Orndorff calls for a piledriver. Sags is a big boy though and counters with a back-drop, tag to Knobbs. Punches all around, elbows to Roma. Clotheslines all around, Knobbs showing some fire. Orndorff meets the buckle, Roma makes the save. Sags is up, more brawling all around the ring. Orndorff knees down Knobbs, suplex by Orndorff, splash by Roma on Knobbs but Sags lands a Diving Elbow Drop on Orndorff for the win despite being the illegal man.


Not bad boys, not bad. I still cannot believe Roma made it into The Horsemen and it’s going to be tough to accept The Nasty Boys as top babyfaces in this division but this match was not bad, Sags looked blown-up despite being battered and Knobbs’ hot-tag was a lot of ugly punches but I expected worse so let’s call this a win!


Winners: The Nasty Boys over Pretty Wonderful via Diving Elbow Drop!


(WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Stunning Steve Austin © vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

Before this match, Hulk Hogan is on his way to do an interview before some masked man clips his knee and is injured! What will happen at the PPV? Anyways, these two tore it up the last time on PPV and I fucking love me some Steamboat. This should be excellent like last time, Austin continues to impress despite looking like the main event was the destination for Austin at the start of 94 but that seems like a distant memory now.


Austin starts with a side headlock but Steamboat counters with a head-scissors, Austin excuses Steamboat of grabbing the hair. The hair which is thinning fast on poor Austin’s head, Steamboat counters Austin again and Austin complains once more. Austin slaps Steamboat and shoves him, doesn’t work as Steamboat shoves down the champion. Austin gets caught in a side headlock before trying to roll-up Steamboat with a handful of tights. Steamboat chops away at Austin, Austin chops back and whips Steamboat but Steamboat ducks and lands two massive dropkicks. Chop from Steamboat, Austin is whipped to the buckle and lands an elbow counter but Steamboat lands the powerslam for two.


Arm-bar by Steamboat, Austin shoves off Steamboat. O’Connor roll from Steamboat for two, Austin tries a roll-up for two. Steamboat pops up and lands an arm-bar, Austin escapes and lands a snap-mare but Steamboat and Austin scramble on the mat before Steamboat slaps on an arm-bar. Steamboat is whipped and side-stepped by Austin, Steamboat lands on the floor. Austin is pulled to the floor, chops by Steamboat. Austin tries running but runs into a massive chop from Steamboat. Austin and Steamboat trade sleepers, Austin lands a jaw-breaker to stop Steamboat in his tracks. Steamboat is bounced off the buckle, chops by Austin. Steamboat chops back, Austin goes low. Steamboat lands a hip-toss, Austin tries a corner spear but hits his arm off the ring-post. Steamboat sends the arm into the ring-post, Steamboat climbs to the top rope and yanks Austin’s arm down on the rope.


Diving chop for two, arm-bar from the challenger. Blacktop Bully screaming in the crowd, Steamboat has his eyes poked and Austin lands a massive knee to the head. Knee-drop from the champion for two, Austin slaps the face of The Dragon. Steamboat is slammed into the mat, right hands and chops from Austin. Snap-mare into a knee-drop for two, reverse chin-lock from Austin. Steamboat escapes and lands a shoulder block, Steamboat tries a splash but Austin blocks with his knees. Two for Austin, middle rope elbow drop from Austin for two. Austin continues slapping around Steamboat, suplex in the middle of the ring for two. Steamboat fights back, placing Austin on the top rope. Chops from Steamboat, Austin lands a headbutt and Steamboat lands awkwardly on his tail-bone, this is the bump that ended his career unfortunately. Steamboat is up though, Austin is crotched on the top rope.


Steamboat is up there now, superplex off the top rope? Austin blocks, Austin sends Steamboat down face-first, you can see The Dragon is hurting. Austin dives off and eats a chop to the ribs, face-buster from Steamboat. Steamboat is clutching his back every time, diving crossbody fails as Austin side-steps and slams Steamboat into the mat. Austin slaps Steamboat and The Dragon fires up big-time, Steamboat takes down Austin and lands massive rights. Double chop floors Austin, four times Austin tastes the chop. Steamboat lands a spine-buster for two, Steamboat continues to clutch his back. Electric-chair-drop for two, small package for two.


Steamboat lands a jacknife cover for two, Austin wants a piledriver but Steamboat counters for a backslide. Kick to the ribs and a sunset flip for two, Steamboat cannot beat Austin. Clothesline by Austin, Austin tries to back-drop Steamboat to the floor, Steamboat skins the cat with his injured back. Schoolboy for two, small package by Steamboat for the win!


