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WWF Summerslam 1992 Review

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Hello and welcome to another blistering edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more disgusting than the Drake Maverick firing/hiring angle! It’s WWF Summerslam 1992, coming to you from Wembley Stadium! The big matches on tonight’s card include Bret Hart defending his WWF Intercontinental Championship against The British Bulldog. We also have Macho Man Randy Savage defending his WWF Championship against none other than The Ultimate Warrior. Lots of fun matches will WWF deliver in the UK? This is one of the big four, not a UK exclusive like Capital Carnage or One Not Only so I am expecting big things!

The Legion Of Doom W/ Paul Ellering vs Money Inc W/ Jimmy Hart

Vince Mcmahon and Heenan on commentary, this could be a very funny show commentary-wise. However, this match is no-laughing matter due to Hawk’s demons that he was battling at the time. Money Inc are no longer champions, thank God I do not have to see The Natural Disasters take on Money Inc. after their Mania match. Dibiase and Hawk to start, LOD chants annoy The Million Dollar Man. Kicks and chops by Dibiase, we go to the buckle. Irish whip, Hawk reverses the whip but Dibiase holds onto the rope. Animal attacks Dibiase who was caught napping, Dibiase eats clotheslines from both members of LOD. Animal tosses Dibiase into the ring, Dibiase scrambles to his corner and tags IRS. Hawk tags in Animal, lock-up. Knee and to the buckle from IRS, Animal reverses the whip. IRS hits the buckle hard, Animal has IRS by his tie.

Military press slam from Animal, Dibiase makes the save. Arm-wringer from Animal, tag to Hawk. Axe handle to the arm, arm-wringer from Animal. IRS rakes the eyes, sleeper from IRS. Hawk’s arm drops twice before Hawk powers up, Hawk backs IRS into the buckle. Whip to the opposite buckle, corner clothesline from Hawk. Hawk climbs to the top rope, Hawk goes for his diving clothesline and IRS times his dodge to the last second. Perfection from IRS, Hawk goes flying to the floor from the impact. Dibiase slams Hawk on the floor, Dibiase is now the legal man. IRS uses his boot on Hawk’s head, Hawk is rammed into the buckle back-first. Snap-mare and elbow drops from IRS, two for IRS. IRS tags Dibiase, eye rake from IRS. Dibiase bounces Hawk’s head off the buckle, more quick tags.

IRS has a reverse chin-lock on Hawk, quick tag to Dibiase who applies the same hold. Another switch as IRS applies the reverse chin-lock behind the referee’s back. Another tag to Dibiase, knee drop from Dibiase for two. Hawk is bounced off the buckle, Hawk blocks on the second attempt though. Dibiase meets the buckle, Dibiase tags IRS. Right hands by IRS, whip and Hawk ducks the clothesline to nail a clothesline of his own. IRS tags Dibiase, Dibiase stomps on Hawk. Right hands from Dibiase, front chancery from Dibiase. Hawk is edging towards his corner, IRS distracts the referee so the tag to Animal is missed. Double knockdown in the middle of the ring, Hawk makes it to Animal. Flying shoulder block from Animal to Dibiase, dropkick to IRS.

Dibiase is pounded in the corner, IRS makes the initial save. Animal clotheslines both, IRS is atomic dropped to the floor. Animal lands a corner clothesline on Dibiase, Hawk wants the doomsday. Jimmy Hart distracts the referee, IRS dropkicks Animal. Animal whips Dibiase into IRS and we have a Powerslam for the finish.

It was alright, having Dibiase in a tag team lessens my chances of marking out for how good he is because he is not in the ring as long as per usual. IRS just does not do it for me, I am open to see if things will improve as IRS gets more time as his gimmick to hone his craft. Animal holds it together for LOD here, I do appreciate that dodge on the dive for Hawk but it was alright when all was said and done. Nothing special and no Doomsday for the finish due to Hawk’s condition. A disappointment for sure but it’s the first match and those fans love LOD and they have more than enough goodwill built up with everyone.

