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WCW Slamboree 1995 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that never gets it wrong like those silly old dirtsheets! It’s time for WCW Slamboree 1995: A Legend’s Reunion! Headlined by The Monster Maniacs vs Vader & Ric Flair who has been reinstated after retiring in late 94 thanks to Hulk Hogan. We also have Harlem Heat vs The Nasty Boys, Road Warrior Hawk vs Meng and Sting taking on Big Bubba Rogers. We also have Dick Murdoch vs Wahoo McDaniel, Alex Wright vs Arn Anderson and Kevin Sullivan vs The Man With No Name. So I have no idea how this is going to go down but if the last PPV is any indication of how this company is going, we are in for a horrific night.


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) Harlem Heat © W/ Sister Sherri vs The Nasty Boys

Well we have Jerry Sags but no Brian Knobbs who was attacked earlier in the night, Harlem Heat need some serious new blood in this division. We also don’t have Schiavone here so we have Eric Bischoff which is a downgrade. Sags is going to go it alone against two men, massive clothesline by Sags to Booker. Corner clothesline, Booker is rocked. Stevie Ray eats some right hands, double DDT by Sags. Sherri is on the apron, pity city again for Sherri? No Sags punches her in the face? What the fuck? Sags looks for a pump-handle slam, it connects for two! Sags continues fighting, top rope elbow but Booker and Stevie Ray have one another’s backs. Sherri can get involved too, Sags is distracted and chases Sherri which allows Stevie Ray to stomp all over Sags. Sags fights back but cannot overtake Booker and Stevie Ray. Dropkick by Stevie Ray, Sags is being destroyed by Harlem Heat.


Booker slowly covers for two, too confident was young Booker. Stevie Ray lands a leg drop from the bottom rope, forearm to the head. Tag to Booker, Sag lands a piledriver out of nowhere. Here comes a taped-up Knobbs, Knobbs receives the tag. Clothesline for Stevie Ray, slam for Booker. Elbows and rights all around, bulldog by Knobbs. Stevie Ray is dumped to the floor, Sherri tries a diving crossbody but Knobbs spinebusters her and throws her onto Stevie Ray. Knobbs picks up Booker for a powerslam, Sags is the legal man and delivers his Diving Elbow Drop and we have new champions!


Well looks like they finally paid that off, a match where I see Nasty Boys gets destroyed for 90% of it is a good day at the office. Should they be tag team champions? Well, the division is in the shitter. Harlem Heat look good in defeat while Sherri continues to take insane bumps, Sherri might have been the best part of the match. A punch and a spinebuster as well as being thrown to the floor, incredible bump by her who has turned these two into a championship calibre team.


Winners: The Nasty Boys over Harlem Heat via Diving Elbow Drop!


Kevin Sullivan vs The Man With No Name

Formerly Butcher but Butcher has lost his mind and now has no name, Sullivan’s feud with brother Dave followed by The Three Faces of Fear and a comedy match against Mr. T is back to being in a serious feud but I am not sure how many people buy into Sullivan in WCW. Sullivan is jumped in the ring, Man With No Name chops and thrusts all around. Sullivan is bounced off the buckle before a Sleeper attempt by Man With No Name, Sullivan counters with a jaw-breaker and tosses Man With No Name to the floor. In the ring, Man with No Name takes control and splashes and kicks Sullivan, Sullivan starts brawling his way back into the match though. Chops by Butcher, at least 10 knock down Sullivan. Two count for Man with No Name, piledriver from Man with No Name.


Man with No Name covers but Sullivan places a foot on the ropes, Man with No Name is furious. Sullivan pokes the eyes, we spill to the floor. Man with No Name tastes an eye rake and is sent into the ring-post. Back in the ring, Man with No Name chops back and delivers a shitty looking clothesline. Man with No Name misses a splash, cracking his head off the ring-post. Sullivan places Man with No Name in the tree of woe, running knee to the ribs. Double Stomp by Sullivan and Sullivan picks up the win.


Awful like 99% of what I have to suffer through involving Sullivan and this era of WCW, don’t get me wrong Sullivan can became engaging and interesting in that ring, his work in Florida as a Devil Worshipper was amazing but matches with Butch, Dave Sullivan and Mr. T are doing nothing for me.


Winner: Kevin Sullivan over The Man With No Name via Double Stomp!


