Tuesday 9 February 2016

Daniel Bryan Retiring?

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I miss him already don't you?

            I am sure you have all heard the news by now, in an hour or two, Daniel Bryan will appear in front of his hometown crowd in Seattle as he announces his retirement to the world. Some will not care, considering Bryan as boring but to many, Bryan was a true wrestler, not a sports entertainer and he stood for all of us, the common man who worked hard and never got what he deserved. You can consider Daniel Bryan an over achiever but we believed in Bryan and WWE delivered at Wrestlemania 30. I am sure we all have anecdotes of how we became fans of Bryan, I will not bore you with a long story of how I found Bryan and became a fan of his work. I was and still am a Pro Wrestling Noah fan and Bryan had a number of matches with the GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion known as KENTA in 2006/2007 who WWE fans would recognize as Hideo Itami and I loved Bryan's style. His work ethic was enough to convince me that this was one of the world's best. Tonight I will review what will go down as Bryan's finest hour at Wrestlemania 30 so let us rejoice in what Bryan will be fondly remembered for years after his retirement. Long Live Daniel Bryan!

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Batista(World Heavyweight Title Match)

          So just in case you do not know the backstory to this Wrestlemania, let me fill you in with a short narrative(Cue Flashback....). So Batista made his grand return at the Royal Rumble and was supposed to win the Rumble, headline Wrestlemania and become WWE champion. Unfortunately, the fans had other ideas as we rallied behind a plucky underdog who stole the show night after night whether it be his comedy with Kane or his performances against The Shield we had found our hero in Daniel Bryan. Bryan had won the championship against John Cena at Summerslam but was screwed moments later as Orton cashed in his money in the bank and The Authority was formed(Hard to believe they are still around annoying us in 2016!). Bryan would be screwed out of the title and would join The Wyatts while the fans only grew in support for the bearded warrior. Week after week the fans cheered for Bryan and when Bryan was not in the Rumble match, the fans booed and ruined the whole match, making it clear they didn't care for Batista but they only cared for Bryan. So, Vince could no longer ignore the reactions for Bryan and he was placed in the main event of the 30th anniversary of the biggest event in professional wrestling. First, he had to defeat Triple H, the crafty veteran who would sacrifice anything and everything to prevent Bryan from getting to the main event. However, somehow and someway, Bryan had beaten Triple H and made it to the main event.

      Introductions for the main event, all competitors stand in the ring, the champion Randy Orton who I feel was always a better heel than face, the Rumble winner, Batista who was suppose to be the hero but was now the villain, and everybody's favorite, Daniel Bryan. He is bandaged up, his left arm damaged by Triple H but his spirit is still as strong as ever. Bryan starts off with kicks and counters before Orton puts a stop to his momentum. Batista takes control as Orton and he battle while Bryan lays on the floor clutching his arm. Batista is backdropped onto the steps before Randy takes out Bryan once more. Bryan kicks Batista and Randy before Randy hits a nasty looking exploder suplex. Batista looks to beat up Bryan but eats a drop toe hold before Bryan hits dropkick after dropkick on his two opponents. Bryan apples the Yes lock before The Authority pull out the referee ruining the count. Spinebuster by Batista, crooked referee enters the ring as a Batista Bomb plants Bryan to the mat. 1...2.. Kick out by Bryan! Bryan sends the crooked ref to the outside and suicide dive onto the ref and The Authority. Crowd comes alive as they think the end is near for Batista. Triple H grabs a sledgehammer but Bryan blocks and hits the Game in the face with the hammer, knocking him out. Double teaming by the former Evolution stablemates, Batista Bomb into a RKO through the announce table, Orton lands awkwardly on a monitor but apart from that, everyone looked ok.

 Bryan is out cold as the doctors come to ringside to check on the plucky underdog. Batista attacks Randy as he is weak after sending Bryan through the table. A neck brace is placed on Bryan while he is wheeled away on a stretcher. Bryan gets up off the stretcher, this kid will not stay down, it is the main event of Wrestlemania and he would not miss for the world. Orton attacks Bryan but gets caught in the yes lock, Batista saves but Bryan gets a yes lock on Batista and Orton makes the save. Bryan is speared to the outside, RKO on Batista 1...2.. Kick out by Batista , that was close! Randy is thinking punt kick on Batista but Bryan hits the flying knee surely it must be over? Batista being the prick that he is, tosses Bryan to the outside and steels the pin but Randy kicks out to the shock of Batista. Batista is frustrated so he goes for broke with the Batista Bomb. Boom! Orton is finished but Bryan hits another flying knee to Batista and there is the yes lock, center of the ring with nowhere to go. Batista taps and he crowd, including myself goes absolutely nuts.

 Very rarely will I get super invested into a wrestling match. The Rock's return versus Cena I was invested, Kobashi's comeback from cancer and his retirement match I was invested and this match right here by the end, you can bet I was invested. It was the perfect climax to a saga which we all wanted to see, Bryan conquering all who stood in his way, proving his critics and doubters wrong with one of the most beautiful moments in Mania history. Cole's commentary is great during the final seconds of the match and the crowd erupts when Batista taps. This was truly an amazing moment that will never be forgotten in WWE history.

            So, tonight Daniel Bryan could possibly stand in a WWE ring for the last time. Well I say hold your head high Bryan, you have nothing to be ashamed of, you achieved a level of greatness in such a short amount of time and you should have no regrets. You are one of my all time favorites and that will never ever change and the hall of fame will call your name one day. We, the fans love you Bryan and we will never forget you. Thank you for your years of service and I wish you nothing but the best in your future with your wife Brie. Thank you Daniel Bryan, thank you Brian Danielson and thank you American Dragon.

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