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WWF Survivor Series 1996 Review


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, I have been logging behind once more and it’s just the times really. I hope wherever you are you are taking care of yourself because these times are rough on all of us. Having stayed away from wrestling because wrestling with limited crowds & thunderdomes ain’t for me but the Royal Rumble never fails to bring me back so I am back and here we have WWF’s Survivor Series 1996. WWF had been doing some good things, strengthening their mid-card while HBK was having the matches of his career during this period. Shawn Michaels defends against Sycho Sid, his former bodyguard, the big match that did not happen in 1995 happens in 1996 which shall be an interesting affair wile Undertaker looks to end his feud with the deranged Mankind who is managed by the one man who knows Taker better than anyone else: Paul Bearer. The one to watch on this card though? Answer: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hart, the WWF will tell you that Austin made his KOTR speech and all was right with the world, didn’t happen that way as Austin grew in popularity quite slowly with dull matches with the likes of Mero and Helmsley on PPVs before this. However, we have The Hitman back after months off from his Wrestlemania defeat to HBK. These two could steal the show, so will WWF strike a home-run? Let’s find out!


Team Bulldog (British Bulldog/Owen Hart/Leif Cassidy/Marty Jannetty) W/ Clarence Mason vs Team Furnas (Doug Furnas/Phil Lafon/Godwinns) W/ Hillbilly Jim

Well this is a strange one, Furnas & Lafon were The Can-Am Express in AJPW, famously competing in arguably the greatest tag match of all-time against Kobashi & Kikuchi. They are here as babyfaces which feels awkward and we also have two of the most dead in the water tag-teams in the WWF competing in this match. Bulldog & Owen are non-stop entertainment so hopefully as 1997 comes around, creative can come up with something for them both. Jannetty as a heel is odd, Lafon to start with Jannetty. Lock-up, slap from Jannetty with Lafon not reacting. Spin-kick and chop from Lafon, wrist-lock with wrenching. Jannetty uses the ropes to reverse with both men showing thir acrobatics before a clothesline by Lafon.


Cassidy is in, Lafon and Cassidy trade holds before Lafon applies a heel hook to no-reaction, Cassidy counters a kick with a dragon screw. In comes Phineas, side headlock from Phineas. Push-off and shoulder block from Phineas, another lock-up. Cassidy drops down and lands a scoop slam, slaps from Cassidy who spits in the face of Phineas. Scoop slam and hip-toss from Phineas, straight right-hand from Phineas. Phineas runs the ropes but Jannetty lands a big knee to the back. Cassidy lands a huge clothesline before the tag team champions batter Phineas. Big clothesline from Cassidy, leg-drop too. Tag to Jannetty, flying reverse elbow from Jannetty. Phineas reverses an Irish whip but Jannetty slams Phineas into the mat.


Jannetty misses a middle rope elbow drop, Henry is in the match. Jannetty blows a spot, seems to be injured. Jannetty whips Henry, Phineas saves Henry. Cassidy tries the same and it does not go well, Slop Drop and the injured Jannetty is out. Owen Hart comes right in and Spinning Heel Kicks Henry out of this match. Phineas runs wild before Bulldog Powerslams Phineas out of the match.


Marty Jannetty has been Eliminated by Henry O. Godwinn!


Henry O. Godwinn has been Eliminated by Owen Hart!


Phineas Godwinn has been Eliminated by British Bulldog!


Furnas is in with Bulldog, they blow a spot which makes Bulldog angry. Cassidy and Bulldog double team Furnas before Furnas spinebusters Cassidy. Furnas brawls with Bulldog before Owen blind-tags in, Furnas misses the tag and eats a missile dropkick from Owen. Small package from Furnas for two, Owen answers with a clothesline. Fisherman suplex from Owen for two, Furnas is triple-teamed in the corner. Bulldog lands a delayed suplex, Bulldog is showboating for everyone in the arena, tag to Cassidy.


Chops by Cassidy, headbutt too. Corner clothesline by Cassidy, gut-buster from Cassidy. Furnas makes the coldest hot-tag you’d ever see, Lafon makes up for it by spiking Cassidy with a reverse suplex from the middle rope, Cassidy goes splat.


Leif Cassidy has been Eliminated by Phil Lafon!