Dick Murdoch vs Wahoo McDaniel

Slamboree: A Legend’s Reunion has to have legends matches you see, the concept was not all that interesting but WCW stuck to it just like the Battle Bowl. Banner year for Dick Murdoch as Murdoch would not only appear on WCW PPV but would appear in The Royal Rumble as WWF’s roster was more limited than ever.


Have they used a tint for this match? Is this displaying in black & white? Am I losing my mind? We have a lock-up and a clean break, Murdoch shoves Wahoo. Wahoo arm-drags Murdoch, Murdoch takes control with elbows to the head of Wahoo. Murdoch lands shoulder thrusts and elbows in the corner, Murdoch stretches the arm of Wahoo. Massive chop in the corner from Wahoo, Murdoch is down on the mat. Murdoch is irate, they lock-up again with Murdoch gaining control with knees. They trade blows, Wahoo lands a chop to the head. Right hands in the corner, Wahoo fights back with chops and down goes Murdoch. Murdoch regains control and peppers Wahoo with more elbows, whip to the buckle. Murdoch climbs high and drives his knee into the back of Wahoo and drives him to the mat. Back elbow and elbow drop by Murdoch, Murdoch dishes out more punishment on the ropes before Wahoo chops down Murdoch off an Irish whip for the win.


What you would expect, can’t say I am too shocked but it is what it is. That’s the gimmick of the pay per view, at least they got a pay-day out of it. Murdoch’s nose is all kinds of messed up by the end, shocking stuff.


Winner: Wahoo McDaniel over Dick Murdoch via Chop!


The Great Muta vs Paul Orndorff

Muta in WCW will always be an interesting experience for me from his initial run where Muta was a powerhouse until being destroyed at Starrcade by that awful tournament to the appearances during the Bill Watts Era where Muta and Chono would stink up the ring to here we are in 1995 with Muta being the IWGP Heavyweight Champion taking on Paul Orndorff who has been a mainstay of WCW for like 5 years at this point, I think Pretty Wonderful are done at this point so not sure if Orndorff is dusting off the boots for this or was still working.


Some lovely stalling before we have the two trading wrist-locks, Orndorff trips up Muta but Muta slides out, Orndorff scrambles to the ropes. Muta gives Orndorff the throat slit signalling death, Orndorff tells Muta to kiss his ass. Hammerlock by Orndorff, Muta flips out and stretches the leg. Side headlock by Muta, Orndorff eats a shoulder block and a spinning sole-butt. Orndorff is out on the floor, Orndorff takes control and works the arm in the ring. Orndorff misses an elbow drop, dropkick by Muta. Snap-mare into the Flashing Elbow, another snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock. Orndorff escapes but eats a kick to the head, side headlock is countered by Orndorff for a high and tight belly to back suplex. Stomps to the head and Muta is tossed to the guardrail, Orndorff uses the camera cable on Muta.


Reverse chin-lock from Orndorff, Muta escapes and tees off with shots to the face. Down goes Orndorff, Irish whip but Orndorff holds onto the ropes and Muta cracks his head off the mat. Front face-lock from Orndorff, Muta picks up Orndorff and counters for an inverted atomic drop. Clothesline and middle rope elbow drop, Orndorff is up first though and lands forearms to the face and slams Muta into the mat. Vicious kicks to the ribs by Orndorff, snap-mare into a fist drop for two. Orndorff wants his piledriver but Muta counters, Muta chops and lands a spinning sole butt. Handspring elbow and bulldog combination for two, shoulder block looks more like a mis-communication. Back-breaker and Muta climbs high, Diving Moonsault and it’s over.


Not great to be honest, quite slow and we were only waiting for those final moments with the handspring elbow and moonsault, Muta takes it easy as he should in WCW but it does nothing for the fans in the attendance who seemed dead for the majority of the contest.


Winner: The Great Muta over Paul Orndorff via Moonsault!


(WCW World Television Championship Match) Arn Anderson © vs Alex Wright

Arn Anderson working with young talent continues, far away from the main event or in a prominent position on the card, Anderson continues to put in solid work. His opponent is the high-flying Alex Wright who is young and a pure babyface. The perfect antagonist for Anderson who should know exactly what to do to get this young kid over, shame for Johnny B. Badd who has been absolutely shafted by this era of booking.


