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WWE Judgement Day 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to stoop lower than racist remarks from WWE Champions! We are back and it’s been far too long (It’s what happens when college returns, everything goes down the drain as you feel you are always under the pressure). So, it’s time for WWE’s Judgement Day of 2006, the blue brand of Smackdown had a new top star in Rey Mysterio with his crowning moment coming at Wrestlemania. As you are aware, WWE’s product is most hot around Wrestlemania season with it continuing to deliver just after as momentum carries over. Smackdown struggles sometimes due to lack of star power but tonight we have the likes of Lashley, Khali, Finlay mixed in with Benoit, Booker T, Rey Mysterio and Undertaker so the potential is there, let’s see what happens!

Opening Promo

Images of all the top matches flash across the screen with a demonic voice speaking in the usual style of Judgement Day. Quotes linked to death and destruction, all leading to the all too familiar line of Judgement Day is upon us. Good stuff, JBL continues to be the biggest and most sadistic bully on the whole roster. Bonus as CM Punk’s theme is used as the theme for the show on the Network.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) MNM © W/ Melina vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick

MNM had been the premier tag team on Smackdown when there were no real tag teams on the roster, they had faced the likes of Charlie Haas, Hardcore Holly and lost the championships to Batista & Rey Mysterio before WWE put together London and Kendrick. The story going into the match is that MNM are on a losing streak against the challengers and it looks like it could be the challengers’ night. London and Nitro begin, Nitro pushes London to the corner. Another lock-up, side headlock by Nitro. Shoulder block by Nitro, MNM pose because they can and we reset again.

 Shoulder block by Nitro, London trips Nitro and a huge armdrag into an armbar by London. Tag to Kendrick, quick tag to London with the challengers working the arm of Nitro. Double shoulder block for two, Kendrick grabs the arm. Nitro yanks the hair and brings in Mercury. Hiptoss and dropkick by Kendrick for two, armdrag into armbar by Kendrick. Tag to London, double hiptoss and elbow. Mercury powders, Kendrick dives onto MNM with a hilo. London misses a crossbody on Mercury, tag to Nitro. Tag to Mercury, double gutbuster by the champions. Melina chokes London using her legs with Mercury distracting the referee. Reverse chinlock by Mercury, London fights out and both men bang heads.

Kendrick nails a springboard dropkick, clotheslines to both men. Flying forearm to Mercury, Nitro hotshots Kendrick. Snapshot to Kendrick, Kendrick is saved by London. Mercury bumps London to the floor, Kendrick is thrown to the floor. Mercury drops Kendrick across the ring apron, two for Nitro in the ring. Reverse chinlock by Nitro, Kendrick fights out with a small package but the referee was with Mercury. Mercury tags in, double legdrop by the champions. Delayed vertical suplex by Mercury for two, Kendrick is thrown to the floor and kicked by Melina. Mercury tosses Kendrick to his corner, tag to Nitro. Mounted punches by Nitro, another two-count for Nitro.

Tag to Mercury who applies a chinlock, Kendrick sends Nitro into Mercury and London is tagged into the match. Forearms all around, reverse spinning elbow. Corner forearms, Mercury blocks the forearm with a boot. MNM are double clotheslined, Oklahoma Roll for two. Mercury throws London to the apron, London dropsaults Nitro and moonsaults onto Mercury, Melina distracts the referee. MNM try the Rude/Warrior suplex finish but London kicks out, Kendrick helps out London. Kendrick dives onto nothing on the floor, Mercury eats a boot from London. Nitro has London on the apron, Mercury clotheslines Nitro onto Melina and with a victory roll into a jacknife cover, we have new champions.

London and Kendrick have that Rocker/Hardy Boyz vibe to them, they have a dynamic of daredevils who are explosive at every turn. They did a great job, the crowd was fired up for that match and what an opener to the show. I did love the team of MNM but just a year later, it looks like it could be the end of the team as it all falls apart. Could they do much more on the Smackdown brand? No, they had been battered by the new team in town and there was nobody else to work with. Overall, I am excited to see what becomes of London and Kendrick, they seemed like there was so much to be done with them based on this match and I feel sad for MNM as Mercury and Nitro may not have what it takes on their own to thrive in the company so the next few months may be a tough watch.

Winners: London & Kendrick over MNM via Victory Roll!