Lafon nails Bulldog with a heel kick, Bulldog flapjacks Lafon. Tag to Owen, Irish whip and belly to belly suplex from Owen for two. Neck-breaker from Owen, middle rope elbow drop for two. Enzuigiri from Owen for a close two, tag to Bulldog. Double clothesline on Lafon, Lafon and Bulldog trade blows before a ow-blow from Bulldog. Tag to Owen, Lafon blocks but Owen grabs a front chancery before knocking Furnas to the floor. Lafon is with Bulldog as Furnas pulls out Owen, victory roll from Lafon to Bulldog for the elimination. Before Bulldog leaves, Bulldog chop-blocks Lafon’s leg.


British Bulldog has been Eliminated by Phil Lafon!


Owen works the leg against the ring-post, dropping his weight on the leg over and over. Owen clamps in on in the middle of the ring, Owen proclaims victory but Lafon is not giving up, Furnas distracts Owen. Irish whip by Owen, corkscrew kick from Lafon to escape Owen. In comes Furnas, massive dropkick from Furnas for two. Belly to belly suplex from Furnas for two, whip to the buckle and German suplex for the win!


Good way to put the new guys over for sure, I noticed a few things during this match. First, we have a really weird booth because JR is a heel because of fake Razor and fake Diesel which leads to sly and snide remarks throughout, that wouldn’t be super strange but Lawler is doing the same thing and Vince laughs along at the expense of his babyfaces, there is no foil to these heels who are making fun of the people in the ring, very strange indeed. Also, poor Furnas looks so much smaller since his AJPW days, I believe Lafon is bigger. That aside, Lafon and Furnas were thrown in a tough spot but Lafon got some good reactions with that suplex and corkscrew kick while Furnas does what you want from a big, powerful gaijin and that is throw suplexes like he is still in Japan. Wouldn’t mind a feud between the two, they need a hot-start though or an angle. Feared the worst when it began but was pleasantly surprised as it finished.


Survivors: Phil Lafon & Doug Furnas!


The Undertaker vs Mankind W/ Paul Bearer (Paul Bearer In A Cage Match)

New Undertaker, new gothic-looking Taker who comes down from the ceiling. Gone are the purple gloves, completing the arc of The Deadman. Mankind and Taker begin brawling on the floor as Paul Bearer is suspended above the ring in his cage. Taker throws massive rights to begin, hard Irish whips by Taker. Drop toe-hold into an arm-bar, cross-arm-breaker from The Deadman. Taker goes after the hand of Mankind relentlessly, scoop slam but Taker misses the elbow. Cactus Jack clothesline does not work as Taker lands on his feet, into the crowd we go! Mankind goes low to stop the onslaught of Taker, apron senton from Mankind wipes out Taker. Hard Irish whip to the buckle and corner knee from Mankind, punches to the back of the head from Mankind. Taker battles back, biting the hand of Mankind, Irish whip but Taker lowers his head. Piledriver from Mankind, massive spot.


Mankind wants the mandible claw, Taker blocks the claw. Mankind blocks the chokeslam, boot from Taker. Mankind slides out of the tombstone for a Mandible Claw, Taker uses his strength to throw Mankind to the floor. Mankind tries to grab Taker, Taker shoves off Mankind who smashes into the steel steps. Old School from Taker but Mankind answers quickly with a neck-breaker, Mankind is climbing to the top rope when Taker sits-up in the middle of the ring. Rights and lefts to Mankind, Mankind fights back but dives into a Chokeslam but no wait, Mankind counters for a Mandible Claw! Taker begins to fade, the move that has paralyzed Taker on numerous occasions, possibly the most-deadly finishing hold in the WWF during this time. Taker fights back from the brink of defeat, Chokeslam from The Deadman. Taker misses a flying clothesline, spilling to the floor while Mankind tries his apron senton again but Taker dodges. Taker punches Mankind into the ropes, striking the mandible hand. Mankind tries a desperation sleeper but Taker answers with a back suplex.


Mankind pulls something out of his tights, hiding it behind his back. Taker is stabbed in the head with the object, the referee missing this but is this a no-DQ match? Mankind continues to stab Taker, the referee is oblivious. Taker counters a stab attempt for a Tombstone Piledriver and this match is over!