What a match, it absolutely sucks that this would be the end of The Dragon but what an end for The Dragon, Steamboat was such a joy to watch in WCW. I thought they wasted him at times in the tag division when it was clear Steamboat was so much better than that but I have so many great memories of Steamboat in WCW from The Flair trilogy to the Iron-Man Match with Rude to the series with Austin, tremendous way to bow out for The Dragon. Austin and Steamboat have great chemistry, Steamboat firing up after the slaps is just great as is the series of rapid-fire pins that had me freaking out, great match just like their previous match!


Winner: Ricky The Dragon Steamboat over Stunning Steve Austin via Small Package!


Dusty & Dustin Rhodes vs Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck W/ Col. Robert Parker & Meng

Dustin had problems with that damn Bunkhouse Buck before Terry Funk took him out and then when Dustin turned to Arn Anderson, Anderson betrayed Dustin too. With all this going down, it was The American Dream Dusty Rhodes who asked his son to allow him to be his partner in a very emotional promo that you should seek out if you have not seen it before. This starts hot with a brawl, The Rhodes take out The Stud Stable.


Dustin and Buck to start, Dustin has Buck with a boot and a knee to the head. Funk talks strategy with Buck, Buck brings Dustin to the corner. Tag and the Stud Stable batter Dustin before Buck clotheslines Funk by mistake, Dustin Rhodes clotheslines Buck to the floor. Atomic drop for both Funk and Buck as they bang heads. Tag to Dusty Rhodes, big pop as The American Dream calls for the fans to give him energy. Bionic Elbow drops Buck, Funk comes in and talks trash. Buck takes Dusty to the corner, eye-rake. Dustin helps Dusty and Dusty lands Bionic Elbows all around. Funk and Buck are whipped into one another, Funk smashes into Buck. Funk and Buck manage to rock Dustin, Funk has a front chancery.


Headbutt by Funk, Dustin Rhdoes is down but still fighting to get that tag. Buck distracts the referee and the tag to Dusty Rhodes is missed, Buck cracks Funk with his boot with a very bad double axe handle, the tag to Dusty Rhodes is made this time. Noggin-knocker by Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson sends Dustin Rhodes into the ring-post. Funk and Buck are taking down Dusty Rhodes, the arm is the target. They want to break the arm, right hands to the head from Buck. Boot to the head, Dustin gets the tag and lands right hands all around. Flying clothesline on Funk, flying clothesline on Buck. Bionic Elbow by Dusty on both Buck & Funk, Dustin Rhodes wipes out Parker. Arn Anderson interferes and lands a DDT on Dustin Rhodes. Meng is in the ring, Bionic Elbow on Arn Anderson. Meng stands up to Dusty, Dusty grabs a chair. Dusty waffles Meng with the chair, Meng does not even feel it and down goes Dusty Rhodes. Tonga Death Grip as Meng takes out the beloved Dusty Rhodes. A bunch of security are drilled as Meng chokes Dusty.


Well I thought it was weird that Dusty would make his big return on a Clash but this was little more than an angle with Meng getting The Big Bubba Rogers’ push by no-selling a chair to the head. Still good fire shown here and the crowd super hot for Dusty, happy to see where it goes from here.


Winners: The Rhodes over The Stud Stable via DQ!


Lord Steven Regal W/ Sir William vs Antonio Inoki

51-Year Old Antonio Inoki on his retirement tour takes a stop in WCW, this is kind of crazy but whatever, Regal is not happy with Inoki and stomps the shit out of Inoki. Regal and Inoki circle one another, Regal lands forearms and boots but Inoki is too strong with his big forearms. Regal takes down Inoki, Inoki reverses into a sleeper. Regal is in the ropes, Regal lands forearms and uppercuts and tries to ground Inoki. Regal fights for a double-arm suplex, Inoki blocks by staying down on the mat. Regal kicks Inoki in the head, they circle one another once more. Lock-up, headbutt by Regal and kicks to the ribs. Regal uses a forearm across the face, Inoki lands some strikes and looks for a massive suplex but Regal kicks and sends Inoki to the mat.