Side headlock by Wright, Anderson struggles to escape and uses the tights to escape. Wright out-smarts Anderson by not jumping over the champion, good shit seconds into the match. Anderson struggles in the headlock, showing that this is a fight. Tights grabbed again and Anderson loses Wright and eats a dropkick, side headlock takedown. Anderson pushes Wright to the ropes and starts nailing some serious shoulder blocks, Wright reverses the Irish whip but his kick is caught by Anderson. Anderson eats an enzuigiri to the head, side headlock takedown by Wright. Anderson tries again but Wright continues to use his agility and dropkicks the shit out of Anderson. Another side headlock takedown, Anderson is on the floor for a breather but Wright lands a baseball dropkick and planchas to the floor, showing a fire that has been lacking in some of his performances. Anderson lands a knee but misses a clothesline off the ring-post, Wright has Anderson in the ring.


Nice arm-wrenching from Wright, we are down on the mat. Anderson backs Wright. Anderson tries an inverted atomic drop but Wright blocks, Anderson goes for the spinebuster and drills Wright. Anderson chokes Wright by the bottom rope, first with his hand and after with his boot. Anderson works the arm now, strikes to the arm. Anderson sweeps the legs and attempts a figure four, Wright shoves off Anderson into the buckle. Anderson is on the middle rope, Wright counters the axe handle with a shot to the ribs, spinning heel kick by Wright. Snap suplex and Wright is climbing high, missile dropkick finds the mark for two. Both men trade small packages, Wright is whipped to the buckle but fights back. Anderson comes out of the corner and fakes the left hand, Wright instinctively ducks which leads to a devastating DDT for the win.


Anderson is solid as forever in this one, Wright is made to look great in the opening shine, showing fire and resilience throughout the match, Anderson knows exactly what he needs to do to keep the crowd interested and on the side of Wright, probably my favourite Wright performance of his career so far and the finish is darn good too, what a snap on that DDT. Good for Anderson who continues to deliver away from Ric Flair.


Winner: Arn Anderson over Alex Wright via DDT!


Meng vs Road Warrior Hawk

So obviously these are two tough bastards who are going to knock the shit out of one another so I will enjoy it from that standpoint, this might be the third time I have seen Hawk compete without Animal in WCW since leaving the WWF. Two appearances in 1993 and Hawk continued to work with Power Warrior while Animal was out.


Match starts with Meng kicking and clotheslining Hawk around the ring, stalling piledriver but Hawk no sells that shit and lands a neck-breaker, Meng no-sells back. Hawk spears the ring-post as Meng moves out of the way, Hawk regains control and lands his fist-drop. Chop by Hawk, corner clothesline. Scoop slam and Hawk calls for the finish, diving splash misses and Hawk rolls to the floor. Meng has Hawk by the head, Hawk meets the ring apron. They chop one another, are we going to have a double count-out? We do!


Disappointing that’s Hawk return to WCW what an absolute waste of a Hawk PPV appearance. I will say it is wild to see Meng still being protected so well in the aftermath of the Stud Stable.


Double Countout!


Big Bubba Rogers vs Sting (Lights Out Match)

Lots of stalling to begin, Rogers turned on Sting a few PPVs back because why not his face run wasn’t doing anyone any favours. Bubba wrenches the arm but Sting elbows and dropkicks Bubba to the floor, Bubba rakes the eyes and lands punches plus a corner clothesline. Sting is down, Rogers takes out his tie and chokes The Stinger. Sting breaks free and dropkicks the big man, Sting is asking Bubba “Is that all you got”? Bubba drags Sting to the floor, bouncing Sting’s head off the steel steps. Bubba grabs a table, Sting blocks and sends Bubba into the table. Bubba throws powder in the eyes of Sting before sending Sting into the table. The table is thrown in the ring, Bubba puts it in the corner. Sting meets the table again, Sting reverses the piledriver but misses the Stinger Splash on the table. Bubba takes off his belt and whips Sting, Bubba climbs to the top rope but Sting yanks off Bubba. Scoop slam and Sting climbs high, Sting lands a devastating splash for two. Clothesline by Sting, right hands by Stinger. Sting places the table on Bubba, Sting double stomps the table. Scorpion Death-Lock in the middle of the ring and Bubba quits!


Vengeance for Sting who had to do the job for Bubba at a prior PPV, not a great match at all. Not very interesting either I thought someone was going through the table but once more, it was me giving WCW far too much credit. Sting is still over huge so can we get this man near a world championship? Please?