Definitely not the fitting climax I was waiting for with this feud, I feel the masterful turn of Bearer on Taker may have been the highlight of this feud but I did enjoy Taker vs Mankind in the boiler room with Taker being weary of Mankind and also The Buried Alive match had its moments too. Although, Taker does not get his hands on Paul Bearer, this is not over. However, it doesn’t change my overall opinion of the match, the finish was surprising and the arm-work for all its worth never played into the finish with the stipulation not being fulfilled at the end, it comes off as a filler match.


Winner: The Undertaker over Mankind via Tombstone Piledriver!


Team Helmsley (Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Jerry Lawler/Goldust/Crush) vs Team Mero (Marc Mero/The Stalker/Rocky Maivia/Jake Roberts)

The Stalker as a babyface? Love it anyways, this match contains an awful lot of meh with Lawler being an excellent promo who was destroyed by all babyfaces he faced except for one Jake Roberts who returns for this match. Helmsley was punished for The Kliq Incident which means things were real bad until Helmsley won the Intercontinental Championship as Mero and Goldust were not lighting the world on fire in the absence of the injured Ahmed Johnson.


Mero and Goldust begin, hip-toss from Mero. Jabs and big right, Irish whip into a back body-drop from Mero. Hip-toss into an arm-bar, schoolboy from Mero for two before tagging into The Stalker. Goldust misses a clothesline, Stalker lands a big clothesline, Goldust tags in Helmsley. Mero tags in but Helmsley tags out, in comes Crush. Mero grabs the arm-bar and tags in Rocky, Crush chokes Rocky. Tag to Lawler, right hand from Lawler. Shoulder block, Rock kips-up and lands a massive dropkick and knocks Lawler to the floor. Lawler backs off from Rocky, Helmsley tags into the match. Helmsley roughs up Rocky in the corner with chops and rights, stomps too. Tags in Goldust who drops Rocky on the top rope throat-first, Crush lands a massive headbutt and a back-breaker.


Tag to Lawler, scoop slam and fist-drop, make it three. In comes Helmsley, Rocky fires back with big right hands, whip to the buckle and a back body drop. In comes Roberts who nails Team Helmsley with rights, short-arm clothesline on Helmsley. Helmsley backs Roberts into his team’s corner, big beatdown before Lawler comes in a gut shot. Jabs from Lawler who laughs at Roberts, scoop slam is countered by Roberts who lands his DDT for the elimination.


Jerry Lawler has been Eliminated by Jake Roberts!


Goldust comes in beating down Roberts, Goldust slaps on a sleeper to wear down Roberts. Jaw-breaker counter from Roberts, tag to Stalker. Hard Irish whip into a float-over suplex for two, Stalker lands a big gut punch on Goldust, Crush nails a kidney punch on Stalker. Curtain Call in the middle of the ring and Stalker is eliminated!


Stalker has been Eliminated by Goldust!


In comes Mero who eats a clothesline from Goldust, Helmsley batters Mero in the corner. Helmsley slaps Mero and allows Crush to punish Mero, bearhug from Crush. Goldust lands a flying clothesline on Mero for two, tag to Crush who lands another measured shot. Tilt-a-whirl back-breaker for two, headbutt and tag to Helmsley. Abdominal stretch from Helmsley, Helmsley uses the ropes for leverage before the referee gives Mero a hand. Mero wants a sunset flip bad, Helmsley tries so hard to avoid it. Goldust is in, axe handle to the back of the head of Mero. Back body-drop by Mero, things break down but Mero and Helmsley are legal, Merosault from The Wildman for the elimination.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley has been Eliminated by Marc Mero!


Crush tries to gain the upper hand but Mero dropkicks Crush to the floor. Mero wants the plancha but Goldust pushes Crush out of the way. Mero goes splat on the floor, Mero gets counted-out but we don’t really know what is going on as Crush lands a Heart Punch on Roberts for the quick elimination.


Marc Mero has been Eliminated by Count-Out!


Jake Roberts has been Eliminated by Crush!


Crush and Goldust against the rookie, Rocky tries a quick small package but Crush kicks out, big rights to the incoming Goldust. Goldust double-teams Rocky, Rocky ducks the clothesline, massive crossbody to both. Goldust is dumped to the floor, Rocky and Crush trade right hands, low-blow from Goldust. Goldust has Rocky, Heart Punch nails Goldust by mistake. Flying Crossbody from Rocky for the elimination, Rocky picks up Goldust for a massive shoulderbreaker for the win, the rookie pulls it off!


