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WCW Slamboree 1994 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that brings the pain like a Sid Vicious squash match! It’s time for WCW Slamboree 1994, we are sticking with the theme of a legend’s reunion which means this could once again be another terrible PPV from WCW. We have Steve Austin defending his US Championship against Johnny B. Badd, Sting vs Vader for the vacant WCW International World Championship, Ric Flair vs a mystery opponent and much, much more including Tully Blanchard! Will it be awful like 1993? Perhaps but let’s find out!


(WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Stunning Steve Austin © W/ Colonel Rob Parker vs Johnny B. Badd

Badd continues to rise the card, they lock-up and an arm-drag from Badd. Austin wasn’t expecting that, side headlock takedown from Badd. Austin pulls the hair and backs Badd to the corner, Austin pats Badd on the chest. Belly to back takedown into a front chancery into a hammerlock from Badd, Austin escapes and lands a knee to the head and an elbow drop. Austin applies the sleeper, jaw-breaker counter from Badd. Austin slips out to the floor, the action resumes with Badd applying the hammerlock. Side headlock from Austin, Badd continues to fight back. Austin uses the hair to drop Badd, Austin continues to use the hair to maintain control before the referee calls for the break.


Side headlock from Austin, drop toehold from Badd. Arm-bar from Badd, head-scissors from Badd. Side headlock takedown, could this be another draw? Flying crossbody from Badd for two, arm-drag into the arm-bar. Austin slips out, small package by Badd for two. Drop toehold into the front chancery transition into the arm-bar, lots of mat work here. Austin sends Badd into the buckle, Austin stomps and chokes Badd with his knee. Parker gets in a choke behind the referee’s back, Austin continues kicking the ribs. Middle rope choke, Badd kicks back at Austin. Austin sends Badd to the floor, suplex and knee-drop from Austin. Reverse chin-lock from Austin, knee-drops galore. Middle rope splashes misses for Austin, gut-wrench suplex by Badd.


Snap-mare and elbow drop misses for Austin, right hand and chops by Austin. Badd lands a back body-drop, hip-toss out of the corner. Clothesline and scoop slam, dropkick by the challenger. Knee-lift, Parker is on the apron. Oklahoma roll from Badd, no referee. Small package for two, back-drop by Badd. Badd climbs high, diving sunset flip for two! The Kiss that don’t miss is blocked with an eye-poke, belly to back suplex from Badd but Austin lands on top and covers for the win.


Sadly I found this quite boring, a lot of mat-wrestling that did nothing for me. This was a big test for Badd who is getting more over but this match wasn’t great, I am a little saddened by Austin’s reign as United States Champion. I thought the quality would go up and be interesting but it’s not happening for Stunning Steve Austin.


Winner: Stunning Steve Austin over Johnny B. Badd via Cradle!


Terry Funk vs Tully Blanchard

Crowd loves seeing Tully Blanchard once more, a man who should have had a longer career in the spotlight but due to a failed drug test and broken promises, Tully Blanchard would find himself removed from the spotlight before it was time. On the other side of the ring, a man who had retired countless times by this point but would not give up, Funk would split time between FMW, AJPW, IWA Japan and ECW.


They start on the floor, brawling before Blanchard lands a suplex on Funk. Back to the floor, Funk has crutches that are thrown into the ring. The two continue brawling on the floor, atomic drop by Funk. Funk lands a neck-breaker in the ring for two, they brawl on the ramp. Funk has part of the wooden ramp, Blanchard is cracked in the head with the piece of the ramp. Piledriver on the wooden ramp, Nick Patrick is irate with The Funker. DDT on the ramp, Funk is torturing himself like Funk only can. Another Texas-Sized Piledriver, Funk calls for something special. Funk misses a moonsault! Blanchard covers for two, elbow by Blanchard.


Blanchard tees off in the corner with chops, Funk is weathering the storm and peppers Blanchard back with clubbing blows before Blanchard drills Funk with numerous knees. Funk sends Blanchard into the referee, Funk grabs a chair from ringside. Funk wants a middle rope piledriver onto the chair, the two continue brawling with the referee removing the chair. Blanchard kicks the referee in the ribs, Funk smashes Blanchard with his branding iron. They continue brawling as the referee calls for the bell.


This was good, no surprise really considering who is involved but Funk gives us some great piledriver spots as well as a missed moonsault, Blanchard scraps and fights around with Funk. Fun stuff with a terrible ending but so much better than any match from the previous year’s Slamboree legend matches.


Double DQ!


Larry Zbyszko vs Lord Steven Regal W/ Sir William

Not my idea of babyface but Zbyszko did fill that role in WCW on a few occasions memorably against Eric Bischoff and later Scott Hall during the NWO days. Regal has been doing a fine job as a mid-card heel but the flurry of time-limit draws have hurt my views when watching his matches. Lots of stalling before Zbyszko trips up Regal twice, Regal is tied up once more by Zbyszko who lands a small package before an abdominal stretch. Zbyszko maintains control with short-arm scissors before Sir William helps Regal reach the ropes. Side headlock by Regal, Zbyszko counters and tells Regal to fuck off. Regal finally works the arm and lands uppercuts, hammerlock from Regal followed by more uppercuts. Regal tortures Zbyszko with submissions holds and uppercuts before Zbyszko manages a desperation sleeper. Jaw-breaker counter from Regal, umbrella shot by Sir William. Zbyszko counters a butterfly suplex with a back-drop into the cover for a win.


