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WWF Survivor Series 1987 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to make more foolish decisions and be as inconsistent as The WWE Creative Team! It’s The Survivor Series! The first-ever Survivor Series right in the thick of Thanksgiving, it will be a throwdown between the best of the best in the WWF as you get to see the likes of Hogan and Andre captain teams against one another all for the goal to be The Sole Survivor! As this is the first of its kind, I shall be kind in my reviews of these matches but it is time for some tag mayhem so let’s jump right into WWF Survivor Series!

(Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match) Team Honky Tonk Man (Honky Tonk Man/Harley Race/Danny Davis/Hercules Hernandez/Outlaw Ron Bass) vs Team Randy Savage (Randy Savage/Ricky Steamboat/Jake Roberts/Jim Duggan/Brutus Beefcake)

Holy mother of God, that’s a lot of Hall of Famers in one ring, Savage, Roberts and Steamboat on the one team, I do not like Honky’s chances. Beefcake and Hercules begin the match, lock-up with a stalemate. Beefcake struts, annoying Hercules. Knee by Hercules, snapmare and a sleeper. Beefcake walks into a sleeper, shoulder block by Hercules but Beefcake dodges for a Sleeper. Davis, Hercules and Bass eat hiptosses from Beefcake, Davis is dragged into the ring. Tag to Roberts, right hands on Davis.

Roberts hurls Davis around the ring, tag to Savage. Davis meets the boot of Beefcake. In comes Steamboat with a massive chop, thrust kick to the face of Davis. Steamboat eats a boot to the face, in comes Harley Race. Shoulderbreaker by Race, Steamboat is whipped to the corner. Race eats a massive chop, knee by Race. Both men trade chops, Race tosses Steamboat to the ropes. Steamboat skins the cat, Race is thrown to the floor. Belly to belly suplex by Race for two, Steamboat tags Duggan.

Duggan hammers Race, clothesline to the floor as Race has no clue where he is, Race and Duggan begin brawling on the floor, they continue fighting and we no what I going to happen here as they brawl into the crowd, it looks like an early end to the night for Duggan and Race being eliminated from the match.

Race & Duggan Have Been Eliminated Via Count-Out!

Bass locks up with Roberts, Roberts dodges an elbow. In comes Savage, high knee to the back. Knee drop for two, scoop slam on Bass. Honky eats a right hand, Bass lariats Savage. Honky kicks Savage while Macho Man is down, Savage fights back and Honky tags Bass. Elbow by Bass, elbow to the ribs. Savage nails a high elbow, Bass fights back but no piledriver, Savage back drops Bass. Bass gets control, Beefcake blind tags into the match. Irish whip and Bass eats a massive High Knee From Beefcake.

Ron Bass Has Been Eliminated Via High Knee!

Hercules and Honky work over Beefcake and his arm, Honky tags in Hercules. Hercules works the arm, Beefcake uses his other arm to punch out. Hercules traps Beefcake in the heel corner, Honky works the left arm. Beefcake brawls back into the match, rake to the eyes by Honky. Atomic drop by Beefcake, rights and lefts by Beefcake. Down goes Honky, Honky meets the turnbuckle. Throat thrust, sidekick by Beefcake. Davis nails Beefcake from the apron with a knee, Shake Rattle & Roll for the elimination.

Beefcake Has Been Eliminated Via Shake Rattle & Roll!

Savage rushes Honky, in comes Hercules who stomps and pummels Savage. Tag to Davis, rights and lefts by Davis. In comes Honky, Savage bundles over Honky and tags Roberts. Honky goes low on Roberts, knee to the face of Roberts. Elbows by Honky, Roberts eats big right hands. Davis chokes Roberts from the apron, tag to Hercules. Rights and lefts by Hercules, two for Hercules. Davis is in the ring, kicks and eye pokes by Davis. Roberts rallies, right hands by Roberts. Short-arm clothesline, DDT by Roberts for the elimination.

Danny Davis Has Been Eliminated Via DDT!

Hercules nails a massive clothesline, elbows and knee drops. Honky comes in with a massive right, Honky antagonizes Savage. Savage is held back by the referees due to Savage and his mistake, knee to the face by Honky. Roberts is taking one big beating, snapmare and headbutt by Honky for two. Reverse chinlock by Honky, Roberts rallies and nails a knee lift. Tag to Hercules, Hercules smacks the back of Roberts. Roberts escapes a chinlock, in comes Steamboat. Big rights, chops all around. Diving chop attack from Steamboat, scoop slam and throat chop by Steamboat. Tag to Savage, Diving Elbow Drop by Savage and Hercules is gone!