Winners: LOD over Money Inc. via Powerslam!

Nailz vs Virgil

Another new wrestler for us to look at on the website, we have Nailz. A convict who went after the man who landed him in jail, The Big Bossman. Whacky? Yes! Cheesy? Yes! But I shall allow it and watch it, I feel for Virgil. It seems that Virgil could have been something following that feud with Dibiase and Piper as his mentor but that seems a long time ago as Virgil will be the sacrificial lamb for Nailz. The bell rings and Nailz chokes Virgil. Virgil is whipped to the buckle, clotheslines and dropkicks but Nailz is too strong. More squeezing and choking, clothesline misses as Virgil tries a sunset flip. Nailz misses a punch and gets rolled up for two. More choking, can we see something else?

Nailz hurls Virgil to the floor, Virgil is rammed off the ring apron. Virgil is back in the ring, hammering away at Nailz. Whip is reversed, Virgil is in the corner. Boot block from Virgil but Nailz lands a huge clothesline, blatant choke from Nailz. That’s it, Nailz chokes out Virgil.

Well it was not the most impressive display of power or array of moves but Nailz got it done, his facials are perfect anyway for the character that he portrays, Nailz looks every part the psychopath that he plays. Hopefully, we get more from this menacing and imposing figure in the near future but this match was not a flowing review for the mad man.

Winner: Nailz over Virgil via Blatant Choke!

Rick Martel vs Shawn Michaels W/Sensational Sherri

Shawn Michaels had cost Rick Martel potentially the Intercontinental Championship in a match with Bret Hart before Rick Martel came out to a Shawn Michaels match and flirted with Sensational Sherri. They winked at one another, could love be on the cards? So, are they both heels? I assume so as neither man are not allowed punch one another in the face. Martel looks more like a preppy Posh person rather than a Model. It’s a play on Wimbledon taking place in London, love me tennis sad I will not get to see Roger Federer this year thanks to COVID.

Wow Sherri, Martel looks at Sherri while Michaels looks at himself in the mirror that Sherri brought with her. Sherri undresses HBK, Martel grabs a side headlock. Michaels shoves off Martel, leapfrogs and drop downs. This will be the wrestling match of the night folks as Martel fakes out Michaels with a cartwheel. Headlock by Michaels, Martel misses two clotheslines before eating a dropkick. Martel axe handles Michaels, Martel is whipped to the corner. Middle rope crossbody misses, Michaels grabs an arm-wringer. Hair-pull from Michaels, Martel thinks about waffling Michaels but cannot so he pulls the hair of HBK.

More leapfrogs and drop-downs before Martel hurls Michaels to the floor. Martel pulls Sherri away from Michaels, Martel gives Sherri a cuddle. Axe handle to Michaels, back drop from Martel who does jumping-jacks. Michaels and Martel take turns doing O Connor rolls with their buttocks becoming exposed in the process. And who says wrestling is gay, Martel eats a kick to the ribs and a Superkick for two. Martel fights back from his knees before Michaels jabs at the ribs of Martel. Martel sends Michaels to the buckle, Michaels blocks an incoming Martel with a knee to the face. Michaels tries a roll-up using the ropes but the referee says no way. The two are shoving and talking-trash, slap to the face, Martel slaps back.

Sherri faints because they were going to punch one another in the face, Michaels checks on Sherri but accidently kicks her to the floor. Martel comes over to check on Sherri, Martel starts performing heart compressions. Right hand from Michaels in the face, Martel answers back with rights of his own. The two are brawling backstage as Sherri comes back to life.

We got some really nice sequences where I would love to see these two do battle again, Martel can still go and Michaels is starting to hit that stride. As for Sherri, she gives it 100% no matter her role and with whoever she is working with. I think giving 8 to 10 minutes with a championship on the line, that would have been fantastic.