This would lead to Zbyszko challenging and beating Regal for the championship, this match was mostly stalling and taunting so I am going to address my thoughts on the championship change instead. I am shocked because Regal had been built up for at least a year with that championship and you have him lose to Zbyszko? Not Badd who could use that win or Pillman or a rebound for Rhodes or anyone who was active on the roster at the time? Bizarre cannot believe that.


Winner: Larry Zbyszko over Lord Steven Regal via Baack-Drop Counter!


(Bullrope Match) Dustin Rhodes vs Bunkhouse Buck W/ Colonel Rob Parker

The cowbell is legal baby, these two tore it up at Spring Stampede in their Bunkhouse match, I am hoping for something similar tonight because if it is similar, I will be a happy man. They start by brawling, Rhodes knocks Buck to the floor and chokes him, Bionic Elbow and a right hand from Rhodes. Rhodes drives a boot to the nuts of Buck, scoop slam and elbow drop by Rhodes. Rhodes drives the cowbell into the knee and leg of Buck, Rhodes continues drilling Buck with right hands, the cowbell and sending the leg of Buck into the ring-post. Buck manages to take control in the ring, Rhodes has his shirt pulled over his head and the cowbell is cracked on his back. Suspenders and cowbell to the head, Buck is in control.


Buck ties Rhodes to the ring-post, Buck tees off with right hands. Boots to the ribs from Buck, Rhodes fights back and lands a low blow. Eye-rake and Bionic Elbows from Rhodes, Buck tries to go to the top rope. Rhodes crotches Buck, right hands to the head. Buck is yanked off the top rope, the referee is wiped out as Buck collides with him. Rhodes suplexes Buck, Parker is in the ring. Buck has Rhodes in a full-nelson, Parker has the bell. Rhodes kicks off Parker, Buck is waffled in the head with the bell. Rhodes wins! Funk comes down and attacks the son of that egg-sucking dog. Rhodes decides now it is the time to get colour and we have a botched piledriver from the two but the deed is done, Buck and Funk are working together.


Well the blood would have served better if it was in the match, I think I was spoiled by their Bunkhouse match as I had high expectations for this one, they were not met which means it has not been a great night so far. Buck and Rhodes work hard but without the blood and the intensity, it just does not hit the spot. Shame I hope their next few matches live up to the hype.


Winner: Dustin Rhodes over Bunkhouse Buck via Cowbell!


(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ric Flair © vs Barry Windham W/ Colonel Rob Parker

A genuine surprise, Barry Windham is back as Parker promised a big blonde who was over 300 pounds, people obviously thought it would be Hogan but it is great to see Windham again, Windham does not look great though looking heavier and out of shape. Windham gets chopped before landing some rights and a scoop slam, Flair dodges an elbow drop and Windham has to powder. Windham has been absent for a year so we have to factor that into this match, Flair is chasing down Windham. Hammerlock from Flair, Windham goes to the corner and has his legs worked by The Nature Boy. Chops and shots to the knees, Windham is whipped to the corner and explodes out with a clothesline.


Windham clamps on a reverse chin-lock, Windham uses the ropes for leverage. Flair fights back with kicks but Windham continues to dominate, Windham suplexes Flair hard. Ten punches before Flair lands the inverted atomic drop, Superplex from Windham for a close two. Flair slaps on The Figure Four on Windham, middle of the ring and Windham is in serious trouble. Windham makes it to the ropes, Flair trips Windham again but Windham rakes the eyes. Flair goes back to it and locks it right back on, Windham makes it to the ropes. Flair is on the top rope, diving chop.


Knee-drop, Windham makes it to the ropes. Flair lands another knee-drop, chops from Flair. Windham lands a right hand, Flair lands a crossbody and they spill to the floor. In the ring, Flair lands rights and lefts on Windham. Jacknife cover from Flair for two, Windham lands a low headbutt. Parker is decked by Flair, Windham survives the slingshot sunset flip as the referee stops Parker from aiding Windham. Flair decks Parker, Windham sends Flair to the buckle and Flair flips and lands his diving crossbody for the win.


That was soft from these two, I want to give Windham the benefit of the doubt as it was his only match in a year but man, it makes me sad because Windham was one of my favourites over the course of these WCW reviews and now that I know that’s it as he re-injures himself in this match and will return as part of The Blackjacks in the WWF means this is it in terms of big blonde Windham and it’s definitely a downer but Windham and Rhodes as a tag team were tremendous and Windham’s heel run in 1993 was great before losing the championship to Flair. Not a great match and seeing Flair go back and forth between wrestling as a heel against Steamboat to wrestling as a face against the Stud Stable is definitely bizarre.