Hercules Has Been Eliminated Via Elbow Drop!

Savage pummels Honky, in comes Steamboat. Steamboat nails right hands and chops, Honky eats a throat thrust. Tag to Roberts, the crowd erupts in DDT chants. Right hand to Honky’s face, Roberts stomps on Honky’s fingers. Right hands, tag to Savage who has a score to settle with Honky. Diving axe handle and elbows by Savage, scoop slam and Savage climbs high. Honky eats a diving axe handle, atomic drop and Honky spills to the floor before running up the entrance aisle. With that, this match comes to a close.

That was a fun opening match if I have ever seen one, the amount of star-power is ridiculous, it is almost not fair but I am not complaining, this was so much fun. The DDT is over big time, Roberts was the man in this match, I know the feud was Savage vs Honky but anytime Roberts came into that ring, the roof would come off the building, loved every minute of that match.

Winners: Team Savage over Team Honky Via Count-Out!

(Traditional Survivor Series Match)  Team Sherri (Sensational Sherri/Leilani Kai/Judy Martin/Donna Christianello/Dawn Marie) vs Team Moolah (Fabulous Moolah/Rockin Robin/Velvet McIntyre/Itsuji Yamazaki/Noriyo Tateno)

Holy shit! The Jumping Bomb Angels, that is simply awesome. Sherri is the shit too! Sherri starts with Velvet, Sherri smashes Velvet off a few of the turnbuckles. Clothesline by Sherri, Velvet nails a crossbody for two. Moolah and Sherri begin brawling, Moolah snapmares the crap out of Sherri. Christianello is brought into the ring, Velvet comes in and smashes Christianello. Elbow to the face, dropkick and a huge scoop slam on Christianello. Christianello gets knocked down hard, Velvet nails a rolling cradle for the elimination.

Donna Has Been Eliminated Via Cradle!

Kai and Robin lock up, in comes Dawn Marie. Dawn kicks Robin hard, hair-pulls to the mat. Tag to Kai, Robin nails a crossbody for two. Dropkick by Robin, snapmare but Kai reverses, boot by Kai. Tag to Sherri, massive dropkick by Sherri. In comes Dawn, Polis hammer by Dawn. Big clothesline by Robin, crossbody and we have our second elimination.

Dawn Has Been Eliminated Via Crossbody!

Itsuki makes mince-meat of The Glamour Girls, high knees to Kai. Tateno nails an arm drag, Sherri eats a double underhook suplex for two. Tag to Robin, elbows by Robin. Elbow drop for two, Sherri tags Kai. Whip to the corner, Robin nails a monkey flip. Tag to Sherri, suplex by Sherri for the elimination.

Rockin Robin Has Been Eliminated!

Judy Martin comes in, eats a crossbody from Velvet. Kai eats a catapult, tag to Moolah. Judy and Moolah trade chops elbow by Judy for two. Judy and Itsuki square off, tag to Kai. They brawl in the corner, Kai yanked off the turnbuckle but Itsuki misses a dropkick. Kai Irish whips Itsuki with a flying chop for the end of that sequence, tag to Sherri. Tag to Judy, hiptoss before Tateno comes into the ring. Judy attacks Moolah, Moolah kicks off Judy. Clothesline and scoop slam by Moolah, snapmares. Judy combines with Kai for a double clothesline, Moolah is eliminated.

Fabulous Moolah Has Been Eliminated!

Judy eats shots from The Jumping Bomb Angels, tag to Velvet. Velvet applies a Boston crab on Judy, Sherri screams at Judy to keep fighting. Mexican surfboard from Velvet, Judy reaches the ropes. Big dropkick by Velvet, Sherri is dragged into the ring. Eye rake and mat slam to Velvet, Sherri rakes Velvet on the ropes. Leg drop by Sherri, piledriver by Sherri. Tag to Kai, shoulder block to Tateno. Kai nails a huge double underhook suplex, bell rings but it is still a two. Velvet comes back in, tag to Sherri. Sherri gets caught in a giant swing, Velvet is on Sherri’s shoulders and rolls up Sherri for the elimination.

Sensational Sherri Has Been Eliminated!

Tateno tries slamming Judy, Judy tags Kai. Kai tries a takedown, Itsuki has a bodyscissors. Catapult, tag to Velvet. Elbow by Velvet, big dropkick and a rolling cradle for two. Velvet tried a rolling cradle but Kai electric chair drops Velvet out of this match.

Velvet McIntyre Has Been Eliminated!

The Jumping Bomb Angels take apart The Glamour Girls, Judy nails a cheap shot from the apron. Itsuki is down, Kai is on the top rope. Diving Splash misses, Tateno climbs high. Crossbody and Kai has been eliminated from this match.