Chris Benoit vs Finlay

Are we back in 1998? I joke, I joke. Finlay debuted in the late half of 2005, bringing a wealth of experience from his years in Europe and WCW, they know each other well and they are two tough hard-hitting motherfuckers. This will be a good wrestling match, I assure you that at the least. Finlay cheated to beat Benoit in The King of The Ring, Benoit does not forgive or forget so Finlay has an ass-whipping coming his way.

Lock-up, Finlay backs Benoit into the corner. Clean break, lock-up with Benoit and Finlay trading control. They roll to the floor in their lock-up, Finlay has Benoit up against the barricade. They break and stare one another down, headbutt from Benoit. Benoit looks for a sharpshooter, Finlay wriggles free for an ankle lock variation. Benoit applies a sleeper, side headlock takedown by The Crippler. Finlay rolls through for a cover, two for Finlay. More intense staring, Finlay says Benoit poked the eye. Finlay jumps Benoit after hiding the referee, huge uppercut which leads to chops from Benoit. Finlay takes down Benoit with a trip, reverse chinlock by Finlay. Uppercut by Finlay, snapmare into a cover for two.

Slaps by Finlay, slaps from Benoit. Finlay begs off, knees by Benoit. Knees to the head and chops by Benoit, Benoit applies a reverse chinlock. Finlay is caught in a crucifix for two, Benoit continues punching and chopping Finlay. Eye poke by Finlay and a huge short-arm clothesline for two, elbows by Finlay. Finlay wrenches on Benoit’s shoulders, Finlay chokes Benoit with a straight-jacket like submission. Benoit shakes off Finlay but misses the elbow drop, Finlay covers for two. Finlay misses a clothesline, Benoit goes for the German suplexes. Three from Benoit, Benoit calls for the headbutt. Finlay dodges, dragon screw from Benoit who looks for a sharpshooter. Finlay kicks Benoit in the face, Finlay has a chair. Benoit baseball slides the chair into Finlay’s face, Benoit is on the top rope again.

Diving Headbutt connects, two for Benoit. Finlay reverses an Irish whip and clotheslines Benoit in the back of the head by Finlay, two for Finlay. Finlay begins to work the neck of Benoit, uppercut by Finlay. Stomp to the gut and huge splash by Finlay for two, elbow drop by Finlay. Make it two, reverse chinlock from Finlay. Hammerlock dragon sleeper by Finlay, Benoit fights out before a clubbing blow floors The Rabid Wolverine. Another clothesline to the head, kicks from Finlay. Benoit forearms back into the match, Finlay grabs the arm and wears down Benoit. Knee to the head by Finlay, Finlay shoulder thrusts Benoit who falls to the mat.

Clothesline, Finlay applies a nerve hold to Benoit. Benoit escapes a scoop slam for German suplexes, Finlay headbutts his way out of a third. Enzuigiri by Benoit, Finlay has the shillelagh but Benoit German suplexes Finlay on the floor. Finlay makes it to the apron at eight, Three Amigos by Benoit. Benoit is on the apron, Finlay knocks Benoit to the floor. Finlay sends Benoit shoulder first into the ringpost, Finlay grabs Benoit who was playing possum. Crossface attempt, Benoit catches Finlay and Finlay taps within seconds.

This match delivered, it was hard-hitting and layered with many fun elements. Masterful performance from Finlay as the bully, Finlay was so cocky and in control which led to some great moments like when Benoit slapped the bejesus out of Finlay and Finlay begging for mercy. Loved the stare-down and the neck work from Finlay, finish came out of nothing and it seemed just perfect for the match. Benoit continues to deliver night after night while Finlay is another solid addition to the roster who will deliver when asked upon, good stuff from these two veterans.

Winner: Chris Benoit over Finlay via Crippler Crossface!

Jillian Hall vs Melina

Jillian was fired by JBL which led to the face turn with Melina teasing and mocking Jillian for being fired, they had a catfight and now, we have this match. Nitro is ejected within seconds, Jillian nails Melina with a Lou Thesz Press. Hair-pull and stiff kicks to the spine, snap-over neckbreaker. Melina rolls to the floor, Jillian bounces Melina’s head off the barricade. Melina kicks Jillian into the steel steps, knees to the head by Melina. Hair-pull mat slam and boots to the head by Melina, another snapmare into a bodyscissors with a rear-naked choke. Jillian fights out before eating a running hair-pull slam for two, Melina kicks the ribs of Jillian. Choke using the middle rope, double knees to the ribs. Jillian blocks a middle rope elbow with knees, flying chop from Jillian. Jillian rolls up Melina despite Melina’s hand being on the rope.