Double Count-Out!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Natural Disasters © vs The Beverly Brothers W/ The Genius

Sneak attack to begin this match, Typhoon and Earthquake answer with clotheslines, Blake is sandwiched with a splash as is Beau. Beverlys are sandwiched together after that, Typhoon and Blake kick us off officially. Typhoon misses a leg drop, Blake rakes the eyes. Blake almost slams Typhoon but the weight was too great for Blake. Typhoon corner splashes Blake, Earthquake is legal and splashes Typhoon by mistake. Beau and Blake stomp Typhoon, I guess Earthquake is not legal. Slingshot splash from Beau for two, tag to Blake. Middle rope headbutt from Blake, big leg drop as Blake tells everyone the championships are coming to them.

Tag to Beau, Beau leapfrogs Blake and lands on the back of Typhoon, kicks to the gut from Beau. Middle rope choke, Blake joins in with a choke as Earthquake deals with the referee. Blake tags Beau, right hands from Beau. Blake uses the tag rope to choke Typhoon, Beau stomps away. Axe handle from Blake, headbutt for two. Referee is distracted missing the tag for Earthquake, frustration builds for Earthquake. Blake and Beau use the ropes to choke Typhoon. The Beverly Brothers whip Typhoon into the buckle three times before a massive clothesline floors both Beverly Brothers. Blake gets caught by Typhoon, Beau missile dropkicks Blake into Typhoon for a close two.

Typhoon slams Blake face-first into the mat using his hands, Beau distracts Earthquake with the referee stepping in between in them. The Genius hands his metal scroll to Blake, Blake cracks Typhoon but Earthquake flattens Blake with a running elbow drop. Earthquake receives the tag, right hands and a toss for Beau. Belly to belly suplex from Earthquake, Beau begs for mercy. Shoulder thrusts and pump kick in the corner, Blake tries to help. Shoulder block from Earthquake, Blake is tossed to the floor. Beau is in the corner, splash from Earthquake, running powerslam. Earthquake bumps Blake off the apron and squashes Beau for the win.

Fair-play to the crowd for staying with the match for the whole thing because I felt it really dragged with Typhoon in there, I guess part of it is hard to route for a guy who is so big, Typhoon does not really do himself any favours with his mannerisms or moves to elicit reaction from the fans. Earthquake is awesome, still could get that monster push and I would buy into that, knows how to work the crowd and is the fun when it comes to this match.

Winners: The Natural Disasters over The Beverly Brothers via Earthquake Splash!

Crush vs Repo Man

New stars galore as we have Crush taking on Repo Man, interesting as both men are former members of Demolition. Repo jumps Crush immediately, the punches have no effect as Crush presses Repo over and over for a slam. Repo rolls to the floor, Crush comes out and lands a clothesline. Crush throws Repo back in the ring, kicks from Crush. Repo jumps into the arms of Crush, Repo is laid across the top turnbuckle. Kick to the ribs from Crush, Crush lands a massive back-breaker. Repo lands a thumb to the eye, Repo sneaks up for a big right hand. Belly to back suplex from Repo, Repo forgets about Crush and eats a belly to belly suplex. Back-breaker, Crush misses a knee drop though. Repo lands right hands but Crush is shaking it all off.

Another thumb to the eye, Crush reverses an Irish whip but lowers his head. Crush is slammed into the mat, Repo covers but is tossed to the floor. Repo climbs high, Crush counters the diving crossbody for the powerslam. Kona Crush crushing the head of Repo Man for the win.

It was a match, Crush’s outfit is ridiculous colours and probably the most interesting thing about this match, why? Because it’s just there and feels like a house show level match between two opening match wrestlers. A nice break though between championship matches, it serves its purpose.

Winner: Crush over Repo Man via Crushing Of The Skull!