A memorable moment for Rocky for sure, the beginning of a legendary career but not much going on at all. The Intercontinental Championship scene is quite weak during this period with Mero, Helmsley and Goldust making up that championship scene. Roberts, Barry Windham and a repackaged Crush who gets wiped out by a crossbody. Not as awkward as the opening match but not much better.


Sole Survivor: Rocky Maivia!


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hart

Bret Hart’s return to the ring in MSG of all places, the home of the WWF. Bret takes on none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin who has insulted The Hitman at every turn, Austin has boasted his way into the match with Bret looking to stop the man who claims to be superior if every way possible. This feels big, the promo package before the match gets you amped up, quality from start to finish.


Austin and Bret waste no time in getting in one another’s faces, Austin flips off Bret to his face. Austin stares down fans at ringside before Bret corners Austin, Austin seems tentative. Bret backs Austin to the corner, Austin reverses and Bret is backed into the corner. Clean break from Austin, surprising as The Rattlesnake continues to talk trash. Bret dodges an elbow from Austin before we have another break, Austin takes the back with Bret switching. Austin grabs the wrist, trying to break the hold. Austin wrenches the arm over and over, Bret reverses the hold and wrenches the arm. Austin is in trouble, Austin reverses the hammerlock before Bret counters again. Austin will not win this by out-wrestling Bret but ego is a powerful thing and Austin is at the mercy of his ego.


Austin grabs the hair and pushes off Bret, drop toe-hold from Austin but Bret wriggles free for a hammerlock. Austin shoves off Bret again and lands a massive elbow to the face, elbows to the back of the head. Short-arm clothesline from Austin, right hand from Austin. Bret counters a camel clutch with a knee to the arm, leg drop to the arm. Key-lock from The Hitman, Austin pulls the hair but Bret lands a shoulder block with Austin answering with a Stun-Gun. Elbow across the throat from Austin, Austin steps on the throat of Bret who is draped across the bottom rope. Austin chokes Bret with the bottom rope, big stomps from The Rattlesnake.


Rope guillotine as Austin continues targeting the throat area of The Hitman. Elbow across the throat again, Bret spills to the floor. Austin prematurely celebrates, another hot-shot style manoeuvre. Snap-mare and a reverse chin-lock from Austin, Bret escapes and both men trade blows but this is Austin’s style of fight. Austin kicks down Bret, big foot choke from Austin. Bret sends Austin to the buckle, clothesline from Bret. Inverted atomic drop and massive clothesline, gut punch into the O’Connor roll. Russian leg-sweep for two, running bulldog is countered by Austin who sends Bret sternum-first into the buckle. Austin plants Bret on the top turnbuckle, Bret counters the superplex sending Austin to the mat. Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop for two, Austin regains control by sending Bret to the floor.


Apron axe handle from Austin, Austin batters Bret and sends Bret into the ring-post. Bret spears Austin over the guardrail, Bret stomps the hell out of Austin who is rammed into the barricade which collapses under Austin’s weight. Austin cannot outrun Bret who maintains control, Austin trips up Bret and catapults Bret into the Spanish announce table, Austin pummels Bret with massive right hands. Bret is slammed onto a table, Austin lands an apron elbow onto the throat. Austin suplexes Bret back into the ring, Austin stomps on the gut of Bret. Middle rope elbow drop from Austin, cover for two. Austin celebrates again, Austin chokes Bret with the middle rope before driving his knee across the throat of Bret.


Two for Austin, Austin applies an abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage before the referee catches Austin in the act. Bret begins to battle back, Bret has a little more fire in him now. Austin is down, Austin eats a Stun-Gun. Oklahoma roll from Bret for two, Bret piledrivers Austin in the middle of the ring for two. Back-breaker and Bret climbs high, Austin low blows Bret. Austin chops and peppers Bret with right hands, superplex from Austin! Bret ties up Austin in a small package for two, Bret tries grabbing Austin who nails The Stunner! Bret inches towards the ropes which allows Bret the recovery time to survive The Stunner. Repeated pin attempts from Austin but Bret survives, Austin wants the Texas Cloverleaf! Bret makes it to the ropes, Austin squeezes for as long as possible.