Inoki is on the apron, being kicked onto the announce table, Sir William lands a strike but I think Koji Kanemoto scares him off at ringside. Uppercuts and kicks by Inoki, Regal is back on top with a face-lock. Uppercuts by Regal, Regal applies a heel hook. Inoki escapes and lands big blows, sleeper from Inoki. Regal is not doing well, Regal escapes but gets caught again in the sleeper and Regal is in serious trouble. Regal tries knees to the head, Regal succeeds and lands a double arm suplex for two. Regal works the arm, more uppercuts, Inoki dodges the uppercuts and lands his Sleeper and Regal is out.


Not the most amazing showcase for Inoki but Regal did enough to keep it somewhat interesting, a match where they were trying constantly to gain control and scrambling, very different to everything else on the card so happy with that, always good to see something different but I am happy to get back to normality.


Winner: Antonio Inoki over Lord Steven Regal via Sleeper!


(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © vs Ric Flair W/ Sherri

Are we really rematching this on a Clash? The biggest match in wrestling done on a Clash? Hogan was in hospital but he’s here now, his knee is heavily taped. Would be the perfect time to give Flair the championship back but I don’t think Hogan is doing the J-O-B brother. Hogan pummels Flair sending him to the mat, right hands by The Hulkster. Flair is scrambling to the corner, eye-rakes by Hogan but Flair counters with chops. They do not work, Hogan chokes Flair with his shirt. Hogan bites the head of Flair, Hogan is limping though. Flair is whipped to the buckle, Flair Flip to the floor. On the floor Hogan sends Flair into the ring-post. Flair meets the guardrail, Hogan steps on the face of Flair. Hogan has a towel from the fans, Flair begs for mercy in the ring. Irish whip and clothesline with the towel.


Flair pokes the eyes of Hogan, snap-mare as Flair climbs high. Hogan limps over and yanks Flair to the mat, clotheslines by Hogan. Eye-rake and right hands sends Flair to the floor again, Hogan chokes Flair with his boot on the floor. In the ring, Flair momentarily turns the tide with a suplex but Hogan is back up right away and lands a clothesline. In his knee even injured? How is Hogan dominating like this? Elbow drops by Hogan and a boot to the head with a handful of right hands, Flair Flip and Hogan clotheslines Flair off the apron. Hogan chases Flair, Flair lands a massive chop block and Flair drops all his weight on the knee. Sherri is in the ring, attacking the groin of Hogan with a beautiful leg-drop that makes me think Jeff Hardy stole that move. Flair continues working the knee, knee-drop to the leg.


Flair yanks the leg, figure four is the goal but Hogan kicks off The Nature Boy. Chop block from the challenger, Hogan tumbles to the floor. Flair continues stomping the knee, Figure-Four Leg-Lock in the middle of the ring. Hogan hulks-up out of the hold and rakes the eyes of Flair, Flair stomps the leg again but Hogan is firing up and no-selling that weak WCW shit boy! Right hands by Hogan, big boot but Hogan collapses after nailing the boot but no, Hogan is up like a mad man. Hogan taunts a little, Atomic Leg Drop and Hogan is hurting bad. Can the champion pin Flair? Nope, Hogan cannot take advantage so Flair is up and Flair applies The Figure-Four Leg-Lock! Hogan reverses the hold but Sherri uses her high-heels to waffle Hogan. We have a count-out, Flair wins by count-out!


This was bad, really bad despite the crowd loving every minute of it at times. Flair was beaten like a drum throughout by a man who has a heavily bandaged knee, how did Hogan take so much control of this match. Could they not build for a trilogy by maybe having Flair take the championship from Hogan due to his injured knee? Could we not have done anything more than that? The Masked Man is here again and helping Flair destroy the knee of Hogan. Yeah I am shocked they went ahead and did the match again after the PPV match, even more shocked with the way they went about the damn thing but this is Hogan in WCW and watching Hogan lose clean or do anything that doesn’t help Hulk will be a hard thing to find.


Winner: Ric Flair over Hulk Hogan via Count-Out!


Not a bad Clash to come back to for reviews, we are in The Hogan Era now and that is going to complicate my love of things in this company, we don’t even have Vader on this card and now in a matter of months, we have lost Rick Rude and Ricky Steamboat which are two big names. WCW tends to go through a cycle of losing and attracting big names so we know who else is coming soon but the card and company is changing and for the better? I cannot say just yet it is too early so we shall see where things go from here. Steamboat has a fantastic big last match, The Nasty Boys have a decent match and a rare Antonio Inoki appearance make this an enjoyable Clash but man, that last angle does not make me want to see Flair vs Hogan. Thanks for reading as always and remember: there’s always another night!

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