Yeah, it was there and went as well as you could hope for it to go on this night. I do not see the point of Melina getting her hands on the ropes, it should have been a clean job if the plans were for Melina and Nitro to go to the Raw Brand. Just seems unnecessary to have her grab the ropes, can you tell I am looking for ways to stretch this paragraph out? Yeah, it was a waste of time in the grand scheme of things and to top it all off, it looked like Krystal was going to face Melina.

Winner: Jillian over Melina via Victory Roll!

JBL Promo

Mr. America JBL is here to end the dreams of Rey Mysterio, JBL’s time as JBL mocks Mysterio and all Latino fans who support Mysterio. JBL notices Chavo Guerrero, JBL insults Chavo while Chavo says that Mysterio will whoop JBL. How many times are they going to exploit Eddie, it is almost a joke and it has only been a few months.

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Gregory Helms © vs Super Crazy

Helms would be the last serious champion for this division, Helms won the championship at The Royal Rumble which led to Helms jumping ship from Raw to Smackdown. Super Crazy was by far the most over cruiserweight on Smackdown so it makes sense to use Crazy in this way. The match begins with Crazy outwrestling Helms with pin attempts, drop toeholds and a La Magistral follow for Helms. Clothesline by Super Crazy, referee stops the dive. Super Crazy dives over the referee, two for the challenger. Ten punches by Super Crazy, stungun by Helms. Neckbreaker by Helms for two, Helms uses a submission similar to a crossface. Super Crazy fights out before a clothesline ends that fun, clubbing blows on the apron by Helms.

Suplex by Super Crazy, knees to the heads by Helms. Reverse chinlock by Helms, Super Crazy escapes for a roll-up, two for the challenger. Knee by Helms, Super Crazy dodges an elbow. Right hands by Super Crazy, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and dropkick by Crazy followed by a standing moonsault for two. Helms elevates Super Crazy to the apron, missile dropkick by Super Crazy for two. Super Crazy misses his Moonsault, Super Crazy ducks the shining wizard and nails a spinning heel kick for two. Neckbreaker by Helms, roll-up for two. Super Crazy pushes Helms to the corner, over the castle by Helms for two. Super Crazy fights back, Helms eats the turnbuckle but Helms powerbombs Super Crazy and uses the ropes for the win.

That seemed like a rough match, crowd was very quiet for the majority of the match. It is a shame as both man are talented but the card is just in a rut at this point. Following the women’s match was always going to be rough, let’s just move onto the next match!

Winner: Gregory Helms over Super Crazy via Powerbomb!

MNM Are No More!

Melina and Nitro complain about how they lost their matches, Melina with an actual reasonable complaint which Long ignores, Melina slaps Long and Long decides to fire both which would lead to the two joining Raw like I remember which makes Melina not jobbing clean and the altercation with Krystal even more pointless.

Mark Henry vs Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle and Mark Henry had faced one another at Royal Rumble for the championship with Angle defeating Henry in Henry’s first pay per view match back in the WWE after many months off. Things did not get better for Henry as Henry would lose to Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Here we are at Judgement Day and Henry finds himself fighting Angle once more. Angle had a strange end to the year, Angle was arguably super over as a heel on Raw so they switched him to Smackdown where he was champion before dropping it to Mysterio.

Angle has injured ribs, Angle stomps the legs of Henry. Middle rope hilo by Angle for two, front chancery by Angle. Angle tries a sunset flip, Henry misses a hip splash. Angle kicks Henry to the floor, Angle wants a German suplex through the table. Henry shakes off Angle, Angle trips Henry in the ring and works the leg. Henry shakes off Angle and nails a clothesline, headbutt by Henry. Henry goes to the ribs of Angle, Henry steps all over Angle’s ribs. Camel clutch-like hold by Henry, Henry drops his weight on Angle’s back. Angle fights back with right hands, Henry catches Angle but Angle counters for a huge DDT. Two for Angle, headbutt by Henry.

