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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event April 30th, 1988 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that regularly gets things wrong as much as The Dirtsheets! It’s Saturday Night’s Main Event, April of 1988. The aftermath of Wrestlemania IV, Macho Madness has taken over! With The Hulkster and Miss Elizabeth, Randy Savage accomplished his dream, standing atop the WWF mountain as WWF World Heavyweight Champion. Naturally, the likes of Ted Dibiase and Andre The Giant are furious due to the way Savage won the championship. Some big matches tonight with One Man Gang taking on Randy Savage, Ted Dibiase taking on The Magnificent Muraco and Koko B Ware battles Ravishing Rick Rude, should be a tonne of fun!

Hercules Hernandez W/ Bobby Heenan vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Andre The Giant is here to accompany Hercules too, good promos before the match. Nice bit of continuity as these matches have been born out of the Wrestlemania IV tournament. Lock-up, clean break between the two. Boot by Hercules, clubbing blows and Hercules meets the turnbuckle. Irish whip to the corner by Hercules, Duggan explodes out of the corner. Andre advises Hercules, big atomic drop and elbow by Duggan. Duggan eyes up Andre as Hercules talks with Heenan. Duggan brings Hercules into the ring, back-body drop but Duggan misses a knee drop. Hercules goes right after the knee, Duggan fights back before Hercules rakes the eyes.

Duggan misses a corner shoulder block, Hercules nails right hands. Choke against the ropes, Duggan fights back once more. Hercules pulls Duggan to the floor, Irish whip by Hercules. Elbow brings down Duggan, Heenan hits Duggan which leads to Duggan grabbing the 2X4. Duggan is controlling the ring with the heels cowering on the outside, Hercules jumps Duggan as the 2X4 is disposed of for now. Forearms to the back, Duggan and Hercules trade blows.

We are in the corner, eye rake from Hercules. Bearhug, Duggan is knocked down. Knee across the throat, Duggan avoids the back-body drop with a massive boot, right hands and to the turnbuckle we go. Ten punches in the corner, Irish whip to the opposite corner. Massive hiptoss, Duggan calls for The Three-Point Stance. Heenan saves Hercules but here comes Andre, massive headbutt from Andre. Ultimate Warrior makes the save, the place is coming unglued!

Duggan is over big time, Heenan is fantastic and Andre is so hated, it is hard to think that Andre was once one of the biggest babyfaces in the WWF. Would love to see Duggan square off against Andre at some point, I know it would be a fun brawl.

Winner: Jim Duggan over Hercules Hernandez Via DQ!

Brutus The Barber Beefcake vs Dangerous Danny Davis W/ Jimmy Hart

Beefcake clipped the hair of Jimmy Hart at Wrestlemania, Hart wants revenge carrying his own set of shearers to cut the hair of The Barber. Beefcake pushes off Davis, lock-up. Davis uses the hair to gain control of Beefcake, right hand does not shake Beefcake. Beefcake slams Davis off the turnbuckle, hiptoss for Davis. Davis begs off, cheap shot from Davis. Clubbing blows by Davis, choke using the bottom rope. Foot choke from Davis, Jimmy Hart almost cuts Beefcake.

Big knee from Beefcake, elbow to the head. Scoop slam, struttin’ and cuttin’ from Beefcake. Davis slides out of the ring for a breather, Davis is brought in from the apron. Irish whip, Sleeper! Jimmy Hart is on the apron, distracting the referee. Davis is gone to sleep, Brutus The Barber Beefcake wins the match and wants to cut the hair of Davis. Davis has his hair cut while Beefcake celebrates his victory.

Short match but it packs a tonne of punch, Beefcake and Hart is going to continue and I want to see it because they two are very entertaining characters, it is crazy to compare to nowadays where WWE are trying to use managers once more, hard to believe they have went so long without memorable managers, Jimmy Hart and Bobby Heenan manage have the roster and it is not stale in the slightest.

Winner: Brutus The Barber Beefcake over Danny Davis Via Sleeper!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Randy Savage © W/ Miss Elizabeth vs One Man Gang W/ Slick

Gang foolishly was disqualified at Wrestlemania but Gang will not make the same mistake twice, the massive One Man Gang is planning on crushing Macho Madness. Slick tries hitting on Elizabeth, Savage chases away The Slickster. Gang shoves Savage to the corner, Savage elbows and punches Gang. Irish whip reversed, powerslam for Gang does not work as Savage drops Gang, Gang kicks out, Savage nails a diving crossbody for two. Gang eats a hotshot from Savage, Gang shoves off Savage. Clubbing blows from Gang, massive throat toss from the challenger. Savage ducks a clothesline and chases after Slick but Gang protects his manager.