Leilani Kai Has Been Eliminated!

Tateno is at Judy’s mercy, airplane spin and a slam to the mat by Judy. Tateno survives, big slam by Tateno. Itsuki climbs high, knee across the throat. Double whip, double back drop. Dropkick to Jimmy Hart and Itsuki nails a diving neckbreaker for the win.

Fair play to giving them that amount of time in the ring, the crowd were silent for the majority of the match which really sucks, you had the occasional ooh or ahh when it came to The Jumping Bomb Angels but those two girls were lightyears ahead as were anything happening in Japan during that time. But yeah, this was unmercifully long but I am glad the female wrestlers had the chance to showcase what they could do on pay per view.

Team Moolah over Team Sherri Via Diving Neckbreaker!

(The Hart Foundation/The Islanders/Demolition/Bolsheviks/The Dream Team) vs (Strike Force/Young Stallions/Fabulous Rougeaus/Killer Bees/British Bulldogs

Fucking hell, look at all those tag teams! That is insane, what also is insane about this match is the amount of people in the ring and it looks like this match is going to go about forty minutes!

Volkoff and Martel start the match, Martel rolls up Volkoff with an O Connor roll for two. Rights by Martel, boot by Volkoff. Stomp to the gut, throat toss by Volkoff. Scoop slam and stomp, tag to Zhukov. Martel dodges, dropkicks and back drops. Tag to Santana, Zhukov eats a Flying Forearm! Elimination!

The Bolsheviks Have Been Eliminated!

Jacque and Bravo reset the match, Brunzell and Blair work over Bravo’s arm. Tag to Davey Boy, Smash and Davey Boy begin brawling. Smash takes a whooping from Santana and Dynamite, Smash tags in Haku. Big chops by both men, eye rake by Haku. Brunzell and Blair work the legs of Haku, Neidhart comes into the ring and Blair tags Roma. Roma works the leg of Neidhart, Neidhart slams Roma. Smash slams Roma, tag to Ax. Another slam to Roma, tag to Haku. Massive clothesline, tag to Tama who tags Ax as Roma takes one hell of a beating. Jacque tags in off Roma, Jacques misses a crossbody and The Rougeaus are gone.

The Fabulous Rougeaus Have Been Eliminated!

Powers unloads on Tama, Tama tags Neidhart. Powers gets caught and Haku axe handles Powers down to the mat. Roma comes in, Haku tags Ax. Ax boots Roma, tag to Valentine. Shoulder breaker on Roma for two, suplex slam for two. Tag to Bravo, gutwrench suplex followed by a leg drop for two. Roma tags Blair, Ax misses a corner splash. Tag to Dynamite, Smash boots Dynamite. Dynamite is tortured by the heels, Demolition have been disqualified.

Demolition Have Been Disqualified!

Bret comes in, piledriver for two. European uppercuts, Dynamite eats boots from Bret. Bret hits the ringpost with his shoulder as Dynamite dodges, Bret boots Roma who came in off a tag from Dynamite. Tama and Roma are now legal, scoop slam, Tama misses a rope assisted splash. Martel back drops Tama, Tama begs off, Tama is in trouble. Dropkick and Boston Crab, Neidart tags into the match and we have a two after a big right hand by Neidhart. Boots by Martel, tag to Santana. Santana nails a Flying Forearm on Neidhart, Bret saves Neidhart and that elbow knocks out Santana as Neidhart eliminates Santana.

Strikeforce Have Been Eliminated!

Valentine and Powers brawl, Valentine tags Neidhart. Powers is hung up on the top rope, tag to Haku. Superkick by Haku, tag to Valentine. Powers blocks Valentine’s suplex, Valentine drags Powers to his corner. In comes Bret, backbreaker. Suplex by Bret for two, Neidhart and Valentine rough up an incoming Roma. Scoop slam by Valentine, Valentine nails a diving chop attack for two. Roma tags Powers who gets roughed up by Bret, Bret misses a dropkick. Tag to Dynamite, Bret meets the turnbuckle hard for two.

Back drop by Dynamite for two, tag to Roma. Elbow attack by Roma who misses an elbow drop, in comes Haku who has to fight Blair. Back drop by Blair, Davey Boy comes into the match. Headbutts by Davey Boy, tag to Powers. Powers misses a corner clothesline, tag to Neidhart. Tag to Bret, clubbing blows by Bret. Headbutt by Bret, tag to Davey Boy. Military press slam by Davey Boy for two, clubbing blows by Davey Boy. Haku is dragged into the ring, Running Powerslam by Davey Boy but Haku kicks out at two. Suplex and Diving Headbutt on Haku, Haku staggers to his feet. Superkick by Haku and The Bulldogs are gone.