Austin stomps Bret in the neck and head, Austin lands huge gut punches and whips Bret across the ring. Bret goes sliding kidney-first into the ring-post, Austin drags Bret to the middle of the ring for a close two. Bow & Arrow from Austin, Bret escapes the hold and is looking for the sharpshooter. Austin reaches the ropes, Bret pummels Austin for this. Both men fatigued, Irish whip and Bret applies a sleeper. Austin backs Bret to the buckle, jaw-breaker counter from Austin. Austin applies The Million Dollar Dream, Bret kicks off the turnbuckle and rolls over Austin and Bret squeaks out the victory.


Excellent match, loved the psychology on display here with Austin working the neck throughout this match, it’s established early and builds up to that Stunner where Austin believes that it is all over. The two clashing styles work well together here with Austin out-brawling Bret and Bret out-wrestling Austin, Bret displays some tremendous fire in those comebacks too. Little things like Austin using the ropes and holding onto submissions until 4 every time, Bret answering Austin with a Stun-Gun, Austin dropping an elbow from the middle rope. Hard-hitting and builds throughout with a finish that calls back to WM 8. The finish leaves things open to more battles between these two, Austin looks like a star hanging in there with Bret and Bret comes back to the WWF with another great match under his belt.


Winner: Bret Hart over Stone Cold Steve Austin via Roll-Up!


Team Nation of Domination (Faarooq/Fake Razor Ramon/Fake Diesel/Vader) W/ Clarence Mason vs Team Flash Funk (Savio Vega/Flash Funk/Yokozuna/Jimmy Snuka)

I never even saw Faarooq in his ridiculous gladiator gear but here we are with a filler match before the main event. Snuka is here, wow! Yokozuna is here too, wow! Vader and Funk start out, Vader shoves down Funk but Funk kips-up so Vader pummels Funk. Short-arm clothesline from Vader, Funk ducks two clotheslines and lands a big spinning heel kick. Crossbody spills both men to the floor, Funk moonsaults to the floor onto Vader. Vader is whipped back into the ring, Vader Hammer knocks down Funk. Vader lands a powerbomb, flattening Funk. Yokozuna comes in illegally and a uranage from the big man. Faarooq comes in and starts stomping Savio, Savio kicks away Faarooq and nails his Spinning Heel Kick.


Faarooq eye-pokes Savio and tags in Razor, Savio pummels Razor. Razor catches Savio and lands his fallaway slam, tag to Diesel. In comes Funk who pummels Diesel before Diesel lands big knees, Funk dodges the boot. However, Diesel’s clothesline floors Funk. Military press is countered briefly but Diesel lands a two-handed throat toss. Diesel tags Faarooq, spinning kick and dropkick from Funk. Faarooq lands a massive Spinebuster on Funk, tag to Vader who lands another Vader Hammer. Savio tags in and gets pummelled in the heel corner before escaping, Diesel is in there now. Snuka comes in to a big pop, headbutt and chops. Snuka eats a knee and oh shit, here is Vader.


Irish whip Snuka ducks and lands his flying headbutt. Dropkick too and Snuka slams Vader, would you believe it? Vader grabs hold of Snuka bringing him to his corner, Snuka escapes from Razor. Savio comes in and Diesel too, Savio lands a Spinning Heel Kick but Vader pulls down the ropes, Savio spills to the floor where Faarooq rams Savio into the ring-post over and over. Diesel lands his Jacknife Powerbomb for the first elimination.


Savio Vega has been Eliminated!


Snuka is in with Razor, headbutts and elbow. Down goes Razor who eats a Superfly Splash for the elimination. Everyone starts brawling with people grabbing chairs, the referees have disqualified people but who? I have no idea, can’t this match end? Oh wait, that’s it, it is over!


Well that was garbage filler, I guess we got to see what we wanted with Snuka hitting his splash but Jesus, that match did nobody any favours. I thought it was oddly paced with nobody getting eliminated for what seemed like forever and now, it makes all the sense in the world as they were just killing time. Terrible match, terrible filler.


Double DQ!


(WWF Championship Match) Sycho Sid vs Shawn Michaels ©

Two friends come to blows, Sid returned to the WWF after injuring his neck in 1995 as a monster babyface who destroyed all in his path, Sid would beat Vader to earn this championship opportunity. They remain friends but HBK has superkicked Sid by mistake which lead to more tension between the two, the WWF are painting both as babyfaces though, letting the crowd cheer both but you just know Sid will be the heel in this one and HBK will be bumping all around that ring. They stare one another down, they lock-up with Sid knocking down Michaels over and over, clubbing blows and right hands. Michaels is in the corner, rib shots from Sid. Irish whip with Michaels sliding through the legs, rights and lefts with a crossbody for two. Side headlock takedown by Michaels, Sid reverses and Michaels slaps Sid.


