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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event November 14th, 1992 Edition Review

Saturday Night's Main Event XXV | Pro Wrestling | Fandom

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series that continues to cause more confusion than a political tweet from your favourite wrestler! The last Saturday Night’s Main Event of its original run, bizarre considering I have watched everyone to build up to the pay per views I have watched, they have been entertaining and downright awful at times but I will miss them dearly. The landscape of the WWF has changed dramatically once more, we last saw Randy Savage as our WWF Champion at Summerslam. That is no longer the case as Ric Flair had regained the championship before dropping it to rising main-eventer Bret Hart. Hart holds the championship and defends against Papa Shango. Money Inc. defend their tag team championships against The Ultimate Maniacs and The British Bulldog defends his Intercontinental Championship against Shawn Michaels. Let’s do it!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Money Inc © W/ Jimmy Hart vs The Ultimate Maniacs

We start hot, the babyfaces rush the ring while Money Inc jump them. Warrior is sent to the floor before returning the favour to Dibiase, double clotheslines from The Maniacs. Dibiase and IRS are thrown to opposite sides of the floor as The Maniacs pose for the fans. Savage and Dibiase kick us off officially, atomic drop for Dibiase. Savage does his slingshot, tag to Warrior. Dibiase rakes the eyes, chops from Dibiase. Dibiase lowers his head off an Irish whip, suplex by Warrior for two. Warrior misses his flying shoulder tackle as Dibiase drives him head-first into the mat. IRS tags in and goes to work, IRS misses a clothesline but climbs on the back of Warrior for a sleeper.

Warrior shakes off IRS before Dibiase comes in, Million Dollar Dream from Dibiase. Savage interferes illegally, scoring with his knee. This was the break Warrior needed, clothesline with both men colliding in the ring as Warrior rallied. Savage receives the tag, IRS backs off. Punches and jabs by Savage, back body-drop for IRS. Dibiase eats a clothesline, scoop slam to IRS. Savage goes to end it, Diving Elbow Drop connects. Dibiase smacks Savage, Warrior rams Dibiase into the buckle. Back elbow for IRS, Warrior clotheslines Dibiase to the floor. Dibiase and IRS grabs their belts and they walk away, saving their championships.

Molten-hot crowd for this match, no surprise with two of the biggest stars in the company teaming together. Sadly, Warrior and Savage could not replicate The Mega-Powers but this match was a lot of fun, as brief as it was. We get a little angle sizzle following the match where Razor Ramon and Ric Flair jump The Ultimate Maniacs, building heat for their match at Survivor Series.

Winners: The Ultimate Maniacs over Money Inc. via DQ!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) The British Bulldog © vs Shawn Michaels

Lock-up, Bulldog shoves away Michaels. Lock-up again, Bulldog shoves down Michaels once more. Frustration on the face of Michaels, Bulldog draws strength from the fans. Side headlock and shoulder block from Michaels, Bulldog continues to stand tall from Michaels. Slide through the legs and closed fist from Michaels, punch after punch from Michaels. Hip-toss does not work, eye poke from Michaels into the hip-toss and a beautiful short-arm scissors. Bulldog recovers to lift Michaels up with one arm. Michaels is driven into the mat, whip into a military press slam. Michaels is clotheslined to the floor, lock-up to the corner. Cheap shots from HBK, Bulldog counters Michaels with leg-strength before an arm-drag takes down Michaels.

Arm-wringer from Bulldog, a fist slows down Bulldog though. Michaels leap-frogs Bulldog but eats a shoulder block, Bulldog looks for a clothesline but Michaels side-steps Bulldog who crashes to the floor. Michaels is exposing the buckle, Bulldog enters the ring and gets smashed in the back. Michaels applies the abdominal stretch to continue hurting the back of The Bulldog. Bulldog shakes off Michaels but misses an elbow drop, Michaels covers for two. More fists to the spine, jumping knee drop from Michaels.

Whip off the ropes, abdominal stretch from Michaels. Bulldog breaks free and lands an elbow drop, facebuster from Bulldog. Michaels flips out of the corner, clothesline to Michaels. Catapult into the buckle, another clothesline from the champion. Two for Bulldog, delayed vertical suplex for two. Michaels manages to reverse the Irish whip, Bulldog hits the exposed buckle with that injured back. Michaels tries to whip Bulldog into the buckle again, Michaels is sent into the opposite buckle. Bulldog has Michaels in position for a superplex, Michaels manages to reverse the hold though. Bulldog’s back gives out on him, allowing Michaels to crash down on Bulldog, all his weight on the head knocking out Bulldog for Michaels to cover for the win.

This was a good match with great story-telling, Michaels targeted the back from the beginning of the match, worked it throughout the match and it plays into the finish, I cannot ask for more than that ladies and gentlemen. Crowd is hot for this night, I know I have said it already but damn man, this is going to be a good last show. Hart as WWF Champion and Michaels as Intercontinental Champion, that is a big statement if I have ever seen one, how quickly things can change, less than a year ago Hogan was champion. Anyways, this was a fun match, Bulldog gives a good accounting of himself while the bumping machine known as Shawn Michaels continues to be the man to watch in the WWF.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over The British Bulldog!

(WWF Championship Match) Bret Hart © vs Papa Shango

That big angle never came for Shango did it? I think that run-in mess up at Wrestlemania ended the chances of Shango being a character that did well in the WWF. However, Shango would have his moment as a pimp nonetheless. Shango starts with clubbing blows, shot to the face. Shots to the chest, Hart sends Shango to the buckle. Monkey flip out of the corner, shoulder blocks from Hart. Shango stands tall, flying crossbody for two. Shango shakes off Hart to the floor, Hart slides in under Shango. Inverted atomic drop and clothesline to the floor from Hart. Plancha from The Hitman, punches form the champion. Hart is whipped to the buckle sternum-first, stomps from Shango.

Hart is sent into the buckle, bearhug from Shango. Hart bites the head of Shango, clubbing blows from Shango. Irish whip, back elbow from Shango, headbutt to the lower regions. Two-handed choke from Shango, Hart is tossed to the canvas. Hart fights back but a clothesline cuts off Hart, Shango slaps on a shoulder claw to wear down Hart. Hart breaks free, trying a sunset flip before Shango slams his own fist into the canvas. Shango charges in and eats a boot, sleeper from Hart. Shango runs Hart into the top turnbuckle, elbow drops from Shango. Shango is on the middle rope, Hart dodges the elbow drop.

Gut shots from Hart, Russian leg-sweep from Hart for two. Right from Hart, whip into the back body-drop for two. Middle rope for Hart, diving clothesline connects for two. Hart is whipped to the buckle, Shango misses the corner splash. Sharpshooter from Hart, Shango is caught and has no choice but to submit.

Again, the crowd is loud and carries the performance. Hart and Shango work an enjoyable match, Hart kicks off strong using his wits to outsmart Shango before Shango’s raw power kicks in, lots of impactful blows rain down on Hart who does not give up, one mistake from Shango and Hart slaps on the sharpshooter for the win.

Winner: Bret Hart over Papa Shango via Sharpshooter!

Lots of promos come before the show ends, we have Paul Bearer building up the coffin match between Kamala and The Undertaker as well as Flair and Ramon hyping up their match with the Ultimate Maniacs. All in all, that was an entertaining way to end this series for sure. Three big matches with popular superstars throughout, we even saw a championship change hands. Sad to see the series go, some of the biggest angles took place on Saturday Night’s Main Event so I shall miss this show. Thanks for the memories and thanks for reading, remember: there’s always another night!

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