Winner: Ric Flair over Barry Windham via Diving Crossbody!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Broadstreet Bully Match) The Nasty Boys © vs Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan is back from ECW presumably and the Indies while Cactus Jack is no longer with Maxx Payne who may have left WCW or was injured, I didn’t bother looking it up for this review. This starts with brawling, Sullivan as a babyface is definitely a choice from WCW. Lots of brawling with weapon shots to the head here and there, Sullivan piledrivers Knobbs on the ramp. Cactus nails Sags with a trash can, Cactus cracks both champions with the trash can. Cactus misses his diving elbow to the floor, crashing into the trash can. Cactus Jack clothesline into the ring, Cactus is bleeding. Sullivan cracks Knobbs with a chair, Sags is bringing a table to the match.


Sags hip-tosses Cactus through a table, Sullivan continues to smash Knobbs with a chair, Sags has a light stand and Cactus is crippled with it but continues fighting. So much brawling, Cactus suplexes the table onto Sags. Cactus uses a fire extinguisher on Sags, Knobbs cracks Sullivan with a trash can. Sags places Cactus in the ring, Diving Elbow Drop by Sags but no cover. Sags grabs the hockey stick and the special referee Dave Schultz waffles Sags and Cactus covers Sags after a shot with a hockey stick!


Well that was entertaining for sure, they brawled all over the arena and it was a lot of fun, not much in terms of spots but when there were spots, they were good. Maxx Payne is here, why wasn’t he in the match but the guitar shot gets a massive reaction from all the fans. Anyways, this was a fun hardcore match, easily the most fun part of the night so far.


Winners: Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan over The Nasty Boys via Hockey Stick To The Head!


(WCW International World Championship Match) Vader W/ Harley Race vs Sting

So Sting defeated Rick Rude only for Rick Rude to win it back but Rude was injured in his NJPW match with Sting which led to the situation we have now with the championship being vacant. I love these two and they don’t know how to have a bad match with one another. They lock-up and we have a clean break, Vader looks to corner Sting. Sting is using his speed so far, Vader corners Sting and batters The Stinger. Sting fights back with kicks, rights and lefts. Suplex by Sting, Vader mows down Sting. Elbow to the groin, Vader is looking for a Vader Bomb. It connects, two for Vader. Second Vader Bomb with Sting surviving thanks to the ropes, Vader continues punishing Sting with kicks to the leg. Sting is dropped, Vader tees off on Sting in the corner before Sting explodes with rights and lefts and drops Vader.


Elbow drop to the ribs, Vader regains control and wrenches the arm of Sting. Vader slaps Sting, Sting eye-pokes Vader but Vader ducks the clothesline and Sting almost beheads the referee with a clothesline. Chokeslam by Vader, Harley Race has the chair and cracks Vader as Sting ducks. Sting kicks away Race, DDT by Sting. 1…2…. Vader kicks out! Sting tries a dive but Vader lands a powerslam for two, Vader decides to go high. Vadersault misses as Sting dodges, Sting covers for two. Race tries to help and lands a Diving Headbutt on Vader, Sting climbs high and lands a diving body splash for the win!


Good, not as great as their previous match but really fun in parts with Vader destroying Sting and Sting showing that fire that he has always possessed. Sting gets a championship again and will not be a world champion in WCW as he takes a backseat to Hogan which is so wrong in my eyes but that’s life unfortunately. Good main event though, curious to see where both go as the product will focus on Hogan at Bash At The Beach!


Winner: Sting over Vader via Diving Top Rope Splash!


That was WCW’s Slamboree 1994, a big improvement on last year’s edition based on the simple fact that we were limited to one legends’ match here. Austin vs Badd kicks off the show, it’s not bad but not overly interesting either. It seems Austin has plateaued with that next killer feud not coming despite the push and the prestige of the championship while also being part of the big faction in the company and the centrepiece of said faction. Blanchard vs Funk is a fun brawl, they do a lot in seven minutes and it was entertaining for sure. Zbyszko vs Regal is a masterclass in stalling, nothing left an impression on me but the fans were happy that The Living Legend won that match. Rhodes vs Buck disappoints in comparison to their first encounter, the hatred doesn’t shine through here and the lack of blood hurts the match for sure, a shame for two athletes who almost stole the show one PPV ago. Flair vs Windham makes me sad, Windham was coming off a year out so it was as good as it could be but still very disappointing for a world championship match. Nasty Boys vs Cactus & Sullivan is a wild brawl with a few good moments in there and a feel good moment as Cactus wins his first championship in WCW, the happiness would not last too long. Sting vs Vader was good but not on the level of their classics, still a good main event but something was missing for me. WCW in 1994 is already looking better than 1993 but Hogan will be here for the next PPV, this will mark a significant shift in the company with who comes in so it will be interesting. Could this be the end of a good year for the company? Well we shall see, thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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