The British Bulldogs Have Been Eliminated!

Powers and Bravo are in the ring, Bravo counters the monkey flip for an atomic drop. Boot by Bravo, tag to Valentine. Elbows, Powers is tossed onto the ropes. Tag to Bravo, Neidhart comes in and wears down Powers. Bravo nails a huge sidewalk slam, tag to Valentine. Powers kicks off Valentine, Roma sunset flips off the top rope to score the upset on The Dream Team.

The Dream Team Have Been Eliminated!

Brunzell and Neidhart are in the ring, Neidhart eats a high knee. Tag to Bret, Brunzell works the leg of Bret, tag to Blair. Tag to Roma, Bret nails Roma with a right hand. Tama is in, axe handle and Roma is slammed face first off the mat, big chop by Tama. Haku and Tama smack down Roma, Haku misses a leg drop. Roma tags Brunzell, leg drop and hiptoss for two. Bret is in again, Brunzell nails uppercuts, tag to Roma. Scoop slam, Roma nails a middle rope fist drop for two. Bret trips Roma, stomp to the groin. Back suplex by Bret for two, tag to Tama.

Tama bites Roma, tag to Haku. Double headbutt for two, Roma is whipped to the corner. Haku misses a corner splash, Roma lands a hiptoss. Haku maintains control with a dropkick, tag to Neidhart. Dropkick by Neidhart for two, running powerslam for two. Tag to Bret, Roma ducks a clothesline and in comes Brunzell. Brunzell lands a shoulder block, Bret grabs the leg of Brunzell. Brunzell has Bret for a slam, Haku dropkicks Bret onto Brunzell but Brunzell rolls over for the pin!

The Hart Foundation Have Been Eliminated!

Tama comes in, elbow to Brunzell. Tag to Haku, shoulder breaker by Haku. Back rake by Haku, shoulder claws by Haku. Tama chops Brunzell, Brunzell tries to fight back but an eye rake stops that. Shoulder claw by Tama, tag to Haku. Brunzell has a sunset flip for two, Haku clubs down Brunzell. Suplex by Haku for two, Brunzell nails a knee off an Irish whip. Here comes Powers, rights and lefts on Haku. Back drop, tag to Roma.

Powerslam by Roma, Tama makes the save. Roma is beaten down behind the ref’s back, elbow by Haku. Irish whip to the corner, Haku misses a corner splash. Roma tags Blair, Haku boots Blair. Eye rake by Haku, tag to Tama. Spinning elbow by Tama, Tama misses an elbow drop. Blair tags Brunzell, rights by Brunzell. Back drop, slam for Haku. Noggin knocker, dropkick on Tama. Haku saves the match, Blair sunset flips Tama wearing  a mask and the referee has no idea that The Killer Bees cheated to win!

Wait too long of a match, sucked the life out of me when it came to the match, it went on and on and on and on and on and on, it was God damn ridiculous! Surprising Young Stallions and Killer Bees would win, could mean bigger things for both teams but this was just far too long, took me a long time to get through any of it.

Winners: The Killer Bees & The Young Stallions Via Survival!

(Traditional Survivor Series Style Match) Team Andre (Andre The Giant/Rick Rude/King Kong Bundy/Butch Reed/One Man Gang) vs Team Hogan (Hulk Hogan/Bam Bam Bigelow/Don Muraco/Ken Patera/Paul Orndorff)

The biggest match in wrestling up to this point, the two men who were in that historic match captaining opposing sides in the Survivor Series, it does not get bigger than this with Hogan and Andre throwing down one more time. Muraco will start for Team Hogan, Rick Rude is in there for Team Andre. Rude and Muraco brawl, eye rake by Rude. Irish whip to the corner, Muraco tags Orndorff. Axe handle and right hands, gut shot and knee lift with Rude being knocked around the place. Hogan comes in, axe bomber by Hogan. Elbow drops, tag to Bigelow.

Jumping headbutt by Bigelow, Rude is in deep trouble. Military press slam by Bigelow, tag to Pantera. Butch Reed is in with Patera, slam by Patera. Cover for two, tag to Muraco. Dropkick by Muraco, tag to Orndorff. Dropkick by Mr. Wonderful, make it two. Tag to Hogan, double clothesline on Reed and an Atomic Leg Drop on Reed, see you later!

Butch Reed Has Been Eliminated!