Savage is backed into the corner, more blows rain down from Gang. Elbow drop from two, Gang misses a corner splash. Elbows from Savage, clothesline knocks Gang to the floor. Slick cheers on Gang, Savage is on the top rope. Massive Double Axe Handle from Savage, Savage tries for another but Gang nails a massive right to the ribs. Scoop slam, Gang climbs to the middle rope. 747 misses, Slick is chasing down Elizabeth. Savage threatens Slick, Gang cheapshots Savage. Throat Toss from Gang, Slick has his cane. Slick nails Gang by mistake, Savage scales the turnbuckle, Diving Elbow Drop and Savage retains his championship.

Electric crowd for this match, good stuff from Savage and Slick. Slick was a constant annoyance at ringside, pursuing Elizabeth, making it difficult for Savage to concentrate on the Gang. Macho Madness is taking over Oh Yeah! Strong championship defence for Savage, things are looking good in the WWF.

Winner: Randy Savage over One Man Gang Via Diving Elbow Drop!

The British Bulldogs W/ Matilda vs Demolition W/ Mr Fuji

The newly-crowned tag team champions take on The British Bulldogs, Fuji and Demolition plan to do horrible unspeakable things to Matilda, The Bulldogs plan on whipping Demolition ass. Smash and Davey Boy begin, rights and lefts from Smash. Irish whip, Davey tags Dynamite. Clothesline from Dynamite, headbutt. Armwrench, Smash dodges the O Connor Roll but misses an elbow. Smash tags Ax, Ax pummels Dynamite. Reversal armwrench from Dynamite, tag to Davey who axe handles on the arm. Quick tag to Dynamite, Demolition combine to stop the suplex. Ax tags Smash, big bearhug.

Dynamite fights his way out, Smash tags Ax. Ax lays out Davey and pulls Dynamite to the corner. Tag back to Smash, Irish whip to the corner. Dynamite blocks an incoming Smash with a boot, hot-tag to Davey. Pair of scoop slams, dropkick to Ax. Dynamite comes back in, massive shoulder block from Smash. Dynamite is tossed to the floor, boots from Fuji. Matilda scares off Fuji, Davey Boy smacks Smash with Fuji’s cane when we come back from commercial, we have a DQ as The Bulldogs have snapped!

Disappointing end to a match that could have had the fans jumping out of their seats, the crowd is incredibly hot on this night and it seems like such a shame at the end of the day. Champs are protected though, will The Bulldogs be potential challengers? Only time will tell, good enough match but could have been something so much more.

Winners: Demolition over The British Bulldogs Via DQ!

Don “The Rock” Muraco W/ Billy Graham vs Ted Dibiase W/ Virgil

Dibiase starts hot before Muraco backdrops Dibiase. Dibiase is bounced off the turnbuckle, Dibiase powders before Graham threatens Dibiase. After a breather, Dibiase re-enters the ring. Lock-up, shoulder block by Muraco. Hiptoss from Dibiase, clothesline from Muraco. Powerslam by Muraco, Virgil places Dibiase’s foot on the ropes. Dibiase nails a clothesline in the ring, suplex for two. Dibiase looks for the backdrop, Russian legsweep reversal from Muraco. Elbow by Muraco, running powerslam by Muraco for two. Dibiase begs off before big right hands from Dibiase, scoop slam by Dibiase. Muraco’s foot was on the ropes but the referee failed to see the foot on the ropes, a controversial finish for sure!

Keeping the heat on Dibiase, the potential next challenger for Savage’s WWF Championship. Did Dibiase need a more convincing win? I think so if we are going down that route, what I will say though is Dibiase’s selling is fantastic. Looking forward to more matches from Dibiase.

Winner: Ted Dibiase over Don Muraco Via Shenanigans!

Ravishing Rick Rude W/ Bobby Heenan vs Koko B Ware

Rude jumps Koko on the apron, Koko fights back. They trade blows, Rude eats a dropkick. Koko grinds at Rude, Bird dance. Lock-up, Koko eats a right hand from Rude. Shots to the back from Rude, fun and games are over. Elbows to the spine, snap suplex and diving fist drop from Rude. Dropkick from Rude, Rude poses for the fans some more. Rude misses a dropkick, rights and lefts from Koko. Backdrop, Koko misses a splash and hurts his neck. Rude Awakening and this is over. Squash, Rude is charismatic as hell, that is all.

Winner: Rick Rude over Koko B Ware Via Rude Awakening!

Thanks for reading and supporting and remember: There’s always another night!

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