(WWF Championship Match) Macho Man Randy Savage © vs The Ultimate Warrior

Ric Flair was irate that he was not challenging for the championship at Summerslam, Perfect and Flair are trying to involve themselves in this match in someway and Mr. Perfect has wormed his way into the match because Perfect will be in one of the wrestler’s corners, who will it be? We also have a lot of history here due to Warrior ending Savage’s career at Wrestlemania VII. Both men come to the ring with no Perfect in sight, what does this mean? We start with both men talking to one another in the middle of the ring, this one is going to explode at any minute. Savage extends the hand to Warrior, Warrior is hesitant before the two shake hands but Warrior pulls Savage closer, both men shove one another and it’s game time!

Lock-up, Savage has a clean break for Warrior. They lock-up again, Warrior shoves back Savage, clearly the stronger of the two. Savage goes low with the knee, clothesline to the front and the back of the head for one. Savage goes high, Warrior counters the axe handle with a shot to the ribs. Delayed atomic drop, make it double. Savage holds his spine in pain, clothesline from Warrior. Two for Warrior, shoulder block and again from the challenger. Savage dodges the elbow drop, right hands and knee drop to the face from Savage. This draws boos from the crowd, Savage is heeling it up early. Reverse chin-lock is countered with a jaw-breaker from Warrior. Savage is slammed into the mat, two for Warrior.

 Savage is whipped to the buckle hard, Warrior kicks away at Savage. Clothesline from Warrior for two, Savage pulls Warrior into the buckle with a handful of tights. Clothesline to the floor from Savage, Savage lands a diving axe handle. Diving crossbody from Savage but Warrior catches the champion, two for Warrior off the slam. Savage is whipped to the buckle, corner clothesline from Warrior. Hard Irish whip from Warrior, right hand staggers Savage. Bearhug from Warrior, Savage is thrown to the mat for two. Small package from Savage for two, neck-breaker from Savage as Warrior lowered his head off an Irish whip.

Savage hangs Warrior with his clothesline, two for Savage. Savage tries a suplex, his back gives out. Warrior is staggering but is in control, shots to the spine of The Macho Man. Warrior suplexes Savage for two, Savage is against the ropes. Savage ducks the clothesline, Warrior hits the ropes and tumbles to the floor, Savage is on the top rope. Diving axe handle to the back of the head, Warrior is rammed into the steel steps. Warrior meets the ring-post too, Warrior makes it into the ring but almost gets pinned off a sunset flip. Clothesline by Warrior for two, here comes Flair and Perfect.

Warrior slams Savage, Ultimate Splash is blocked with the knees as Savage realizes this is his chance. Cover for two, Flair and Perfect are now ringside. Warrior reverses the Irish whip and both men collide with a clothesline in the middle of the ring. Warrior covers for two, Savage covers for two. Savage looks to run the ropes, Perfect trips up Savage. Warrior hammers Savage with a right, two-handed throat toss from Warrior. Savage is whipped into the referee, Warrior slams Savage. Warrior lands his own diving axe handle from the top, the referee is slow to count. Savage kicks out at two, Warrior is not happy with the slow count.

Warrior argues with the referee, Savage knees Warrior into the referee. Piledriver from Savage, Perfect is trying to wake up Warrior. Flair has brass knuckles and wallops Warrior with Perfect holding the challenger. Savage wakes the referee, scoop slam onto Warrior. Diving Elbow Drop and Warrior manages to kick out, unbelievable from Warrior. Warrior is shaking off all the attacks of Savage, Warrior fires up with clothesline and a flying shoulder block. Military press slam, Perfect distracts the referee so Flair can smash Warrior with the chair as he runs the ropes. Savage wakes up and figures out what happened, Savage is not happy about these turn of events. Savage decides this is not the way, Flair whacks Savage in the leg when he dives off the top rope. Warrior wins by count-out!

They put quite some time into this match and to have it end in a count-out is laughable at this stage. They had kind of booked themselves into a corner though, babyface vs babyface is an awkward to pull off if your intentions are not to have someone turn when the match is over, Savage dominates as this match drawing boos and jeers from the fans, unavoidable considering the circumstances. Flair and Perfect interfering in the ending sequence was fine, I just think they may have done a triple threat to get out of this scenario. Regardless, Savage and Warrior deliver an entertaining match for the fans, just not a classic or great match when it was finished.