Winner: Sting over Big Bubba Rogers via Scorpion DeathLock!


The Monster-Maniacs vs Ric Flair & Vader

The same way WCW rushed into Hogan vs Flair, we now have Hogan and Savage reuniting as The Mega-Powers but they are The Monster-Maniacs brother to avoid copyright, Hogan has beaten not only Flair but also Vader so I have no idea what they will do with the world championship going forward.


Anderson is in the corner of Flair & Vader while The Renegade is here for Hogan & Savage. Vader and Hogan to start, clean break from both. Vader backs Hogan to the corner and works the ribs and head. Hogan blocks and thumbs the eyes, right hands from Hogan. Hogan clotheslines Vader to the floor, Savage lands a diving axe handle to the back. Savage tags in and is sent to the floor, Flair sends Savage into the crowd. In the ring, Flair chops Savage. Right hands from Flair, Savage blocks and lands rights of his own. Flair is rocked and sent into the apron and into a boot from Hogan. In the ring, Flair pokes the eye of Savage. Right hand in the corner, Savage fights back and lands rights and lefts. Tag to Hogan, Flair backs away wanting no part of Hogan. Flair chops Hogan and Hogan no-sells it, Hogan uses his strength to send Flair to the buckle and lands a back body drop. Clothesline by Hogan, Flair stabs Hogan in the eye. Snap-mare and a stomp to the head, Savage rallies the crowd behind The Hulkster.


Flair gets caught in a Figure Four while Vader distracts the referee, Hogan gets caught up with Anderson and Flair nails a chop-block. Snap-mare into a knee-drop, tag to Vader. Single leg Boston crab from Vader, Hogan escapes and tries a back body drop. Vader runs through poor Hogan, Savage is with the referee as Flair chokes Hogan. Vader decks the referee with a right hand, no DQ? Vader just decked him, how is he awake? How is this not a DQ? Vader whips Hogan to the buckle, corner splash by Vader. Vader Bomb time, it connects! Vader goes up top, Vader Bomb from the top misses! Savage gets the hot-tag, Flair is in and gets rocked by The Macho Man. Axe handle to Vader, Flair manages to elbow Savage. Savage lands his Diving Elbow to Flair, Anderson pulls out Savage.


Anderson begs for mercy, Vader takes out Savage while Renegade takes out Anderson. Flair lands a massive knee to the face of Savage, tag to Vader. Vader decides it’s time to crush Savage. Vadersault crushes Savage! Hogan pulls off Vader, Vader tosses Savage to the corner. Flair lands chops and right hands, Savage begins fighting back. Hogan gets the tag, right hands by Hogan. Corner clothesline, right hands to Vader & Flair. Scoop slam for Flair, scoop slam on Vader. Anderson eats a right hand, Flair eats a boot. Anderson trips up Hogan, Renegade gives chase. Vader splashes Hogan, Savage is brawling with Vader. Hogan Hulks Up after the splash, Flair chops but it’s no use! Anderson axe handles Flair by mistake, Atomic Leg Drop and it’s over!


Once again Flair comes up short against Hogan who continues to dominate against everyone he is up against with no signs of slowing down. I have to make note here of Bischoff on commentary, he’s not the worst I have ever heard but he definitely makes a hot-tag seem like nothing and his commentary throughout left this match feeling flat because he never makes it feel like a huge big deal. Vader looks like he is phoning it in but that moonsault looked deadly and I would love to see Vader vs Savage but everyone is a side character here to the Hogan show and now Hogan has beaten all his foes in WCW, I am not sure what they can do here to make things interesting because I am very flat on the whole Hogan WCW run.


Winners: Team Monster-Maniacs over Team Flair via Atomic Leg Drop!


That was WCW’s Slamboree 1995, another rather disappointing show from WCW. I never liked the legends’ aspect of the Slamboree PPV, I don’t want to see people past their prime wrestling in long draws because nobody wants to do the job but in the past, there might be a match or two on the card that makes me think well that wasn’t so bad but that doesn’t come on this show. This is just there for so many matches, Sting vs Bubba is so safe for a supposed no DQ match, the big tag team main event would look right at home on a TV taping, there’s no drama or excitement to the matches. Bringing in Hawk for a draw does nothing for me, Sullivan vs Butcher does nothing for me. The only match I really liked was Wright vs Anderson, it’s just so middle of the road with no real urgency to it and that’s why I think WCW is just miserable during this period. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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