Andre and Patera are in the ring, Andre only wants Hogan so Andre tags Bundy. Bundy and Patera brawl, clubbing blows by Patera. Clothesline by Patera, tag to Orndorff. Bundy tags One Man Gang, Gang unloads on Orndorff. Right hands by Orndorff, Irish whip to the corner. Knee by Gang, tag to Rude. Irish whip, clothesline to Rude. Scoop slam and elbow for two, tag to Muraco. Clothesline by Muraco, apron punch by Hogan. Eye rake by Rude who tags Gang, Gang misses a corner splash.

Patera tees off on Gang, high crossbody for two. Irish whip to the corner, high knee by Patera, eye rake by Gang. Clubbing blows by Gang, Rude and Bundy attack Patera in the corner. Front chancery by Gang, Patera battles out. Clothesline by Gang who squishes Patera and we are all even in terms of numbers.

Ken Patera Has Been Eliminated!

Bigelow and Gang are in the ring, shoulder block and both men are down. Tag to Rude and Orndorff, Orndorff nails a suplex. Elbow, back drop on Rude. Bundy attacks Orndorff from behind, Rude hooks the tights of Orndorff and we have an elimination.

Paul Orndorff Has Been Eliminated!

Muraco and Bigelow slam Rude, Muraco nails a powerslam on Rude after a high knee from Hogan and it is all over for Rude, surprising that I thought Rude would have a far bigger role in this match, oh well!

Rick Rude Has Been Eliminated!

Bundy and Muraco duke it out, Bundy gains control and tags Gang. Big shots from Gang, Muraco tees off on Gang. Muraco tries a powerslam but it backfires, splash by Gang. Andre nails Muraco from the apron, Splash by Gang for the elimination!

Muraco Has Been Eliminated!

Bigelow gets sat on by Gang, Bundy nails a knee drop. Big clothesline by Bundy, knee drop with Hogan saving Bigelow. Tag to Gang, Bigelow battles back from his knees, eye rake by Gang. Tag to Bundy, knee to the ribs by Bundy. Choke by Bundy, tag to Gang. Elbow by Gang, tag to Bundy. Gang tags Andre, Bigelow tags Hogan. Hogan and Andre, right hands by Hogan. The two choke one another, chops by both men. Hogan batters Bundy and Gang, clotheslines to Andre. Bundy grabs Hogan to the floor, Hogan batters Bundy and Gang but gets counted-out in the process which leaves Bigelow by himself against Andre.

Hulk Hogan Has Been Eliminated!

Bigelow says bring it on, Andre tags Bundy. Clothesline by Bigelow, elbow on Bundy for two. Headbutt by Bigelow, falling headbutt on Bundy for two. Dropkick by Bigelow, leg trip and Bigelow elbows the leg. Irish whip to the corner, Avalanche does not connect, Slingshot Splash by Bigelow and Bundy is gone!

King Kong Bundy Has Been Eliminated!

Gang is in control, clubbing blows by Gang. Clothesline by Gang, two for Gang. Gang rakes the eyes, more clubbing blows by Gang. Bigelow fights back from his knees, headbutts by Bigelow. Andre boots Bigelow, Gang climbs to the top rope. Gang misses a splash and Bigelow pins Gang!

One Man Gang Has Been Eliminated!

Andre is in, big headbutts and clubbing blows. Irish whip, Bigelow blocks the boot. Bigelow misses a splash, shoulder thrusts by Andre. Butterfly Suplex by Andre, Bigelow fought valiantly but there was no fighting back Andre, Andre The Giant wins the match but here comes Hogan with his championship, Hogan beats up Andre and scares off Heenan.

This was exciting for a main event but I was burnt out from everything in between that I did not get the full satisfaction out of this match and it is a shame because you have a great showing for Bigelow and Hogan vs Andre is just disgustingly popular, it is not even fair but we have a good main event with a good finish that leads us to believe that it will be Hogan vs Andre II at Wrestlemania IV!

Winners: Team Andre over Team Hogan via Butterfly Suplex!

That was WWF’s Survivor Series 1987, the first-ever Survivor Series and it was quite the mixed bag to be honest with you folks! What makes this show good is the opener and the main event, the crowd is tremendous for Team Savage vs Team Honky, Jake Roberts is the most popular man in the arena, surpassing Hogan based on those DDT chants, the man was on fire. And Hogan is no slouch, the main event was a lot of fun but what drags this down is the middle, the women’s match while given plenty of time never kicked into second gear, The Jumping Bomb Angels were fun but the match kept going and going while the ten on ten tag match went forty minutes and it was ridiculous. How could anyone pay attention in such a match? My advice would be seek it out for historical purposes but other than that, it is not a great debut pay per view. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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