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Randy Savage via Count-Out!

The Undertaker W/ Paul Bearer vs Kamala W/ Kim Chee

A downgrade from Taker vs Roberts but this could be entertaining though, Taker pummels Kamala to start this match. Corner choke from Taker, whip with Kamala reversing. Taker dodges the splash, uppercuts from The Deadman. Old School time, Kamala hurls Taker off the ropes when Taker tries it a second time. Kamala clotheslines Taker to the floor, Kim Chee is choked by Taker before a save from Kimala. Taker meets the steel steps, shots to the face from Kimala. In the ring, Kamala presses the advantage before Taker grabs the throat and lands a Chokeslam.

 Flying clothesline from The Deadman, Bearer signals for the end. Tombstone attempt, Kim Chee interferes attacking Taker in the ribs. Taker grabs Kim Chee, Kamala kicks at Taker as the two trade blows. Kamal slams Taker, splash from Kamala. Kamal climbs to the middle rope, big diving splash on Taker. Kamala is on the top rope, Top Rope Splash on Taker. Taker sits up which terrifies Kamala who runs off.

A DQ finish after the last match ending in a count-out? Not a fan of these finishes back to back plus they are saving this feud? Could you not just give us Undertaker destroying Kamala. The fans wanted, I think you could have delivered, it would have been awesome. Alas, a DQ finish which does little for this reviewer.

Winner: Undertaker over Kamala via DQ!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Bret Hart © vs The British Bulldog

The battle of the brothers-in-laws, Lennox Lewis leads out British Bulldog. Big reaction for Bulldog and this will be considered the pinnacle of Bulldog’s career. The crowd has woken up for sure with this main event, very excited to dissect this match.

Stare-down immediately, shoving contest. Bulldog is in go mode, Hart looks relaxed. Bulldog shoves back Hart, side headlock from Bulldog. Shove off, drop-downs and leap-frogs before Bulldog shoulder blocks Hart to the floor. Hart recovers, headlock takedown from Hart. Bulldog cannot use his feet to choke Hart the second time, Hart grinds down Bulldog with the headlock. Shove off, military press is countered for an O Connor roll, two for Hart. Small package for two, headlock takedown from Hart. Bulldog escapes, grabbing a hammerlock and driving knees into the arm. Back to their feet, Hart elbows Bulldog in the face. Arm-wringer from Hart, Bulldog rolls out of the hold and applies his own arm-bar.

Bulldog catapults Hart into the buckle, arm-bar once more from Bulldog. Bulldog continues to wrench the arm, Hart is on his feet pushing back Bulldog. Irish whip, crucifix pin from Bulldog for two. Back to the hammerlock, Hart tries a slam to escape but Bulldog continues to hold onto the hold. Hart shoves off Bulldog, drop-down and a knee to the ribs from Hart. The fans boo and Hart looks out to the crowd, taking in what is happening. It’s clear Hart is in enemy territory. Hart clamps on the reverse chin-lock, Bulldog elbows to escape before Hart lands a massive elbow to the face, elbow drop from Hart. Inverted atomic drop from Hart, Bulldog rallies attempting a crucifix but Hart lands a Samoan drop for two.

Hart clamps on another reverse chin-lock, Bulldog shoves him off. Shoulder block from Hart, Bulldog drops-down and lands a monkey flip. Headbutt for Hart, hard Irish whip to the buckle. Make it double, Bulldog charges for a clothesline. Hart blocks with a boot, running bulldog from Hart. Hart climbs to the top rope, Bulldog slams him off the buckle. Bulldog climbs high missing the diving headbutt, Hart has dodged the spectacular dive. Bulldog takes the back of Hart but Hart runs off Bulldog who falls to the floor. Plancha from Hart, Hart rams Bulldog into the ring-post back-first. In the ring, Bulldog is whipped to the buckle hard. Headbutt from Hart, transition to the Russian leg-sweep for two.