 German suplex by Angle, the straps are down. Angle wants The Angle Slam, it connects for two. Clothesline by Henry, World’s Strongest Slam for two. Right hands by Henry, another slam attempt. Angle wriggles free for an Ankle Lock, Henry pulls off Angle, Angle is on the floor. Angle is laid across the table, Henry rolls off the table. Henry squishes Angle against the ringpost, Henry rolls into the ring and Henry wins by count-out.

Wow, that is a finish that I did not expect, that helped neither man like that was completely useless to both men in the long-run. Angle does not exactly look gutsy in the performance while Henry does not come off as a monster which would be the best outcome for both men. The best part of the match comes after as Angle snaps with a chair and attempts to break Henry’s ankle. Angle also hurls Henry through the announce table which was the only part worth watching about this match.

Winner: Mark Henry over Kurt Angle via Count-Out!

(King Of The Ring Final Match) Booker T W/ Sharmell vs Bobby Lashley

Since the introduction of Sharmell to the WWE as the manipulative wife of Booker T, Booker T has been on a roll. Character-wise Booker T has never ever been stronger with Sharmell being a heat magnet while Booker is in the early stages of his King gimmick referring to his opponents as subjects even now. The King Of The Ring was always a fun concept with The Money In The Bank being the more up to date version with the idea of the winner always going onto bigger things, sad to see the tournament as no longer a pay per view.

Lashley shoves down Booker to begin, Lashley locks-up and has Booker in the corner. Lashley pummels Booker with right hands, corner clothesline. Suplex for two, clotheslines and arm-wringer by Lashley. Booker chops his way into the match, Lashley outpowers Booker and covers for two. Eye poke by Booker, right hands and chops by Booker. Hard Irish whip has no effect on Lashley, clotheslines and huge pick-up slam. Lashley misses a shoulder block and hits the ringpost, Booker works the arm. Lashley fights out and avoids a scissors kick with a huge clothesline. Lashley hammers Booker, forearm to the face. Inverted atomic drop followed by a clothesline, Sharmell is on the apron. Huge kick by Booker, Lashley shakes it off for a belly to belly suplex.

Sharmell grabs the leg of Lashley, Harlem Sidekick by Booker. Book-End for two, Lashley powers out of the pin. Lashley catches Booker for a running powerslam, Booker kicks out at two. Corner clothesline, huge Harlem Sidekick by Booker. Scissors Kick to Lashley, Lashley kicks out at two again! Spear by Lashley, Lashley calls for the finish. Sharmell distracts the referee, Finlay comes out and nails Lashley with The Shillelagh. Scissors Kick and we have a King in King Booker!

They kept it short which was a good idea based on Lashley’s inexperience. Such an awkward push for Lashley though, they go through phases of making him looked unbeatable and then he is tossed aside by Kane and Show in the rumble or JBL will wipe the floor with him. Anyways, this would be the beginning of Booker’s best run in the company, happy for him as a performer and the match was enjoyable as it went at an electrifying pace.

Winner: Booker T over Bobby Lashley via Shenanigans!

The Great Khali W/ Daivari vs The Undertaker

Mark Henry was being decimated by Undertaker when all of a sudden, Khali appeared on Smackdown. Towering over Taker, Khali destroyed The Deadman announcing his arrival in the WWE. Just like so many before him, Khali now awaits to do proper battle with the legendary Undertaker. However, something is different this time, Khali does not fear The Deadman. Kamala, Diesel, Heidenreich, Giant Gonzalez, they all feared for their lives when The Deadman entered the arena but now, Khali does not stutter, does not stumble. This is two monsters doing battle in the middle of the ring.

The match begins with a stare-down, Taker uses his speed to pummel Khali but Khali shuts down Taker with one hand. Taker begins to punish Khali, Khali hurls Taker to the floor again. Taker has a look on his face as if to say “Are you serious, is this really happening?” Khali is hot-shotted by Taker, right hands by Taker. Boot by Taker with no effect, Taker is thinking old school. Khali hurls Taker off the top rope, Khali chokes Taker with his boot. Hard Irish whip and clothesline by Khali, Taker is on the floor. Taker elbows back at Khali, Khali Irish whips Taker over the steel steps. Daivari gets some cheap shots in behind the referee’s back, scoop slam by Khali.