Not wise from HBK as Sid takes down Michaels, Michaels counters before Sid kips up and slaps HBK. They trade blows, Sid wins that war and presses Michaels before Michaels escapes. Irish whip, Michaels lowers his head which almost leads to a powerbomb. Michaels powders, HBK talks strategy with Jose. Sid sends Michaels to the buckle, knee by HBK. Chop-block by Michaels, Michaels attacks the leg. Michaels drives his knees into Sid’s leg, stomp after stomp with the crowd erupting in Sid chants. Michaels being the pro that he is, takes his time and lets the crowd paint him as the villain. Figure-four from Michaels, Sid reverses the pressure. Sid manages to kick off Michaels, boot in the corner from Sid. Again and again, Michaels is kicked down.


Sid backs up, Michaels dodges the boot. Low dropkick to the knee from Michaels, HBK drives the knee of Sid into the mat and Michaels takes in all the boos from the crowd. Sid shoves off Michaels who skins the cat before Sid clotheslines Michaels to the floor. In the aisleway, Sid drops Michaels onto the guardrail. Sid throws Michaels back into the ring, Sid crawls into the cover getting a two due to wasted time. Irish whip and back body drop from Sid, another boot and clubbing blows from Sid. Michaels eats a boot to the head, Michaels fights back trying a diving crossbody but Sid catches Michaels and lands a back-breaker for two.


Michaels is whipped to the buckle hard, a second Irish whip. Michaels is saying bring it to Sid, Sid obliges. Massive rights with Michaels barely able to stand, Sid is holding up Michaels. HBK begins fighting back, Michaels slams Sid. Middle rope axe handle misses for Michaels as Sid blocks with a boot, cobra clutch from Sid. Michaels escapes but runs into a chokeslam but wait Michaels pokes the eyes but Sid blocks sweet chin music. One-handed Chokeslam, the arena loses its mind. Powerbomb is countered for a small package, close two for HBK. Powerslam from Sid, Michaels answers with a flying forearm. Sid clotheslines Michaels down, two and a half for Sid. Sid grabs a camera and waffles Jose with it in the throat but Michaels lands Sweet Chin Music.


Sid walked right into Sweet Chin Music, Michaels sees that Jose is down. Michaels checks on Jose, Michaels screams for help from the backstage crew. Michaels does not see Sid, Michaels is whipped to the buckle and lands a middle rope crossbody on the referee. Sid has the camera and Michaels is cracked in the neck with the camera. Sid Powerbombs Michael into the mat, we have a new champion!


Great match, arguably the best of Sid’s career but definitely, his best in the WWF thus far. I really enjoyed how it played out with Sid destroying Michaels as the match went on, Michaels went to the knees and tried to take out the big man but Sid continued to dominate. However, Sid couldn’t put away Michaels and resorted to a camera which looks devastating and also sets up Sid as a top heel going forward. Crowd was electric for this one, more hyped than they were for Bret Hart vs Austin, Michaels was masterful in his performance taking time during key moments to let the crowd shower him with hate, it was expertly played by the champion who knew this was all about Sid. Great stuff and things are looking interesting as we head into 1997!


Winner: Sycho Sid over Shawn Michaels via Powerbomb!


That was WWF’s Survivor Series 1996, a good PPV from the WWF based on two great matches in Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and Sycho Sid vs Shawn Michaels. The elimination matches had little substance to them, one ending in a double DQ which shows how little they mattered even though they were big some names featured in those matches like Vader, Faarooq and Flash Funk. I think the mid-card is really starting to round out in the WWF but it’s still quite a weak scene, Mankind and Austin have helped me through 1996 with both bringing qualities to their feuds and matches, Bret Hart was certainly missed while Undertaker looks reinvigorated after feuding with Mankind. The Intercontinental Championship scene looks dire with Ahmed injured and the likes of Mero, Goldust and Helmsley not being shining beacons of hopes with how they had been booked throughout the year. Shawn Michaels has been stellar throughout the year, taking that number one spot and not letting anyone touch it. Better than 1995? Absolutely but work still needs to be done, what will 1997 bring? We will find out after a final PPV of 1996. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!



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