Uppercut from Hart, make it two. Three in a row, dropkick from The Hitman. Irish whip into a massive back-drop, Bulldog clutches the knee as Hart covers for two. Reverse chin-lock from Hart, suplex from Hart for two. Bulldog is showing heart, taking the punishment from Hart. Headbutt from Hart before Bulldog counters the uppercut for a backslide, two for Hart. Hart maintains control with an elbow to the head and a back-breaker, Hart climbs to the middle rope. Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop for two, punch to the back of the head. Hart pulls Bulldog by the hair and to the mat, the fans boo as Hart takes it all in from the fans.

Snap-mare and reverse chin-lock from Hart, right hands from Hart. Big sleeper, Bulldog breaks free but Hart is still in control, whip off the ropes for another sleeper. Bulldog smashes Hart back-first into the buckle but Hart holds onto the sleeper, Hart is sent into the buckle again. The two trading blows, Bulldog reverses an Irish whip and military presses Hart into the middle rope. Whip to the buckle, clothesline down goes Hart. Make it two, make it three. Gorilla press slam for two, Bulldog picks up Hart for a delayed vertical suplex. Bulldog crawls into the cover for two, Hart is whipped to the buckle sternum-first for two.

Bulldog calls for the end, Hart is dragged to his feet. Running Powerslam and Hart manages to kick out, Hart is being held up by the ropes. Hart blocks a suplex into the ring, German suplex for two and a half! Hart looks for a suplex, Bulldog places Hart on the top rope. Superplex from Bulldog for another close two, Hart and Bulldog meet in the middle of the ring for a massive clothesline. On the canvas, Hart looks to apply The Sharpshooter. Hart has the hold on Bulldog, middle of the ring. Bulldog manages to reach the ropes, his wife looks on in joy. Bulldog reverses an Irish whip, Hart goes for the sunset flip before Bulldog counters the flip to cover Hart with no escape, Bulldog wins the championship.

That main event delivered for sure, Hart carries Bulldog to a tremendous match. Despite being brothers-in-law, these two get nasty quite quickly due to the pre-match comments made by both men. Pushing and shoving before they gave you a battle of two men vying to prove they are the better man, Hart assumes control, clearly the heel due to Bulldog being the home country hero. Hart wears down the massive Bulldog with punishing shots and holds to take it all out of Bulldog. Each time though, Bulldog comes roaring back with that power that can destroy Hart at any minute. Loved the sharpshooter, similar to the match with Perfect, Hart applies the hold while lying prone on the mat as opposed to peering over his opponent, a clever more for sure that the disorientated Bulldog could not have anticipated. The finish is just beautiful, I am a sucker for inescapable pin-falls, like proper difficult pin-falls to escape from and Bulldog’s pin is just awesome. Seemingly, no way for Hart to escape it as he is rolled up without a single inch for movement. The home country hero pulls it off in front of his people, a happy end and the best of The Bulldog’s career.

Winner: The British Bulldog over Bret Hart!

That was WWF’s Summerslam 1992, a solid showing from the WWF. There were some big losses to the company following Wrestlemania VIII and you feel it on this show. It’s quite surprising to me because of how much people talk about doing another show in the UK considering they are basing that opinion around Summerslam 1992 because at times, this show was passable. LOD vs Money Inc. was fine, crowd loved LOD and that carried them through this match. Nailz vs Virgil was bad, Repo Man vs Crush was bad. Beverly Brothers vs Natural Disasters was rough and you have a count-out in the WWF Championship match followed by a DQ finish right after. That being said, Bulldog vs Hart is tremendous as everything seemed to align for that match. However, this was not a stellar show that blew me away and I cannot see why this could be a reason for WWE to run a show in London. I think it would be cool for WWE to do such an event but I hope people are not letting nostalgia distract them from the obvious: WWF Summerslam 1992 was solid at best. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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