Khali calls for his huge brain chop, Taker sets-up and eats the huge chop to the skull. Khali pins with one boot on Taker, two count for Khali. Taker sets-up but Taker is staggering, the strength is no longer there. Taker punches but Khali shakes it all off, a headbutt does not work. Taker wants old school, it connects. Jabs by Taker, clothesline does not take down Khali. Khali is all tied up in the ropes, huge right hands by Taker. Daivari frees Khali, Taker wants a chokeslam. Khali battles out, big boot by Khali. Huge Chop by Khali, Taker is booted in the face and with one boot over The Deadman, Khali wins the match.

A very effective way to put someone over, Khali destroyed The Deadman. That does not happen ever so in that sense, it was a great success. The match as a whole was pretty poor, Taker carried Khali is every way imaginable. Khali looked so sluggish and slow, you would swear he was in 50s wrestling one of those comedy style matches that you see from time to time.

Winner: Great Khali over The Undertaker via Brain Chop!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Rey Mysterio © vs JBL

Mysterio did the impossible at Wrestlemania winning the world championship, Mysterio faces his first challenger in the form of the ultimate bully JBL. The story they are telling for this match is that Mysterio will take on everyone with JBL using that phrase to screw over Mysterio. Mysterio was squashed by Henry and Khali which made the championship look weak and it’s not looking good for Mysterio.

JBL shoves down Mysterio, Mysterio keeps coming for more. JBL backs up, JBL shoves down Mysterio again. Side headlock by Mysterio, JBL places Mysterio on the top rope and talks trash. Mysterio slaps JBL hard, JBL kicks down Mysterio. JBL pummels Mysterio in the corner, Mysterio drop toeholds JBL into the rope. JBL powders, baseball slide by Mysterio. Apron senton by Mysterio, diving press for two. Low dropkick for two, leg drop for two. Shoulder thrusts by Mysterio, ten punches in the corner. Foot choke by Mysterio, dropkick to the nuts by Mysterio. JBL screams while Mysterio channels his inner Latino Heat.

JBL is dropkicked to the floor, Mysterio eats a boot on the floor. Mysterio is thrown into the steel steps, JBL continues to punish Mysterio on the floor before showing Mysterio’s wife the bloody knuckles. JBL looks for the three amigos, Mysterio is hung-up on the top rope. JBL mocks Latino Heat, JBL threatens to punch Mysterio’s wife. Fallaway Slam on the floor, two for the challenger. JBL slaps the shit out of Mysterio, short-arm clotheslines by JBL. Mysterio’s white mask is now covered in blood due to a cut above his eye, great shots of his wife showing concern. Boot and two for JBL, Mysterio fights back before an eye poke by JBL. Sleeper by JBL, huge blows to the open cut on Mysterio.

JBL covers for two, JBL cannot believe his eyes. JBL has Mysterio on the top rope, Mysterio blocks the super back suplex. JBL is knocked off, moonsault for two. Springboard crossbody and kick to the head for two, JBL reverses the bronco buster with a boot to the groin. Mysterio counters a powerbomb for a drop toehold, 619 but JBL uses the referee as a shield from the west coast pop. Powerbomb by JBL, JBL screams for a referee. 1…2.. Mysterio kicks out! JBL decks the referee and grabs a chair, Mysterio kicks the chair into JBL’s face. 619 and a Frog Splash by Mysterio for the win!

A good main event to close the show, I have said before that JBL had become one of my favourites in the ring after the championship was no longer around his waist. JBL was the perfect opponent to put someone over as champion, JBL had now done the task for Cena, Batista and Mysterio. Crowd were super into Mysterio which is great despite the company’s booking of the champion. A lot of little touches were nice, Mysterio’s white mask stained with blood was a great visual as well as JBL mocking Eddie and getting in the face of Mysterio’s wife.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over JBL via Frog Splash!

That was WWE’s Judgment Day of 2006, an average show if I am being honest. Things started out hot, London and Kendrick were fresh and exciting, bursting with potential and had enough energy between them to power the building. The physicality of Benoit and Finlay was awesome, two tough men battling it out in what seemed like a legitimate bout. Things slowed tremendously after that with the women’s match, Super Crazy vs Helms and a boring Angle vs Henry match with Taker and Khali not being better by much. The main event was entertaining and it was a good start to Mysterio’s reign. I wish there was less emphasis on Eddie with everyone chanting Mysterio instead of Eddie, it is like chanting ECW for ECW Wrestlers, it just seems bizarre to me. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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